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on October 14, 2016
VANISHED: Greywalker series book 4 - a Paranormal Noir book by Kat Richardson.
So, if you have been following my reviews of this series, you know by now that I give them all 5 stars. Because each book is so unique from other books and from each other, they are hard to compare. But this is one of my stand out favorites. Once again, Kat Richardson has us follow PI Harper Blaine, but this time Harper leaves the wonderfully ghostly Seattle of the first 3 books in the series for an even darker adventure than normal. I am always blown away by the richness and beauty of Kat's writing style for the Greywalker series. It alone could have made me a geeky fangirl but often it is also the incredible depth of the research and history that consistently blows me away. I began to ask questions at author events, and almost every time I asked about something I thought totally fantastical; Kat would answer that it had really happened and how she researched it. In this book, Kat very firmly takes her magical world of The Grey and goes so far with it, that I could and do wish she would write whole series based on characters and creatures she congers up in this book to terrify us. When I next get the chance to go to London, I will very much be taking a Greywalker Tour of it! Do you like noir mysteries? Do you like horror? Do you like adventure? Do you like action? Do you like ghosts, magic and mayhem? Then read this book and get your mind blown!
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on March 4, 2017
To start the series may not be for everyone. Harper is a private investigator and the books show her investigation and you see her process in figuring things out . There is not a lot of humor. There is an overall story arc that continues to develop and keeps me interested in the series. I really enjoy watching the mystery unfold and how Harper figures it out. The world is well developed and gritty. These are smart mysteries with good action. This book delved into Harper's past and you start seeing more of who she is and why she's different .
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on March 5, 2016
Have read the whole series. I particularly love the ones with ghosts and other world connections. The fact she writes about Seattle and areas I know is a total bonus. She creates a mythology that tells true and believable. Not really into the vampire story line and actually the grey walking... So, this book is about vampires and grey walking and is not set in Seattle and fickle reader that I am... I still enjoyed it. I sincerely hope she traveled to England and did the tourist thing and then wrote it all off on her taxes. Gave it the 5 that her work deserves.
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on October 3, 2012
I enjoyed the first and seconds books alot. The third book, Underground, just wasn't as good. This book had great elements, and a great premise, but the endless details dragged it down. First, the never-ending lists of street names in London; names that had nothing to do with the story. Do I care that This street runs into That street one block from a park that nothing happens in? No. Also, as a previous reviewer mentioned, the author uses akward words like "chivvying". Many times. Not everyone chivvies everyone else everywhere they go. She used 'chivvy' in its varied tenses about 7 times in one book. Also, she made up a word for this book. "Temporaclines", to define the layers of time she can see/access in the Grey. The author gives no explaination for the generation fo the word, and other characters in the book use it like it's been around all along though we haven't seen it before. If there had been some quick in-character explaination of the word, like "I've been calling these layers of time 'temporaclines', Quinton, I gotta call it something..." Nothing, we just have to accept this silly word. Perhaps I'm a bit compulsive, but anything that pulls me OUT of the story, like repetitive words or inexplicable new terms keeps me from focusing on the story and reduces my enjoyment. Sorry, three I can do.
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on July 17, 2014
Kat Richardson is a good writer; she can be wordy sometimes, but her storyline more than makes up for that issue. I am not one to bash a book because it is not perfect. There are no perfect books. I rate books mostly on whether they entertain me or not. If you want a book for accuracy or facts you should look in a different section and not in fantasy.
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on August 18, 2009
The protagonist Harper (is a greywalker; she can work the dimension between the ordinary and the far shores, the Grey, full of ghosts and nasties) takes a job in London for the head vamp of Seattle. Some of her background has been surfacing and in this story we see more emerge.

Excellent characters and nicely written. It helps to have a map of London (Goggle works great) handy but it isn't necessary. The author as usual has done a great job of background research so the story flows smoothly. The plot is very good as is the major sub plot. But warning this book ends in a not quite cliff hanger. It can be read by its self but I would recommend the earlier books in the series mainly because they are excellent reads and will help make sense of the characters.

Overall a highly recommended read.
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on October 14, 2010
Kat Richardson excels one more time in delivering a riveting read. Her characters are so well portrayed they live long after the last page is turned (yes, even the ferret, Chaos). This episode ratchets the tension up one more notch and ends with a tempting not-quite cliff-hanger. I will be watching the calendar to see when the next book is available.

The Greywalker universe is well thought-out. Details from one book slide to the next seemlessly, taking on added meaning at each iteration. Characters met in one book, show up in the next and take on new depth. The city of Seattle has never been so well defined. She makes unexpected alliances in this book and comes to a satisfying conclusion regarding her role in the Grey, notwithstanding the teaser at the end.

The series is a stand-out contribution to the body of urban fantasy.
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on June 11, 2016
Really enjoyed reading this book. I tried to read slowly to make it last longer, but it was so exciting I breezed right through it. The beginning grabs you and it is a non stop pace. Can't wait to read the next one.
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on February 14, 2016
I really enjoy this book series. Love the characters especially the main character who is a PI. The book series is creative, imaginative, clever & a page turner. I would recommend this to anyone who loves sci-fi, or mystery.
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on October 14, 2012
This first volume of a two-part resolution to the plot lines of this series takes us to London, which is in some ways refreshing (even though I've lived in Seattle and relish all the Puget sound references usually found in Greywalker books). Seeing the complete scale of the mysteries behind the Greywalker's life transforms this character from an episodic creature to a pawn in an epic struggle. I particularly liked the appearance of the Egyptian goddess of justice.
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