Customer Reviews: Covet (V.E.T Vampire Romance Series Book 1)
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on January 4, 2012
Anyone who loves paranormal romance and or erotic books or novellas will love this book. The story of Javier and Lilah's is one of a forbidden love. Both of them fell for the other, while working together for two years, but neither one knows what the other feels. Until that one night. The love scenes are extremely sexy and romantic and you can feel the love between them. This novella is not just about sex, but has a great love story to it that let's you know that this love between Javier and Lilah is based on more than. Throw in an exciting fight scene between the owner of the London theatre, Vampirerotique, and Lilah's master, and you have a very exciting, romantic, sexy read that is definitely worth the price!
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on April 27, 2012
Our Review [by Debbie, a LITERAL ADDICTION Associate Guest Reviewer]:

So when I asked for a recommendation for a very steamy book with a good plot Michelle Our Pack Alpha told me about Felicity Heaton's new Vampire Erotic Theatre series. After finding out that she needed a review for these 1st 2 books I agreed knowing that Michelle has some strange Alpha Power that allows her to ALWAYS know exactly what we all want to read at the time, even if we don't. She was right, as always! I loved them. I couldn't believe how enthralled I was while reading Covet. My heart was racing and I was probably panting along with the characters and I couldn't do anything about it but read!

Covet is novella about Javier and Lilah and their forbidden but undeniable attraction to each other. Javier has dreamed and fantasized about her for 2 years but being that she is owned by a very powerful vampire of his club he has kept his feeling to himself. He thinks his attraction is totally one sided and really beats himself up for feeling the way he does.

There was one rule his kind honored above all others: an owned human must never be touched by a vampire other than their master

Lilah has desired Javier since she was sent to Vampirerotique by her Master, Lord Ashville. To say that she is confused by how she feels and her life is an understatement. She isn't like the other owned humans and she hates her Master. She has tried to run many times before he finally sent her to the theater. She is tough and a survivor but doesn't think Javier sees her as anything special.

Once they come together it is explosive. They both have such amazing feelings for one another that the emotion bleeds from the page. Both of them are willing to give anything for the other even their lives. The erotic scenes' both on the stage and between Javier and Lilah left me feeling like I should be laying in bed with a cigarette in one hand and a glass of whiskey in the other and tears in my eyes.

The action in this book is intense. It is 100% VAMPIRE. There is blood, blood and more blood. Sometimes when I am reading a novella I notice that the author has toned down the sex and violence. That is not the case in this book. After reading Crave, the next book in the series I can say that this book is a great opener and shows you what to expect in the rest of the series.

Felicity Heaton grabbed my attention with this book and I was excited that I had the next book, Crave already and able to read now. I am not sure whose book I am looking forward to more Snow or Antoine. Snow I want him to get his own HEA so bad and Antoine... well, I just can't wait to see him fall after all the attitude.

If you are looking for a quick erotic paranormal with enough heat to keep you warm in a blizzard then check this one out.

LITERAL ADDICTION'S Associate Reviewer gives Covet 4 Skulls and would recommend it to erotic and paranormal romance fans far and wide.
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on January 1, 2012
This is by far one of the best romance books I have read in a LONG TIME. I was glued to this book from beginning to end. The story of Javier and Lilah is absolutely engrossing, hot, and wonderfully sweet. Heaton does a wonderful job in expressing the torturous, longing emotions of her characters and an even better job in writing super hot love scenes that leave you panting for more. This book was worth every penny and I highly recommend it. If you're in the mood for a hot and sexy romance, yet a story full of love and heart-racing emotion, look no further. Covet is amazing!
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on July 16, 2015
It was very hot but there was little story. Just sex, sex, sex...death...then more sex. Normally, I would not have kept reading past the first 5 pages but I read the whole book and actually liked it. The couple had already known each other for 2 years at the beginning of the story. The first chapter hooked me with 2 major conflicts. The entire episode took place in less than 12 hours. There is a cliffhanger of sorts. A different ending, an epilogue, or something is missing. The emotions actually seem real. There is a very good fight scene. This book has 5 star potential. But it needs more STORY and a longer time span. I will probably try reading another book in the series.
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on October 13, 2014
This book had potential for pure awesomeness, but it was sorely lacking in my opinion. I'm really considering if I should just delete it from my library.
True there was sex, drama and of course our expected happily ever after, but seriously who wrote those scenes? They were abrupt, and the descriptions seemed all over the place for me. I'll probably read crave, but only cause the first chapter seemed more interesting or maybe better written than this one.

