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on March 3, 2016
I had trouble with Sony disks, being scratched right from the new package. So I tried Verbatim. The first spindle was OK, but the second has pitted disks. Looks like 30% (at least) will be trashed.

Who makes these disks? They are "Verbatim branded", but who really makes them? Are they the same who make Sony? Do I need to find a new way to make backups? Can I expect quality to continue to decline? Is this a dead technology, or is the manufacturer trying to kill it prematurely?

UPDATE: It turns out that Amazon sent the wrong part number. I ordered 97459 but received 95098. I ended up throwing away 40 of the disks, 38 because they were visibly scratched at the factory. The other two had I/O errors after writing (one had visibly distorted dye). Amazon refunded 1/3 the price. I should have asked for more. Photos added to show visible scratches and pit marks fresh from the package.

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. You can't be sure where they were made, and there appears to be no quality control.
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on December 9, 2015
I made my first Amazon purchase almost eleven years ago. In the meantime I've had good and bad experiences, mainly good, but never have I felt the need to write a review, until now. That's because never have I experienced a product this atrocious before. I couldn't possibly keep track of how many DVDs I've burnt over the past decade, but I know they measure in the high hundreds. These Verbatim DVDs are simply the absolute worst purchase I have ever made, not just of DVDs, not just on Amazon, but of anything, anywhere, and I bought a Rick Astley cassette tape when I was a kid. One (1) DVD worked out of the twenty-six (26) I tried. Right now DVDs number 27 and 28 are being burned, but as of this moment it's pretty much just for s#it and giggles, since I already know the result. And that's the thing: one DVD worked, the other 25 failed. Had that one DVD not worked, and had I experienced a 100% failure rate, we could perhaps assume that there was some massive cosmic convergence of events in which my three programs in two separate computers stopped working (at the same time, and independently from each other) or the burning software in two computers suddenly stopped working (at the same time, and independently from each other), or the four DVD players I have (an LG, a Sony, a PS3, and an Xbox 360) also stopped working (at the same time, and independently from each other) or that I had a small stroke that went unnoticed and I forgot how DVDs are created. But if the problem was on my end, that one lonely single DVD wouldn't have worked either.
I don't even want the money back. Perhaps that's factored into the manufacturers' equation when they ship this dreadful product to be sold. "We'll sell them cheap so that customers will choose our brand, and so cheap that it won't even be worth it for them to return it." Go and read the 5-star reviews, and you will see how many of them are from many years ago. My review is from December 9th, 2015. Stay away from this garbage product. Actually, that's unfair to garbage, which some people can find useful, use to compost, and even turn into art. This product is worse than garbage, it is simply a form of industrial pollution. You will be paying $11 for the privilege of throwing a package in the garbage. I have absolutely no idea what brand you should buy, but I know what brand you should absolutely stay away from.
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on August 28, 2009
EDIT: This review applies to Verbatim 95098 & 97459 (Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging of 95098) specifically!

EDIT 2-16-2013: I absolutely love Amazon & Verbatim's Frustration-Free Packaging! It keeps your DVDs safe and sound much like NewEgg's packaging, but without all those pesky packing peanuts!
And, for what it is worth, the batch I received recently was manufactured in Taiwan. In fact, I believe all the spindles with the Frustration-Free Packaging are manufactured and packaged in Taiwan....

Original Review:
Bearing in mind that some media and some optical drives just do not get along, I would say that these discs (manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.) are the closest in quality to the cream of the crop (Taiyo Yuden) that I have come across. The "media ID code" that you should look for in this case is MCC 004.
The thing to remember when buying blank DVD media is that brand name means little: you want a good manufacturer. For instance, I have burned some TDK media for a friend and noticed that one batch was manufactured by Ritek and another by CMC Magnetics.
I strongly suggest visiting digitalfaq dot com and check out -->/reviews/dvd-media before you buy!
Also, check out the freeware tool DVD Identifier, as well, so you know who is manufacturing your media. This will provide easy access to your disc's media ID.

Hope this helps to cut back on "coasters!"

EDIT December 21,2012 in reply to Anonymous comment below:
There are lots of good references on the web such as videohelp dot com and MyCE dot com, among others.
I used to like DVD Identifier (and still do), but it's database has not been updated for a couple years. But that doesn't bother me since all I burn are MCC 004s and it identifies those just fine.
-- I recommend using ImgBurn to write the discs and it will show you the manufacturer of your blank disc. A quick Googling of ImgBurn will get you to their site - Amazon keeps killing my links to ImgBurn dot com and other resources.

