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Size: 8 x 1/2-Inch, 100 Count|Style: 100 ct. - One Wrap Thin|Change
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon February 8, 2015
 In my video review, I show exactly how one would use these cable ties. Hopefully, it helps you after you see how it can turn a mess into a very clean, nice-looking wrapped cable. I was able to wrap everything, thick to thin, large to small, anything that needed to tie or wrap, these cables are durable, strong and look great. Highly recommended. If this video was helpful,[...]. Happy shopping!
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on April 5, 2015
The roll is very convenient and very easy to store. Velcro branded straps are a good value and worth the small amount of extra money to buy the name brand over the knock-offs. It would be even better if the roll had various sizes. But I'm not complaining.

To me the biggest benefit of the Velcro branded style of strap is the fact that the Velcro branded design allows you the ability to attach the strap to the cable if you want to, so you don't have to worry about misplacing the strap while you're using the cable. With other strap designs, such as the Dotz branded one shown in the picture, you will have to detach the strap from the cable when you want to use the cable.
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on January 29, 2012
They're not expensive, thick velcro ties, but they get the job done. I just want to neatly wrap the cords to all the gadgets I've obtained as of late. Mainly, power cords for tablets, cameras and such. They do the job - nothing more, nothing less. The price was great for the amount you get, too.
Pack contained:
1 roll 25 grey
1 roll 25 black

Each tie is on a roll of 25 ; the end of each tie is perforated so you can just tug and detatch it from the next tie on the roll
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 3, 2015
This is a great product to have. Unless you have sworn off all electricity and telecommunications, you most likely have to deal with cords/cables. Nothing is more annoying than when they are messy, and this can in some cases present a tripping hazard. Rubber bands, wire ties, traditional zip ties, strong, and tape can all be used for this purpose, but they all have their downsides (some of which are significant.)

Here, we have a cord/cable tie that uses a removable & reusable hook-and-loop fabric fastener produced by the Velcro brand, a name synonymous with hook-and-loop fasteners. Vastly different from the other options listed above, it is easy to apply, easy to remove, does not cause damage to cords/cables, does not rapidly degrade with age, can easily be cut (or combined) to change the size for the User's needs, and works well even when being used frequently.

You have likely seen similar products at hardware stores, but generally the quantity per-package is low, and the price high. That limits practicality if you have a lot of cords. But here you can get 100 Velcro ties for about 6 bucks. Made with both economy & performance in mind, these wraps are lighter duty than some other Velcro products offered, and are only available in a black color. They measure 8 inches long and 1/2 inch wide, so they work well with most standard-sized cords (for larger cords, just connect two or more through the loops to form a single giant cord tie.) Each individual tie has a hole punched into one end, which allows the user to loop & tighten the tie to a cord/device so that the tie does not fall off of the cord when completely unstrapped/opened up.

What I wanted was a versatile, durable, removable, reusable, and affordable cord/cable tie...these fit those needs perfectly. They are well made, reasonably strong, and the Velcro fastener used is very good quality considering the price. While these are lighter duty than most of the retail packages of Velcro Cord Ties are, these work perfectly for my general home-use needs and they cost about 1/10th the price.

So I highly recommend these Velcro cord/cable ties!
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on August 16, 2013
These cable ties are terrific for any cable you need to bunch up and organize. I am using them
principally on sound equipment like 18-20 ft guitar cables, 15-foot speaker cables and the
like. When I get around to it I will also organize my stereo cables and extension cords as well.

You will receive 100 of them stuck to each other in a single row; one on top of the other. They
come in a resealable plastic bag with the a plain white title card inserted in the bag that says,
"8" niversal Reusable Velcro Strip". Yes, the word, 'Universal', is missing the 'U'. Needless to
say these are made in China and quality control is poor in the editing department. This is not
about translation, but simply poor quality control in the marketing department. The 'misspelling'
does not impugn the quality of the product in any way. (See photos)

I have been using these cable ties for 2 weeks. I almost always recoil my guitar cables when done
playing and use one cable tie to bind the 18-20 foot cables. I play almost daily and so I have been
wrapping and unwrapping these ties without any problems or apparent wear-down.

For extension cords, depending upon the length and thickness, you may need a longer cable tie to
successfully secure the cord. I would also recommend using two cable ties of this size to ensure
a good secure fit for extension cords. From my wanderings on Amazon, as I shopped for cable ties,
I found there are wider and longer Velcro ties available.

Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase and the price was terrific for the amount and quality
of the product. So I gave them 5 stars and recommend them highly. This is not a criticism but the
ties I purchased did not have the yellow and blue package with a photo on the front. The only
difference I perceive is that the ties are in a row instead of a roll and the packaging itself.

NOTE: make sure you actually attach the tie to each cable by slipping the tapered end through the
slot on the opposite end and THEN wrapping the tie around your cord. That way you will not lose
the tie and it will always be available to you. Now go out and organize to your heart's content.

ADDENDUM October 2015: Still using these cable ties and the same one that have been installed
on my guitar cables are still useful and holding up just fine. I still recommend them.
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on December 18, 2014
These things are super handy. If you're not too bothered with having the zip tie style insertion hole, you can just cut these things into smaller pieces and use them as tiny bindings for household items. I cut a few of them into thirds and wrapped my ear buds to keep them from tangling up in my pocket when I'm not wearing them, which has been super helpful. I also wrapped the cord on my electric kettle for storage when I'm not using it. I've basically just been wandering around and wrapping up all sorts of cords and cables around my place. Quite useful.
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on November 18, 2015
I absolutely love these ties. I have used many different types of ties before and nothing comes close to these. They are so thin yet strong enough to hold your cables and cords together neatly. I use them on headphones and charging cords and even computer cables. They have a little loop on one side if you want to attach it to the cable you're tying up. I have cut some of them to use for my headphone wires which require much less of the 8 inch length. I wasn't sure I needed 100, but for $5, I'll find things to tie up. After using the first one out of the package, I immediately went to my bin of wires and cords and tied up everything. Now, it is so neat and easy to find thing in there.

The picture I attached is just to show the strength of these ties, not how I am actually using them.

I have given away a bunch of these to friends just so they can see how great of a product this is. You don't need to look further, if you need something to keep things untangled or bundled, these are what you should get!
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on March 29, 2016
Velcro was a cool invention. I believe we have NASA to thank for this. Thank you NASA.

This stuff comes in a roll and is peel as you go. Easy to use! Durable! If you need a longer length cable tie, you can always attach more at the end. As stated, the product comes in a roll that can be as tailored as you need.

They can be split up at a perforation that is about 7 inches per strip. Best Velcro product I have come across for cable management.

This was a handy tool to organize those messy computer cables you can see in my photos.

Best of all, this is a multi-purpose cable. I'm using them to organize my electrical cords, garden hoses, and all the cables behind my entertainment center. It was a spaghetti storm around here. I even used them on my recent vacation to wrap up my socks, charging cards, and anything else that I could think of.

I highly recommend this product.

Funny, when you have a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail! So it is with velcro. : )

VELCRO - ONE-WRAP Thin Ties: Reusable, Light Duty - 8" x 1/2" Ties, 50 ct. - Black / Gray
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on February 16, 2016
I just bought these for the second time now this month! The first time I ordered these I wasn't sure how much I would like them but they turned out to be very easy to use and addictively satisfying to implement cable management. I have since reorganized the cable management behind my entertainment center and desktop computer. Im not going to lie, all the chords from peripherals and accessories had my anxiety pushed to the max. Currently I have ran all my cables with these attached to some eye hole screws and I could not be happier. Also I went a little crazy and organized all of my extra audio, video, and power cables (see photos). I only wish I took before and after photos of my desk and entertainment center, those were the biggest jobs.

Anyways if you relied on twist ties and zip ties before say hello to your new best friend!
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on April 11, 2017 "Velcro" is the originator and preeminent brand name, I expected a much higher quality. The material these ties are made of is EXTREMELY thin!!! So thin in fact they are easily torn in half even when trying to separate them from their self-contained coil. Do they work? Yes, they do keep cables together. My concern is "for how long?" The hook and loop is also very thin and non-aggressive. If I had to rate them for durability, it would be no more than "Light Duty" at best. Prior to purchasing these, I was buying "dollar store" knock-offs, which (as it turns out) are far superior in every sense of the word to these. Thank goodness they are so very low cost, which (in the end) should have told me not to set my expectations so high.

I've been using these steadily now for over a month. Am almost through the first spool of 25. My first reaction to their quality and durability may have been premature. Having wrapped and unwrapped many of them over and over, they still appear to be working fine. At this point I will raise my rating from 3 to 4 stars and change my classification from "Light Duty" to "Medium Duty."
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