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on July 18, 2016
In this day an age, it's imperative to have the ability to record everything. The Veho MUVI camera allows you to have a high quality personal body camera and the ability to use it as a dash camera. When I un-boxed the camera, I noticed that it came with various different mounting options, a pretty solid water proof case for underwater / poor weather recording. Below I listed all of the pro's and con's of the Veho MUVI

- Very sturdy clips and mounting hardware
- Various different mounting options and equipment
- Easy to use menu and settings
- The ability to review video on the spot due to a small LCD screen
- Recording settings are great! (1080p @ 30fps, 720p @ 60fps, 720p @ 30fps & a few lower settings as well)
- Amazing day light recording quality, as well as low light recording quality
- Comes with a very useful remote

- I really haven't noticed anything negative yet. I will say that the small LCD screen turned greenish after about 2 weeks of owning the Veho MUVI camera. However, this was my fault because I left the camera in my car for a couple days in the Las Vegas heat. So that issue was ocmpletely my fault and doesn't accurately reflect the quality of the camera. I'm still able to review video, the screen is just a little green though. Also, the video IS NOT green when I review the video on my computer.
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on January 30, 2013
This little camera is great. I immediately plugged in a 32GB micro SD card and usually took this on my dashboard to record drives. (This thing comes with a mess of mounts and clip) It was also not only intended for use at work to catch those who should be caught but also our stupid customers who deserve to show their true colors on youtube. (And insurance for me for the lying hissyfitters.) This thing can be set to record when it hears audio. I wish it were motion sensor instead. Maybe next time. This thing is only like a double sized Zippo lighter in size and has an awesome color screen on the back to display what you're recording or looking at. You can also use it for playback on the unit.

We had recently hired a caretaker for my dad with Alzheimer's and I had a funny feeling about the new caretaker. I set the thing to record with audio sensor start recording and set the camera in the back of the room. Because this cam is HD AND has like a 160 degree view or something like that I was able to record watching the caretaker in up to almost 2/3rds + of the house. I caught her scoping out rooms she had no business in, and worse, ignoring my dad who she was being paid to care for. I watched her watch TV and talk on the phone for 3 days and fired her. BINGO! This recorder paid for itself hundreds of times over instead of us getting grief and regrets from a no good worker. I can just imagine something bad happening from a non caring caretaker. Thank you Veho.

This thing is small and easy to disguise. Just cover the tiny red light in the front with a square millimeter of electrical tape and you've got a cheap surveillance system. I should have rated this 4 because they missed motion sensor but this thing is a magnificent miniature HD camera. Even when I recorded 1080 it took a long time to fill the 32GB card.

This thing may also be great for sports but I messed up when I took it whitewater rafting so we never got to use it for that, although it did get to come along for the ride. The waterproof housing is waterproof and very sturdy, by the way. If you want a small, easy to disguise, HD, super wide angle camera, with remote control, that carries a very decent charge this is what you're looking for. The pictures from this motion and still camera are very clear and of excellent quality. I love this camera for its simplicity, tiny size, remote control, and excellent quality product both picture and build. What's even cooler is if you get the right micro HDMI > HDMI cable and you can play direct from the Veho to any HDTV. This also an excellent bargain for what you are getting. The recording video plays back in excellent HD on a large screen HDTV. I played it on a 60" and saw so much detail that I was really impressed something this small recorded such a beautiful video.
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on February 6, 2015
I am a police officer and purchased this camera after hearing another police officer talk about how much he liked his MUVI NPNG camera. With the low price I was not sure if this camera would be any good. I have had the camera for a week and used it on calls at work. The picture is AMAZING!

I was shocked when I watched the video on my computer...definetly 1080p HD. I never read the directions and was able to set the camera up with no problems or issues. It comes with a lot of accessories including the remote controller which comes in handy for many reasons.

The only down side I have found with the whole operation is the volumn when playing the video on the LCD screen. You can hear it but I wish it was louder.

I would recommend purchasing a 32gb class 10 memory card and the 2 year warranty. As a police officer some calls are longer than others so I carry both the 32gb card I purchased and the 8gb card that is supplied with the unit. I got the warranty because in my line of work I never know what I might be doing and like the security of knowing if something happens to the camera (excluding theft or loss) I can get it fixed or replaced.

