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on July 6, 2016
The Vengeance Trilogy is a strong collection of Korean films focused on the consequences of actions, the vengeance that comes from those actions, and the pain that can be brought on by vengeance. The films, dark in nature and visuals, are well acted, well directed, and well written. They are not, however, for the faint of heart or those easily disturbed or unsettled by violence, sex, or difficult themes.

As for the physical aspect of the movies, each movie comes in their own case and are then held all together by an outside box.
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on August 21, 2010
There's way, way too much to talk about with these movies on blu-ray, especially considering the special features they have for each one. Simply put, even with that audio mistake on the Oldboy disc that everyone's whining about, there's no way this set deserves anything less than 5 stars. I'm assuming anyone looking at this page is already a fan of at least one of the movies here, so I won't bother with the plot summaries (again, there's too much to talk about!), and I'll just focus on the technical aspects.

As far as the picture quality goes, this is as good as the films are going to look. Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance looks incredible, and much better than it did on dvd. Lady Vengeance looks great too, and is the best looking of the three by far. The colors are vibrant and you can notice every tiny detail in things from the characters' outfits to the tears rolling down the cheeks of children in a certain hard to watch scene. Oldboy however, doesn't look much different from the original dvd release, and there's a reason why. On the special features, they talk about how Park wanted the same colors and tones as the movie Seven. So they used a bleach bypass process on the actual film to get the desired look, sacrificing crystal clear picture quality as a result. So because of this, I can't exactly knock on the picture quality since this is how everything's -supposed- to look. Think back to a movie like 28 Days Later where the grain and grittiness helps the movie- would you want to see it looking as sharp and clear as something like, say the recent Alice in Wonderland? Oldboy doesn't look horrible by any means, but it's easily the ugly one of the three. Still, it looks good, and it's not the transfer's fault. The grain and fuzz in some scenes is noticeable, but it doesn't ruin the experience at all.

As far as the audio goes, both Lady and Sympathy sound great, and get the finest treatment possible, while fitting everything onto a single blu-ray disc. Oldboy though, is the reason some people have the nerve to get this set, as a whole, 1 star. Yes, the HD 7.1 audio track isn't on here, though it's advertised on the tin box (yet, it's not listed on the back of Oldboy's box). What you get here instead is a standard 5.1 EX track in Korean, and while it's not as good as the 7.1 [that was on the first blu-ray release of Oldboy], it gets the job done. The publishers are actually working on a way to fix this still, so at least they're getting to it. I suspect though that it was taken out because of just how much you get for extras on the disc.

Here's where this set shines. Special features galore. If you missed out on the Ultimate Edition of Oldboy, you now have a second chance. EVERYTHING from that dvd box set, save for the comic and film strip, is here. Yes, even the three and a half hour documentary where you watch the movie get made. You get 3 commentaries, tons of interviews, extra segments with the cast/crew at Cannes, and more. There's so much to talk about here, and I don't have enough room in this review. If you want to know more details about the extras, go to my profile and click on the link there. Sympathy and Lady both get an ungodly amount of bonuses as well, all just as interesting as those on Oldboy. But the real show stopper here is the Fade To Black and White version of Lady Vengeance. If you've seen the movie, you'll already know the importance of that phrase, more or less, and now's your chance to see the movie go along with the main character. It works beautifully, though Park apparently wasn't happy with it. It's definitely worth watching after you see the movie normally.

I know I gave Oldboy more time than the others here, but if I had more room, I'd even things out. As it stands though, Oldboy remains my favorite of this trilogy, and I was most impressed with them bringing back the Ultimate Edition's extras here. Think about it this way- the Ultimate Edition of that movie alone ran for about the same price as this blu-ray set, and you're getting that AND two other movies equally loaded, on blu-ray. 'sounds like nothing but a bargain to me. Get this if you liked the movies at all- it's the best blu-ray deal out there.
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on January 6, 2018
Each of the three disks was encoded with a different region code. These are clearly bootlegs.
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on October 14, 2011
I am so glad I waited for the Vengeance Trilogy to be released. If you like revenge movies, this is the collection for you. These stories not only show violence and destruction, but can also show how revenge can backfire. The best out of all of the three is no doubt Oldboy. Even though I had an idea of how it was going to end, it didn't stop my mouth from gaping. Min-sik Choi is amazing in it. He is also in Lady Vengeance (as a different character). Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Lady Vengeance are good - but Oldboy is definitely the highlight.

I don't want to say much more, since I don't particularly like spoiling movies. Let's just say that I am more than happy I have these movies in my collection.
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on December 28, 2012
This set now comes in a basic cardboard box and no longer states audio for Oldboy containing a DTS-HD track like the other two films, but rather a DD-Ex 5.1 surround mix for the Korean track and DD 5.1 for the English track. Also no longer included is the 32 page booklet, though if you remove the near duplicate sheet of paper they pasted over the back of the set and compare the text on it to the original print, the booklet originally came with this cardboard set but must have later been removed. When I pulled this pasted copy off the box-set, a common white residue you get from cheap glue used on things that aren't intended to be peeled off remained over the small area where they had applied glue. I haven't tried to remove it lest I tackle the loathsome sticky residue that will greet me from beneath.

Of course, the films are what make this an excellent set and the quality and presentation of each film's transfer seem to all be very well done. In Oldboy's case the video quality is not as "clean" but this is due to the directors intentions (gritty, grainy, etc) rather than a fault in the transfer. My only complaint is how the subtitles on Oldboy seemed smaller than the rest of the films. The impressive three hour making of Oldboy covers some aspects of almost every scene: during, between, after takes... plus some party and airport bits. The other films include many bonus features including half-hour documentaries. There is at the very least a director commentary track to each film, with him sometimes appearing on multiple tracks with others - this can get busy with subtitles but they somehow keep a readable pace most the time though when there are three people talking you may occasionally wonder which one pairs with the subs.
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on February 11, 2018
I want to give this package a good review but since the movies don't play I cant. When I purchased them the listing had an A1 region code, which as of now has been changed to a "might not play on your player" warning.
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on September 8, 2017
An absolutely wonderful collection of films that I cannot recommend highly enough. And contrary to what I've read elsewhere Oldboy does have a 7.1 channel uncompressed Korean audio track.
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on May 12, 2016
Got it faster than I expected and they were brand new sealed and everything very happy with my purchase and was pretty cheap
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on October 31, 2011
Item came in brand new condition, like promised. The only thing that threw me was that I ordered it from a company in New York, but when the DVD came it had a Canadian rating. I was a little worried that it wouldn't jive with my blu-ray player (region codes and all that), but it worked just fine. Also, it took a while to get to me in the mail. There was only one mailing option and it took about the maximum amount of time to get to me.
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on August 7, 2013
Park chan-wook makes issue like revenge presents in a aesthetic way.
He's one of the best Korean director, he is a philosopher who uses films to think.
Park presents many Western ideas under the culture of Korean culture.
An excellent Asia film work that you must watch!
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