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on December 19, 2013

The camera died! Will not power up. At $18, I'll cut my losses and go with a brand name.

---End Update---

I paid $18 for this device. Some had payed more. List price $210.80? It's not even worth $18.

Let's start with the limitations. The 2.5 inch TFT LCD screen is OK. Had trouble getting it to respond to the key strokes at first, but then it started working after formatting the SD card in the computer and inserting it into the camera. The menu was in a language I couldn't understand and it took awhile to set it to English (though I had an idea what was going on in the menus anyway). The video on "HD" was very poor, as with all the other video settings on this camera. I'm guessing because it records a 16/9 picture they call it "HD". See my Lies section for more. It will take still photos very poorly. Again see my Lies section for more. It can even record audio only files. Why? I don't know. It will playback the video files it recorded so if you find yourself in a auto accident, it will do that. Very poorly. but it will.

The flaws. The infrared LEDs "all 6 of them" are very dim. There's no use for them. They can be disabled so I did.

The lies. Box says it's HD. It can record in 16/9, but this is in no way HD. There are 4 video modes. All of them are crap. Looks like you filmed something with a potato. Maybe a potato would do a better job? Also in the photographic mode it says in the menu 5 Megapixel (or 5M whatever that means). The picture in "5M" mode looks real poor. Never tried the other modes. In short this camera is useless for clear video, something you want in a dashcam is clear video for, you know, reading license plate numbers. Keep in mind I wasn't expecting HD from a $18 device, but I WOULD FROM A $210.80 ONE! Good thing they didn't get $192.80 more from me.

The goodness. You can connect this device to a TV or VCR (cables not included, use stereo cables with a 1/8 phono jack) and can be configured for PAL or NTSC. It records in a standard .AVI format so it can be loaded onto a computer for playback. You'll need to turn the video into an MP4 format with Handbreak if you want to edit it with a video editor. That's basically it, not a whole lot of good to say.

The apparently dead battery. Ether this unit came with a dead or crappy battery, or the charging unit is DOA. Left it on a charge for 4 hours and the battery was still dead. If you plan on using this seriously, and why would you, get a external power pack independent of the car battery and use that. The Time/Date function relies on the battery to keep working or it resets like a VCR when it loses power. The nice thing is that it remembers everything else via nonvolatile memory. Keep in mind I paid $18 for this camera. If I had paid $210.80, I'd be PISSED!

In conclusion, this device is basically a toy for children 5 or older. It looks impressive in the pictures, but it sucks at all it does. Incompetent comes to mind. Thinking of it, even a small child would be let down by this toy. I would suggest skipping this altogether and going with a name brand. I just got this to play around and to see if I want to get serious in recording my trips and/or protecting myself in a case of insurance fraud. I can tell you this Digital Video Recorder will not be in service for too long.

Oh, and Bestface (WTF? Who calls themselves "Bestface?" Whatever) will send you a free gift. I guess in China they think highly of the one they gave me. That's right! They gave me a tiny Toilet Plunger! Guess they thought this camera is going to wind up in the toilet, and thought I needed it in case it got stuck! It will be recycled, but I'm keeping the cigarette cord that has 10 feet of cord.
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on April 18, 2013
Had a cheaper camera that only accepted 2GB SD cards and after recording would have to run that video through software to enhance, de-interlace, and so on. That had no audio.

This camera though had audio which is awesome and the video can be taken straight from the card and posted without running through software to enhance if you don't want to.

First contact with it was weird in that it the default language was Russian but reading through the small instruction sheet was able to change to English and run with it.

Power cord is long enough to run from the plug-in, under the driver-side dash, up under the trim, across the top and to the unit so you don't have that 'hanging' from the mirror. Dead give away something is attached to the window (which is technically illegal in Minnesota).

Would recommend as a 'gotta have something' to record. Am currently trying out the different 'types' of video quality and should report back on that.
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on February 24, 2013

Sound is not the best quality, device make noise by itself, you can hear it when video is recorded in quiet room. Car radio on video was on pretty loud.
8 gb = 2h+
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on January 29, 2013
I think that a car camera is some thing ever car should have. the video has good qualitly and the sound it alright but only good for the cab of the vehicle, but did not expect anything superstar. all in all its a great camrea to have for that just in case. you should get a 32GB card so you can have about 10 hours of video. im not really for sure but i do think that it dose delete the old files and make new ones if its runs out of space but not really sure. have not really run it to that problem just yet. ill update it I find out.
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on May 19, 2014
 I see a lot of feedback on this product from people pointing out all of its little flaws, it's a all-in-one dashcam for less then $20! You can not compare a McDonald's $0.99 Cheeseburger to a steak from a 5 star restaurant!
It takes a SD card upto 32G, I ordered this one ( Everything is easy to use, the only thing I had trouble with was the [OK] button witch turned out to be the Record button. If you dont like the time stamp there's an off option. It, when plugged into a outlet in a car is auto on/off with its ignition. mic auto dims for loud sounds, there are 4 resolutions 1080/720/& 2 480's PAL/NTSC. You can record auto only, you can take stills, and you can play back everything the camera takes.
Bottom line if you need a dash-cam and are looking for something under $20 (That's like 2-3 Starbucks coffees) then get this! Ever got a ticket for something you that you did not do, or get into an accident that was not your fault, this camera takes not sides only record the facts, and that for under $20 + a SD card is worth it versus paying a BS ticket, or paying for a scam artist that caused an accident to get a payday out of you!

