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on June 20, 2012
I saw the negative reviews for this product, but decided the positive outweighed the negative and it was worth a chance. Think of it just like that - a bit of a gamble. Maybe you'll get a good mix, maybe you won't. Maybe you'll get 35 cups, maybe not. I got 31 cups and they were not all unique - some were duplicates. All that said, the cups that I did get included a nice variety and there are several flavors that I had wanted to try and I am now getting to do so. I wish my mix had included more coffee and a bit less cocoa, but I feel like I totally signed-on for that gamble. I did, however, expect to receive the number of cups advertised.

I waited to do my review because I contacted the seller and was hoping the situation would be corrected, but it's been nearly two weeks and I've had no response.
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on October 15, 2013
I believe that I may be seeing signs of fraud and non-compliance with food distribution laws. I thought that I was buying a legal retail product with a bar code, as Amazon seems to require for most of their products. I received the K-cups in a brown paper sack. The seller has labeled the sack with an expiration date of 03/09/2014. Where did they get this date? The individual K-cups are each marked "THIS UNIT IS NOT MARKED FOR RETAIL SALE" and each has a best by date of its own.

One reviewer was very helpful in listing all the dates, and many of them were already expired. I do not have such time and do not think it is necessary, anyway, because whether they are expired or not they do not seem to be in compliance with our laws. Questions: What are the sources of these individual K-cups? Have they ever been returned? How many warehouses have they been in? How many homes have they been in? What temperature, humidity, abrasive conditions have they been stored in? What assurance do we have that the seller has tracked all this information? Did the seller open the original boxes. At the very least, I would expect the seller to be honest in the listing about what this actually is and about what assurances we have. I love the Amazon customer review process, but this has gone WAY too far. We need much more than a review, here. Amazon and the authorities must be notified.

Now that I go back and read the listing CAREFULLY, it has signs of plausible deniability and mis-direction, but does not seem to be a straight-up, honest description of what is being sold. For example, it says these are not "gift packaged". It says that the contents may be different than described. And the "customer photos" give some clue about the nature of this product, including some photos of the paper bag and seller-supplied label. It does not seem to be an honest ad, though, nor complete about the contents.

An honest ad about properly stored products, at best, would say that they opened boxes that did not sell fast enough and combined the contents into a paper sack, and chose an expiration date of their own. It would tell us the process by which the expiration date was chosen (preferably the EARLIEST expiration date of any individual K-cup in the bag). Wishful thinking aside, this product is probably not even available to us under our laws. It should be recalled.
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on July 24, 2013
this coffee didn't come in a box like you would get at Wal-Mart or the other stores. No, they had it thrown in a brown paper bag. As if you're just getting the result of the boxes busting open. Some of the containers looked old. Others were so old the coffee was in a clump. Not a variety of flavors at all, different roasts. A whopping five flavored coffees included. Tons of tea. Also the paper bag had an expiration date of November 2013, I ordered the end of July. How old is this bag of coffee if it only has 3 months of shelf life left?
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on November 12, 2013
Update: I've downgraded this from a 4 star to a 2 star. I ended up with 3 defective cups by the time I got to the end of the box. I maintain that the variety of this selection was really very good, and that the majority of the cups that I got were in decent shape but I do find 3 out of 35 cups to be a bit too flaky for me to want to purchase from this company again. Looks like I'm going to be sticking with Brooklyn Bean Roastery for solid variety packs from now on.

As many others have reported, these K Cups arrive in a brown paper bag (inside of the amazon shipping box). It comes off as a bit...odd...but I'm certainly not going to give them a lower grade because of that. I think that the a paper bag is an improvement over what I'm used to receiving from other shippers variety packs, which is simply some loose K Cups rolling around inside the shipping box. The paper bag might make it *seem* to be of a lower quality, but in reality it actually shows a lot more effort on the distributors part if you think about it!

One part that did seem a bit off was that the outside of a lot of the K Cups have weird smudges on them. It almost looks like they had been sitting next to some kind of colored item (newspaper ads or something?), and the ink from that thing had bled or rubbed off on the cups. Again, this doesn't really concern me too much, since it's just a looks thing. As long as the coffee tastes good, why should I care about how the presentation of the disposable container looks? It's really a non-issue, as long as the actual product tastes good (it does).

I received exactly 35 cups. I don't know why some other peoples orders were so off, but no problems here.

My only real complaint so far is that I noticed when I was putting the cups away, one of them sounded like there was something very hard, like a rock inside the cup or something (it was for the Caramel Apple K Cup). I cut open the cup, as I wasn't willing to drink it after hearing that weird noise and it looks like about half of the contents formed into a semi-solid substance. I don't know if this is supposed to actually be like this and that's the "caramel" or if the cup is defective (it's probably defective). I would encourage other buyers to give all of the cups a quick shake before brewing a cup. Regardless, 1 bad cup out of 35 is hardly something to whine about.

