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Verbatim DVD+R 4.7GB 16x AZO Recordable Media Disc - 50 Disc Spindle
Size: 50-Disc|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$13.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on December 14, 2017
These are the best dvd+r's out there. Top notch quality still. The accuracy, reflectivity, compatibility and longevity of these discs can not be beat. Over the years I have only ever had a few bad discs. These days, they all seem to be made at the Taiwan facility which is the highest quality optical media factory in the world at this point. I have not had a coaster in years now. I have many of these discs that are 11 to 14 years old and they have very little to no degradation. All play fine. All scan either the same as they did when they were made or with a very very slight increase in very correctable errors. In fact, they scan better than most other manufacturers discs when brand new and I expect them to last decades more. Just make sure to store them indoors, away from light and not near a heat or ac vent. Don't worry about paying the high prices of M-Discs and gold discs (both of which have compatibility issues), these discs last. Make sure that your dvd drive is not wearing out. I have found the biggest problem over the years is in using a burner for too long. I have made the mistake in thinking that I had bad discs when it was really my drive getting old and not burning correctly. DVD drives' lasers weaken over time and I have found that to be as large an issue in producing quality discs as disc quality. I have always found DVD+R better than -R although there are some that claim that there is no difference. +R does have more error correction and in my experience have less problems. Also, buy these branded ones, not the 8x Datalife Plus ones. Those are made in China at a lesser facility and Verbatim has a history of making much better 16x media than 8x.
The only other discs that compared to these were the Taiyo Yuden discs that were made in Japan. Now that they have closed that facility, Verbatim has no competition.
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on February 1, 2016
I bought 3 batches of these in 2015 - one in early 2015 from Microcenter, one in late 2015 from Microcenter, and one in late 2015 from Amazon. All 3 batches burned with severe errors according to Nero CD-DVD Speed. I wasn't even burning at 16X - I burned at 12X and 8X and still got a lot of PIF errors.

Then I burned one of the few remaining Verbatim DVD+R discs I have from 2011, and it was almost flawless. Verbatim DVD media used to be the best, but they are poor quality now. I had to try Taiyo Yuden for the first time, and even though they cost about twice as much, the burn quality is excellent. Beware though, I heard Taiyo Yuden is about to move production from Japan to China.
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on May 2, 2014
OK I am rating these as two stars because out of the hundreds upon hundreds of these discs I have burned over the years this is the first time I am having failure rates of over half the spindle. It became so bad I bought a new burner only to discover that it wasn't the fault of my faithful old friend but rather these discs.
Now keep in mind this is the only brand I have used and this is also the brand and format recommended by the manufacturer of my burner.

Up until this spindle I maybe encountered one bad disc out of 100. What happens is when the disc is loaded in the tray they fail to burn, I mean they just sit and spin, the light blinks on the burner and nothing happens. This also just occurred in my Sony stand alone unit.

I am planning to try another spindle, I hope this was just a fluke.

Oh and this particular batch on sale in March at the cheapest price I have yet seen here on Amazon. The order I placed for another 100 pack just a couple of weeks prior, at the "regular" price, burned just fine, all of them. I should have been suspicious they were that cheap. What good is a sale if you have to throw at least half in the trash?
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on September 15, 2016
I bought these DVDs specifically to create back up disks for my computers. I got a new laptop and realized I'd been negligent in creating back up disks for my 2 desk tops. Didn't have enough DVDs in my collection of computer parts. So, I ordered these. I calculated that I would need 14 discs for all 3 computers. Boy, was I wrong!! Of the many discs that I bought the first 3 were refused by the computer with the message "insert a blank disk". This was on the new laptop and I thought there was something wrong with the laptop. Finally got one to start copying and went to the other 2 computers to start burning there. It has taken me about 3 hours to FINALLY get enough good burns.
I "wasted" 10 disks that had a "verify failed" message plus the 3 that wouldn't even record.
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on August 28, 2009
EDIT: This review applies to Verbatim 95098 & 97459 (Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging of 95098) specifically!

EDIT 2-16-2013: I absolutely love Amazon & Verbatim's Frustration-Free Packaging! It keeps your DVDs safe and sound much like NewEgg's packaging, but without all those pesky packing peanuts!
And, for what it is worth, the batch I received recently was manufactured in Taiwan. In fact, I believe all the spindles with the Frustration-Free Packaging are manufactured and packaged in Taiwan....

Original Review:
Bearing in mind that some media and some optical drives just do not get along, I would say that these discs (manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.) are the closest in quality to the cream of the crop (Taiyo Yuden) that I have come across. The "media ID code" that you should look for in this case is MCC 004.
The thing to remember when buying blank DVD media is that brand name means little: you want a good manufacturer. For instance, I have burned some TDK media for a friend and noticed that one batch was manufactured by Ritek and another by CMC Magnetics.
I strongly suggest visiting digitalfaq dot com and check out -->/reviews/dvd-media before you buy!
Also, check out the freeware tool DVD Identifier, as well, so you know who is manufacturing your media. This will provide easy access to your disc's media ID.

