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on October 20, 2011
Data speeds on LTE are excellent, but this device comes with some limitations and drawbacks that keep it from a 5 star ratings. First, and foremost, the configuration is **much** more complicated that anticipated. As a techie, I wondered how any non-technical person would have set this thing up. Second, this device does not automatically switch between LTE and CDMA. You must manually specify which network you want to join. When I first started testing this thing, I thought it was faulty, since I was only getting .7Mbps. Turns out, it was set to "Global", which wouldn't utilize LTE until I specified LTE Only. This makes it really annoying when traveling on the road and leaving town, or going to a fringe area, where service might otherwise switch back and forth based on signal strength. Instead, you must choose. Apparently, this might be a limitation of early-generation LTE hardware, which requires two separate Third, it sucks down battery like an alcoholic and a bottle of whiskey. Consider purchasing a larger (and more inconvenient) battery. Fourth, the service signal tanks and the unit shuts off when switching between on-power/charging versus on-battery. Don't start any long downloads while not connected to wifi, as you might lose your connection and essentially be billed twice (due to per GB data costs. Fourth, Verizon gave me an extremely hard time about activation due to the fact it was not sold by them. It took a fair bit of explaining that this was a free and clear contract-free device. Unfortunately, their service plans also require a $35 activation fee, meaning that you can't easily shut off and on service without some significant unexpected costs. This reduces its usefulness versus pre-paid data plan service, such as that for the iPad. The very anti-consumer policies in place and unfriendly Verizon staff made me want to return it and just tell Verizon to burn. At the end of the day, they finally figured it out, and were courteous enough to me, but the whole experience left me pretty sour and took roughly 3 hours to sort out between Verizon and Amazon Wireless.

All told, if you need speed and convenience of data anywhere, this is the best device out there. If you can wait for a next generation device, you're probably better off. If you can get adequate coverage from any other carrier than Verizon or AT&T, I would strongly recommend exploring your options.
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on August 13, 2012
Three pitfalls here. (1) The Verizon Wireless MIFI 4510L WI-FI 4G LTE Portable Hotspot came without a SIM card. (2) The instructions did not say one word about activating-- I was told by the store where I bought the SIM card that it could be activated over the www via my laptop. Not True. Took an hour and a half to try to activate it over the phone. (3) Although this model number is identical with the prepaid (No-contract) version of this MIFI unit, Verizon could not activate it with the SIM card we bought from a Verizon store. Customer service claimed it was the model used only with contracts.

Major confusion. Lost time. Fortunately, Amazon accepts returns.

ADDED after iteration with replacement device:

Amazon gave a prompt refund. Thanks!

I ordered the same model from Verizon, making sure I selected the one for prepaid plans. Called Verizon to activate the SIM card that came with the device. After 4 tries over a 12 hour period, succeeded in setting up the prepaid account online. Still no internet. Called technical support. They advised logging into the MiFi device and executing "Reset to Factory Defaults". Internet now works. Whew.

I debated increasing the rating to 3 stars, but decided that any device that exists in two forms under the same model number and requires so much effort to get working only deserves 2. Might go to 2 and a half. The device can work. Verizon customer service was very patient and helpful, but it was a slow process to arrive at the correct procedures.

for the eventual success experience.
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on October 4, 2013
I live past the end of even copper wire so wire based Fast Internet was not an option. I have tried different over the air internet WALAN (-1SP) from Clearwire to some local private guys who put a 3 foot dish on my roof and they all had the same problem. When it rained, they quit.. To date my best experience had been with a Cricket Crosswave hotspot that routinely gave me 1mbps speeds and it still has some features not available on the 4510L. Like an internal memory slot and the ability to make your own "shared cloud" storage. Also a web ui to send and receive text messages using the HotSpot number.

So Far the 4510L is giving me an average of about 3.5 mbps at my home which is as fast or faster than ANYTHING else I have tried. I have seen download speeds as high as 20mbps.

At present I have signed up with Verizon on a $50/5GB prepaid monthly plan.

Because the Unit was used, and all the original factory passwords were not available, it did require a Master Reset and the assistance of a Verizon Tech to get it set-up. They were able to use the numbers from the inside to get the original factory information.

Bear in mind, that if the unit had been reported stolen, they would not have activated it.
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on April 24, 2016
Its not what it's suppose to be it won't stay charged an it won't charge while it's on u have to turn it off its the worst mifi box I ever got an I've had quite a few wouldn't advice u to buy one!
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on November 10, 2016
Battery life is pretty bad.....I had this at 4 stars up until today. The battery port broke...just came right out of the socket. These are supposed to be brand new and is under manufacturer warranty. Not happy at all that my money is totally wasted
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on November 14, 2016
This device works very well after you do a firmware update. I had to install the update through my computer because it did not want to update over the air. Although the battery life could be better, given the age of the device it works pretty well.
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on June 11, 2017
Product is exactly what I need to help with not going over data, because money tight company I work for doesn't offer wifi for its employees 🙄 Of course, you have to purchase a prepaid plan for it to fully function but other than's piece of cake. Common sense with assembly of the device and password works just fine. I did that it may not pickup immediately but if you do an simple turn on/off wifi it will show up. It's good for about 6-8 hours for battery life. Definitely, worth what I paid and more 🤗
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on January 4, 2015
News flash: any data you buy expires in 30 days from the day you buy it, so don't plan on getting the 10 gig for $90 because it is the best deal unless you actually expect to use 10 gig in the next 30 days. Also, you cannot create a MyVerizon account for this. The online chat support people cannot help you with pre-paid accounts, and the phone support people for pre-paid accounts say that (a) you manage pre-paid MiFi accounts through a different portal than the normal Verizon portal, (b) you get information about that portal by trying to access the internet over your MiFi when you have run out of data, and (c) currently that portal is down.

Note that the Verizon website will act like you can register your MiFi on it. It will ask for the phone number assigned to the device (10 digits), then the device ID (15 digits), then your SIM ID (20 digits), then tell you to pick a pre-paid plan. However, if you press the button to pick a plan, it once again asks for the phone number (10 digits), the SIM ID (20 digits), and then generates some non-sensical error message. Don't waste your time.
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on January 13, 2013
I have had the 3G Mifi since July 2010. I decided to take advantage of 4G speeds and upgrade.

On my original 3G mifi the download speeds were about 2.5 to 4 Mb/s, I usually got close to 3 almost anywhere. Even in remote parts of Texas west of Ft. Worth at a scout camp I got 2.5 Mb/s. The old Mifi would roam and got a signal almost anywhere in the US.

With this new 4G device I get 4G speeds ranging from 5 to 12 Mb/s when I am in a 4 G area. However, if the signal isn't strong it dropped to 3G regualarly. Even in my house it is sometimes only 3G.

Here is the problem. This device only has a max speed of 0.98 Mb/s when in 3G mode. When I would work (as a passenger) traveling on road trips I got 3 times as fast of internet from the old mifi when on the interstate between cities. This device is optimized for 4 G and will work fine for that purpose in a major city, but is terrible for travelling on the road since I am stuck at less than 1 Mb/s.
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on August 31, 2015
I bought this device on amazon a month ago, I saw it was suppose to be unlocked, which is why I put my SIM card in the device, and it didn't work. I have unlimited web in my data plan. I still had to deal with Verizon and their wack plans, wasted 60 bucks for no reason what so ever, its 3gb for 60 and it only lasted me a week. How can I get my money back. Next time just tell the truth in the description
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