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Verbatim 4.7GB up to16x Branded Recordable Disc DVD+R - 50 Disc Spindle 95037
Size: 50-Disc|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$16.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on May 25, 2014
UPDATE (June 2015): The last two cases of 100 discs had 2 to 3 bad discs per case. In the past it was either zero or 1 on average. But the biggest complaint now, and the reason for 4 instead of 5 stars, is that A'zon shipping has become incredibly slow. They are trying to encourage people to sign up for 'Prime' so it seems they have purposely slowed shipping down for non-prime buyers. This seems to be the case with anything bought from, or shipped by, A'zon.

These Verbatim DVD+R blank DVDs have been extremely reliable over the past several years. I buy nothing else since I started with these. Occasionally Maxell, but never again with Sony or other brands.

One caution: DO NOT buy the "Life Series" by Verbatim. They are of less quality and I do not recommend them. Used to buy my Verbatim DVDs when they went on sale at Office Max, but they stopped carrying the good ones and only sell the cheaper, lower-quality, Life Series.
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on February 9, 2017
This has been the ONLY brand and type of DVD I've used for the past 10-15 years with very few coasters produced. No matter which brand you use, you should assume there to be a couple failures every 100 burns. Any more than that and it's time to switch, but never had that trouble with Verbatim. Had a better deal on a 50-ct spindle when I needed to replenish, but normally get the 100-ct spindle.
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Enthusiast: Campingon November 15, 2013
These seem to work for me, so far and so good. I back up a great deal of documents for storage and archives, to add to and delete and these do the job. I had mistakenly purchased the same brand of –R and they didn’t work at all for anything. When they stored data, I couldn’t access them at all again. However, with these, I’ve used these three times so far to store, change and delete and they worked without any issue, which for me is a great plus.
It seems that the the DVD -R are hit and miss. A lot of people have had success with them, and I and a number of others haven't. I bought a package of 100 dics and not one worked. I was able to store to some, but later I was not able to access them on two different laptops including the one I used to burn to. I am now using these +R without issues, so far on the same laptops, which are ACER Aspire's: one running Vista and the other running WIN 7.
Overall, they work for me, which means as long as they are made the same, I'll keep buying these DVD+R in the future. I will update review in future should something change.
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on June 26, 2016
there ok
review image
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on May 10, 2015
Time after time, These never fail me for years. I can use about 50 of them over the span of six or eight months, and they are always 100% durable and have never given me a problem in three different laptops with DVD burners. I like the minimalist logo on the disc itself, and anyone who does a little background will find that these discs are exactly what you will purchase whether it be Sony, Memorex, Or any higher-end name.

Do yourself a favor and always have a stack of these on hand. 100 gets to be a little cumbersome which is why buying them in packs of 50 is the way to go and combine it with the jewel cases you want. I prefer 50 of all different colors, you may want just 50 clear cases. Either way it's what is burned on the disc that you will treasure.
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on March 3, 2016
I had trouble with Sony disks, being scratched right from the new package. So I tried Verbatim. The first spindle was OK, but the second has pitted disks. Looks like 30% (at least) will be trashed.

Who makes these disks? They are "Verbatim branded", but who really makes them? Are they the same who make Sony? Do I need to find a new way to make backups? Can I expect quality to continue to decline? Is this a dead technology, or is the manufacturer trying to kill it prematurely?

UPDATE: It turns out that Amazon sent the wrong part number. I ordered 97459 but received 95098. I ended up throwing away 40 of the disks, 38 because they were visibly scratched at the factory. The other two had I/O errors after writing (one had visibly distorted dye). Amazon refunded 1/3 the price. I should have asked for more. Photos added to show visible scratches and pit marks fresh from the package.

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. You can't be sure where they were made, and there appears to be no quality control.
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on April 13, 2012
This product completely and utterly failed my expectations. Verbatim USED to be a top quality disk. Look at forums - seems times have changed and unfortunately I've now learned that first hand.

