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on July 22, 2016
Initial comments: This flag pole a good one for the price. I went to local "flag" stores and the poles there were much more expensive. As a point of reference, a 20-foot non-sectional pole starts out at $700 plus delivery. That being the case, I won't be too critical about the strength or durability of this particular flag pole set. The Duratex flag that came with this set is outstanding - much better than you might expect for this type of flag pole set. Considering the cost of this type of flag, you are really only paying (estimating) around $65 or so for the pole itself. If you want to save a few dollars, go with Nylon version of this flag set - it is around $50 less. I bought a 4x6 American flag outside of this set, so - in retrospect - I could have bought the Nylon version, but I digress. I will still use the flag that came with the set.

Installation: After reading many reviews and question/answers about this set I determined how I would install my flag pole. First of all, from the negative reviews I would definitely not install this flag without some modifications. For the price of the pole, again, less than that $75 with the Nylon flag, it didn't hurt me to spend a total of $50 more to increase the durability and longevity of the pole.

The sleeve: I replaced the included 18" sleeve with a 2" x 24" Schedule 40 PVC pipe. Less than $5. (You should, too!)

The "foundation": Materials - One of the "Homer" buckets from Home Depot, 2 bags of Quikrete brand fast-setting concrete mix, 1 bag of Quikrete gravel, and 1 bag of Quikrete sand. I previously installed a flag at my old house using this method, and it worked well. I placed the 2" PVC sleeve into the center of the bucket and poured the concrete mix around it, making sure to keep the PVC centered and not lifting it at all. I used one entire bag, poured about 1/2 gallon of water into the bucket. One bag brought the level of concrete about 2/3rds of the way up the bucket. I slowly added concrete from the second bag and added as much water as necessary. In all, I used a little over a bag and a half. After tapering the top of the concrete away from the edge of the bucket as it dried, I let it set overnight. The concrete was probably set in about 30-40 minutes, however. A few things to note - 1.) The concrete bucket will be heavy - probably around 75 pounds. 2.) If you are using the bucket method, I would NOT follow the instructions on the Quikrete package, which mentions using a gallon of water per bag. The instructions allow for dissipation into the ground and that does not happen when you are using the bucket method. Start with less water and add more as necessary.

The hole: I dug a hole that was right around 2' deep and approximately twice the diameter of the bucket - It wasn't the easiest task, as the ground in my yard was solid clay after about a foot of digging. After I dug the hole, I placed about an inch or so of gravel, and about the same amount of sand. I wasn't particularly worried about drainage, this was more for ease of leveling the bucket. I placed the bucket into the hole and made sure that it was as level as possible, and then filled in the hole around the bucket, making sure to tamp the ground (with a wooden pole) as I filled the hole back in. The clay that I placed back into the hole actually helped to make the installation extremely solid. After the hole was filled in, I placed top soil all around the installation area, and then covered with mulch. After all of this, I had about an inch or so of the top of the PVC sleeve exposed. An extra tip: Buy a two inch PVC cap for the PVC sleeve. It will prevent dirt and other debris from entering the sleeve while filling in the hole. (See attached pictures) Also, I painted the white PVC sleeve and the top of the bucket with black primer.

Preparing the pole for installation: Materials: 2 - 1 1/4" x 10' sections of Schedule 40 PVC pipe, and 2 - 1" x 10' sections of Schedule 40 PVC pipe. I also purchased some fittings to connect the 2 1 1/4" sections together. I am not entirely convinced that this was necessary. I removed the cleat from the 2nd section of the flag pole, placed all of the sections together, inserted the 1 1/4 PVC pipe, and then placed the 1" PVC pipe into the middle of those sections. In essence, this gave the cheap aluminum sections a PVC spine. I then replaced the cleat. You may have to replace the screws with slightly larger screws, due to the nature of these type of self-tapping screws. Although not required, I also pre-drilled and added a few other self-tapping screws where the sections come together - mainly to hold this franken-pole together and not have the PVC slide out when it was lifted. Prior to installing the pulley portion of the pole on the very top, run the rope through the pulley and then put into place. (It is tough to run the rope through the pulley after that part is installed.) Tie the ends of the rope together.

