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on December 11, 2008
I own a Jeep Wrangler. If you know anything about Wranglers, you would know that the trunk in a wrangler is just big enough to hold a pair of socks...if you fold them carefully.

I bought the Valley Deluxe Carrier about 9 camping trips ago and I couldn't be happier! The unit works like a charm. Unlike the last hitch carrier I had, this one has a nice "rise" feature built into it. This is very handy when going up or down steep driveways and roads. I also found that the "rise" feature helps keep your stuff cleaner in rainy/muddy conditions because it puts your items higher off of the ground and away from the tires. I have loaded it to the max and it works flawlessly.

The tall sides are a nice feature that set this unit apart from those of lesser quality.

If you buy this (or any brand) of carrier, be sure to get a nice set of 3 or 4 ratcheting straps to hold your gear in place. Ratcheting straps also hold my kids in place very well as I found that they always seemed to be able to wiggle out of the bungee cords :).
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on October 10, 2009
This is our second attempt to purchase the Valley 90590 Cargo Carrier. We first purchased the carrier in person at a brick-and-mortar store, but found the hardware was missing. One email to Valley Industries resulted in their offering to send us a hardware package at no charge. We decided instead to return the carrier to the store, and order the carrier from Amazon. I tell you that phase of our experience to say this: if you have problems, please use your internet to contact Valley Industries; they have great customer service, no questions asked.

Delivery from Amazon was perfect: on-time, and in perfect condition.

We previously used a car-top carrier, but decided we didn't want to use a 2-step ladder anymore to load on top of our SUV.

The Valley 90590 Deluxe Cargo Carrier is everything it claims to be. Assembly was easy, as is attaching to our Explorer. We assembled the carrier in the raised position, and couldn't be happier. We can still access the lift gate with the carrier attached and fully loaded. We had planned to take the carrier off when we got to the destination, and re-attach it for the drive home, but found this action was not necessary. We have come to appreciate the "shelf" that the empty carrier provides at the back of the vehicle; we put gear on it as a staging area for loading and unloading the vehicle without putting anything on the ground.

We have not had any discernible wobbling or rattling, using the hitch pin provided.

We use Rubbermaid Action Packers to keep our camping gear dry on the cargo carrier. One 48-gallon and one 32-gallon Action Packer fit perfectly side-by-side on the carrier. We really like the rails on all sides to secure the cargo to the carrier; we use extra strength bungees for tie-downs. We have not had any problem with heat from the tail pipe on our Explorer interfering with the cargo.

Unlike the car-top carrier, there is no difference in vehicle performance or driving with the cargo carrier than without it. We really like that there is no increase in wind resistance. We were concerned about extra space at the end of the SUV in parking areas, but we have no problems parking anywhere we go with the carrier. The extra length is still less than a super-large SUV or extended cab pick-up.

In every respect, this was a great buy. Our only regret is that we didn't get it sooner.
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on July 8, 2012
Purchased the Valley Deluxe Hitch after reading reviews here and just returned from a weekend camping trip after having used it. installation was a breeze as there aren't many parts involved here. The package was big and it was beat up but for the price, I was more than impressed with the quality and ease of installation. Even if you can't read the instructions you can simply look at the diagram and the handful of bolts and nuts and figure it out pretty easy. Had it put together in about 20 minutes and then attached it to my Jeep Patriot. My exhaust pipe points down and with the elevated arm of the basket hitch there wasn't any issues with exhaust heat. Purchased a set of racket tie downs for 15 bucks with it and used the basket to take a large plastic bin and two ice chests up the Coast of California. Can honestly say I never noticed it back there. Couldn't see if so be careful when parking but never noticed it in the ride or in gas mileage.

Awesome basket for the price, can't imagine what else I would need a basket such as this to do. Very pleased with the purchase.

(cons) possibly missing one set of nuts and bolts but could pick this up for 1.50 tops at a hardware store.
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on November 20, 2009
I selected the Valley 90590 Deluxe Hitch Mounted Basket Cargo Carrier for two reasons: (First) I liked the 60" width compared to most others that were between 48 and 56 inches. This will allow for hauling my Rear Tine Tiller in the summer and other long items. Along with the width was the high 6" railing that will contain almost everything I would place or tie down onto the carrier. (Second) the price...I couldn't built any cheaper ($99.95 + Free Delivery) are you kidding me! The quality is great for the price. All the welds are nice and the paint (pretty sure its powder coated) should hold up well. I'll add some extra reflectors and maybe some miniature running a stoplamps to dress it out...Ok maybe not...but it would look pretty cool!

