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on December 22, 2012
I bought this camera based upon the reviews and example footage I've found on YouTube. The reason I purchased this to begin with was to have a wearable camera to wear while on patrol (Law Enforcement). I needed something that would be of quality, use as little space as possible, and be solid in construction. When it arrived, I immediately started testing it out using the 1080p and 720p settings:

Video Quality: Amazing quality on HD settings. Eats up memory space like a mad man, but looks pretty solid. I was able to transition from light to dark with little problems, and see clearly in all recordings. I could read license plates, street signs, etc. when mounted in my vehicle, and see small text when worn.

Audio Quality: Decent "to the rear" recording when worn, but amazing "to the front" as the mic is mounted on the from face beside the camera. I even ran some music in my vehicle and turned up the radio and it came across as clear as if I added the music onto the clip afterwards.

When speaking to different people I'm able to fully understand every word spoken within about 20 feet or less. Comes in handy in almost every regard.

Construction: It's made of hard and soft plastic. Has what feels like a rubbery feel to the front (which seems like a layer added on top). The screen on the back seems sturdy enough to take a few bumps, though I did leave the screen protector on it when wearing the alligator clip (the screen is put up against the clip with a small gap).

Downsides: Eats up memory. A single 40 minute clip on full 1080 HD fills an entire 4GB MicroSD card. I'm not entirely sure why, but the footage breaks itself down into multiple files. One file was 3.42GB (31 minutes) and a second one less in length and size to fill the card. I see no option for ONE continous file which would be ideal.

One the of the most major flaws which caused me to give this a 4 star review is that if you leave the unit on and then try to record a few things happen. I usually keep it on and plugged in while wearing it (with an extended USB cord plugged into a laptop). When I go to record I pull the cord and began hitting record. The camera goes into a standby when not in use, so it takes roughly 15-20 seconds to get out of that and start up. This requires you to hit the record button over and over until it starts. You run the risk of stopping the recording this way as well.

I then noticed after doing a VERY crucial recording... that while it recorded the video in full HD perfectly fine (albiet two files), it had NO audio. ?! That's what I said. There were some very specific statements and observations on the video that were completely lost. I tried three different players (VLC, KMPLayer, Quicktime) and the audio was simply gone. I attribute this to the fact that I had been keeping the camera on for too long regardless of whether it went into standby or not.

Bottom Line: It's an amazing camera. It's discrete. When mounted to chest I've had people look at it and not even notice it's a camera (I did apply black electrical tape to the MUVI logo which is bright white on the front, and to the two lights on it). It's sturdy... not a single problem even after some drops. It comes with an amazing variety of mounts for the dash, body, etc. The price is decent, and the quality is worth every penny. I'm tempted to buy a second one to dash mount it and run it in conjunction with the chest camera.

EDIT: 08-31-13

I have run into a snag with the camera. Apparently plugging it in and unplugging has now made the USB port non-functional and it physically moves around in the body of the camera. Plugging it in no longer charges it or accesses the footage. This is not something I would have expected to randomly happen from this camera based on its performance thus far. I have dropped the rating down to 3 stars while I contact support and see if they are able to send me a replacement (refurbished or not) or repair it. If the replacement goes through ok, I'll bump this back up to 4 stars and potentially 5 stars.

Just be aware that aside from the audio problem this is a possible issue that you can run into.

EDIT: 09-08-13

I contacted support through their website and received an email a couple days later. They will not replace the camera even if it's defective. They told me to contact Amazon which they can't help either with it being outside of the return policy. I emailed them back again the same day and no response over a week.