I have NEVER written a review on a product before but felt I had to post this message to tell just how impressed I am with this camera espically at the low price. I can only hope that anyone that purchases this camera gets the same results as I did!
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on October 11, 2014
Had the camera for about one month. Used it for non extreme filming. The video looks good, low light kinda suffers, but great for what i used it for. Camera, on screen, flashed low battery and died. Charged (with cable provided) and the red light indicated it was taking a charge. Light indicated full charge, unplugged and the camera would not come back on. Contacted Veho and after two emails they responded. First they asked if the on/off switch was loose? No. So, they said, sounds like an internal battery problem and that it could not be fixed. That's about all I could get out of them.
The amazon seller has yet to contact me about an exchange or refund.
Bottom line, I can not recommend this camera due to the battery problem and if it goes out, for any reason, you have a $200 paper weight. I ended up going with the Sony Action Cam. Love it. I would really consider putting in the extra money to get an action cam that has a interchangeable battery.
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on December 22, 2012
I bought this camera based upon the reviews and example footage I've found on YouTube. The reason I purchased this to begin with was to have a wearable camera to wear while on patrol (Law Enforcement). I needed something that would be of quality, use as little space as possible, and be solid in construction. When it arrived, I immediately started testing it out using the 1080p and 720p settings:

Video Quality: Amazing quality on HD settings. Eats up memory space like a mad man, but looks pretty solid. I was able to transition from light to dark with little problems, and see clearly in all recordings. I could read license plates, street signs, etc. when mounted in my vehicle, and see small text when worn.

Audio Quality: Decent "to the rear" recording when worn, but amazing "to the front" as the mic is mounted on the from face beside the camera. I even ran some music in my vehicle and turned up the radio and it came across as clear as if I added the music onto the clip afterwards.

When speaking to different people I'm able to fully understand every word spoken within about 20 feet or less. Comes in handy in almost every regard.

Construction: It's made of hard and soft plastic. Has what feels like a rubbery feel to the front (which seems like a layer added on top). The screen on the back seems sturdy enough to take a few bumps, though I did leave the screen protector on it when wearing the alligator clip (the screen is put up against the clip with a small gap).

Downsides: Eats up memory. A single 40 minute clip on full 1080 HD fills an entire 4GB MicroSD card. I'm not entirely sure why, but the footage breaks itself down into multiple files. One file was 3.42GB (31 minutes) and a second one less in length and size to fill the card. I see no option for ONE continous file which would be ideal.

One the of the most major flaws which caused me to give this a 4 star review is that if you leave the unit on and then try to record a few things happen. I usually keep it on and plugged in while wearing it (with an extended USB cord plugged into a laptop). When I go to record I pull the cord and began hitting record. The camera goes into a standby when not in use, so it takes roughly 15-20 seconds to get out of that and start up. This requires you to hit the record button over and over until it starts. You run the risk of stopping the recording this way as well.

I then noticed after doing a VERY crucial recording... that while it recorded the video in full HD perfectly fine (albiet two files), it had NO audio. ?! That's what I said. There were some very specific statements and observations on the video that were completely lost. I tried three different players (VLC, KMPLayer, Quicktime) and the audio was simply gone. I attribute this to the fact that I had been keeping the camera on for too long regardless of whether it went into standby or not.

Bottom Line: It's an amazing camera. It's discrete. When mounted to chest I've had people look at it and not even notice it's a camera (I did apply black electrical tape to the MUVI logo which is bright white on the front, and to the two lights on it). It's sturdy... not a single problem even after some drops. It comes with an amazing variety of mounts for the dash, body, etc. The price is decent, and the quality is worth every penny. I'm tempted to buy a second one to dash mount it and run it in conjunction with the chest camera.

EDIT: 08-31-13

I have run into a snag with the camera. Apparently plugging it in and unplugging has now made the USB port non-functional and it physically moves around in the body of the camera. Plugging it in no longer charges it or accesses the footage. This is not something I would have expected to randomly happen from this camera based on its performance thus far. I have dropped the rating down to 3 stars while I contact support and see if they are able to send me a replacement (refurbished or not) or repair it. If the replacement goes through ok, I'll bump this back up to 4 stars and potentially 5 stars.

Just be aware that aside from the audio problem this is a possible issue that you can run into.

EDIT: 09-08-13

I contacted support through their website and received an email a couple days later. They will not replace the camera even if it's defective. They told me to contact Amazon which they can't help either with it being outside of the return policy. I emailed them back again the same day and no response over a week.

I now own a $150 paper weight. Be warned that Muvi will not warranty this product.
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on June 9, 2015
This camera does what it says it supposed to do. As a law-enforcement officer in today's world, if your department does not issue you were camera and this one is for you. The price tag is necessary. And it is worth the money. The remote control, will go on your duty belt very snuggly, be careful cause I can mess it up.

The only complaint I have with this camera, is that when you have it on standby it's hard to reactivate it. If you forget to turn it off it will burn through the battery extremely quickly. Just remember to turn it off. Don't go with anything less than a 32 gig memory card.