Assembly was like butter...if you cant thread together about a 10 bolts...uhhhh then learn how ... or just go to U-Haul and buy a cheezy one for like 3 times as much!

Installation: It weighs about 50+ pounds....and well, you gotta have some strength to put this puppy into the receiver. For those that might this is a heavy one..think again, it's about the lightest steel (60" wide) carrier you can get. If it's too heavy, then find something like and old milk create to prop up the back end and then lift the tougne end up and slide it into the hitch. This way you're only lifting a portion of the overall weight. The fit will always be a little loose so you may want use a locking bolt that pulls the tongue against the side of the receiver hole so the load doesn't bang back and forth.

I also picked up the cargo net for like $12 + (free shipping) just in case I have some loose stuff in the carrier.

Overall, a great Cargo Carrier for the price.

I'll be enjoying mine!
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on April 18, 2012
Item arrived having obviously sat in water for a long time, long enough to stain the edge of the box it was sitting in and to allow the hitch to push through the corner of the box. In addition the hitch had become rusted about six inches up from where it was touching the water. As this is advertised as being sold and shipped by Amazon, I will put that blame on them for the poor storage and rusting.

For the rest of the problems, which appear to be manufacturing ones, the rails looked like someone had scraped them along cement or something equally abrasive, removing the paint down to the metal. I have some Rust-Oleum I can use to cover the bare metal, but don't think I should have to do that until I do the damage. The pieces of the basket don't fully connect, that is they push together, but where you would expect them to fully seat together the male piece only extends about halfway. The basket is rated as 60" x 20" but the rounded corners prevent a rectangular box from taking advantage of that entire space and the bolts that are used to hold the pieces together reduce the width by 1/2" each side so you really end up with a space that's about 58 3/4" x 18" if you have a rectangular box that is not flexible in its side. As well, if I had a cargo bag I was using in the basket I would be worried about the bolts puncturing or tearing it. We reversed the bolts on the side of the basket that faces the truck and gained a little room. But, we didn't on the outside edge because we were worried about getting scraped by them as we moved back and forth. The bottom of the basket has the part that slides onto the hitch and is bolted down. That piece is much wider than the hitch meaning that if you don't hypertighten the bolts the basket doesn't sit firmly on the hitch. The diagonal supports that come from the side of the basket to the part that hooks onto the hitch are not evenly spaced with one touching the hitch connection and the other a good 1/4" away. Finally, the hitch piece rattles around when connected to the hitch. I know there is supposed to be some play in there so you can get it in and out, but I'd say without measuring that there is a good 3/16th's of an inch leeway and that let's it rattle pretty good; more than when I've towed trailers. I'd return this if I had the time but I don't and will just hope that it makes it through this one trip. For all the reviews I read that liked this product across the web, I have been very surprised, and disappointed, at what seems to be a product that was not constructed or cared for (before being sold to me) very well.
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on August 3, 2011
I wish I could say that I love this hitch basket but I cannot. It is fine for what it is but is less than impressive. I purchased this basket to increase the amount of cargo room in our shrinking Rav4. I plan on using it to transport our camping gear for our growing family as well as those things (e.g. dirty tools, harvested animals, naughty children, etc.) which don't deserve a place in the cabin.

My initial impressions are not good. Here is my overview of this basket. It is constructed using low grade steel covered in cheap paint which scratches/chips easily allowing minor (cosmetic) rusting even prior to arrival. Whether the steel will stand the test of time, I don't know but have little confidence.

The Good:
1) This item was very reasonably priced. I purchased it on an Amazon Lightning Deal and saved quite a bit.
2) Free shipping is a huge plus with such a massive (50lbs) item.
3) The item was very easy to assemble (although it lacked required hardware, see "The Bad").
4) The bent receiver bar will allow most users to customize the height to meet their personal/vehicular needs.
5) I have 2009 Rav4 and was pleasantly surprised that I could open the rear gate (with about 1" of clearance) with the basket installed in the highest position using my standard U-Haul hitch.

The Bad:
1) Free shipping is good, but when the item arrived it looked like it had been mauled by a rabid wolverine. The box was so severely damaged that the UPS man wanted to make sure the contents weren't damaged before he left. They were but we didn't realize it at the time.
2) The item was damaged due to poor packaging. The basket arrives in two pieces which seat together, held by the nameplate. Two of the female receiver ports on one half were smooshed which didn't allow mating with the male plugs. Using handtools, I reshaped the ports and salvaged the unit. Being so easy to manipulate, I am forced question the integrity of the steel tubing...
3) The item did not arrive with all required hardware. One of the three long bolts which attach the receiver bar to the basket was missing. That can be easily resolved with a trip to the local hardware store. More worrisome, however, is the missing cotter pin for the included hitch pin. While this is a non-issue for me, someone may be relying on that item which is lacking a key safety requirement. Hopefully, users know what they need to safely attach equipment to their hitch but I wouldn't count on it. Regardless, do yourself a favor, all, and get a locking hitch pin.
4) The tack welds on the basket/frame do not instill much confidence. While I'm not an expert on the subject of welding, I do recognize quality engineering when I see it; this is not quality engineering. This wouldn't pass my QA and I don't expect them to hold up very long under load while exposed to road vibrations and shocks.

