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on March 30, 2013
The Muvi truly is an amazing little camcorder with the capability of recording in 1080P for over three hours with the recommended 32 GB SanDisk MicroSDHC Class 10 Memory Card that Amazon recommends as part of the bundle. It comes with a plethora of mounts (no suction mount, though). The ones I use the most are the dashboard mount and the headband mount. I've done plenty of video comparisons on youtube between the GoPro and the Muvi and I have to admit that the GoPro Hero2 does seem to have better video quality (and the Hero3 definitely blows the Muvi out of the water), but for the price, I do not regret my decision to buy a Muvi. Also, the GoPro camcorder series seems to have its own set of problems from bricking to diminished battery life to just general frustrations due to functionality (or lack thereof, according to reviews on Amazon), which is really what helped me finalize my decision to buy the Muvi.
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on September 17, 2015
Using as a body cam in a Law Enforcement capacity. Unit works well however, battery dies after approximately 3 hours of usage. Unit comes with a wireless remote, which I have attached to my duty belt. Wireless remote will not work if the unit itself is not manually turned on. If you leave the unit on in stand-by mode, the screen will remain lit which will drain the battery and reduce recording time. There is an option in which you can turn the screen off while in stand-by mode however, the unit will not record unless you turn the screen back on. This particular feature in and of itself is worthless. Unit can be set to record with a date and time stamp, which is useful for documentation and court purposes. The audio and video are good quality and have a wide view in non HD mode. HD mode has a narrow view however, the picture is more detailed. Unit does not have night vision so if you are on permanent grave yard shift, you may want to reconsider for the video is poor in the dark. I work for a smaller municipal agency with a tight budget. We are not issued body cameras and must pay for our own cameras if we want one. This unit has served me well. Its been with me during uses of force and in heavy rain. Nothing has stopped it yet. The unit comes with a heavy duty clip which also works well. The kit comes with video editing software, power/USB cable, soft case and several mounting brackets for use as a dash cam etc. If you have been thinking about buying a body cam, this is a good one at a reasonable price. I also purchased a service/warranty plan with the unit just in case.
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on July 21, 2013
This is by far the best investment I have ever made. One exonerated Personnel complaint pays for it. This is a must for ALL LEO officers working with the public. It's well made and comes with a whole host of attachments. My only advice is to practice with it before you put it into play. Spend a few extra dollars to get the 32 g SD card. As a supervisor, I use it daily to keep my people out of trouble. (And myself)
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on December 7, 2015
I purchased this action cam primarily for use as a dash cam. This particular unit was bundled with various mounts including a suction cup dash mount. There certainly are many dash cams that cost less with more features. But I like the fact that I can use it without a power cable for most of my car trips. The included remote control makes it easy to start and stop recording while in the car. The only thing I have to remember is to turn the unit off to save battery. There are two recording rates for 1080p. The lower rate is perfectly fine for dash cam use. The higher rate is obviously better for moving subjects but creates larger video files and depletes the battery faster. The microphone sound quality while not that great is adequate for picking up my voice in the car. My only complaints are a lack of a replaceable battery and a very long charge time. My unit was not bundled with a charger. I used a 1.35A charger and it took more than an hour to charge from a complete discharge. The display, while small, makes it easy to monitor status and easy to align the camera for recording. The dash mount allows the camera to be easily snapped in and out. And when snapped in there is a thumb screw on the mount that securely connects to the unit's camera mount. I noticed no vibration in the video when secured to the dash mount. You can select the size of recording segments, but there is a slight overlap of video between segments. Like many action cameras bright skies can make darker areas too dark. The video can be quite grainy at night as well. But if the purpose is to record an accident that your car is involved in then I think it will do the job.
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on June 1, 2015
I was skeptical at first before purchasing this camera. The only reason I needed it was to record my child's tennis matches. I didn't want to spend the money on the extra "Tennis Camera Mount," which costs around $70, so I didn't know what to expect. After purchasing this camera, I just used the belt clip that comes in the package, and clipped it on the fence by the tennis court. It records THE BEST footage!!! When I send the footage to family and friends they tell me that they feel like they are really at the matches in person. I am so absolutely impressed with the quality of this camera, the lightweight, and the ease of use. Also, the REMOTE CONTROL is amazing!! And I am so excited to say that I don't even need the "Tennis Camera Mount" after all. The only advice I would give people who purchase this product is to definitely buy a larger SD Micro Memory Card. I ended up purchasing a 32 Gig one. The 4 gig that comes with this says it records 2 hours, but really records about 1 hour and 40 min. Also, if you are using a Mac computer, as I do, make sure you "Empty your trash bin" after deleting the footage you no longer want on your camera WHILE the camera is connected to your computer through the USB cable or your videos will continue to secretly linger on the camera and you will never know they are there. I am MORE than satisfied with this product and if you have a kid who plays tennis, it's a MUST!!
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on September 17, 2014
Good features REALLY BAD QUALITY. I bought TWO of these. Stupid me. The socket where you plug in the Car or other charger is CHEAPLY attacked to the circuit board. I was VERY careful with this thing. Left it attached to my windshield with the cigarette lighter power adapter plugged in at all times. Never touched it. The simple weight of the wire over the course of a few months, ripped the socket from the circuit board. There is NO way to fix it. This could have been a good camera but it is very cheaply made. Even the on/off switch is flimsy and already became loose. SKIP this piece of junk. Customer service is non-existent except for when someone on here gives It a bad rating and THEN the manufacturer comments of the rating. You'll see. Here comes the manufacturers canned response to my review telling you that they will look into designing it better. I should have listened to those who gave it a bad rating. THEY ARE RIGHT! Trust me. Save your money
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on May 3, 2015
This is a great camera and has saved me in LEO on the job many times. People love to lie about when they get stopped by the police, but after reviewing the video? well lets just say it works and people really do not know what to do. I have turned off the green flashing light and people do not see it at times. Sometimes they do and when they do it changes how to treat officers. Before the camera I have been M^&&F%^^ at times. Since the camera in 2 months I have had no one curse at me on my stops. If someone starts to get upset I will remind them that are being recorded and that seems to shut them up. As an officer who never wanted to wear a camera, I have changed my thoughts. I really feel it keeps everyone honest. From the officer wearing it to the public we are dealing with it. I would get this over a taser camera any day. You do not need to spend 500 dollars on their camera. They might be a little more durable but with a warranty your good. Also you have to use their storage. All you need is an external hard drive to store it. I label mine by year, then month folder and then by the days. If your using a lot. get a tower of drives. Cost only 150 dollars to get the small 4 hard drive tower. then get 3 tb hard drive. you can store up to 16 tb in that tower total cost would be around 650 for all. but you can just add drives as you need it. start up cost would be like 250. bet way to do this.

