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on November 6, 2012
I'm sure the readers of this product may want more info, so I'll do my best to provide additional details (G155 comparison included):

The case is made out of thick plastic just like G155, so its sturdy. The dimension almost identical at 20" x 14" x 6.5" excluding handle, which satisfies virtually all major airlines carry-on size requirement. The handle adds 2" and makes the height 16", but no one at airport will realistically factor that in. The screen side of the case is less round, perhaps to accommodate the larger screen. I think this design also strengthens the latch gripping better under stress. The shoulder strap with padding (has UNSC logo) is a greatly appreciated item when an extra hand is needed. The design permits the strap to be attached or removed within a few seconds.

With the case having the same length and width of the 15.6" G155, it is remarkable that GAEMS fitted a 19" screen. Actually, the screen measures 18.5" diagonally but looks bigger than that! The lighting on buttons are all blue (G155 is red). The blue background lighting on two sides of the screen is a nice touch - not fancy so doesn't compete with the game content. Like G155, my PS3 recognizes it as 1080p with 2 audio channels. The display is much brighter and seems faster in response time.

The best part of the display other than size? It's the vastly improved display angle. Horizontally, I can line up 4 kids in front row and all can see the screen well! Vertically, kids standing up in second row can see also! As for the player, I tried sitting on the floor, sitting on a soft mattress (sunk in deep), and sitting on a chair with Vanguard on higher desk. The display angle passed in all scenarios! This wasn't the case with G155. There is a little kickstand allow the screen side to adjust up by a few degrees, which is really thoughtful feature. Kudos to GAEMS for listening to users on these improvement!

Audio and Controls
The speakers are located on the bottom left and right corners. The drivers are about size of a golf ball (1.25" I think). They are open and masked slightly by 5 horizontal bars - more like the cosmetic mud guards installed on 4x4 SUVs! The sound quality is vastly improved. The Halo 4 main menu music is a STUNNING demo of its range and depth. It's pretty good at high and mid-range. The debris and electrical buzzing effects from Halo 4 are sharp and realistic. Bass can be adjusted in menu, and it's adequate. Voice is still deep and clear! It has pretty good power too. I put Vanguard on 70% volume in a room, then go to kitchen about 50 feet away with 3 walls in between and I can hear the music pretty well. I also didn't hear distortion at 85% volume! With such loudness, there is really no need for external speakers to truly enjoy gaming away from home!

The bottom center of the display panel has the same two headset output, an HDMI input with the 7" cable, and DC 12V input from the power supply.

Console Strapping
The console rests on a pad. One side has inset shaped to fit XBox and PS3. The other side has a small 9" x 7" footprint, which fits neither consoles (Nintendo Wii?) The two straps are thinner than G155, perhaps to allow better ventilation on the XBox 360 Slim.

The 2 side storage bags can be freely picked up (no Velcro underneath). They are same size as G155. With XBox having an external power brick, one storage bag will be used up for the two power supplies (one for display). This leaves the other for two controllers. Quick thought: since both XBox and the screen display use DC 12V as input, I wonder there is an DC Y-adapter that can allow both device to share one large power supply...

Since PS3's transformer is built-in the machine, there will be extra room available in the storage bags.

Note on Portable powerpacks
I have two battery-based jump-starters with inverter kept in family cars. I used them to power G155, and will power the Vanguard as well when AC outlets are not available (e.g., picnic/camping). Vanguard consumes average of 90 watts (XBox 360S 4GB w extra 256GB HDD and Wi-Fi active) with medium volume and brightness during play. Here are actual run times with the two that I own:

Duracell DRPP600 Powerpack 600 Jump Starter and Emergency Power Source: 1hr 55min

Wagan Power Dome EX 400-Watt Jump Starter with Built-In Air Compressor: 1hr 3min

I'm sure with Wi-Fi turned off one can run longer times. Same if the HDD is not needed or replaced with SSD.

When GAEMS released G155, I was excited - finally a practical solution for console gaming away from home. I used it on travel and always in awe just having that ability to play console games somewhere else! Even as a happy user, there is always room for improvements. GAEMS was listening to the passionate G155 owners and all key improvements are in this Vanguard product. After playing with Vanguard for few hours, I'm thoroughly impressed, satisfied, and with absolutely ZERO complaints (for now)! For us console gaming lovers, GAEMS has done a great service to not only make gaming away from home possible with G155, but now with truly immersive experience with Vanguard. It's absolutely worth the price.
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on August 17, 2014
I didn't hate it, and it felt awesome to be able to carry this around and basically just unfold and play, but the screen inside the case is completely unprotected. I used those 2 black bags for carrying the cords and a couple controllers in for when I want to bring it places and play it, but when I opened it to prepare to play, there was a crack in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. I am returning this one and purchasing a new one. When you store this case and bring it places, I would recommend a small blanket or pillow or something to place between the console and the screen so if the case gets tossed around a little, it won't break the screen.