This is a patrolmens, investigators, and administrators best friend.
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on March 30, 2013
The Muvi truly is an amazing little camcorder with the capability of recording in 1080P for over three hours with the recommended 32 GB SanDisk MicroSDHC Class 10 Memory Card that Amazon recommends as part of the bundle. It comes with a plethora of mounts (no suction mount, though). The ones I use the most are the dashboard mount and the headband mount. I've done plenty of video comparisons on youtube between the GoPro and the Muvi and I have to admit that the GoPro Hero2 does seem to have better video quality (and the Hero3 definitely blows the Muvi out of the water), but for the price, I do not regret my decision to buy a Muvi. Also, the GoPro camcorder series seems to have its own set of problems from bricking to diminished battery life to just general frustrations due to functionality (or lack thereof, according to reviews on Amazon), which is really what helped me finalize my decision to buy the Muvi.
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on September 17, 2015
Using as a body cam in a Law Enforcement capacity. Unit works well however, battery dies after approximately 3 hours of usage. Unit comes with a wireless remote, which I have attached to my duty belt. Wireless remote will not work if the unit itself is not manually turned on. If you leave the unit on in stand-by mode, the screen will remain lit which will drain the battery and reduce recording time. There is an option in which you can turn the screen off while in stand-by mode however, the unit will not record unless you turn the screen back on. This particular feature in and of itself is worthless. Unit can be set to record with a date and time stamp, which is useful for documentation and court purposes. The audio and video are good quality and have a wide view in non HD mode. HD mode has a narrow view however, the picture is more detailed. Unit does not have night vision so if you are on permanent grave yard shift, you may want to reconsider for the video is poor in the dark. I work for a smaller municipal agency with a tight budget. We are not issued body cameras and must pay for our own cameras if we want one. This unit has served me well. Its been with me during uses of force and in heavy rain. Nothing has stopped it yet. The unit comes with a heavy duty clip which also works well. The kit comes with video editing software, power/USB cable, soft case and several mounting brackets for use as a dash cam etc. If you have been thinking about buying a body cam, this is a good one at a reasonable price. I also purchased a service/warranty plan with the unit just in case.
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on June 15, 2013
I gave it three stars because the product description stated HD and 170 degrees field of view...
Even the manual states that under "Specifications"...

They even know how to stipulate as tehy did so when they mentioned "Digital zoom 3x (when using 720p resolution).

So, the manufacturer clearly understands how to write a stipulation yet did not do so when I came down to the HD being at a much smaller field of view in 1080 mode.

I purchased this for the wider field of view in 1080 mode and of course this is disappointing.

Sorry, for the short review but I wanted to get you guys a quick video of this product to help in anyway in your purchasing decision.
I suppose it is a great product if you do not care about that field of view and 1080 HD as I do.
Here is the quoted from the listing as I made the purchase understanding, "5MP HD video image resolution up to 1920 x 1080 at 30fps; 170 degree wide angle lens to capture all of the footage all of the time".
You can read this anyway you like but I understood it to be like the manual stated, full, 170 degree field of view at 1920 x 1080.
Very low battery life - right at 54 minutes of recording time at 720 and with seven different recording times on/off a full battery
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on February 25, 2016
I purchased the Veho MUVI HD10 Mini camcorder to replace another small portable type video recorder. The other one was not reliable. I never knew if it was on or off. There was no preview LCD screen.

I am not in law enforcement or security. I am a photography teacher who does workshops on street photography in Los Angeles, Ca. I wanted a recorder that I can turn and off at will. This one does have a remote, but I wound up not using it. I attached the MUVI device on my belt. I can easily tap on for power and tap on to record. I see the red light change to green and I know by looking down that it was recording. You do have to develop a feel for where the controls are on the recorder. The power button is easy, but the record button takes a long 1.5 seconds hold to activate recording mode. I found that sometimes it did not respond. But knowing to look for the green button that flashes was good enough.

I wanted to record certain parts of the street photography workshop. So having the ability to turn on and off recording was good. At first time I used it it only recorded 16 minutes and then it turned off. Not sure what happen. I did use it another time to record a large event at a convention center in Riverside, Ca. So I tried it outdoors and indoors for the most part.

The results were disappointing in terms of the video quality. The quality for 1080p was not as good as I hope for. The audio was good. The audio does not pick up as loud and I would want. That is not really a problem as I can edit in post. But the video quality was not impressive. It is grainy indoors in moderate lighting. Outdoors was considerably better but there must be bright sunlight. Again not as sharp as I would like. There is a fisheye effect while the lens trys to capture a wider depth of field.

Pros: Small device, LCD screen, playback, VOX, voice activated, I don't use, because any sound turns on recording. Clip on attachment. Comes loaded with lots of extra accessory attachments. Ships with a 2 gig Micro SD card. You will need a SD adapter to slip the Micro SD card, so you can plug into your computer. I don't like using the USB chord.
Cons: Video quality poor, sound mediocre. No cover for lens. There is a pouch but it does not fit inside with the belt clip on.

I was surprise that a lot people did not notice or comment that I had a wearable video recording device. You can easily see the lens, and it does blink green when recording, thats better than RED. There is also the large MUVI name on the device for all to see.

It will not replace my other HD quality camcorders. I wanted something wearable and small so I can record certain events. This will do for now,
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