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Style: 50-Disc Spindle|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
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on March 28, 2017
I burned a bunch of files to these DVDs because I needed to free up some hard drive space. Of course, I deleted the files once I burned them. I wish I could turn back time so that I didn't delete them, because MOST of these Verbatim DVDs failed. 52 and counting, to be exact. Some or all of the files on those DVDs are corrupted and inaccessible. (Note to self: ALWAYS double check the files burned to disc before deleting the originals!) I even tried to use some software that allows access to troublesome files, and it couldn't salvage anything. Now during the time that I was burning the aforementioned files, I was also burning some of them onto DVDs from several other brands. Those all checked out flawlessly--no problems whatsoever--so the problem is not with my DVD burner, as I had at first feared. The problem is with the Verbatim discs. I'm not even interested in replacements or a refund; potentially messed up replacement DVDs and/or money can't replace those lost files. Nothing could ever make me buy Verbatim products again.
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on January 15, 2015
The Verbatim name was one that you could always count on in the past for good quality discs. I cannot say that anymore, in fact my advice would be to run as fast as you can from these. I ordered these and received them yesterday all set for a couple hours of recording onto them, first one on the stack failed to format. I had read previous comments stating that very fact - how too many are coasters anymore. But there were so many recent positive reviews that I took my chance with these. I truly regret that decision now. Obviously someone is being paid to give this junk a positive review. So to sum up a long story I choose a disc from the center of the stack, same deal, would not format. So far I have 8 new coasters and one successful burn. I would love to return these to Amazon for a refund, as the fail to success ratio is very lopsided. I notice that these were made in Taiwan, not Japan like they previously were. I will never ever waste my money or time on this brand again. Run away from these – believe me before you too are disappointed and stuck with some expensive coasters.
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on February 14, 2016
I've purchased these DVD's before...I believe this is a bad batch....I had 10 left over from the last order I placed and had no issue burning them (I was burning 100 copies)...the 2nd DVD from this new spindle produced an error message "Invalid Block Address"....I've tried 10 more and all give me the same error do I go about asking for a replacement ?...I shouldn't have to pay to return these ...Like I said, I've used Verbatim DVD's a lot...this has to be a bad batch....
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on March 22, 2014
These DVD's aren't recognized by my computer or an external superdrive. I've given them to others who have had a similar experience and those gave to others, and they also couldn't get them to be recognized.
I've read since online that a lot of these now are being subcontracted out to Chinese companies who evidently aren't too interested in whether they actually work so much as having them "look" like a dvd.
Sorry business. I would hope Amazon would screen these products and ban them from the website.
I could have gotten a return on my money, but by the time I got around to trying these out, the return window had closed.
Verbatim has been a good product in the past, but evidently they have stopped making use of their quality control department.
Save your money.
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on August 25, 2016
Verbatim is a long standing, highly reputable company when it comes to DVD-R discs. I purchased these to burn movies and they work flawlessly. So far not a bad disc in the lot. I am sitting on a bunch of unused discs at the moment however since certain sites I used to find movies have been shuttered. These can burn far more than 120 minutes by the way, you just need to look at the file size you are burning. I have used this company for well over a decade from the time I was burning music CD's from Limewire and Napster up through the present day and they have never let me down. I will continue to purchase in the future. Final note - it should be obvious by the product picture and description but just in case you are wondering they do not come with jewel cases to individually store the discs after you use them. You can purchase these separately for a few bucks if you need them.
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on February 18, 2016
I've used thousands of Verbatim DVDs over the past 2 years. I usually order a few hundred at a time. I have a set of 3 top of the line Intel Core i7 computers, with 3 different burners and 3 different softwares and these Verbatim discs go in each laptop to burn data on it multiple times a day. I've noticed these past few months Verbatim disc quality has tanked. Somewhere at about 70% in the disc data will not write properly regardless of data, computer, burner, software I use. I've swapped software, added a new burner, burned new data and the error is consistent at around 70% in the disc. For every 10 discs, 5 won't write properly and get trashed. That's a 50% error ratio! Please fix, this is a waste of money. I wouldnt want to look into other brands.
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on June 9, 2017
I needed an alternative to the TDK DVD-R disks that I used for several years. The reason for the switch was not because I was unhappy with TDK disks because TDK disks worked flawlessly. Instead, I was unable to find TDK disks on Amazon that were sold at the same price point I was accustomed to paying, and more importantly, because TDK DVD-R disks were just unavailable from virtually any vendor. It seems that TDK is no longer manufacturing these disks, and those that are available are being sold at an added premium.