Also, it would be nice if the cords for the system were plugged in elsewhere. The position they are in now blocks the screen when you need to plug it in. Maybe some sort of removable panel in the back for the power plug in for the screen, and perhaps a hdmi cable with an adjustable length so it doesn't stick up or down weirdly. I do understand, however, that the power cord for the console has to be there, and I can deal with that.

All in all, I loved it for the week or two that I was able to use it, but the screen just isn't secure enough. For future models, please keep this in mind. Thanks.
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on March 5, 2013
I waited around a few months before purchase scouring over the reviews on here and the gaems forum. Theirs very few complaints and now that I actually own one I see why. The case is made with some quality parts theirs nothing that screams cheap, it has the bells and whistles to justify the price. Case is very sturdy,the hinge to the led tv is metal,case uses metal screws rather than cheap plastic molded tabs. Theirs rubbery grip pads underneath the straps that secure the console so theirs no way it can move around.

The speakers are remarkable for the size, I wish my large led tv would even come close to the sound they output. When I first started the unit up I thought it was cranked up full blast because it was so loud. Turns out it was only at 50% which suprised the hell out of me. The led monitor itself has one of the widest viewing angles I've come across, comparing this to my 37" vizio led tv... it puts it to shame. I like the dark tone color of the case, it has a nice brute military look.

Their are a few things that could be improved, their should be velcro straps on the cords provided not paper wraps. I had to provide my own straps because it's impossible to keep it nice and tidy without them. I don't much care for the way the D-rings for the shoulder strap lock in by force into the plastic hinges. The metal D-rings should really be just made into the case design rather than something added on. So that if their bumped theirs no way they can be pushed back out. One annoyance of the D-rings is they fold over into the latch area, I have to make sure they clear everytime. It's nitpicking but it would be nice if they locked down flat into a groove when not in use.

Overall it's a great product that deserves more praise and it's nice to see the developer posting on this site on every review. That's one of the reasons I went through with the purchase because he takes the time out of his day to express his gratitude. On the gaems forum site questions are answered quickly also. So I know if I come up with a problem I won't be worried about whether or not I can get it resolved.
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on November 13, 2012
The Vangaurd is alot better than i had expected. If they werent back ordered, I probably order another one, and sell it to freinds, with a PS3 or Xbox, as a bundle. So far, it has worked great. The other day, it fell off my shelf, after taking on big swells(I live on a fishing boat) started freaking out, fearing that it might have busted....nope...same turned on, and had no issues. Ive since then, placed it on the floor, to prevent it from getting damaged. I bought a wireless headset, so havent use the speakers yet. It features a 19 inch, thats pretty clear..actually clearer than my 36 inch monitor. I bought this, due to me traveling from boat to boat, and traveling different parts of the world. Was concerned, maybe it might be to big for carry need to worry, its actually smaller, than a rolling carry on. Price might be a factor, but very please with this product!! Here's a tip for traveler's...but the Monster 300USB outlets to can use your vanguard, and if you have a iphone/ipad, it has a USB port to power than up as well.

Jan 25....been using it daily, no problem...but be careful on how you load the controllers...I've ruined the pixels on my screen, actually damage the screen. I would recommend, not storing your controllers in the case. I have a PS3 system.
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on March 23, 2013
As a technology consultant, I travel a LOT. While some hotels and chains have flat screens you can plug a game console, even within the same hotel chain it's far from a sure thing. The GAEMS Vanguard removes that uncertainty. Put your Xbox profile and game saves on a 32GB USB stick, copy the game installs for what you're currently playing as well as any Xbox Videos you might be watching (Walking Dead for me) and you're set. No lodge net required. Bring a controller or two if you want to do co-op or just play on your own. You can use a Wi-Fi hotspot or roll the dice and connect to hotel Wi-Fi if you want to connect to Xbox Live.

I usually back my GAEMS, two or three of the games I'm currently playing, one wired and one wireless controller and an extension cord for headphones or ear buds and put them in a bag just big enough for the unit.

If you're a gamer on the go and experience withdrawal symptoms if you don't play for a couple of days, then this is just the ticket. Oh fits a PS3 Slim just fine too, but people might wonder how you're playing Halo on a PS3.
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on December 5, 2013
This device is a convenient way for me to haul around my Xbox 360 so I can entertain my friends and family. I also use it to play video games while watching TV. I use it in that fashion so much that I actually stopped hooking it up to my main larger screen all together. The screen quality and sound is okay but I would bump it up to awesome considering the portability of this device.

