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on December 13, 2010
I got this book in October 2010, a couple of months ago. I have made 6 different recipes so far and two of them I have made more than once. For the most part, the cookies came out looking and tasting great with a perfect texture. I shared the results with my office and people were shocked that "they have no eggs?!!??"

My favorites so far are the chocolate crinkle cookies and the chocolate peanut butter pillow cookies. (I used almond butter.) Even the pillow cookies came out looking just like the picture, which means to me something about "truth in advertising". In other words, the authors really made their own cookies and took pictures of the results. I've made both of these cookies twice, so the first great results were not flukes.

The book size/dimensions are ideal for a cookie cookbook. The paper size is nice and small, but the text is not. The color photographs that exist are wonderful. HOWEVER, I do wish that all the recipes had color photographs. Beware that they do not. Also, there were a couple of places where I had wished for a photograph of an intermediate step. The only photographs in the book are of the finished product.

While the instructions are clearly written, there were a couple of places where I would get to a recipe and think, "Why didn't they order the ingredients a more logical way?" "Why didn't they think to say such and such? It would have made the recipe easier to make". In a world where you can get so many recipes off the internet for free, to ask people to pay for a cookbook should be to provide excellence.

That said, I do believe the book deserves the 5 stars I gave it. None of the drawbacks are very serious. All of the positives are significant. I keep flipping through the pages and wanting to try everything right away. I have confidence that the results will be good, and that after the cooking, I will get to enjoy a fabulous cookie, cruelty-free.
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on October 14, 2011
I admit, I've only had the opportunity to make one recipe from this book so far, that being the Chocolate Fudgy Oatmeal Cookies. They were relatively easy to make, and the resulting cookie was crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, like you want a cookie to be. But for me, this one single recipe was a dream come true, because this cookie recipe tastes *exactly* like the cocoa oatmeal cookies my late grandmother used to make every single Christmas. I was only 10 when she passed, so I never thought to ask her for the recipe before she got sick, and unfortunately neither did my parents. My father tried these cookies right after I made them, and the first thing he said was that he thought he'd never get to have anything that tasted like his mom's cocoa oatmeal cookies again. My mother has already secured a promise from me to make more as soon as this batch is gone. That one cookie recipe is worth its weight in gold, at least in my opinion. Thanks, Isa and Terry - you brought back a part of my childhood that I thought was gone forever.

(I originally added this as a comment, but decided to add it as a amendment to my original review.)
It's a year on now (11/28/12), and I've since made 10 or 11 other recipes from the book. But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about peanut butter chocolate pillows. OH MY GOD. If you have been holding out on getting this book, they are *the* reason to buy it. Hubs is constantly after me to make them, and every weekend when I see my friends, they bug me with "when are you gonna make those chocolate peanut butter things again?"
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on February 9, 2014
My husband is a vegan, and it is so great to have this cookbook to use and make him sweet treats. You know, something more elaborate than peanut butter rolled in wheat germ. Things that would make non-vegans drool. There is a great variety here, and everything I've tried has been delicious. The recipes are easy to follow, and the pictures are so tempting! There was an error in an earlier edition for the coffee house hermits recipe, but it is corrected in my edition. If you get an edition that calls for 2C coffee in that recipe, change it to 1/2C.
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on June 5, 2017
My daughter loves this cookbook as it gives her plenty of recipes to try when baking for her vegan friend.
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on November 16, 2009
I thought the author's Vegan Brunch book was about as good as it could get, but this one surpasses even the gingerbread waffles which are my favorite from the brunch book. So far, we have feasted on the sweet port sesame cookies-unique and unbelievable in taste and texture, the blackstrap molasses spice cookies-spicy and full of molasses flavor, and today the cowboy cookies, simply the best choc chip cookie I have ever tasted. They are crispy on the outside, soft and chewy when you take a bite, and the flavor of oats, nuts and coconut blend perfectly. Can't wait to make my way through the rest of the selections. One is more appealing than the next, and the photos are not only beautiful, but accurate representations of what comes out of the oven. Buy this book, you won't be sorry!!
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on July 27, 2010
When I found out Isa and Terry were making a cookies cookbook along the veins of their cupcake book, I was so, so excited. It was VCTOTW that pushed me from just vegetarian to vegan. Everything in this cookbook is AMAZING. The chocolate peanut butter pillows are quite possibly the most perfect cookie ever. I had a dinner party at my house, made those cookies, plus the banana ice cream recipe from Veganomicon, and I swear, despite everyone being super full, people could not stop eating the cookies.

I've tried a few other recipes, like the big fat rice krispie treats (I loved them, but my husband was meh on them - he's not vegan and wasn't crazy about the strong brown rice syrup taste), mocha mamas (yum), and the caramel pecan bars (AMAZING!). The latter 2 I made for a party at a friend's house, and while the mocha mamas were good, everyone raved about the caramel pecan bars. SO GOOD! The only recipe I haven't had success with were the lazy samoas, which turned out flat as pancakes - they tasted good - but I wasn't about to take them to a party as they looked a mess. However, thanks to the troubleshooting guide, I plan on trying them again soon and adding a bit more flour.