I purchased these disks for archival use - storing digital pics of my life and kids. The AZO dye used by Verbatim is claimed to be the longest lasting dye formulation for DVDs. However, the burn quality of these disks was quite bad. It better not degrade because there's not a lot of room for many of these disks to degrade! There have been issues with the "made in India" Verbatim disks and the newer "life series" is NOT respected as quality media. But these were made in Taiwan with AZO dye, media ID MCC004, so SHOULD have been the good stuff from what others say. I checked this all out carefully ... I thought.

Skip to the synopsis at the end if you want, but here are the details of my experience: Out of the first few disks, 1 was a complete coaster - wouldn't read on any of my drives (see below). Another was readable on only one of my drives. A few disks later and another couple had subtle issues with playback so I did TRT (transfer rate testing) which suggested trouble. Further testing showed very high PIE (Parity Inner Errors) and unacceptable PIF (Parity Inner Failures) on these 2. So, I was only about 1/4 way into the spindle and 4 I knew of were junk. Worried and curious, I scanned the rest of the disks. Several more, though they read without trouble, had what I consider completely unacceptably high PIF levels for brand new burns for **archival** use (areas of PIFmax >20 with total PIF in the thousands; I'm not talking rare narrow spikes). With use and time, these errors will only go up and eventually reach a threshold such that parts of the disk "go bad." But it's worse. The vast majority of the remainder were in my opinion JUST barely passable for archival use based on error checking. Only about 1 in 10 gives me a burn of the quality I expect from a premium disk. Bottom line is about 20% go in the trash and the majority of the rest of the "useable" disks are marginal on scanning.

I'm not an engineer, but get the basics of optical storage; I am not now, but I worked as hardware tech and have dabbled in electronics in the past. For those interested in details: I have several internal drives (2 pioneer, 3 lite-on, 1 plextor from back when plextor were top-teir), and one external USB (lite-on) and the results were same with burns in all drives. All are flashed with latest firmware. Burn speed, all the way down to 6x did not improve things. I use ImgBurn, but tried Nero, Plextools, and K3b (linux) with same results. I scanned with all drives capable of PIE/PIF scanning to be sure it wasn't just a scanner that didn't like Verbatims and tried Kprobe v. Nero v. Plextools; the patterns remained similar. I compared to other brand disks - disks with Media ID's indicating RICOH and SONY (burned on same drives) showed MUCH better scans even though they are a few years old. Several Taiyo Yuden had amazingly low error rates on disks several years old. Interestingly, I found a couple old MCC004 (verbatim) disks and they have decent scans! I did all this, keeping a spreadsheet to compare results and try to isolate what variable was causing problems, hoping, HOPING I could figure out a strategy to get good burns from these disks. No dice. The high error rates do not correlate with any variable I could isolate ... these disks are unacceptably variable in burn quality regardless of what I do. A few are decent, some are acceptable, most are borderline, and too many are flat out bad. Here's what really made me upset: in my comparisons, several brands with CMC Magnetics media ID's (CMC Mag 01) purchased between 2007 and 2010 generated considerably better scans! Check out the forums for yourselves, but CMC is widely believed to produce anywhere from "junk" to "C-rated" media. If cheap-o junk I picked up on sale for $10 per 100 at local office supply store has better scans ... I feel ripped off.

Here's my caution to you: if I went by disks that "acted" bad, I'd think my rate of "coasters" was about only 2-4% and would think "hey, these Verbies are pretty good." Error checking reveals that would be delusional!! I'd hate to think of anyone trusting their memories to these disks when in 10 years, a few scratches, a couple o' nicks and some smudged fingerprints bumps up the error rate, even if the Verbatim/Mitsubishi dye is good! If it's your bootleg copy of "It's a wonderful life" and you get glitches ...who cares. These disks are probably fine for that purpose. But for archival use where you want to maximize the chance your data will remain intact, I strongly suggest you do not depend on these disks!