Prior to lifting the pole into place, for illumination, I installed a Sunnytech 3rd Generation Solar Power Flag Pole light to the top, and then placed the threaded aluminum ball on top of the light. Important note: Before you install the light and go through the effort of lifting the flag pole into place.... (AS I DID, on a beautiful, windy day) Make sure that you take the light into a dark room to ensure that it is actually ON! This light is great, but there is not an easy way to determine whether or not the light switch is in the ON position. Please heed my advice on this one!!

Installing the pole: Materials - a ladder and a helper or two. Place the ladder about 8 or so feet (maybe closer) away from the hole. If you are using a flash collar, make sure to install onto pole prior to inserting flag pole into sleeve. Have someone hold the base of the pole at the sleeve and have the other person slowly walk the pole up the ladder until it slips into place.

The day that I installed the pole it was very breezy. We've also been through a few thunderstorms since the pole was installed. The pole swayed a bit, but stayed solid. I installed a 4x6 flag, instead of the provided 3x5. I also installed a 3x5 state flag. I am sure that the sway wouldn't be nearly as much with the smaller flag or the second 3x5 flag. Regardless, with the modifications I am confident that I should be able to enjoy this flag pole for many years to come. If anything changes, I will update my review accordingly.

If you are still reading this, I will provide you with my full shopping list:

Flag Pole set (Including Duratex flag) Valley Forge Flag 3 x 5 Foot Duratex Commercial Grade US American Flag Kit with 20-Foot Aluminum In-Ground Pole and Hardware

4x6 flag (though I still intend to use the included 3x5 on a wall flag pole.) American Flag 4x6 ft. Nylon SolarGuard Nyl-Glo by Annin Flagmakers, 100% Made in USA with Sewn Stripes, Embroidered Stars and Brass Grommets.  Model 2220

Sunnytech 3rd Generation Solar Power Flag Pole Flagpole Light Sunnytech 3rd Generation Solar Power Flag Pole Flagpole Light,Upgraded UFO Design,Advanced Sensor,Enhanced Solar Batteries Panels,Waterproof Protection,Intelligent Self-charging Auto Active

An additional set of swivel snaps (used for American Flag) Pair of 3 Inch White Rubber Coated Brass Swivel Snap by Flags Poles And More (2, White) (I actually ordered 2 sets. I eventually plan to replace the ones that came with the flag pole set)

Flash collar US Flag Store 2in Flash Collar for Standard 20ft Pole

Michigan Flag Michigan State Flag 3x5 ft. Nylon SolarGuard Nyl-Glo 100% Made in USA to Official State Design Specifications by Annin Flagmakers. Model 142660

2: 1 1/4"x10' schedule 40 PVC pipes
2: 1"x10' schedule 40 PVC pipes
1: 2"x24" schedule 40 PVC pipe (replacement sleeve)
2" PVC cap
PVC cement for connection of 1 1/4' PVC (optional)
2 bags of Quikrete fast-setting concrete mix
1 ea: Bag of Quikrete gravel/Quickrete sand
5 self-tapping screws
Homer Bucket

My total price for everything was right around $200... With the right amount of preparation and precaution this "cheap" flag pole should last you for years... Good luck!
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on June 29, 2016
It is NOT suitable for wind above 20mph. I own a car dealership out in the countryside, we bought this for our lawn. Being in an open area we did buy a pvc pipe and cemented it 3ft into the ground. However, in any wind conditions at all, this thing sways like an out of control crane getting ready to topple. My guess is when we get a wind above 25mph, this will snap in half. I also found it interesting, that I see no where any information about any warranty, yet on the product description it cleary say "suitable for higher wind conditions". They must be referring to higher than 3mph. UPDATE: 7-13-16. Had a storm come through with 40mph winds. Pole broke right in half. If you have any wind whatsoever do NOT buy this. This is ornamental and apparently to be beside a building out of any wind whatsoever.
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on July 29, 2013
The Valley Forge In-Ground United States Flag Kit contains:
1 plastic ground sleeve,
5 aluminum pole sections,
1 3x5 nylon US Flag,
2 plastic snap hooks,
1 nylon rope, and
1 gold ball plastic pole topper.

