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on March 25, 2014
Forget "Greatest hits" This game is RARE PLATINUM. When you want to find a Game to cover EVERY aspect, Benefit experience AND a complete feel of a Straightforward classical- yet Highly "Unique" Combination of combat, Skill Building AND Storyline progression.

"Perfect" English Voice acting.

"Fantastic" Visual art.

"Beautiful" Music.

With its Own Classic Side-scrolling Playthough, Highly Uniq Combat system, Highly appealing Translation Into Norse Mythology With Powerfull Retrospective You can Truly be thrown INTO the game!

Valkyrie profile Simeria brings the term "Classic" Into a Very Essence carved Into Very stone itself, Undetected And Filled with Hope and Mystery.

Valkyrie profile Truly is On a Plateau of its Very own.
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on April 3, 2013
I guess this is more of a "first 5 hours impression" than a review. So far, I've been enjoying Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. I'm up through the end of the first dungeon and wow, it was a big dungeon for just being the first one. The customization you can do to your characters in this game is extensive, and I have the sense that there are some pretty complex systems at work. There's weird item crafting you can do at the merchants, but only if you win the merchants' trust, and the enemies drop special parts but only if you attack them from the right angle. Then when you link your abilities together you get more if you link them a certain way in the grid... it's complex. Which is good.

It seems like a "power gamers" kind of game. You know who you are. I can be in the mood for that once in a while and I think I'll enjoy this game. From just playing the first 5 hours (I've been busy dang it!) I like it.
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on April 10, 2016
I used to play this game when I was younger. It was by far my favorite game to play besides final fantasy. The story line is great. A princess that has another soul inside her, she was casted off from her family because of it. The way the game ended was touching and emotional however one thing that sucked was the fact that they never made a third one. Granted there's the convent of the plume but that's a spinoff. I would love to see one with Hrist.
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on November 4, 2017
One of the best PS2 titles in the library, and this copy was in fantastic shape. Would highly recommend to ANY video game enthusiast.
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on February 9, 2007
This game tells events that happened before the first Valkyrie Profile (Lenneth) and then the timeline changes to continue with the events that happened after the first game. The story itself it's good but it doesn't "feel" the same as the previous game. The biggest change it's the Einherjars that now you do not see how it was before they get killed. You can still read a bit about their previous life but it's different from the previous game were you had an animated short (and sometimes even participate in it) telling you how they became Einherjars. As for the game itself, well as a RPG game... this game ROCKS! The new figthing engine is just awesome! It's not just the usual: attack, use healing/support magic, attack again, rinse and repeat. This time you have to pay attention to your equipped skills and where the enemy is distributed in the field.

If you are a fan of the previous Valkyrie Profile game, you will enjoy revisiting previous cities and dungeons. If you haven't played the previous game, but you are into RPG games, this is a MUST play game that you are going to enjoy for sure.
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on May 26, 2010
The game is pretty entertaining and the battle system is intriguing though I find myself playing it just to finish it. This is because I think the story is lackluster and the characters awfully superficial, but since it's a game, I try not to expect too much. In sum, it's a good game for something to do when bored, but I don't think I would replay it. Though, trying to get different einherjar is tempting ...
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on July 8, 2016
Amazing everything seems perfect will update if anything changes but if this is still up then 5/5 stars
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on January 18, 2016
No issues I am aware of. (My son ordered it on my account, with permission of course!)
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on November 11, 2017
Game looks great and has awesome music and voice acting. Gameplay is interesting and easy to learn hard to master.
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on January 27, 2007
At first, I thought this game was amazing. The visuals are done very well and the game itself plays exactly as I hoped a sequel to Valkyrie Profile would. However, the same problem the first game had is here in Valkyrie Profile 2: The voice acting during battles is somewhat annoying, repetitive, and doesn't always make sense.

The good news about this is that you're given the option to turn off the voices in battles if you want to. It wouldn't be as annoying if the characters were saying things that didn't sound so dorky all the time; things like "Might makes right, think about that." When I hear this, I just laugh at it, because I can't take the game seriously anymore; this is a flaw because the game itself has a very serious atmosphere to it.

The other problem with the dialogue in the game occurs with the various einherjar that you find in the game. You'll start to notice that many of the characters are saying exactly the same thing during battles, but there is a different voice actor for each character. To me, this shows a lack of personality between characters. It's sort of annoying when you discover a new character just to find that their personality is exactly the same as the last character you found--this is actually a new flaw that wasn't in the first game.

The only other flaw I noticed with the voice acting is in the cut-scenes. The voices don't flow evenly with the mouth movements. There are times when you'll hear a character talking, but their mouth never moves at all. Most gamers would agree that this is simply laziness on the developer's side and it makes it more difficult to enjoy the game completely.

So, if you can look past some of the basic flaws and try to enjoy this game as a work of art (the visuals are very well done and the surround sound/music is fantastic), then this game is well worth the price and I recommend it for anyone who has played through the first game.
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