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Verbatim DVD-R 4.7GB 16x AZO Recordable Media Disc - 50 Disc Spindle
Size: 50-Disc|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$13.36+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 25, 2016
Verbatim is a long standing, highly reputable company when it comes to DVD-R discs. I purchased these to burn movies and they work flawlessly. So far not a bad disc in the lot. I am sitting on a bunch of unused discs at the moment however since certain sites I used to find movies have been shuttered. These can burn far more than 120 minutes by the way, you just need to look at the file size you are burning. I have used this company for well over a decade from the time I was burning music CD's from Limewire and Napster up through the present day and they have never let me down. I will continue to purchase in the future. Final note - it should be obvious by the product picture and description but just in case you are wondering they do not come with jewel cases to individually store the discs after you use them. You can purchase these separately for a few bucks if you need them.
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on March 28, 2017
I burned a bunch of files to these DVDs because I needed to free up some hard drive space. Of course, I deleted the files once I burned them. I wish I could turn back time so that I didn't delete them, because MOST of these Verbatim DVDs failed. 52 and counting, to be exact. Some or all of the files on those DVDs are corrupted and inaccessible. (Note to self: ALWAYS double check the files burned to disc before deleting the originals!) I even tried to use some software that allows access to troublesome files, and it couldn't salvage anything. Now during the time that I was burning the aforementioned files, I was also burning some of them onto DVDs from several other brands. Those all checked out flawlessly--no problems whatsoever--so the problem is not with my DVD burner, as I had at first feared. The problem is with the Verbatim discs. I'm not even interested in replacements or a refund; potentially messed up replacement DVDs and/or money can't replace those lost files. Nothing could ever make me buy Verbatim products again.
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on February 11, 2017
I ordered 2 100 packs of these DVD-R's less than three months ago. I returned the first pack back one month ago because it took the first month to realize the first pack had MORE THAN 35 DEFECTIVE DISCS. I attempted to try to use the second pack. From the middle of January to less than the middle of February, MORE THAN 50 of the discs in the second set of 100 discs were unusable. Because I tried to use them before sending them back, "NO REFUND IS AVAILABLE." While trying to open each disc, messages appeared such as:
1. "Recording Error...Cannot record on this disc E65c040901;" 2. "Recording Error...Cannot record on this disc E65c040301;" 3."Can not record...Power Calibration is full;" 4. "Disc Error;" 5. "Please eject the disc...Playback feature not available;" 6. AND, the most frustrating message came AFTER 'recording' more than two hours on several different disc, "Cannot record on this disc."
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on January 15, 2015
The Verbatim name was one that you could always count on in the past for good quality discs. I cannot say that anymore, in fact my advice would be to run as fast as you can from these. I ordered these and received them yesterday all set for a couple hours of recording onto them, first one on the stack failed to format. I had read previous comments stating that very fact - how too many are coasters anymore. But there were so many recent positive reviews that I took my chance with these. I truly regret that decision now. Obviously someone is being paid to give this junk a positive review. So to sum up a long story I choose a disc from the center of the stack, same deal, would not format. So far I have 8 new coasters and one successful burn. I would love to return these to Amazon for a refund, as the fail to success ratio is very lopsided. I notice that these were made in Taiwan, not Japan like they previously were. I will never ever waste my money or time on this brand again. Run away from these – believe me before you too are disappointed and stuck with some expensive coasters.
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on June 9, 2017
I needed an alternative to the TDK DVD-R disks that I used for several years. The reason for the switch was not because I was unhappy with TDK disks because TDK disks worked flawlessly. Instead, I was unable to find TDK disks on Amazon that were sold at the same price point I was accustomed to paying, and more importantly, because TDK DVD-R disks were just unavailable from virtually any vendor. It seems that TDK is no longer manufacturing these disks, and those that are available are being sold at an added premium.

With some trepidation, I sought a reliable alternative to TDK because no one wants to be using unreliable optical disks to archive computer data or to store precious photos and video files. I mention these facts because of several failures of SONY DVD-R disks I used for these purposes.

After reading Amazon reviews and taking into consideration Verbatim's excellent reputation, I chose to use these and have been happy ever since. Why? No disk failures!

Based on my experience, I recommend use of this brand to meet most archival storage needs.
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on April 17, 2016
This is a good brand that I have used before, but something is very wrong with at least one of the two 100 DVD spindles I bought here. I have a stack of 18 coasters here. I have to go through four or five or more to get to a DVD disk that my PC will recognize. I thought maybe the problem was my Sony burner, but I get the same result from my other PC, a Dell Win. 8.1. I am really shocked. This is the first time this has ever happened to me. I guess the stories about counterfeit disks must be true. I guess I should return these, but I keep thinking they can't all be this bad.
I would recommend buyer beware and be ready to return these if you run into this problem.
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on June 10, 2017
I have used Verbatim DVD-R discs in the past and had no problems. I was able to record on them using my TV dvd player and play them back on my computer dvd drive. But I ordered these Verbatim discs recently from Amazon and they would not play back on my computer dvd drive. The computer dvd drive can't read them and spits them out. As a test, to make sure it was not a problem with the computer dvd drive, I recorded on a Verbatim DVD-R disc that I had purchased in the past and it played back perfectly on my computer. I wish that I had checked the reviews before I ordered them because I see that other people had the same problem. It is too bad because Verbatim discs used to be a good product. I am returning these for a refund.
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on July 30, 2016
Very happy so far with the quality of these Discs. I have been experimenting with backing up my movies and preparing them to view on my iPad, Android or PC. Here is what I found so far:

I can fit 4 MP4s on a disc OR one DVD Movie using MPEG2 with a bitrate of 4,000 When I did it at the default 9000 it said I did not have enough room on the disk. My intent was to gradually increase the bitrate for better quality until I could go no higher. But then I did some research and found I could be using BOV which then eliminated the step of adjusting the bitrate. All went well and it was much simpler.

I have not tried to fit more than one movie yet and I am not sure it is even necessary for me. Although I do intend to experiment a bit more. I am a little rusty at burning DVDs (It's been a very long time). and since I had to do a little research I wanted to put it out there for anyone else in the same boat. Hope it helps eliminate some steps.

It may be possible I can fit more than 4 MP4s and I will update my review if I find I can. So far no coasters.
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on June 5, 2016
Good price.

I am under no obligation to provide a positive review and received no incentives or rewards for doing so. My aim is to highlight features and drawbacks that I would want to know about as a buyer, not hype the product for the manufacturer to increase sales. My remarks are sincere and true. I work very hard trying to write insightful and thoughtful reviews for each item. My hope is that these reviews are helpful to others. If it did not, please comment with how I can improve; this helps me to be a better reviewer. While it is true that many items are received at discounted rates or complimentary, my reviews are completely unbiased as well as honest and are my personal experiences and opinion of the product. Once again, it is just my own opinion and experience with the product, your own opinion and experience may vary. I received no monetary compensation and not required to give a good review. This disclosure is in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines on Testimony and Advertising
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on September 16, 2016
Been using Verbatim DVD-R and DVD+R disc since the burners became available. I use them for secondary backups (hard drives as primary) and for videos and movies sent to family. Periodically I get a bad copy but that is true of every brand; Verbatim is no worse than any other brand and has been better than some and much better than some. My copies are for personal use and are made on my home computers. I do have multiple burners available and when I have a problem I switch burners or readers depending on the problem - usually the problem reading a burnt disc has been due to the heads being aligned different between the burner and the reader; sometimes the problem is the software being used or even the hardware. Overall I like Verbatim disc, will continue to use them and I highly recommend them.
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