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on January 15, 2010
Purchased one of these and promptly rigged it up on the tiedown mount of an RV8 aircraft and flew it thru barrel rolls and high speed (200mph+) passes at airport. Camera did a very good job, only a slight pause for some unexplainable, reason (very slight). Handled the lighting variables in good shape. Excellent for the cost, and this is coming from a retired USAF Motion Picture Cameraman who has done several kinds of these applications on higher speed aircraft.
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on December 31, 2014
I'm a police officer and with all of the recent events, I opted to purchase this (especially since the price drop). Let me preface this by saying if you are looking to shoot a movie with this, go somewhere else. Yes, the sound does leave a lot to be desired but that is because it is over modulated by being so close to the mouth (I wear it on the pen slot on the front pocket of my vest carrier).
As far as video quality goes, it does a decent job (your cell phone will take higher definition video) but for a sub $50 DV camera it does well. I have worn $2,500 button cameras (with cords that snap every 6 months ($200) and $800 lapel mic video cameras (batteries have to be replaced by the manufacture) and this $42 camera performs just as well and will last a 12-14 shift in standby mode (unlike the previously mention cameras).. I like the fact that after turning it on, it can go into sleep mode until I push the top button to wake it up and then push again to record. It seems fairly solid and isn't that noticeable if worn against a bark blue uniform shirt
I've also tried it on night stops and between my car's headlamps and flash light it does an adequate job. No, it won't see in the dark, but neither can I. It does get over powered by your car's Stobes/LED's, so I would make sure not to position a subject between yourself and your car with it's lights on. And if you test it out enough, you'll be able to tell where to position a subj. to record their HGN (alot of cases around here are getting tossed due to lack of recording HGN which is something that can't be done from a dash cam)
I know this review is not geared towards regular viewers but more towards my brothers and sisters in blue who feel that they need a little extra protection but on the cheap.

***Edited *** After using it for a couple of weeks now, I would suggest in investing in a 8 gig card since a 40 min video is going to chew up about 1.8 only downside to this camera is that it can't hold a larger card than 8.
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on June 16, 2012
I have read some bad reviews about this device that complain about humming, bad audio and bad video.

Here's my review.

I think the audio is much better than what I expected. It's clear and picks up nicely. I only have noticed humming or popping in my elevator and rarely in my car so I'm assuming it's electrical interference. The 'wind noise' you hear in the video is my air conditioner. Also, I believe some people experience audio problems because they are using a slow micro sd card, I bought an Amazon Basics 8 GB class 10 micro sd card so data transfer is very fast; I think the slow micro sd cards may cause audio problems.

The construction is solid, the outside is metal.

Video could be better, but for $60 it's not bad and I'm not complaining. I can't exactly read car tags with the video unless I'm extremely close up, but that's not what I bought it for. I bought it to show body language and intent in volatile situations and I think it will work beautifully for that.

I have noticed that playback can be a bit tricky too. If you playback directly from the recorder is can be jumpy, so transfer the file to your computer hard drive first, then play it. Also, when you are playing it back I have noticed that if you view in full screen mode that can sometimes cause the playback to be jumpy, but if you leave it in it's original size during playback that reduces it.

Even with all the above, the playback is sometimes jumpy (just less), BUT it still captures everything. I think it's jumpy because it's only recording at 20 frames per second (veho claims 30 frames per second, but mine doesn't).

All in all, I am very happy with my Veho MUVI micro recorder. I will keep this with me for when I'm not in my car. I am going to purchase a GoPro 2 or a VC-250 for in car recording though.
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on April 23, 2017
Bought this after a pretty sketchy encounter with a guy upset that I couldn't give him money. I read a lot of reviews, most people love it, and I noticed a lot of people said it would stop recording after a few minutes. Decided to take my chances, because for such a cheap price what did I have to lose?

I think I figured out these negative reviews problems. This camera has a switch on the left side ( when camera is pointed away from you ) called VOX. This switch, when turned on, enables the camera to record automatically when it detects sound over 65 decibels. The manual states that if no sound is heard for 2 minutes, it stops recording. Seems most people are using this indoors which will definitely be that quiet, and my testing has shown me that the VOX auto shut off WILL over ride the manual recording switch on the top. So, it's better just to leave that off in my opinion. Just turn the power on, hit record when you walk from your vehicle to your destination, and when people approach you.

