Customer Reviews: VeggieTales: The Little Drummer Boy
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on January 20, 2012
My little siblings love watching this over and over; it is a very cute story from Big Idea, and it is a completely new story line, unlike some of the other films coming out of Big Idea now. The only thing that I noticed about this video was Junior's perpetual bad attitude. My youngest brother has some mental difficulties and this causes him to pick up on a lot of negative attitudes right away. It is unfortunate that he could not escape bad attitudes even by watching a Christian film. Oh well...over all a cute movie!
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Junior Asparagus has become obsessed with the drums, playing them all the time. While his parents go out Christmas shopping, he is supposed to go caroling with his friends, but a mix up leaves him home with Grandpa (Pa Grape). Mad at his friends, Junior intends to sulk, but Grandpa decides to tell him the story of the little drummer boy.

Back in the time of the Romans lived a little boy named Aaron (Junior again) who had a happy home life and a gift with a drum that could make animals dance. When his family home is destroyed, he sets out with just the animals left, determined to live as isolated a life as possible. Will he stay angry or will he have an encounter with the newborn king?

This episode appears to be based on a story, or at least inspired by it, but I'm not familiar with the source material. The story is very tragic at the beginning, and you can really understand Aaron's anger, a theme that is played out through the entire story. And yet, when the climax comes, it is suddenly all washed away - it's just too easy. The resolution needed more context to the story.

Along the way, we do get some great humor with the characters that Aaron meets along the way. I especially loved the Star Wars references at one point.

They've finally animated "The 8 Polish Foods of Christmas" from the mid-90's Christmas CD, and it's still a hoot.

For much of this DVD, I was enjoying the story despite the sad beginning. I just wish that the climax had included more of a lesson; as it is, it was over all too quick.
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First off I should mention, we have never seen VeggieTales before but I am glad we finally have! My 3 year old loved this DVD! He laughed and laughed over vegetables dancing and talking! Once he got over that I was able to show him lessons learned from Veggie Tales, like forgiveness and friendship. There are funny songs and references (Star Wars is one) throughout the movie, that I don't mind watching it with them, because of course they have to watch it now over and over! The story does start out sad but turns around and how can you not smile from singing and talking vegetables! I also have a feeling we will be watching this DVD long past Christmas!
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on December 14, 2015
Our 2-year-old loved the movie. The message is positive. However, if you are not prepared to comfort your very young child and explain that this is fiction and that the drummer boy will be okay you should probably skip this one. We were fine with it - we snuggled our little one and helped her deal with her emotions as the little drummer boy dealt with the ugliness that life threw at him. We also got to see her enjoy the music and celebrate with the happy ending.
I would say the story line is pretty close to other drummer boys I've seen, except (spoiler) the parents live.
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on March 6, 2016
When my son was about 5 he watched this repeatedly. He is 16 now. This year I wanted my 4 year old and 8 year old kids to watch it. I was so glad it was here on amazon. My kids really enjoyed it and my oldest even popped in for a few minutes to peek at it. Good memories. :)
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on September 7, 2014
While I typically LOVE LOVE LOVE veggie tails, I did not like their adaptation of Little Drummer Boy. In the original the drummer boy's pet lamb is miraculously healed by The Baby Jesus. But in this one, its the "Dr" that heals the lamb. While I fully understand that sometimes God will work miracles through other people, the new version lost something when they took that "miracle" out. Just my opinion. Some other people may like the more "realistic" version I guess, but to me it opens up doubt, was it God or man that did the healing? I like believing the unbelievable, isnt that what faith is all about?
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on November 17, 2015
We love all the Veggie Tale movies. There has never been a bad one. Love that they use popular stories, put a twist on them to teach great lessons for life. I learn so much as an adult, although they are marketed for children
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on July 4, 2015
Currently my daughter's favorite Veggie Tales. She loves the drums, and the animals. Little harsh for me, with fire, deaths (assumed, turns out false), and mistreatment from authority, but overall the message is good-- forgive, and healing will happen.
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on February 6, 2013
Turned our daughter into a wanna-be drummer :)

Sadly, I never actually SAW this movie to be able to give a detailed review.

We just moved...had to unpack, settle in AND prepare for the holidays while nursing new health issues :l

I heard the show in the background several times as I busied about and from that I know it was 1) in the Christmas Spirit 2) well received 3) musically inspiring :) I do the other Veggie Tales shows we have (not all that exist...just the ones that hold true to the Veggie Tales we know and love).
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on December 26, 2013
the movie was well done, as always. we love veggie tales! my only hesitation about it was it was rather heavy through out the movie - more intense then any of the others. My children (6 and 4) were distressed throughout the whole movie, thinking the drummer boy's parents had been killed and he was just out on his own. They said it was too sad even though things worked out in the end.
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