I would recommend this variety package to anyone who is looking for a completely random assortment of Tea, Decafe, Regular and Coco who also isn't going to completely loose their mind if: 1) their K Cups have a few scuffs on the outside of them and 2) they get one or two bad cups out of nearly forty. It's a excellent variety at a decent price.
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on February 26, 2014
I ordered this item a couple weeks ago (it was 20 bucks for 35 k-cups). I had read the reviews and this was the best deal for the price per unit (i noticed now the price has gone up some).

I noticed that some people complained about getting more tea, or more non-coffee items (like cocoa or cappuccino) or the dreaded DECAF.

I was willing to take the gamble and I can always pawn off the decaf on my grandma if that was the case.

I was really pleased when I opened the box, yes they were all in there crazy, but I ended up with exactly 35 cups and they were all different. The biggest and best surprise was no DECAF!! I ended up wit 2 hot ciders, 3 teas, 1 hot chocolate, and 1 cappuccino and the rest was coffee. There was a wide mix with a range of roasts and flavors and brands.

I think the biggest complaint people have with variety packs is they want to mix their own which becomes a whole separate type of variety pack. They dont want specific coffees or teas or whatever. Which then it stops being more of a variety and more of an issue that they just want to sample specific ones but dont want to pay for a full box. I get it. I really do.

But for this product, it was a good value and I did get a variety. I have some that I was surprised I liked, and some I was surprised that I didnt like. But I love that I get a wide sample to try and enjoy.
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on March 5, 2013
I can recommend this cup pack, as long as you order from AMAZON. I don't recommend going third party, even if it is fulfilled by Amazon. All the bad reviews seem to be on orders packed by third parties.

This is my second time ordering this variety pack from Amazon as first party seller. This order from 3 March 2013, arrived in two days. It had 35 cups. 34 were different (that is, there was one duplicate, a vanilla tea). So, almost perfect and I'm okay with one minor mistake. Check out the end of the review for breakdown and expiration data.

The variety in this batch was excellent-- there were more brands mixed in than the first time I ordered. The first order, in October 2012, had 35 different cups but fewer brands. Also, this is the first time I've had hot cocoa included. It will be nice to taste, but I'm also glad there weren't tons of hot cocoa cups included. As in the past, Green Mountain dominates the mix-- half of the cups are that brand. But their variety is excellent and their coffee tastes good to me, so it's fine.

Cup Breakdown:

6 teas (5 of them with caffeine)
2 hot cocoas
27 coffees

Coffee Breakdown (caffeine!!):
22 with caffeine
4 decaf
1 half-caf

Coffee Style Breakdown:
7 dark or bold roast
12 medium or unspecified roast
8 light roast

Of the cups

New this time were:
4 Red Rose (tea)
2 Tully's (coffee)
2 Grove Square (hot cocoa)
1 Wolfgang Puck (coffee)

Brands I've had in the past were:
17 Green Mountain (coffee)
1 Donut House (coffee)
1 Caribou (coffee)
3 Gloria Jean's (coffee)
2 Celestial Seasonings (tea)
1 Newman's Own (coffee)
1 Coffee People (coffee)

Expiration dates: of that cups that had dates, the earliest was July 2013, the latest was October 2013, and most were August 2013. This is excellent, since it's the beginning of March right now.

I'm very pleased with this mixture. Lots of variety, lots of caffeine, new brands, new flavors. A few decafs for a nice evening brew. This is exactly what I'm looking for when I order a variety pack.
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on March 23, 2014
If you received a single cup brewer as a house warming present for your first house, and you never had a cup of coffee, or tea before, this might be something you could use as an initiation. If you, however, have been a coffee drinker for some time, you have preferences as to darkness of roast, flavorings, etc., then do not waste your money on this. There is a mix of dark, medium and light roast - but if you are like most coffee drinkers, at least a third of those will be given away to friends. The price per each may still be enticing, except that all of these coffee pods are taken from larger packages of the same type of coffee. Some of these pods will tell you exactly what they are - Italian Roast, Hazelnut flavored, etc. Other pods clearly rely on their outer packaging to tell you what they are - outer packaging that does not come with this assortment. Pods like "Winter Delight", and "Beignerie" mean absolutely nothing to me at all, and given what these pods tend to cost, they got consigned to the donation bin as well. My advice, having tried this - if you know what kind of coffee you like, buy that. This assortment will only frustrate you.
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on December 14, 2012
I figured it would be a luck of the draw kind of thing to get a good assortment but I chanced it anyway by ordering this product and I am not dissatisfied, though I understand what some of the reviewers were saying.

I received the total 35 K cups packaged in a plain brown paper bag (no big deal to me) and they were ALL DIFFERENT. 13 of them were flavored (no duplicates), 16 were regular coffee (different brands and roasts, 4 decaf, 1 half-caff), 2 tea, 1 hot chocolate, 1 apple cider. Two of the cups were thrown out because they sounded rattly when shaken and upon opening had clumped coffee, and 1 was thrown out because it had a small rock of "coffee" in it and nothing else.