The camera: 2 Megapixels, 640x480 resolution, perfectly fine for a eye witness to an encounter, little laggy if you move a lot, but it's going to do a good enough job to capture faces, time, and what happened, even isn't too shabby in dark or dim places. It's not GREAT, or even good mind you but it's sufficient.

The sound: Yes the sound has a shutter effect on background noise, is a tad noisy, BUT it again records speech and voice perfectly clear enough for a court room or employer.

The battery: 2 hours of recording, so if you need to record a full solid shift, this camera is not for you. If you are like me and use it on a short burst period or as needed throughout the day basis, perfectly fine.

The memory: It claims 45 minutes per gig of memory. I found it's more around 32-40. It supports up to 8 gigs, so you could get about 4 hours total if the battery didn't die in 2 hours, making this NOT for you if you need it for work/etc. It does not have a vid lock or overwrite feature so you must empty it once it's full.

The form factor: Great size, people sometimes ask what it is, but most people don't pay attention to it. The clip included is great, but would be very easy for an agro person to rip off your shirt and throw it, so if you want more security get a nylon cord to wear it like a pretty necklace.

Overall if you need beautiful HD shots with crystal audio to record your extreme sports, look elsewhere. If you need a hard core ultra secure, ultra long lasting camera for your security based job/detail, look elsewhere. If you are an average safety minded person who just wants something on hand for if some one walks up to your car, or some one walks up to you in case they unpredictably go kookoo for coco puffs and you have to defend yourself through any variety of means, look no further.
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on June 21, 2014
I bought this camcorder in Oct 2013. But didn't start using it until May 2014.
It's currently June 2014. So I've been using it for only one month.
I use it to record my nightly walks in the neighborhood.

It's a nice little camcorder.
It will sometimes randomly stop recording. There is no pattern to when it stops recording.
Sometimes it will stop recording only a few minutes after I started it, sometimes it will stop 20 minutes into my walk, sometimes it will stop 30+ minutes into my walk, and sometimes it will continue to record without any issue at all.

On the occasions it does stop recording.
A simple click of the recording button will get recording again.
And usually for the remainder of my 45 minute walk.

I haven't been able to figure out why it stops recording. I've tried contacting the manufacture's technical support.
But they only have an email support system. Which has been completely useless. ie They do not respond.

On the occasions it stops recording; it deserves 1 Star.
On the occasions during which it continues to record without issue; it deserves 5 stars.
So I split the difference and gave it 3 stars.

Edit 6/29/2014
After originally writing this review. The manufacture's tech support finally contacted me.
(Coincidence that they contacted me after writing this bad review ??)

Anyway; their suggestion to prevent the random recording stoppage. Was to format the SD card.
I tried that. It made absolutely no difference.

They also said "camera has a 12 month warranty held by Amazon".
But according to Amazon's Return Center; there was only a 30 day return policy.

So now I am changing the rating of this camcorder from 3 stars to 1 star.
It's garbage. Don't waste your money on it.
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on June 17, 2010
I do a lot of walking, typically 3 to 6 miles every day from my home to my work, or to nearby businesses. Like most pedestrians, I've had my share of close calls with inattentive and careless drivers. After recently being hit by a car (fortunately, I wasn't too badly hurt), I started looking for a small videocamera that I could wear to record what happened during my walks. The Veho MUVI seemed ideal, and I've now had a couple of days to use it. So here are my impressions:

(1) The MUVI is both smaller and heavier than I expected. It came with a rotating clip to hook to the front of my shirt, and a lanyard to wear around my neck. It looks and feels quite sturdy. I wouldn't want to bounce it off a sidewalk, but it definitely feels tough enough to endure normal handling, or being dropped a short distance. It does get warm to the touch while recording.

(2) Despite what the product photos on Amazon show, the camera must be mounted or carried vertically, not horizontally, with the lens on top for proper orientation. The video quality (640 x 480 pixels) is excellent given the lens size, and the Muvi quickly adapts between outdoors and indoors lighting changes, and gives very good results with both.

