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on May 15, 2014
After reading some of the reviews on here, I was a little leery about getting this camera. Good thing I ignored said reviews! This is just the type (and size) camera I needed for my vehicle. It takes up minimal space on my windshield. I've no idea why some of the people on here have had problems with either the menus, setting the date/time or not being able to record in the highest format. No problems here and the camera automatically came up in English. Setting everything up in the menu was easy! Once the memory card is full, you can either format (delete) everything on it via the camera itself, or you can download and subsequently delete everything via your computer.

NOTE: I advise using a Samsung 16GB or 32GB Class 10 TF (aka: MicroSDHC). The 16GB card will give you approximately 1 hour and 24 minutes of record time. The 32GB card should give you double that. Anything less than Class 10 read/write speed, and you'll run into issues such as shaky video and poor data transfer. I've had no problems at all with the Samsung card.

WARNING: Do NOT bother buying this camera with a TF card included unless you like to get ripped off. Buy the camera by itself and get a card elsewhere at a MUCH cheaper price!

Here are the pros and cons of this camera.
1.)Small size
2.)Can use both the windshield or dashboard mounts provided.
3.)Records in full 1080 resolution in AVI format
4.)Sound mic can be turned on/off
5.)Date/Time display can be turned on or off
6.)Can be setup for motion-activated recording. (vehicle starts to move, it starts recording)
7.)Automatically adjusts the white balance in accordance with the lighting conditions.
8.)Creates a new, date/time stamped folder on the TF card for each day that it records. (in other words, each day gets its own folder on the card instead of throwing all of the AVI files into one pile. This helps in organizing the files on your computer!)
9.)Comes with both a car charger and a standard USB cable, both of which can be used to charge it.

1.)The USB/charger cable is on top of the camera and sticks up in the air when properly mounted. I'd much prefer it to be on the bottom
2.)The TF (microSDHC) card is a b**** to get in and out of the camera. You'll need a small, blunt edge (or a strong fingernail) to push the card in and out of the spring-loaded slot. Be careful not to damage the card! Once you learn how it pops in/out though, it's not too much of a problem.
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on October 15, 2014
I am giving this 4 stars because of the price of this device. You really cant expect much from a 29 dollar dash cam. That being said, it works great, records all data just like the more $$ ones. You really cant see the license plate numbers on cars, or you can but its difficult to see, although resolution is good. If you are looking for "proof" as I did while driving, this is for you. Also, you will need to hide the power cord depending on where its located on your car. thats the ugly part.
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on June 6, 2016
After one too many close calls and contested claims of circumstances I finally bought a dashcam. And since I'm such a cheapskate I bouht the cheapest dash-cam I could that also did 1080p video. Well, "1080p". Technically, yes, it stores a 1080p video stream, but the video quality itself is indistinguishable between 1080p and 720p. Some of that may be due to the fixed focus. Yes, the lens is at a fixed focus. It does not rotate or change, it is what it is. And on mine, that optimal focal point seems to be about the windshield. You can see every bug splatter in crystal clarity!

That said, it does what I've needed it to do. I've had it for about a year, and while the thinnest points on it have all snapped right off, the core functionality of a windshield-mounted camera that can show exactly what was going on directly in front (or behind if you mount it rear-facing) the vehicle during a traffic incident.

The camera itself records about 3.4 hours on a 32GB microSD card at 720p resolution, and records decent audio. License plates immediately in front of the camera are readable in the footage. The built-in battery lasts just long enough to save any currently recording footage, and no longer - maybe ten seconds - so if you're looking for a security camera that records even when the car is off, this is the wrong camera. If you want video footage of your good driving habits for cheap, this is the right camera.
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on July 4, 2014
-Great value
-Supports up to 32GB micro SD (any class)
-Great suction on mount
-Auto lamp (for nighttime)
-Easy enough to use without looking at the manual
-Small and unobtrusive
-Decent microphone

-Does not support 64+GB
-Mount adjusting arm not very sturdy
-Very poor battery life
-Blurry video when hot
-Loose piece inside camera causing rattling noise
-Only the included car adapter provides enough power

The little lock release on the mount where the camera attaches broke the first time I tested it. Huge lack of quality control there. Camera will still attach to the mount but is not fully secure. Because of that, it has fallen off a number of times. Suction is great, but the adjustable arm is still a little loose even after I really tighten it to keep the camera from moving.