I give the author an A for effort, cause even though I love to read, I hate to write, and it takes a lot of grit and effort to come up with work and put it out here. On another note, please please please don't compare this author to Christine Feehan and the likes.
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on December 7, 2012
If you want a romantic paranormal story about vampires, humans, and a few other beings that will melt your heart and make your pulse race this series is great. It is truly a romance with a five star nautiness to it. The characters in the series will latch on to your heart and make you crave more... speaking of Crave...If you enjoy Covet, Crave should be on your To Read list.

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on January 28, 2013

Javier has owned the Vampire Erotic Theatre with three other vampire for almost a century. Nothing has gripped him or tugged at his desires as much as the beautiful Lilah has. Unfortunately Lilah is owned and there is one rule vampires honour above all others and that is an owned human must never be touched by another vampire and the penalty for doing so is death.

Lilah never believed in vampires until Lord Ashville found her on the streets and forced his blood down her throat. She now works at the theatre and has hidden desires for the gorgeous vampire owner.

A single encounter together and succumbing to their desires will change everything they have every believed and force them to fight for what they truly want.


Callum has left London for Paris to find new performers for the vampirerotique family and perform at the theatre. He knows he should contact Antoine and give him an update on the performer he has found however it is not the performers consuming his thought.

Kristina was exotic and the way she performed commanded the attention of everyone in the room especially Callum who had been following her around watching her from the shadows for a week.

Kristina brings out desires in Callum that he has never felt but he shouldn't feel the way he does as he is an elite vampire and Kristina is a werewolf. Callum know he must have her and when they kiss he is certain of it now all he needs to do is convince Kristina
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on December 5, 2012
Covet is the first book of author Felicity Heaton's Vampire Erotic Theatre Romance Series.

In it we meet Javier a 600+ year old vampire who has been desperately keeping his distances from the human woman he is falling in love with for over a year now.

Ever since Lilah first came to Vampirerotique (an erotic vampire theater that Javier and two other vampires own) he has wanted her. But Lilah is belongs to another vampire.

There is a sacred law in their world; you do not touch other vampires human. Not in lust, nor for food. It is an automatic death sentence to do so. It would also cause both parties serious pain.

Lilah wants Javier as well but has fought the attraction to him. Lilah does not like her master and does not seem too keen on vampires at all really. But Javier gets under all of her defenses and one night the passion that is between them becomes too much for either of them to resists, no matter the consequences.

Covet was a very steamy erotic paranormal romance read. It is a little on the short side and leaves you wanting more, luckily there are three more in the series!

Javier and Lilah love each other but Lilah already belongs to another vampire. To take her would be an automatic death sentence for Javier from her master. I am not sure what would have happened to Lilah. Possibly she would have been killed as well.

Overall it was a very sexy and fast read that left me wanting to read the next book.

I would recommend Covet to anyone looking for a good erotica paranormal romance read.
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on April 7, 2012
Javier has wanted Lilah from the moment she began work in Vampireotique, a club he co-owns with other vampires. He can never act on his desire because Lilah is a human owned by another vampire. Touching her, drinking from her would violate a sacred vampire law of ownership, and condemn him to an immediate death. Of course, nothing feeds the fires of sexual obsession like having something you want temptingly within reach for two years. Lilah wants him too, and their desire bursts into a raging fire of forbidden sex in a hot, hot, hot balcony scene. Now that they've broken a taboo, Javier and Lilah must find a way to free her from her master, and avoid their looming death sentence.

The erotic scenes in this book are nicely done, so descriptive I actually felt the fangs graze my neck. There were a few contrived parts, but not contrived enough to cause me more than a moment's pause. There's also a good fight scene to break up all the juicy bits. The only personal hitch for me was the fast transition from "I want to get in your pants" to "I love you with all my soul and want to spend my life with you." Yeah, I realize that the characters had two years prior to the novel's start to fall in love, but I gleaned that they spent most of that time avoiding each other in order to better resist temptation. I'm not much for the "love at first sight" angle, but others may not be bothered by this. I'll definitely pick up some of this author's other work.
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on August 21, 2015
Erotic. Check.
Sexy. Check.
Short read. Check.
I have to admit I was a little skeptical about the blurb, but when I read it, I was surprised. I think I fell in love with Snow and his story or background intrigues me. I have a thing for bad boys. However, this was Javier and Lilahs story and I loved it. It was a breath of fresh air. It was tasteful erotica and I definitely appreciate it. One Click this book already. It's so good.
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