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on February 19, 2017
This is the second time I've ordered these slim storage cases, after being very pleased with the first set.

The cases are clear in the front, with one of five colors for the back half, which worked very well for me. I made a CD cover with a picture on the front and writing on the back, and having the clear front made it easier to see this. I sent a single CD in a jewel case, with a few sheets of written material folded in half, to a number of people, using FU GLOBAL Kraft Bubble Mailers #1, also bought on Amazon. The CDs and their cases arrived undamaged, and the recipients liked the presentation in these jewel cases.

I don't recall having one of these jewel cases break, even though I carry them around in a packed briefcase and they get frequent use. So from my perspective they're a good quality product. For my own use, I like having the five colors to differentiate among CDs used for various purposes. It's much easier than having everything in clear cases. Will buy again when this box runs out. Recommend!
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on February 17, 2016
I have always loved these cases and have continued to buy them for years. My mother-in-law tends to make me CDs of all of the photos she takes at parties, but she never has any cases to put them in and gives them to me in Zip-Loc bags - not the best protection in the world for memories you can't get back. These cases are the slimmest cases you can get when you want a case that doesn't take up much storage. They are barely thicker than the thickness of a CD, and you get a few different colors to jazz things up a bit. Great, protective cases that are surprisingly durable, given that at first glance you might consider them to be flimsy. Protect your family's memories with these babies.
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on November 29, 2015
I really like these cases. I have been using mostly Verbatim for over 10 years with only minor issues. There are some complaints that some break easily or some might be broken. Given the cost, I expect that occasionally I will run into a case or two that break.

I prefer the colors for organization, easy to find, and they just look better then boring black cases. The thin profile allows you to store a CD/DVD almost anywhere but still provide protection. Eventually, physical media will enter our history books permanently but until then. Buy these cases, they are great for just keeping in a closet as needed.
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on November 19, 2016
Basically a nice product. Very light and thin, so easy to store. Five colors included, good for organizing.
However, almost 50 cases arrived cracked, some actually splintered along the edge opposite the hinge. I have to handle them very carefully to avoid injury (very jagged edges where they've broken).
The box in which they arrived was intact, so they may have been damaged during storage. Unfortunately I purchased in July but did not start using them until November, so I noticed the problem way too late to return them. Perhaps the vendor can check the storage procedures to prevent this in the future.
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on December 26, 2016
I purchased the Verbatim Slim CD and DVD Storage Cases - 50 Pack - 5 Assorted Colors 94178. They were packaged well and shipped fast. There were no broken cases or hinges. These are what I consider very basic storage cases, and they come in five colors (blue, purple, orange, pink, and orange). They're not thick or sturdy, but I didn't expect them to be. They're thin plastic for compactness. The hinges will break easily and the cases will crack easily, exactly like the ones you buy in big box stores. They're not amazing protection, but they're decent storage. Both CD's and DVD's fit with no problem. Considering the price and the number of cases, for storage purposes & basic protection, it's a good value.
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on February 22, 2017
When I told my boyfriend to open the package for me he saw the pretty colors and texted me and was like IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! so yeah! Beautiful colors, thin cases, easy to store... they're clear colored so you can actually see what's inside. I wrote on mine so I can keep the case for each cd to organize better in my car.
The one thing that's a little annoying is you have to snap it together in just the perfect way for it to shut... otherwise you break the little clamp or just pull ur hair out trying to shut it. But once u find the sweet spot it's easy.
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on July 5, 2013
i would have bet $20 i made a review. i went through all 33 pages to see. ok. here's MY 10 cents. yeah yeah, a bit flimsy. but what in hell ya doing people,.. throwing them around your room? personally i never found 1 in a case that was broken when it got here. and i have only broken 2 myself by dicking around and being in a damn hurry. i buy these over and over. i collect movies, and do not always get good cases from the factory. IE/ERGO/ wild wild west tv series; poor construction. cardboard boxes for sleeves. SO i buy these plastic ones to keep them safe. so if you're going to go-by the ones here whining about cheap go try cardboard once. you won't do it twice....i guarantee it!!! so, make up your mind. go look around. then come back and compare. plastic. --$14 for 50.

plastic is plastic. NONE of it will stand for ya to be abusing it...."I" just like COLORS.......NOT clear. clear is boring.
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I buy a lot of different television series on DVD and many times the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. For example, I recently purchase the entire series of M*A*S*H - Martinis and Medicine Complete Collection, one with notoriously poor packaging that people complain about. No, after so many years they will not be changing their packaging and in order to preserve the discs it was necessary to find an alternative storage system. I wanted something that would not only preserve my investment, but also cases that I could see through in order to read the titles of the DVDs.

I've seen these cases before and there are several things I like about them. They are solid and slim without being bulky like a jewel case. If needed I can exchange the CDs in the bulkier cases to these to put in my car. I like the color coding (orange, purple pink, green and blue), especially when I'm going to repackage things like an entire television series. I can arrange the DVDs an quickly spot a particular season. The box they come in, although quite lightweight, can double as a storage container until you get something more permanent. Last, but not least, they are quite affordable and attractive.
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on February 10, 2016
This purchase got me to try Amazon Prime since you must be a member to purchase. Purchased with a thirty pack spindle of Verbatim 4.7 GB DVD+RW. They seem to be substantial enough for storage and transport in a case, and will certainly perform its primary function of protecting the disc.
As an aside, The wife is certainly happy about Amazon Prime and the shipping will likely pay for itself with the added benefit of free movies and books. The Amazon app works just fine with Roku, even considering my pitiful 3 MB DSL internet. That is just sad, but its all there is here other than smoke signals. The only fiber optic here is passing through on a truck.
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on June 8, 2015
I'm not quite sure why so many folks are having problems with these being broken unless it is the packaging by Amazon which ranges from extremely poor to adequate prior to being shipped. But even with this being the case, my experience has been generally favorable and I buy 2 to 4 50 packs every few months for the back-ups I'm making of my CD collection...and will be buying more today. With roughly 2500 CD's in my collection this takes a bit of time, but I want both a hard copy back up as well as a digital image of each Disc. I have very few of these cases arrive damaged except when the shipping packaging is poor or worse. For example, I only had a total of 2 jewel cases with cracks in them in the last shipping of 3 50 packs from the middle of April. The colors you see in the pic are the colors you get. I don't know what colors people are expecting, but there are red, blue, purple, green and orange. I've had no problems with these cases snapping shut and they generally hold up well unless you're carelessly tossing them against the back window of your car or on the floor or into a box. They ARE plastic after all and for roughly 20 cents a case, there should be little to complain about them.
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