Video quality is average even for 1080p resolution. It is still a little difficult to make out license plates, may depend on time of day and situation (shadows, lights, reflections, etc). I'm not able to make out license plates of vehicles in lanes beside me, only those close in front. Street signs are barely legible. Focus could be better, speaking of, there is NO option to adjust focus, there's exposure but no focus. It's no where near GoPro quality, but that's to be expected.

While driving, or even playing loud music, there is a rattling noise that get's caught in the audio. I found that the noise was coming from inside the camera due to a loose part or something. Playing back my captured video is VERY ANNOYING because of this issue. This has been happening since day one. May just be my particular unit, but quality control is certainly lacking.

One big issue I have with this dash cam is after work, when my car has been sitting in the sun for 8 hours, all video recorded on my trip home is extremely blurry. So blurry, you cannot read ANYTHING, the only thing you can make out is what make & model car is in front of you and trees and buildings that remind you of the location. Signs and license plates are impossible to read. It's just fine in the morning or at night, but under heat, it falls flat. I try to refocus it by putting my hand in front of it, but that doesn't help in the slightest.

Bottom line, would I recommend this product? Honestly, no. I doubt it will do much to help your case in the event of an accident. It's the bare basics, if you just want some security of having an extra eye on the road, then for the money, it's not a bad choice. However, you may have to pay more to get a better product. Hence, I gave it two stars; I'm not gonna rate it 4 or 5 because it's under $50; a good product is a good product, a bad product is a bad product. I hope you found this review helpful, hit that button if you did!
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on May 6, 2014
I always wanted a dashcam for my car but couldn't justify the cost until I found this. You need to also buy a MicroSD card for it to work. I picked a 32gb card (the max it can hold) for about $20 on Amazon as well. The camera took about 3 weeks to show up, shipped from China.

I have to admit that I'm impressed for $30.

Microphone - Probably the worst feature on this camera. If I have music playing in the car you can tell music is playing, but that's about it. Distinct conversations can't be made out, which could be good or bad.

Night time - Not great. You can tell what's going on, but it's no movie camera. Fortunately, I don't drive much at night. I would choose something else if I was mostly doing night driving.

Instructions - Mine came with an instruction book in a bunch of different languages, including English. But I'm pretty sure it's English Google translated from some other language. The camera itself is relatively intuitive, but if you can't figure out how to change your password on your own computer without instructions, this is probably going to be difficult for you.

Video quality - It records up to 1080p at 30fps and has a bunch of different resolution options. I always go for 720 since I feel 1080 is overkill and to me 720 is still HD. The quality is pretty good, but nothing amazing. There's a lot of graininess to the picture. From about 20 feet you could make out a license plate, but not much further.

Features - It has an HDMI plug in, a G-sensor (shock sensor), auto-delete after a certain time, file locking option (so it doesn't delete), built-in battery, auto on/off with power (like when you turn your car on/off), pretty good quality screen, motion sensor (camera stars/stops recording if motion is detected), and a few other features that all work pretty well.

Accessories - it seems there's more than one model. There's a YouTube review of this camera that a guy bought for $160 that came with some extra stuff (HDMI cable and other small things). Mine came with a cigarette charger and a suction cup mount and that was it. That's all I needed so I'm fine with it.

Installation - Easy. I suction-cupped it to my windshield, routed the charger cable around and out of the way (it's long), pushing the wire under the window molding to hide it, and it was good to go.