Things you will need (not included):
Post hole digger and/or shovel.
Sand and gravel for base.
1 50lb bag of concrete.

Other products I bought with this item:
Annin Solar Light

I received the Valley Forge In-Ground United States Flag Kit and had it flying within approximately 1.5 hours of receipt. The overall quality of the product was of what I expected for the price and had no unexpected surprises. The rear of the box contains basic instructions and illustrations to complete the installation. The manufacturer's instructions are standard issue and easy to follow. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and take the time to make sure everything is level before setting it into place. The aluminum pole sections fit together easily and require no tools to complete. The overall assembled weight of the pole was not more than I could handle or set by myself. Once assembled the pole is of uniform appearance and overall stable in the ground sleeve (The pole does sway and move as one would expect in the wind). The quality of the flag and rope are of good quality. The snap hooks are plastic but should withstand in a typical environment. The rope hardware and gold topper are of lesser quality than I would prefer but perform their function.

I've had the pole and flag up for approximately 1 week at the time of this review and have experienced no issues. Thus far the pole and flag have withstood wind, sunny days, and a thunderstorm. The pole and flag look great flying out front of our home. At this point: I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an affordable patriotic landscape addition. If you're realistic in your expectations for the price - you'll be happy.

I will update in the future should it be warranted.

Questions? Comment and I'll gladly respond.


***Update December 7, 2013:
The Valley Forge In-Ground United States Flag Kit survived the remainder of the summer without issue. I would continue to recommend this kit to anyone looking for an affordable flag pole. I've noticed the price has dropped considerably recently (down to $80 from $100+ in the peak of the summer). I'm currently using this pole as a mega tree for my outside Christmas light display. It seems to be supporting the weight just fine.

***Update August 16, 2014:
I just wanted to quickly update my review to reflect that our Valley Forge In-Ground United States Flag Kit is still up and flying high this summer. Our flag is a center piece in our front landscape and we receive comments on it all the time. We're still very happy with this purchase now over a year later.