I now own a $150 paper weight. Be warned that Muvi will not warranty this product.
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on March 23, 2012
I bought this device to record all my traffic stops and cases I come across. All I can say is that every department should have this issued. It's already saved my job! As cops, we get complaints all the time from citizens claiming this or that! It's an awesome feeling to say " No I didn't, here's the video!" This Muvi HD10 is awesome! Excellent picture / voice quality. The wide angle lense captures all the action especially when you're dealing with multiple subjects. There's cheaper and smaller ones available, but it's just that! Cheaper and smaller because it doesn't offer the quality higher models like this one offers. This thing easily clips to my uniform or can be mounted anywhere as a bunch of mounting accessories come with it. The only con to this is the small 4gb sd card that comes with it. When you're recording video especially in 1080p or even 720p, you run out of room pretty quick, good enough for about 30 mins of video. I've upgraded to 32gb and used a class 10 card for faster speeds in transferring and hours of recording time. At the end of my shift I just view, edit, rename, and transfer to my bigger flash drive or laptop. Just a word of warning to my fellow officers......don't get the ear mounted cams, they'll easily fly off your head if you gotta chase or take someone down, unless you're some fat desk sergeant that never patrols or wants to record himself downing jelly rolls. This Muvi HD 10 comes with a solid alligator clip. I've rolled around with a suspect and it stayed on my shirt the whole time. Oh yeah, it works good for other stuffs too! Bottom line, it works...and works well!
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on January 16, 2014
My unit stopped working, I bought it 3 months ago and never even took it outside. I emailed customer support, no answer. There's just non-committal, "we'll aim to reply to further technical support enquiries within 24 hours". Well, it's been more than that and I'm still waiting. There are no phone numbers to call. Not even a troubleshooting guide (just a short list of FAQ). I can't even return it back to Amazon, and though I believe it comes with 1-year limited warranty, if you go to their website, there is no information on warranty or service.

Oh and the manual? It's a Getting Started Guide--a guide that doesn't even explain everything, and there's nothing on their website that goes into further detail.

This has to be one of the worse consumer electronic companies I have ever purchased a product from.

For a little more, do you know what's an even better HD camcorder? the new Apple iPod Touch. I'll never buy another Veho product again.

**** UPDATE 1/23/2014: ****

STILL NO RESPONSE FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE after 3 submitted support emails spanning 9 days so far. I am convinced that THEY WILL NOT HONOR THEIR WARRANTY. BUYER BEWARE! Go visit their web site before you buy and see for yourself--there is no warranty support!!! This is not an inexpensive product--buy at your own risk!

**** UPDATE 2/7/2014: ****

Heard back from the company finally. First, they asked me to contact the reseller regarding warranty and returns. And then, when I said it was Amazon, they gave me an RMA to return the device to the United Kingdom, at MY COST! I checked with USPS and the estimated cost is almost $40 to ship to the UK. I've decided that I am not going to throw good money after bad. Now you know what Veho's tech support, warranty and RMA process is like!
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on January 10, 2014
 The video you see here ...10 sec interval about 500 images time lapse exported out with Lightroom4. The lines you see at the top are reflections of window blinds because this was my first experiment shot thru window. Spot metered and position adjusted so that the exposure seemed almost right. Note... in my experience, the Muvi's spot metering is good at controlling/exposing for the highlights. But it gives no boost shooting in a dark environment compared to auto exposure.

The good - Better than expected quality in good light shooting at 1080p.

Misleading info -
- You can shoot at the widest angle only in 720p. 1080p gives you a narrower view(explain why Veho!)
- The max aperture is only 3.6 as per exif data on the pictures(Veho claims this to be 2.8 on their website(veho-world)). This 3.6 aperture is fixed irrespective of lighting conditions and camera parameters. So, camera plays with ISO and shutter speed to adjust exposure(Explain why Veho... if the camera is really F2.8 why won't you use it?). This also means, in low light, the ISO gets boosted (instead of opening the aperture)and you get a very grainy image.

The bad - My tripod socket came loose within a week. It may partially be because in both of my mounts, I can't feel if the bottom of the camera touched the 1/4" screw because it is a (unnecessarily)very tight fit. Also I think there should have been a collar on the metal insert in addition to the knurling to give it better support to prevent it from being pulled out so easily. I am getting this ... Veho Muvi VCC-A013-UTM MUVI Universal Tripod Mount Video Camera (Black)

I bought this to be used as a dash cam and this works great. It gets mounted upside down with the attachments came with the camera.