The Ugly:
1) The basket and railings arrived scratched, rusted, and slightly bent in various places.
2) The basket itself does not sit level in my hitch. I believe one side is slightly heavier but I do not believe this to be the cause. I weighed down the opposite side attempting to level the basket to no avail. Hopefully this will prove to be a cosmetic annoyance rather than a functional or safety concern.

The Bottom Line:
After some harsh but justifiable criticism, I would still recommend this basket to the Amazonian looking for a cheap solution to an overcrowded vehicle but only if said shopper, like me, either: 1) can get this at a significant discount or 2) just doesn't care enough to invest any more for a steel basket towed behind my car.

I got what I paid for...
review image
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on May 24, 2011
I've had my Valley hitch about a month and I'm happy with it. I will say that I would never put 500lbs of stuff on this carrier. The wire mesh that is the bottom is medium duty at best. When I put my 47lb Honda 2000 generator on the carrier I have to make sure the generator straddles the center support beam or else the wire mesh bows too much.

I also want to point out that the reflectors you see in the pictures are actually cheap tape and not a true plastic reflector.

In summary, I'm happy with the carrier as I don't have heavy duty loads to haul. If you do, look elsewhere.
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on December 20, 2011
Received the cargo basket by Fedex which left the box at my doorsteep. It comes disassembled and required some installation but nothing too complicated. I did notice a small tear in the box on the back and could hear parts swirling within the box but thought that would be ok. Once I opened it, I noticed that all the nuts and bolts were loose. They did not come in a plastic bag. The item did not look like it was open before since it was taped like it came from the manufacturer. I noticed that I was missing 4 bolts including the washers. Had to go to Home Depot to purchase them since we where ready to use the item.

I called customer service to address this. They wanted to send me another one where I could take the necessary parts out and ship it back. First I really did not
want to deal with that since it's large and very heavy. Second it would require me to call to get it picked up when we were leaving on a trip. I was hoping they would discount a few dollars since I went to buy new bolts but I was told they could not do that. I guess it would be everyone else doing it but consider sending me a new one and sending it back. That shipping cost money.

Now I know how the parts where loose in the box, possible one of those returned units that someone else was missing parts. Overall I'm satisified with the product. I was able to get it in Amazon deals otherwise if paid full price, I might have returned it because of the missing parts.
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on December 14, 2011
I bought this intending on using it for the little bit of extra space I need for a long trip. Terrible idea. I got the box today and it looked like it had already been shipped to 3 different people (and maybe it had been) and returned. I opened it and sure enough, no instructions, half of the pins were out of the plastic bag they come in and rattling around in the box. Still, it looked easy enough to put together, so I went for it, however one of the pins was bent and you could not make the thing go together. Maybe if I had hammered away at it, I could have gotten it to work, however it looked like someone else had already tried that unsuccessfully. Also, the metal was detached at one of the points where the grid meets the sides. Not a huge deal since it isn't a structural piece, but given the rest of the issues with this thing, very disappointed overall both in the quality of the construction and in Amazon for shipping something to me that has clearly been returned by other people before. Others have spoken of Valley's excellent customer service, wish I could comment, but without an instruction manual, and not being able to find them on the web, I had no one to contact except Amazon, which I did only to request a return pick up.
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on January 1, 2010
I purchased this carrier for a 500 mile road trip where we did not have enough room inside our SUV. As always did tons of research and read all of the reviews. I won't reiterate what others wrote so just a few brief points. The basket comes in two pieces that are supposed to slide together. After an hour of trying to make this fit, I had to resort to several wacks from a hammer bending the metal to make it fit. The instructions called for two bolts to be torqued to 10 ft. lbs. I used a torque wrench and one of the bolts snapped before reaching the 10 ft. lbs. click. I'm glad this happened at home and not on the road. I would plan on replacing the two 3" bolts with a heavier grade.

The unit is solid and fits well inside a 2" receiver. I used an after market locking hitch pin that also fit perfectly. No regrets on this purchase.
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