***Update May 18, 2015:
Our Valley Forge flag pole is still standing tall! I just replaced the flag included in the kit with a new replacement due to some fraying beginning along bottom seam. The flag flew 24/7/365 through the up and downs of Indiana weather for nearly 2 years. I'm still extremely happy with this purchase!
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on May 3, 2017
I installed this today and it is beautiful. I bought the LED solar light and it worked perfectly. One thing, if you expect to leave this up in high winds physics will most likely cause this to fail as my old one did. You cannot expect a 20 ft aluminum pole with a flag at top not to possibly fail at the fulcrum point. I did take a 10ft 1 1/4 plastic pipe and I inserted 3 1/2 pieces of rebar inside the pipe. I then installed this inside the pole. The place where the flagpole could fail now only is 10 ft below the flag, this should allow more rigidity and allow the flag to fly in high winds. Cost was $19.00 additional. Just a suggestion.
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on May 24, 2017
Please note the photos; right-hand side of each dock... I bought this item a couple of years ago. I installed it on my dock on the St Johns River in St Augustine, FL. I have a picture of that dock, flagpole up, and a Conch Republic flag (it's a Florida Keys thing) flying. I have a picture of my dock, totally destroyed by Hurricane Matthew, all that is left of a 300' walkway are the pilings; boathouse and boat-lift blown away; 800 sq. ft. roof hanging from one piling; my boat in my neighbor's yard, on top of his boat (which had been in his boat house). A very violent storm. But there standing, unbent, is my flagpole. I kayaked out, removed the flagpole, which I had drilled a couple of holes in and bolted to the side of a piling. I now have a picture of my new dock (7 months after the storm). The only thing salvaged from the old dock? Not any pilings. Not any deck boards. Not a square foot of roof. Had to replace the boat. This flagpole is re-bolted to a (new) piling, carrying a (new) Conch Republic flag. This is a great product!!!
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on July 6, 2016
First storm. The pole was up less than a week. We followed all directions. Will need to put a steel pole inside this one for it to work. Flawed design.
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on March 19, 2017
Installed flagpole has directed things were great for the first seven months. We had an Late winter storm here in Minnesota two weeks ago with about 40 mile an hour winds flag pole snapped in half just above the first section. Once I figure out how to get a hold of the manufacture I'm hoping they will be replace the pole at no charge. I reach the manufacture I was told the warranty available on this product certainly do not recommend this product now
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on April 13, 2017
DO NOT PURCHASE - VALLEY FORGE WILL NOT STAND BEHIND THIS PRODUCT! Purchased this as a Father's Day / Birthday gift for my father-in-law. He installed the flag pole per directions summer of 2016. The pole starting to bend toward the base by the ground. He contacted Valley Forge directly, and they will not stand behind this product because 1) it is past the warranty and 2) there is a solar light installed between the top of the pole and the ball. We do live in Wisconsin, but the weather isn't that extreme that a flagpole would only last less than a year. Also, the solar light (which they are awesome and the one I specifically purchased for my father-in-law was the Solar Flag Pole Light by Denver, which I highly recommend) is only 1.2 pounds.

I purchased a Valley Forge steel flag pole for my husband in June 2013, which also has a separately purchased solar light attached at the top to try to properly display the flag, and that flagpole is standing strong through the Wisconsin weather no issues. A little white paint chipping off the pole, but that is to be expected. Satisfied with that purchase, though. Because of the quality of that flag pole, I thought Valley Forge would have a nice aluminum flag pole to purchase as a gift for my father-in-law, but that's not the case. More disappointing, though, is that they will not stand behind this product. I highly recommend not purchasing this flag pole. Also, if customer service is something important to you, I suggest purchasing from another company and not Valley Forge.
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on April 7, 2015
Love this flag pole. The gold ball topper on mine was in perfect condition, however I did not use. I ordered the Montague flagpole eagle 12inch and it looks amazing. The pole is very tall and we chose to leave one four foot section out, plenty tall enough. I also ordered the solar light (sunnytech). With the Montague eagle and the solar light, I had to make them fit. The screw on the eagle is not really long enough to connect through the solar light and top of the flag pole. I really screwed the eagle and flag pole top together to make them fit. The eagle's talons dented into the gold ball when I screwed them together to fit. I actually think it looks really cool, like the eagle is crushing the ball with it's talons. It is so high up you can't tell but it all worked out. I like the gold ball with the eagle and did not want to leave it off. I am flying both the USA and Canada flag so I bought the extra snap hooks, they work great. Tonight is the first night up, so I cannot really comment on wind as of yet. For the price and appearance I am super happy.
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on April 5, 2017
I really loved this flagpole, until the wind broke it off after less than 1 year. The wind was in the neighborhood of 60-70 mph, and broke off where two of the aluminum sections come together. I have contacted the manufacturer twice over the last 4 weeks, with no response whatsoever. That lack of response surprised me, because I had to contact them once before and they resolved my situation in short order (the plastic gold-colored ball for the top of the flagpole was broken upon delivery - they replaced it without question). All I really wanted was to be able to replace the 2 broken sections of pole (I was even willing to pay for it). Alas, I guess I'll be looking elsewhere for a replacement.
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