Hope this helps to cut back on "coasters!"

EDIT December 21,2012 in reply to Anonymous comment below:
There are lots of good references on the web such as videohelp dot com and MyCE dot com, among others.
I used to like DVD Identifier (and still do), but it's database has not been updated for a couple years. But that doesn't bother me since all I burn are MCC 004s and it identifies those just fine.
-- I recommend using ImgBurn to write the discs and it will show you the manufacturer of your blank disc. A quick Googling of ImgBurn will get you to their site - Amazon keeps killing my links to ImgBurn dot com and other resources.

Verbatim branded MCC004s are manufactured in a few different countries and I have found subtle differences between those made in Taiwan and those in India. These are mostly cosmetic and the performance is not impacted - at least not in my experience and I've burned well over 1000 of these from both Taiwan and India and can count the coasters on one hand.
-- Bear in mind that I am talking about the Verbatim 95098 line specifically.
There are others that you should avoid. For instance, the "Life Series" is NOT manufactured to MCC standards using their proprietary AZO dye - rather, those are Moser Baer blanks that are branded Verbatim.
This is where some of the confusion comes in because Moser Baer (India) does manufacture some 95098s and others for MCC and those are OK because they are made to MCC specifications.

Bottom line: If you want a good blank disc, buy the Verbatim 95098 and make sure ImgBurn shows the the media code to be MCC 004 and you should be fine.
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on April 3, 2014
Let me start by saying that you should check the dates of the reviews on this page, because 10 year old reviews on this product really do not apply. There also seems to be confusion about what +/- means and it's simple, the major difference is that they are not interchangeable when it comes to recording, both will play back in the majority of existing DVD Video players. DVD-R is the earlier standard and may work better for older recorders.

I've recorded tens of thousands of DVD's and CD's for business reasons and can tell you that recorders are a much bigger problem than the discs. You should search your recorders make and model to learn what discs are compatible and if new firmware is available and why it's new. You may have to just try them if you don't know or can't find out your recorders disc compatibility. Updating your drives firmware can fix your recorders compatibility in many cases or it may be easier for some to just change brands/manufacturing method. Now I'll tell you about these discs.

Fine DVD's at a fine price these are the basics, not double layer and will work for digital storage for most computers, which is the reason for my purchase. I fill them up with original photo's and music, usually creating a third copy that's not on a hard drive so my work won't get lost.

Verbatim is a division of Mitsubishi, a good Japanese company that I've trusted for quite a while for digital storage and I like buying them bulk like this. I'll also buy paper sleeves to put them into, which keeps the cost down and I'll need less room for storage of the discs. But I don't buy just this brand, so shop for the cost per disc.
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This set of DVD+R discs was exactly what I was looking for and the cheapest price I could find for the quality and size of data. I was able to burn ISO bootable images into them and run them on startup without any additional diagnostics or trouble shooting. I wanted them for the installation of DBAN and Windows so I could work on computers.
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on February 9, 2017
This has been the ONLY brand and type of DVD I've used for the past 10-15 years with very few coasters produced. No matter which brand you use, you should assume there to be a couple failures every 100 burns. Any more than that and it's time to switch, but never had that trouble with Verbatim. Had a better deal on a 50-ct spindle when I needed to replenish, but normally get the 100-ct spindle.
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on October 7, 2016
I hate to join the small group of one-star raters, but I'm afraid that I must change my earlier five-star to a one-star. The very first blank Verbatim DVD+R worked perfectly. Out of the next fourteen, however, only two worked. The others all failed, and were spat out by my DVD recorder.
There are so many positive reviews for Verbatim, so these things must be good...I guess...but not for me. Yes, it could be the fault of my DVD recorder, or the software which I'm using to burn the DVDs. However, after I gave up on Verbatim, I ordered my old standby, Memorex. As always, Memorex worked perfectly...for, my machine is clearly not broken. Verbatim seems not to be compatible with my system. With yours, perhaps it will be.
There are, as I recall, about 1,900 reviews for Verbatim blank DVD+Rs. The majority are positive. I'm sure these DVDs are good. But, after an 80% failure rate for me, I have to give up. I will never get these again, and I cannot recommend that anyone else does, either. But, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds really like these things.
One star for me. For you, maybe five.
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HALL OF FAMEon February 12, 2018
I've bought Verbatims, usually with no problems. However, the last spindle of 100 I bought had at least 40 discs that had visible "flecks" when reflecting the empty disc under a light source. The discs looked dirty and I had to throw those 40 away. This has never happened before. Let's hope the new spindle I bought to replace them does not have this problem. I don't know if recording on them would have caused a problem, but I also don't know if a problem would have developed down the road and then I would have found the problem.
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