Pros: Great camera great footage

Cons: at night you need a flashlight other then that it is dark but you get audio. the big clip that comes with it is great but if you hit the camera getting out of your car it could come out. I have had to replace one already because it dropped a few times. I have since put Velcro on the back and it helps a lot.
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on October 9, 2015
i have the first body cam the company came out with, and it has been a faithful companion to me as i go on duty every night (Police Officer) and i will still use it, but the time has come to upgrade, and i could not be happier with this purchase, the remote is an AWESOME feature and the ability to take still shots is just an asset my old buddy could not do for me, this camera takes amazing footage and pictures, thanks so much for an amazing product at an AMAZING price. my ONLY complaint is all the attachments that came with it are seemingly for a different model than mine, the body clip is the only on e that fit, but that is really the only one i need to hold on to my unform, the others just would have been nice options should i ever want to use them, but i am happy with my camera. thank you so very much
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on February 20, 2015
I've used it more or less 4 days a week at work as a patrol officer since August 2013.

The great: the wide angle view is tremendously useful, the HD quality is excellent, and the sound quality is very good--certainly as good as my digital recorder.

The good: While it only lasted about 2 hours of recording, I was only charging every 2 days for the first 6 months. Also, you can't beat the price.

The bad: (Particularly for LE use) After I turn the power switch on, I have to wait about 8-10 seconds BEFORE I hit the record button or it won't start recording. Even after Ihit the record button it takes a second or two to pick up. You have to anticipate in advance. I can't record every contact because the battery life is too poor.

The ugly: the battery is pretty much shot after 18 months of use, and can't be replaced. The battery would probably last longer if you could smart charge it, or watch it and take it off as soon as it was full. But the battery wasn't going "green" after 6 months of use, and now its pretty much unreliable.

To add: I bought a second one. The battery wouldn't take a full charge even when new. It died in 2 months. Spend more and it will cost less...
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on March 9, 2016
I rated this a 3 stars because I work the hours between daytime and a bit during night. Video/Audio sound quality is only good when plugging the camera to a computer. This body camera is only good during the day time or where their is light. I work as a armed security patrol and we deal with a lot of people. The body camera is good for anyone, security officer and law enforcement officer who works in the "day" time only. Their is no night vision. I was already aware that the body camera don't have the night vision but I want to give it a try for myself. Theirs one night I had to respond to a disturbance call, I tried it out in pitch dark area where the disturbance was coming from and the video quality in a pitch dark wasn't good at all. The camera can not catch it. This body camera also has waterproof casing which you can only access the recording button, other then that it's all seal up. I would rate this a 5 star if this body camera is built for water proof right out of the box, night vision and has a good quality built in speaker, at least good enough to hear to write a report while on the field. The wireless remote comes in pretty handy especially when you don't want the other person who your talking to knows that your recording. 4 hours of battery life only. If your working on a day that's raining, you really don't want to turn on the body camera especially when the battery life is only 4 hours when you have it house inside the water proof casing. If you would like to carry a laptop or netbook while on duty in order to view the video then go for it. I don't like wasting time and would like to get my work done. I already order another body camera which one of my co worker has, it works pretty good. 9 hours of battery life. Design for waterproof ONLY when it's raining. Built in speaker good enough to listen while doing your report on the field. NIGHT VISION for those of you who also works during the night. Wireless remote.

Pros: Good for daytime recording only, Affordable. Light weight. Easy to use. It allows you to have an option to expand the memory with an external micro sd card. Wireless remote

Cons: It's not waterproof even though it has waterproof housing but it doesn't allow you to get access to all of the buttons besides recording. Speaker wise, no matter how high you turn up the volume on the body camera, it is still low!! You have to plug it into a computer in order to be able to listen. If you don't mind carrying a laptop or netbook around then go for it. I am not about to carry another laptop or netbook when it rains.
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