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on October 17, 2012
Hello Rick another beautiful music and I enjoyed your music as I have told you before it comes from your heart.... You sure did not have an easy live and I symphatize with you as I my dad died in 1960 when I was only 14 years old from a cancer and my mom lived 32 years longer I am still wearing they engagement ring from 1937 I missed them so much.... my father used to play on mandoline and sing soft song while I was sitting on his see I was only girl so he treated me kindly as my 3 brothers did lots of boys thinks and blame it on me.... Even though I have survived brain aneurysm operation in 1984 and 2 heart attacks and tripple by-pass in 2001 my life have changed so dramatically that I am still depressed and can't shake it off..... one day I went to work at Royal Bank and in the afternoon after I visited doctor I was taken to hospital with Heart attach.... God life is so precious but I believe that there is high power who keeps me on this earth for some reason...I know I have so much love to give to people..... my husband of 44 years and my two sons are best things which happen in my life....
when I write to you I feel like I am writing to a kind people who has experienced so much in his life and he is not willing to give up.... you sure do not look your age and its funny when all those women go crazy..... how do you suppose to react... you are married man love your kids and your wife is rock in your life... wish only the best for you and your family...devoted friend marcelle
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on July 30, 2008
Hey, give this 5 stars just because it's Rick and he is still putting out better music than 99% of what's on radio nowadays. Just to address some of the mentioned quabble about bonus tracks (with which I agree). We will (here in the US) still have access to all the bonus tracks. All hard copies of the CDs sold domestically include a link inside whereby you can download, for free, the studio version of "Who Killed Rock N Roll." The Live version is still available on iTunes for .99 cents. If you download the album through iTunes, you get "Pretty Little Mess" as a bonus track, which ticks me off 'cause I got hard copy already, but love the snippet I've heard of this song, but now, I have to pay another $10.00 since it's only available on iTunes with the purchase of entire CD. Lastly, if you purchase your CD from Best Buy, you also get, "My Generation" - WHO Cover, and an Acoustic Version of "Jessie's Girl" as bonus tracks. So bottom line ... good news is, you can get all the bonus tracks here in the US. Bad news is, you'll have to buy the CD three times...
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on January 21, 2010
My wife took me to a Rick Springfield show and I was not expecting to like it, but he and his band put on a fantastically fun and energetic show. They played several songs from the new album and I was immediately taken with "I'll Miss That Someday." The title track is one of the highlights here, as well. This is not a half-hearted attempt at a "comeback" album. This is songcraft at work. You can tell from listening that a lot of effort went into this album. I would say that if you add up all the great songs here and compare all the great songs on any of his other albums, you end up with more great songs on this collection. Recommend it.
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on November 5, 2009
I loved Rick Springfield when I was younger and honestly have not bought an album of his in many, many years. Went to see him recently and he sang a lot of songs from this album (at least 4 maybe more). Anyway I thought they were pretty good after only hearing them for the first time and would have bought the CD after the concert but they were sold out. Ordered it from Amazon and I really enjoy it. I find this to be one of those albums that you'll listen to all the way through again and again. Absolutely love Victoria's Secret (do not agree at all with the couple of reviews that are negative and say that there are no good hooks, melodies). I also love One Passanger, Oblivious, Mr. PC and Saint Sahara.
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on May 10, 2012
I was raising my children in the 80's and didn't listen to a lot of music but of course remember Jesse's girl and Don't talk to Strangers. My husband
and I went to a casino (Winnevegas in Iowa) and he was performing there. We went to the concert and I was amazed at how talented he was and how great
a concert he put on. He sang a song called Venus in Overdrive and I liked it a lot. I bought the CD about a month ago and I love it. Not since the Beatles
have a bought a CD and loved every track on it. I highly recommmend it. It's later work, I'm not sure when, but it's well worth the money. Again, I love it!!!
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on July 30, 2008
I have to say Rick has most certainly out done himself with this CD. It covers such a broad range and has a very diverse sound, something for everyone. I absolutely LOVE Victoria's will be listening to this song a few times before you go on to the next has that Jesse's Girl sound and takes me back. I'll Miss That Someday is a song i can relate too. Venus In Overdrive and Mr PC have a sound that will have you hitting the repeat button on the CD player. There are so many good songs on here and of course can't forget the love song She...very touching.
If you are a fan this CD is a must!!!!!!!!! You will listen over and over again. I have and just got it less then 24 hours ago.
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on August 27, 2008
If this album doesn't get Rick Springfield the recognition he deserves, nothing will.
I rarely RAVE about any album in this way, but this one is so well written and produced that I can't help but give it a perfect score.
Rick's singing is right on target, the harmony's are perfectly arranged and the band just kicks A$$. There is not a bad track on the CD.
Good luck trying to get the title cut out of your head. You'll be hearing for days after just one listen. It's got a hook every songwriter dreams of creating.
To any fellow studio producers out there: Get this album and listen to what you will want to reach for when constructing your own recordings.
Bravo, Rick!
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on July 31, 2008
Rick has gone back to his roots with this one. Feels a bit like Working Class Dog, but his style has matured. With Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance he ventured into much harder, darker material (my favorite album to date), and with The Day After Yesterday he got a bit softer than his usual style. Venus In Overdrive is 110% Rick Springfield sound, and it's **great**. Besides the title track, my favorite track is "I'll Miss That Someday". If you were waiting for this CD because you saw Rick on General Hospital - trust me - you owe it to yourself to go back and get not only this CD, but his last four.
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on July 29, 2008
Rick had been my Idol all my life, between his music and how he lives his life. I was very nervous when I got this CD as I always think"? When will the great music end"?, But this one blew me away! Every song is amazing!! After listening to it several times, I cannot figure out which one is greater than the next! THe first track is obviously a huge hit, and from there, they are all just as great! If this CD gets the ariplay it deserves, just like every Top band out there, This CD could put out atleast 4 top 10 hits, and 8 top 40 hits! This is the CD that every critic that likes Rick has been waiting for, as it should get raved reviews! God Bless you, Rick!
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on March 22, 2014
I have been a fan and friend of Rick's since 1973 and i have all of his albums and CDs. I'm now a caregiver for my parents who is not working very much so I didn't get this when it first came out. When Christmas came around, I knew what I wanted and I got it. He is an amazing singer, songwriter and musician. You won't be disappointed if you buy this.
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