(3) As many others have pointed out, the 2 GB card that comes with the MUVI is simply inadequate. Buy yourself an 8 GB microSDHC class 6 card. The MUVI requires about 2.6 GB per hour of recording, so the 8 GB card will provide sufficient capacity for about 3 hours of video, which should be more than enough given the battery life of the MUVI.

(4) Despite what the instructions say, you cannot record while the MUVI is being recharged. On the other hand, with two MUVIs, four 8 GB SDHC cards, and a USB auto charger, you could record an entire 12-hour road trip by charging one MUVI while recording with the other.

(5) My Macbook mounts the MUVI exactly like a USB thumb drive whenever it is plugged in. Videos can be easily dragged and copied, or dragged and deleted. The MUVI does not support high-speed USB data transfer, so I recommend that you get a high-speed SDHC card reader if you want to copy off movies quickly.

(6) Audio quality is adequate but not very impressive. The voices of the people I talk to actually sound clearer than my own, and are understandable as long as you don't have a lot of background noise. You could probably understand a conversation recorded in a quiet room, in my opinion, but I wouldn't gamble on it in a large crowd.

(7) Best of all, the MUVI doesn't look like a videocamera. I've had lots of people look right at it and not realize what it was. I'm guessing they dismissed it and assumed it was an MP3 player or some sort of Bluetooth earpiece. It is ideal for discreet recordings, especially if you find yourself dealing with government authorities and want a video record of your interactions with them. (First make sure to review the wiretapping laws for wherever you live.)

So what would I like to see for a future version of the MUVI? Full HD quality recordings, longer battery life, better audio, and true optical stabilization would be a nice wish list, although fitting any of them into the MUVI's form factor would require a lot of engineering effort. Nevertheless, the MUVI is still an amazing little videocamera for its size and cost, and I'm looking forward to using it extensively in the coming months.
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on August 12, 2016
For the money, I like it.

+ Video quality is pretty good.
+ Audio is understandable.
+ Small size.
+ The removable SD card makes transferring files easy.
+ Files are one continuous video, not broken up like other cameras do. (Might be a CON if you don't like working with large file sizes)

- The button to begin recording can sometimes malfunction. I often have to power the camera off and on again to get the record button to function properly. Does not happen all the time, but can be a nuisance.
- Poor video quality in dark environments.
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on August 20, 2010
This camera is small and the only one like it so it's hard to compare it to anything else. The video quality is just a hair better than that from a cell phone camera so you won't be winning any Oscars for cinematography. However, the video picture isn't bad and it's mainly the frame rate that's the problem (some flickering) not the resolution. It would be nice if the camera came with an additional clip or strap-- the clip it comes with is alright for thin materials like a shirt pocket, but not the visor of a car or the handlebar of a bike.

The camera absolutely needs an audio-off button because in many states, audio-recording someone without their consent is a crime. Video-recording (unless the person has an expectation of privacy or is in a state of undress) is typically legal without consent. This means that, if you're looking to use this small and concealable camera to record people without their consent or making a big deal about recording the conversation, you have to announce that you are recording and that draws more attention than if you probably just used a larger camera.
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on March 25, 2010
This thing is great. I tried the Oregon Scientific ACT3K and the picture quality of the Muvi is far better.

The Veho folks aren't doing us or themselves any favors by shipping it with such a sub-standard memory card though. At first I was slightly disappointed until I put in a 4Gb class 2 MicroSDHC card I had lying around. What an improvement. I've got a couple 8Gb class 6 cards on the way so I should be all set.

Some things to note:

1. Files are limited to 30 minutes at which time it will start a new file.

2. For some reason all files are dated 12/31/2000 12:00 AM

3. Files are huge. The 3:25 min. video I submitted was edited in Movie Maker and saved as a WMV at 2mbps and is 52Mb. The original raw 5 minute AVI file at 64kbps was 175 mb.

4. The audio is awful but not really an issue for me.

The edited video in WMV was as close as I could get to the original. There was only a slight loss in quality.
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on November 29, 2016
Does not work with Mac - I have found online that I am not the only one who has trouble with the software for this camera on my Mac. I think it would be most helpful if the description had noted that you must have a Windows operating system. $50 out the window!
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