Verbatim branded MCC004s are manufactured in a few different countries and I have found subtle differences between those made in Taiwan and those in India. These are mostly cosmetic and the performance is not impacted - at least not in my experience and I've burned well over 1000 of these from both Taiwan and India and can count the coasters on one hand.
-- Bear in mind that I am talking about the Verbatim 95098 line specifically.
There are others that you should avoid. For instance, the "Life Series" is NOT manufactured to MCC standards using their proprietary AZO dye - rather, those are Moser Baer blanks that are branded Verbatim.
This is where some of the confusion comes in because Moser Baer (India) does manufacture some 95098s and others for MCC and those are OK because they are made to MCC specifications.

Bottom line: If you want a good blank disc, buy the Verbatim 95098 and make sure ImgBurn shows the the media code to be MCC 004 and you should be fine.
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on April 2, 2016
I experienced a 70 percent write error rate using this media - same problem using this media in many different machines so I am confident that it is bad media. This is particularly dangerous to a user if the media is used as to backup data. When writing video to this media the playback hangs. Confirmed it is the media by using different authoring software in different machines - same source files and scanning the source files on the hard drive(s) with data verification software.
This is particularly dangerous when you buy and download an authoring package or download your OS restore package which won't fit on CD's so you write it to the Verbatim DVD media and if your hard drive crashes you can't reinstall the OS.
In 30 years of data processing as an IT professional I have never encountered such a lapse in quality control.
Data is so precious I'd suggest buying another brand. There are lots to choose from.
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on March 19, 2017
Hmm, they wont allow me to bun anything including music on windows media player or pictures so I'm not sure what's up with these ones. Maybe its my system, but I tried them on two different computers and they don't work. Try a different brand before you try these, I see many other people with the same problem as well. I would not buy these again and if I could go below one start then I would because it seems I'm not the only one with this problem.
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on January 3, 2016
60% FAILURE RATE. Totally Unacceptable.
I burn at the slowest speed and still, I have had more failures with the Verbatim 4.7 GB discs than other discs. I tried these because I have great success with the Verbatim Dual Layer DVD Discs. You would think Single layer would be as good or better.
Yes, they are guaranteed and I could send the failed discs to them for replacement... But since they have my data on them it's better to destroy them and try again.

So fa, no response or explanation fro Verbatim.

Going back to Cheap No Name Discs.
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on November 15, 2013
These seem to work for me, so far and so good. I back up a great deal of documents for storage and archives, to add to and delete and these do the job. I had mistakenly purchased the same brand of –R and they didn’t work at all for anything. When they stored data, I couldn’t access them at all again. However, with these, I’ve used these three times so far to store, change and delete and they worked without any issue, which for me is a great plus.
It seems that the the DVD -R are hit and miss. A lot of people have had success with them, and I and a number of others haven't. I bought a package of 100 dics and not one worked. I was able to store to some, but later I was not able to access them on two different laptops including the one I used to burn to. I am now using these +R without issues, so far on the same laptops, which are ACER Aspire's: one running Vista and the other running WIN 7.
Overall, they work for me, which means as long as they are made the same, I'll keep buying these DVD+R in the future. I will update review in future should something change.
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on June 26, 2016
there ok
review image
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on February 23, 2012
I've always liked Verbatim, never had any problems with the media. However, quality seems to be on a steady decline. More and more cake boxes I find discs with imperfections/bubbles, nicks and scratches, fingerprints, rings around the edges, etc on the data side of the disc. I've had quite a few bad discs in this batch which is surprising. Thankfully it was only $16.84 for 50 discs, which isn't bad.
Overall, I'm disappointed that I've had so many bad discs so far, and I've only burned about 10, had to throw away 8 to 10 so far. The 10 that I have burned have been fine however.
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on May 2, 2014
OK I am rating these as two stars because out of the hundreds upon hundreds of these discs I have burned over the years this is the first time I am having failure rates of over half the spindle. It became so bad I bought a new burner only to discover that it wasn't the fault of my faithful old friend but rather these discs.
Now keep in mind this is the only brand I have used and this is also the brand and format recommended by the manufacturer of my burner.

Up until this spindle I maybe encountered one bad disc out of 100. What happens is when the disc is loaded in the tray they fail to burn, I mean they just sit and spin, the light blinks on the burner and nothing happens. This also just occurred in my Sony stand alone unit.

I am planning to try another spindle, I hope this was just a fluke.

Oh and this particular batch on sale in March at the cheapest price I have yet seen here on Amazon. The order I placed for another 100 pack just a couple of weeks prior, at the "regular" price, burned just fine, all of them. I should have been suspicious they were that cheap. What good is a sale if you have to throw at least half in the trash?
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