So the SYNOPSIS: 1 star because ... a)these are priced as "premium" grade disks b) they perform like low grade or at best mid-grade media c) all the time I wasted RE-burning bad disks. I thought about giving them 2 stars because the AZO dye is supposed to be the longest lasting dye formulation in use. However, that would be speculation no different than that which lead me to buy these Verbatim DVD+R disks as arguably one of the two "best" disks in the first place. We can see how that assumption panned out for me. For all I know they may have reformulated the AZO dye to save a buck. Perhaps I just got a bad spindle ... but you pay more for Verbatim so you don't get a bad spindle! May I suggest if you are going to gamble, you buy lottery tickets instead. As for me, I'll likely shortly be buying a spindle of Taiyo Yuden DVD+R disks from Amazon and cross my fingers they are still top quality ... that $4 more per 100 disks is peanuts when we are talking about irreplaceable data.

If you do buy these, I strongly suggest you check your burns. At least at this point, the Nero CD-DVDspeed utility is available free but you MUST have a burner which which support error checking - this is a HARDWARE capability and not a software issue. (In Nero CD-DVDspeed, click the "Disc Quality" tab to test for PIE and PIF; if your burner can't the "start" button will not be active). Do read up on what is acceptable or not as you'd be surprised how tolerant DVD+Rs can be of errors.
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on October 7, 2015
Great brand of DVD+Rs! I have used this brand for all my recording needs for years now and have had no problem with them whatsoever. The videos I have recorded on Verbatim DVD+R discs have always played in any DVD player I have tried them in without exception, including my Sony Blu-Ray player too. Note, of course, Blu-ray recording is not possible on these discs, however most Blu-ray players made within the last several years will also play standard DVD+R discs, like the Verbatim brand, and even makes the standard recordings look much better than when played in a regular DVD player. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with VERBATIM.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 23, 2016
My last spindle of a different brand disc ran out and I was looking to not spend more than $10 for 50 if I could swing it.
Since these were at $11 + tax I was good with that.

Burned DVD video and audio files.
Made a ton of data discs that included video files (avi, mp4), music and documents (pdf, docx).

No issues at highest speed of my drive (16x).

Very happy with these discs. I've ran through about 20 of this 50-pack spindle and have not lost one yet.
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on January 19, 2011
I ordered the Verbatim 95098 DVD+R 100 pack, after reading a review that said these ones were not made in India. Well, quess what? The are made in India. I've only used two so far, so this review may be a bit premature, but both burned fine. For what it's worth, I have a Samsung SH-S222L burner (pretty sure that's the model), and I use K3B to burn disks (a Linux app). The first disk I burned was about 2.5GB worth of data, and using the default settings, K3B started burning at the initial speed of 22.5x. I'm not sure how that's possible, but that's what it said. The actual esimated burn speed varied between 10x and 16x, and the data on the disk was readable. The second disk I burned was a video DVD (a home video), and I chose 8x for the burn speed. That worked fine, plays in my DVD player without any problems. I'm no expert, but my guess is that different disks work differently in different burners. To be honest, I've never had any bad disks, no matter what brand disk or burner I've ever used, except when a burner was dying. It always seems to be the burner at fault. I had an HP burner (I forget the model) that burned coasters after the first week, all others worked fine for at least a few years. If I start getting bad disks with this batch, I'll update this review.

Update: I just noticed today that sometimes video DVDs I burn have non-functioning DVD menu buttons. Pressing the menu button on the remote one or more times fixes it. I burned them at 8x, by the way. Will have to try a slower speed, perhaps, but likely will look for another brand. I'm not sure if it's just my DVD player or the disks, though. I guess I should suspect the disks. Too bad I couldn't find out where they were manufactured before ordering them. I'll have to avoid Verbatim after this. Other than that weird problem, I haven't had any other problems - yet. Time will tell. I'll stick with Sony, when on sale locally. I've never had problems with those.

Update: The two DVDs with bad menu buttons were caused by an older version of DvdStyler, I had forgotten about that. I had to re-do the menus with the newest version, now they are fine. It wasn't the disks after all. So, it seems that these disks are working fine for me. I'll wait until I've burned more of them, and report back if there are any problems. Still, with all the complaints, I'll stick with other brands after this. I've had great results with Sony, and some others.

Update April 2, 2011: I've used about two thirds of the discs, and not one failure! Either I'm one of the lucky ones, or they improved the quality of these disks.

Update May 7, 2011: I'm getting low on disks now, and still not one failure!
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