There is something exciting about cookies that no other dessert can convey - maybe it makes us feel like kids again? Because my husband went through this whole book and indicated all the recipes he wants to try. That alone makes the price of the book worth it to me.
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on December 19, 2009
Still rocks! On to update this after eating the "Lazy Samoas" we baked for the holidays this year. AWESOME!!! Son is now ten and we have tapped into this many times over the past year. Also their cupcake book is awesome. His teacher asked that I send the vegan chocolate cupcakes in for a holiday party because the class devoured them at his birthday. These ladies know vegan cooking! This cookbook rocks!!! ...Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World: 75 Dairy-Free Recipes for Cupcakes that RuleI bought this for my nine year-old son for Christmas, but gifted it to him early so that we could bake some holiday cookies together. He has multiple food allergies and this amazing cookbook has given him deliciousness that he has never experienced up to now!!! I've certainly made him some cookies over the years, but generally by making substitutions in recipes that call for dairy and eggs, so the texture is not always quite right and our brownies have generally been disastrous. The brownies in here call for tofu, and he can't have soy... but I'm wondering if we could pull it off with banana or avocado instead. I wasn't even aware that vegan chocolate chips are out there on the market. In addition to the recipes, there is an introductory section that discusses ingredients, substitutions, tools for cookie success. There is a plethora of recipes AND useful information! Hmmm... We'll still have to do some subbing or skip some recipes altogether because of nut allergies (I don't know if sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds would cut it in place of nuts in lots of the cookies?), but can't wait to make over 30 of the recipes that we've tagged as safe or easily substitutable! We've already made the peanut butter chocolate pillows, though we made them with sunflower nut butter instead, and they were SCRUMPTIOUS! This evening he picked out the mocha mamas. Again I subbed instant coffee for the coffee extract, but they are KILLER! Had to limit his cookie intake, though, so he won't be awake all night. I can't wait until he unwraps his cupcake cookbook by the same authors on Christmas day!!! Next time I send goodies in to school, I think his classmates will really dig them! THANK YOU LADIES! Your cookbook ROCKS! Signed, One Happy Mama!
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on June 10, 2012
I'm an experienced baker, but vegan novice who loves her sweet baked goods. I was looking for a cookbook that applied vegan technique to quality recipes and this is it! I've baked three cookies from the book so far (Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies, Kitchen Sink Chocolate Biscotti and For the Love of Fruitcake Bars) and each one tasted mildly sweet, fresh and absolutely delicious. Can't wait to stock my pantry and try loads more. The introductory section on "Cookie Science" with needed ingredients, substitutions, tools for success and troubleshooting is so helpful, and the recipe directions are super clear, if sometimes detailed (some of the cookies have more steps than others, but from the pictures, produce very sophisticated results). I started with bar and drop cookies as they're easier, but will quickly graduate to the vegan Samoas and NYC Black and White Cookies! Every type and mood of cookie is represented, and the recipes can take modification (I reduced the oil from 1/2 c. to 1/3 c. in two recipes, for instance) without much change in quality, which is the sign of a great base recipe. If you're a sweet-loving vegan, or just trying to reduce consumption of egg and dairy, I highly recommend this cookbook.
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on December 11, 2010
Really. I bought this book just for the B&W cookie recipe. I haven't found a really good one since I left NYC and thought I'd never have one again now that I'm newly vegan.

Now, just to be fair - I'm a really, really crappy baker. However, the recipe was great and I was thrilled with the results. I still want to know how to get vanilla icing to be white, like in the picture, mine always comes out..kinda maple colored. But the taste is great. The chocolate chip cookies were a big hit at a recent gathering.

My only request would be that subsequent books have altitude modifications on them. Living at 7K' presents challenges to an already baking-challenged cook~

HIGH ALTITUDE UPDATE (7,000):Reduce both leavenings by 1/4 tsp and reduce sugar by 1/4 cup - Perfection!
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on January 16, 2011
This book is full of tried and true classics like chocolate chip cookies, chocolate crackles, shortbread, brownies, magic cookie bars, and etc. It also contains some out of the ordinary recipes like spiced sweet potato blondies, sweet wine biscuits with sesame, and green tea walnut biscotti. Overall the recipes are not healthy as they call for lots of sugar and chocolate. This is a cookie book. It is not meant to be healthy, it is meant to be delicious. It's not entirely sinful, there are a few "wholesome" recipes too. This book is not for the strict vegan trying to eliminate sugar, chocolate and white flour. It is a book for vegans who crave a "real" sweet treat once in a while.

So far I have tried two recipes, the brownies and the cowboy cookies. Both were excellent, however, the cowboy cookies are my favorite. You honestly cannot tell they are vegan. The combination of toasted pecans, coconut, and chocolate is amazing.There is also an option to make them with cranberries, white chocolate, and walnuts-I bet that would be great. I have served both of the recipes to non-vegans and they were a big hit. I look forward to trying more of the recipes in the book, however my husband and I have greatly reduced the amount of sugar in our diet, so I am only baking every once in a while. So it will take me a while to make it through the book. As I try new recipes I will update my review.

Happy Baking. :-)
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