Here is the break down of what I received:

Green Mountain Hazelnut Light Roast
Green Mountain French Vanilla
Newman's Own Special Decaf
Green Mountain Half-Caff Medium Roast

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Light Roast
Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold Dark Roast
Green Mountain Our Blend
Green Mountain French Roast
Green Mountain Breakfast Blend
Caza Trail Donut Lover's Blend
Tully's Coffee Italian Roast Dark Roast Extra Bold
Caza Trail Coastal Blend
Donut Shop Medium Roast Extra Bold
Nantucket Blend Medium Roast
Donut House Donut House Coffee
Black Tiger Dark Roast
Green Mountain Extra Bold Kenyan AA

Grove Square French Vanilla Cappuccino
Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream Light Roast
Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee
Gloria Jean's Mudslide
Gloria Jean's French Vanilla Supreme
Gloria Jean's Hazelnut
Green Mountain Southern Pecan
Grove Square Hazelnut Cappuccino
Green Mountain Hazelnut
Donut House Cinnamon Roll
Green Mountain French Vanilla Light Roast

Hot Chocolate:
Grove Square Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast Black Tea
Bigelow Earl Grey Tea

Grove Square Caramel Apple Cider


Grove Square Medium Roast
Grove Square Light Roast (There was a small rock of "coffee" in this one and nothing else)
Grove Square Dark Roast

Overall, I still see it as a good deal because I ended up with 32 different usable K cups with a decent variety. It will be part of a gift to go along with a new Keurig machine so the recipient can try some different flavors and see what they like.
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on April 24, 2013
I received 35 different flavors of coffee in my order, I am fairly pleased with the selection since it gave us a chance to try out some k-cups that we wouldn't normally purchase. After reading previous reviews, I made sure to order directly from Amazon and not a third party seller. Our order came in a brown paper bag - packed in a box along with a few other things we had ordered. One of the k-cups was a little crinkled but it still brewed okay. I didn't notice any expired cups. I bought this to have a variety on hand for a sewing meeting at my house and everyone enjoyed picking and choosing a flavor to try. I was glad that most of the cups were coffee and that there were a few decafs thrown in for my older aunt. I'll probably order again. Here is the list of varieties that we received. I also uploaded a photo to the gallery.

Cider - Caramel Apple (Grove Square)
Cider - Spiced Apple (Grove Square)

Hot Cocoa - Irish Cream (Grove Square)
Hot Cocoa - Milk Chocolate (Grove Square)

Cappuccino- Hazelnut (Grove Square)
Cappuccino - Pumpkin Spice (Grove Square)

Tea - Vanilla Biscotti (Red Rose)
Tea - English Breakfast (Celestial)
Tea - Cinnamon Bun (Red Rose)
Tea - Spiced Chai (Red Rose)
Tea - Sweet Mint (Red Rose)

Decaf - Hazelnut (GMC)
Decaf - Vermont Country Blend (GMC)
Decaf - Breakfast Blend (GMC)

Extra Bold - French Roast (Tully's)
Extra Bold - Black Tiger
Extra Bold - Newman's Special Blend
Extra Bold - Kenyan AA (GMC)
Extra Bold - Sumantran Reserve (GMC)
Extra Bold - Lake & Lodge (GMC)

Medium - Nantucket Blend (GMC)
Medium - Vermont Country blend (GMC)
Medium - French Roast (GMC)
Medium - Half-Caf (GMC)
Medium - Our Blend (GMC)

Light - Donut House Coffee
Light - French Vanilla (GMC)
Light - Breakfast Blend (GMC)
Light - Pumpkin Spice (GMC)
Light - Caramel Vanilla Cream (GMC)
Light - Spicy Eggnog (GMC)
Light - Southern Pecan (GMC)
Light - Hazelnut (Gloria Jean's)
Light - French Vanilla Supreme (Gloria Jean's)
Light - Butter Toffee (Gloria Jean's)
review image
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on February 28, 2014
This is an outstanding value. I have so far enjoyed every cup of coffee created from these k-cups. I noticed on a previous review that some cups may be out of date. Since the cups are sealed, the date stamp is unimportant. The date on the cup is required under US laws. I usually buy k-cups that are out of date because they're much cheaper, but so far, I've had no problem with any of them. I would buy this selection again and again. The coffee is outstanding, the variety exciting, and the packaging was most acceptable. When k-cups are available for this outstanding price, the customer should be appreciative of the savings. If you want the k-cups guaranteed to be absolutely fresh, buy them at the store for the full retail price. You'll find you have to buy many of the same flavor. After a while that gets expensive and boring. Another alternative is to buy reusable cups you can fill with your own coffee. If you want a reduced price, you'll have to accept what is offered. Personally, I love the wide variety I get in offers like this. I hope Amazon will continue to offer such an outstanding value.
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