Good to know - 1080p files are split at 1802MB and for 720p at 902MB. Rewriting the older files(Loop record)works well. Waking up from standby is not really faster than manually switching it on(It takes a few seconds). You can switch it off directly (skipping holding the record button to show the display) while recording with the display off and video will be saved properly.960P is NOT 16:9!You can zoom only in 720P(even if you want to take picture). The camera releases the shutter when you release the button(not when you press it!) In 1080P, your image covers more area than what you composed(for photographs). You can not take a picture while movie recording is going on. Going to the playback area is the biggest trap(You better know what to press and in what order...there is no one click exit). I wish pressing the record button exited from any kind of menus. You can shoot timelapse with the screen off just like the video. Just noticed... it does not go to stand by mode if you are in a menu! I wish I knew how to make a charge and record cable for the car. Also I wish if Amazon allowed me to add an additional video, I could have added another driving footage. You can have live HDMI output on the TV with the mini HDMI port(not that it has any use for me!)
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on December 27, 2017
A great deal for a low-cost body cam that's rugged and small. I've had mine since 2013 and if it died or broke or got lost I'd go right back and buy another one just like it (and it's come down in price about $35 since then).

It's got plenty of menu options and settings available to configure the camera. Outfit it with a 32Gb card (about $15 )and a 5000mah power bank (about $10) and you can record for hours and hours and hours. It uses about 1 GB storage for every 30 minutes of recording so a 32Gb chip will give you ~40 hours of run time. (The internal battery will only give you roughly 35 to 45 mins of recording time.)

The default spring-clip carrier is fairly versatile and the clip swivels 360 degrees. The clip would be perfect if it had some X- and Y- adjustment, but unfortunately it doesn't- you can't "point" it left or right to make up for the clip being attached to something that might not face straight ahead.

I've never used the watertight case- it's kinda clunky and unwieldy (but I think most of them are, so...). I've never used the auto-record feature but when I tested it everything seemed to work fine. All the other fittings and straps and clips and stuff that came with it are probably useful to other people but 99.99% of the time I just use the clip.

As mentioned above, I recommend that you get a 5000mah power bank and a 32Gb micro SD card to use with it- they turn the Muvi from "useable" to "useful".
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on March 9, 2016
I rated this a 3 stars because I work the hours between daytime and a bit during night. Video/Audio sound quality is only good when plugging the camera to a computer. This body camera is only good during the day time or where their is light. I work as a armed security patrol and we deal with a lot of people. The body camera is good for anyone, security officer and law enforcement officer who works in the "day" time only. Their is no night vision. I was already aware that the body camera don't have the night vision but I want to give it a try for myself. Theirs one night I had to respond to a disturbance call, I tried it out in pitch dark area where the disturbance was coming from and the video quality in a pitch dark wasn't good at all. The camera can not catch it. This body camera also has waterproof casing which you can only access the recording button, other then that it's all seal up. I would rate this a 5 star if this body camera is built for water proof right out of the box, night vision and has a good quality built in speaker, at least good enough to hear to write a report while on the field. The wireless remote comes in pretty handy especially when you don't want the other person who your talking to knows that your recording. 4 hours of battery life only. If your working on a day that's raining, you really don't want to turn on the body camera especially when the battery life is only 4 hours when you have it house inside the water proof casing. If you would like to carry a laptop or netbook while on duty in order to view the video then go for it. I don't like wasting time and would like to get my work done. I already order another body camera which one of my co worker has, it works pretty good. 9 hours of battery life. Design for waterproof ONLY when it's raining. Built in speaker good enough to listen while doing your report on the field. NIGHT VISION for those of you who also works during the night. Wireless remote.