I've had it for about a two weeks now and I'm happy with it. I've even played with the idea of getting a second looking out the back window.
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on January 23, 2017
 I highly recommend this dash cam, it recorded a Dodge SUV crossing 2 lanes and totaling out my Lexus SUV. My insurance company loved the video, the other insurance company not so much. It is hard to argue about who is to blame when there is video evidence.
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on September 4, 2014
I purchased another dash cam over a year ago and it didn't automatically record over old videos, so you had to format the SD card constantly, about every hour with an 8gb card. I got used to this and was okay with the maintenance until I finally found an actual useful moment for the cam. Immediately after formatting the card, some absent minded guy pulled out in front of me while it was raining. I simply could not stop and the only video I had was 14 seconds before the collision. It was enough.
Now, this little gem has full 1080p recording, 60fps, and automatically keeps recording, by deleting the oldest video which is not marked for saving. to mark a video for saving, just click the mode button while the thing records a video. Fantastically simple.

If you are related to me, you are getting one for Christmas.
Oh, the old one saved me from a ticket and the company I drive (an 18 wheeler) for from a multimillion dollar lawsuit. Even got a criminal investigation going on the guy who pulled out, since you can see him look at the camera right before he started pulling out of the red light.

If you don't have a dash cam, get one. This one doesn't have all the gps and bells some have, but it is amazing for the price.
The only complaint I might have had was a very blurry inmate quality, but there is one of those protective plastic stickers over the lenses. Once I found and removed that, this thing has exceptional optical clarity. I can zoom in on a recorded video and make out license plates at quite a distance.
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on August 22, 2017
I've purchased a few different low-end dash cams. You get what you pay for...most aren't worth it...I've yet to find one worth significant praise for under $30. These cheap-o knock-offs get the job done and are better than nothing, but it really won't cost much more to get one of much better quality. Having said that, this is probably one of the better knock-off/low-end dash cams. The angle isn't that great (definitely not 120 degrees), and I'm not even sure that it's true 1080p HD quality. The aspect ratio is a bit "off" and makes things look a bit warped...overall though it's OK for under $20...but it's only $10 more for much better quality cams out there.
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on February 23, 2015
This works very well for the price. Decent looking images, not as sharp as the more expensive HD camera but perfect for daily use. I use 720p as I can not tell much difference with 1080p fhd other than the files get larger. The image seems limited by the lens which is not sharp enough to see the difference so stick with 720p. The lens is wide angle. Has a park mode that activates the recording if the g sensor is disturbed. Turn the g sensor off in motion and the motion detector while moving otr the camera will stop recording when the car is stopped. The g sensor will record a locked file that can not be over written so don't use it while driving or it could fill up your card. Park mode g sensor is separate .The mount seems fine, clean the windshield with alcohol and it sticks nicely, actually if becomes hard to remove. I find if the motion detector mode is on it sometimes stops recording then starts again. Disable that if you want continuous video when driving. The files can be set to 3, 5, or 10 minutes. It will record for the time set, save a file and make another one. It will fill up your card that way, then start over. After it fills up it will write over the oldest files unless they are locked by the g sensor. Records sound and can be used to take still images. Has an internal battery. The red light indicates charging and turns off after a full charge. Battery life is only a few minutes so don't expect to use on battery. I have the screen set to turn off after 3 minutes. Has a LDW setting, Lane departure warning but didn't try that. Works as expected but the manual is hard to read, so some trial and error getting it set up to my liking. Turns on and starts recording automatically with the ignition since I hard wired it to a fuse that turns on and off with the key. So right now its doing everything automatically.
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on April 3, 2017
The camera worked as advertised at first, but soon encountered problems. The clear plastic window over the rear display did not handle summer heat very well (and this was just in Michigan, not Dubai); before the first season was over, it had warped and distorted to the point that it actually fell off.

At some point the system refused to write over old video files on the card; the only way to make room for new material was to take out the card, reformat it on my PC, and then put it back in the camera (if there was a command in the camera's menu system to allow overwrite of old files, I never found it, and I never saw it in the manual).

By the second season (2016), video was only being recorded sporadically, maybe 50% of the time, despite plenty of free space on the card. This makes it not very useful as a dash cam.

I would not get this camera again, and would not recommend it to anyone.
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