-=-=-=-=-= UPDATE 06/02/2014 =-=-=-=-=-
Uploaded a video, recorded at the lowest settings. Hope it persuades you to buy one! ;D
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on February 13, 2014
For what this thing does , which is record decent quality video of you driving . It,s awesome . At this price , what it does is amazing , does it have awesome night vision and perfect quality HD video . No , But it is a good camera that does good video for recording your driving and the mic picks up sound decent and it will come on when you wave your hand in front of it . It has good motion sensing and it records great . At this price , it is a miracle that it does what it does . I also mounted an Infrared spotlight in the front grill of my car . So It has awesome night vision , The IR Led,s on the camera are not strong enough for a night vision that reaches further than the front of the hood . So mount you some IR Lights in your front grill , I hid mine behind the bumper fascia in the middle , between where my fog lights are . This camera can see in nightvision if you have the infrared lights for it to see far beyond the car . Now It does decent recording at night with just the headlights , but rules with the IR bumper mounted lights that I did , It,s not a kit you can buy , You have to buy an IR Spotlight and find a good place on the car to mount it and run a few wires . . But I like this camera and if you are recording at night set the EV to +2.0 , this usually is used in taking pictures , but I noticed that it lets more light into the camera lens/sensor period . No matter what mode you have it in . It has many different + and - options on light exposure and it's called EV in the menu and it effects how much light the camera lets in and how fast it adapts to light . Like if you are getting just a big glob of light and no detail when a car passes with its headlights on then you need to go into the menu and set EV to -1.0 and keep trying all the negative EV Settings until you get the speed and detail of light absorption by the lens/sensor . It usually is for picture cameras and is called exposure , but I noticed that it adjusts light sensitivity and speed of focus at night and during bright days ."" EV IS FOR ALL LIGHT SENSITIVITY AND FOCUS SPEED FOR ALL MODES ON THIS CAMERA ,NOT JUST PICTURE TAKING SO IF YOU ARE GETTING LIGHT GLOBS OF HEADLIGHTS TRY SETTING IT ALL THE WAY TO -5/3 IN THE EV CHOICES IN THE MENU""" . I think that's about it . Oh to change the menu to English click menu button 2 times - click down button 2 times - click Record/Round button - 1 time , find the word English and click the Record/Round button again . Then all the menus will be in English .
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on January 2, 2014
Yeah, I ordered 2 of these because of the poor reviews. I was hoping that 1 out of 2 would have a better change of getting at least 1 of them being acceptable. Nope, that didn't do it for me.
.....Both had very obviously defective screens. One had a dark black line straight down the entire screen. The other one had two lines at a 45 degree angle across the entire screen. ....So, I didn't experience how well the operation of either of them functioned. Why, should I waste any more time on units I knew I would not keep.
......However, you may have better luck than I did.
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on March 28, 2016
I think it works great for $12.00, i might get another one due to the the motion detection, you can plug this into a wall socket with an old cell phone charger, makes a good security camera for my driveway with motion sensor, i read alot of complaints that alot of issues are due to a cheap sd card, i suggest you get a sandisk 32gb class 10 for about ten bucks on ebay, i learned my lesson y saving a few bucks on a cheapie for my cell phone which did in a month i switched all my sd cards to sandisk 32gb class 10. if you dont like sandisk make sure its a class 10 and you shouldnt run into any problems, i learned hard way, go on ebay you might save a few bucks on a no name card and have no clue what class it is just check a sandisk 32gb class 10 thousands are sold for ten bucks, my total investment 22.00 and i use it all the time now, i feel safer and the police cant lie proof i there you can even hear my blinker, no more my fault accidents if im alone and and someone hits me and has passengers lie its a good feeling when two people wrote statements i ran a stop sign and they thought they got away with it tili i called the cop over and showed him actual footage i did that so they also got in trouble for lying on a police report. trust me get one and get a class 10 card, 20 bucks could save you thousands
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on March 5, 2014
For the price this thing is awesome. Seriously the LEDs are worthless, and night video looks like night video on your cell phone... just try it without lights. However in the day, this looks great.. tons of settings as well. I have tried the auto record when movement dedected the 2 min takes and 15 minute takes. I have 32 gb sd card and it handles many hd videos. When it gets full it just records over old useless recordings. The auto record whrn car starts and stops when stopped works only if you cig lighter/acc plug turns on/off with the car...

For under 18 bucks its unbeatable... had alittle trouble with the mount.. trick is to really clean the window, mount the mount minus the camera, then attach the camera. It does work if you do it right.
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on January 8, 2014
First off, the description is wrong. It has a 90 degree capture field, not 270. That means that you can't capture vehicles off your fenders, which is one of the biggest reasons for one of these. The camera sensor is very low quality too. I believe it's upscaling everything from 640x480, so the "HD" video is very low quality - you could read a license plate if it were within ten feet of your bumper, but not much more. The IR LEDs are useless as they will just cause glare to wash out the image and there is no way they could illuminate anything more than two or three feet away from the camera.

The camera is powered through the mini-USB port. Apparently it can work as a wired web cam or a USB storage host. It's unfortunate that it has a legacy mini-USB port instead of a modern micro-USB port, but you can always use a converter.

On the other hand, for $20, you can't expect too much.

I'm thinking about getting an eyefi card so these are automatically uploaded when I get in range of my home network, but I'm not sure if it will upload AVI files.

Tech specs on the videos:
Video is saved in an avi container, at 720p resolution they use about 300 MB per five minute file. Stored on the SD card in \DCIM\100DSCIM
ISFT : Lavf54.31.100
Stream #0:0: Video: mjpeg (MJPG / 0x47504A4D), yuvj420p, 720x480, q=2-31, 29.48 tbn, 29.48 tbc
Stream #0:1: Audio: pcm_u8 ([1][0][0][0] / 0x0001), 8000 Hz, mono, 64 kb/s
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