Pros: Good for daytime recording only, Affordable. Light weight. Easy to use. It allows you to have an option to expand the memory with an external micro sd card. Wireless remote

Cons: It's not waterproof even though it has waterproof housing but it doesn't allow you to get access to all of the buttons besides recording. Speaker wise, no matter how high you turn up the volume on the body camera, it is still low!! You have to plug it into a computer in order to be able to listen. If you don't mind carrying a laptop or netbook around then go for it. I am not about to carry another laptop or netbook when it rains.
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on May 22, 2013
I have had this for about a month and I could not be happier. The quality of the video surpasses any expectations I had before purchasing. The unit comes with multiple attachments so it can be used in almost any situation. I use it as a car dash cam and love it. The instructions are pretty much terrible, like most electronic "gadgets", but if you are ordering this you are somewhat of a geek, so you will figure it out in 5 minutes. My only minor criticism is that there is little or no guidance on how the attachments may be used, so I find myself trying different set-ups, not always sure that I am achieving the best possible method. Overall, I am ecstatic with this product.
Unfortunate update: 06/11/2013: Had to reduce stars from 5 to 3. The unit has developed the unfortunate habit of shutting itself off. So when you think you are recording, you realize the unit has stopped recording of its own accord. It is not a power problem; the battery seems fine. The 32GB card I have in it is not close to being full and is recently formated. So far I have not figured out a pattern. Sometimes it records for an hour straight. Other times it stops recording after a few minutes. Due to this development, I cannot recommend this for product.
Final update: 07/25/2013: This camera is totally without value. Works only sporadically; when it wants to, not when I want it to. To0 late to return to Amazon and the company (based in the UK) absolutely does not stand behind its product. Once you buy it, it is yours til death (of it) do you part. I have read the positive reviews, but be aware that buying this item is a total gamble.
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on June 7, 2013
I usually don't write reviews - but I do feel like I should warn you that the battery in this unit is not meant to be replaced, so as far as I am concerned - it is a disposable camcorder. I have electronic equipment that works from the 80's. But when batteries are built in and aren't designed to be replaced - it makes me feel like I am spending $150 for a ride, because eventually the ride will be over. I'd rather look for a unit that has user replacement batteries.

Other than that - it's an awesome little camera.
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on July 16, 2015
I use it for sailing, skimboarding, spearfishing, scuba/snorkeling. The Muvi comes with tons more stuff (meaning some very expensive mounts) than a GoPro. The case is hard as a rock and works for basic scuba diving (I've got no doubt that it would function in deep water but 40 feet is as far as I've gone). The picture quality is a decent HD, but it's not even remotely close to a 4k camera. The remote isn't water proof, but you can buy an underwater wallet/phone case (try the DRY PAK, also available on Amazon for like $13) and stick the remote in there. This makes operating the Muvi underwater a breeze. My friends with GoPros have to constantly mess with their cameras if they want to start/stop filming. The remote really takes much of the hassle out of filming, and allows you to concentrate on what you're doing. The built in screen also makes life easier. I can't tell you how much footage my friends lost to their GoPros because they couldn't tell exactly what they were filming.

I don't like that the battery is permanent, but the entry level GoPro is the same. The battery goes for a solid 3-4 hours and holds a charge for months if you forget to plug it in. Sound is ok. It's all you really need, but it's not extremely high quality like more expensive versions. You'll get a lot of wind sounds interfering if you're doing something like biking or sailing. I find a good soundtrack to remedy this situation. The Muvi is bulky, but you won't notice it if you've got a good head or chest mount.

Overall, the Muvi is the hands down winner if you're considering the entry level GoPros. If I were a professional photographer or grown out of the beginner cameras then I'd probably buy a nicer GoPro.
review imagereview image
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on July 7, 2015
Difficult to use. Buy GoPro instead. Lots of accessories with GoPro and in a series of very rugged tests of 8 small cameras, GoPro was the only one still working at the end.
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