With some trepidation, I sought a reliable alternative to TDK because no one wants to be using unreliable optical disks to archive computer data or to store precious photos and video files. I mention these facts because of several failures of SONY DVD-R disks I used for these purposes.

After reading Amazon reviews and taking into consideration Verbatim's excellent reputation, I chose to use these and have been happy ever since. Why? No disk failures!

Based on my experience, I recommend use of this brand to meet most archival storage needs.
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on November 29, 2013
When I first began copying onto blank dvd media, I did research online to see what the overall consensus for the best general purpose brands to use waw... Everyone seemed to concur that Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim were the ones to stick with as they gave they best results with minimal errors.

Well, that was about five years ago. Since then, I've noticed a lot of complaints from people who bought newer packs of Verbatims and had multiple problems with them. The one reoccurring fact seemed to be that due to their popularity, they had started to outsource them for manufacture from their original production plants in Taiwan and Japan, and were now making them in India and Sri Lanka. According to the reports, these were the ones that were giving faulty results.

So anyway, when my local MaxOffice had a sale on these recently, I went to buy a couple of 100 bundles and instead of the usual "made in Taiwan" Verbatims they normally stocked, this time they were marked as being made in India. Hmm, I thought, surely Verbatim heard the complaints from users and fixed the production problems and they were now up to their usual high standards...

Brrzzzzz! Wrong! When I tried these shortly thereafter, I got 4 bad burns out of 10 that I tried, with multiple files and different drives, too. I returned them immediately for a refund, and sought out the manager of the OfcMax to let them know exactly why I had a problem with them. Of course, this info went to deaf ears because I still see them showing up on the shelves as the India ones.

Which brings us to Amazon...who don't provide product info as to where these are manufactured, which is a shame because they have occasional sales on these for very reasonable prices (like today's Black Friday deal of $18.99 per 100). But I'm not going to get burned (ha ha) on these again and need to go through the hassle of returning them, so no sale. At least at brick-and-mortar stores, you can examine the merchandise you're about to buy and find out where it was made.
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I always try to be careful with the DVDs and CDs that I purchase because in the past I have had problems with some brands. You can waste a lot of money and time burning useless disks that will not play. I recently ran out of DVDs and since I hadn't purchased any for a long time, as I was overstocked, I shopped around for a good price on a brand name that I know is good. Rather than purchase a lot of a brand to find out they didn't work I only purchased one spindle of 100 disks.

So far I have burned about 50 of the disks without one error or issue. I am using an ASUS DRW-24B1ST DVD drive and a Pioneer BD-RW BDR-206D drive and the disks burn equally well in either drive. The disks have a nice writing surface on them with lines to guide your writing and I use Sharpies to label all of my disks. I am getting writing speeds of right at 16 X which is where these discs are specified to be.

I liked these disks so much that I went back to buy a few more spindles and was surprised to see that the price had gone up 12.5% in just a couple of weeks. I am a bargain hunter and seeing that type of price change happen so quickly is a little aggravation for a shopper. Aside from the price change these are good discs and I have had success using them on my computers.
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on July 24, 2014
I recently bought two 100 packs of the Verbatim 4.7 DVD-Rs. The first pack I used burned rather well, the second pack however has 25 and counting bad discs. You can sometimes expect a bad disc or two in a 100 pack. But 25% and counting is ridicules.

The first two out of the pack were bad, so I starting pulling discs from the bottom, which worked well. After I used up the bottom portion of the pack, the next 25 were unusable. I thought maybe my burner was on the fritz (only 6 months old), so I purchased a 50 pack of TDKs. Which all burned perfectly.

I purchased these two 100 packs in May, which now makes them non-returnable. Verbatim used to be a pretty good product for the money. But if 25% and counting are unusable, I'd recommend spending the extra couple of bucks for Sony or TDK. This has been a horrible purchase and experience.

Maybe someone at Verbatim will do the right thing and send me replacements for my unusable discs(this is their product).
But I wouldn't hold my breathe. Be wary of Verbatim these days. This is not the same product that you remember from 3 years ago! So as of now, this is my last Verbatim purchase.
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