The one major negative is its durability. It seems solidly built and has survived several trips and constant usage but it failed after about 8-9 months. The monitor stopped displaying images even though the sound was still working. Seeing it was within the warranty period, I sent it in for repairs. They sent me a totally brand new one as a replacement.

Overall I definitely love this device and would consider buying one for my next video game console. The fact that it broke within a year does make me hesitant. But since it was covered under warranty, I only knock it down by one star. Now if it broke shortly after the warranty, I have to admit there would be a much different review.
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on March 29, 2013
I love this portable gaming environment. As described by many other reviews, this unit is nearly flawless. Excellent picture quality with no field of angle problems. Screen matte finish nearly eliminates any light reflection. Audio quality and volume are excellent for the size. I only have one minor and one major complaint. The minor complaint is that there is barely room to fit all your mandatory accessories to include two controllers, two power supplies and supporting cables. There is no room for game software storage. Lastly, the major flaw for me. I guess more like an annoyance. Once the "D" rings are installed to attach the shoulder strap, they get in the way of the locking clasps preventing you from closing the unit. This will happen with or without the strap connected to the "D" rings but only occurs if the ring moves forward in the direction of the locking claps. It is a flaw but needs to be noted. Other than that, I would still buy it again and recommend it to everyone!! Plus, I caught it on sale for $299. Sold!
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on December 14, 2012
Every once in awhile, a piece of tech comes along and makes me say, "Finally, something practical and cool looking!" This is one of those products.

I was on the fence about getting one of the cases with the screens built in from Gaems. I wanted a reason to get one so that I didn't have to cart around a separate tv whenever I traveled, but just kept putting it off. Then I saw this bad boy on here and ordered one within a week. Sadly, it was out of stock and had to wait a few weeks for it to arrive. (I am in Canada, so I shipped to a family member's house to save on customs costs) The wait was well worth it, and rushed across the border the day after I was told it was delivered!

I did not experience any kind of scratches on the case from packaging like some have reported in other reviews. Maybe they fixed that issue, or I got lucky with that. The screen is better than I expected, and even is clear enough for 2 people to play split screen in Halo 4 - albeit a tad small to spot things, naturally. :) This case goes so well with my Halo 4 XBox as well...

I held my breath initially though, as I noticed a bit of 'debris' or scuffing on the screen itself. Not sure what that is, or if it can be removed. I tried some gentle scrapping with my finger, but fear I might damage it if I push too hard on it. Its mostly transparent, and ultimately does not affect gameplay. I can live with it. At least there are no dead pixels around it.

The latch near the handle can be a bit difficult to unhook when trying to open it, but just give it a little wiggle and it will come open without too much of an issue.

The short HDMI cord is a perfect length, though I worry it may wear out over time due to the contortions I have to do to make it fit into the ports of the monitor and XBox. Its not super flexible.

Well done product, love the fact that you get some stickers with it too. Simple thing, but a nice bonus. I don't regret getting this one bit! Despite my minor nitpicking, I give this beast a 5 star rating, only because I can't rate it higher! :D
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on December 19, 2012
Honestly I was very impressed with the fast shipping to start. Once it arrived I was suprised at how easy the packaging was to get open and started. Set up to use takes about 5 minutes. I set up a xbox slim i have and strapped it down. Plugged in and tried out the remote that is supplied and it started right up. First impressions were how bright and vivid the screen was from all angles. I put in a game and checked the sound level. It was set to 50 out of package and I actually turned down as it was so clear and loud you could hear it a room away. The sound was clear also not distorted. Very impressed. I played a game of Call of Duty for an hour or so and turned it off very happy with my purchase. I travel a few hours to see family and it is going to be great not to have to find a tv and a way to cart a xbox and monitor around safely in a suitcase. TIP: I also recommend you buy an extension cord to plug your xbox power supply and the screen power supply into so you only have to run one cord out of the box when gaming. I found that this makes it even nicer not having to repackage the 2 power supplies each time. This is a product that will work for anyone that wants to bring the game with them. I would recommend to any Gamers out there!!
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on January 19, 2013
Order this with my prime two day shipping and had it in one. After playing on this system and comparing it to the G155 I have to say this was a good up grade for me. The G155 is a great unit and I did not know if I could justify this purchase but now since playing on it WOW! I now have to find a home for my G155 system. First let me say that the 19" screen is great and has a sharp picture. The blue lights on both sides of the screen are a nice touch. The kick stand they added to the bottom was good for shoring up the screen at the correct angel. The storage bags are bigger and easier to put the 360 brick in than the G155. To me the hard plastic case seems stronger than the G155 as to the thickness which is good. I'm not particularly a Halo fan but I like the graphics better than I had thought I would. It really is a sharp case. Just a great system and I would recommend this to any one that is a gamer and travels alot and anyone that needs an extra TV for that gamer in the house so they stay off the Big TV. Great Job Gaems!
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