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on April 11, 2011
I wanted to cover some of the features of the light that others had left out. Hope this helps you in your buying decision.
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on December 23, 2010
I bought my first Kindle in late November, I disregarded reviews and bought the Kindle Lighted Leather Cover. The light is horrible, bottom half of the screen isn't lit well at all! So, looking to get better lighting...I researched options on Amazon and saw Amazon Reviewer/Shopper Erin Cormier's video review of the Versa Clip-On Light. Her video showed all of the features and convinced me to buy the Versa Clip-on Light.

As Ms. Cormier's video shows, this light clips on the top or side without covering the screen. It is very flexible so I can shift it depending on where I am reading.

Two unexpected benefits. First, I can leave the light clipped to the Kindle and bend it across the top of the closed case...I don't have to take it on and off as I expected. Second, the light came with extra batteries!

There is a reason this light keeps selling out. Don't waste money on a lighted cover, get this light instead!
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on December 29, 2011
I tend to obsess about finding the perfect solution for things, and this happened also with my search for a light for my new kindle touch, that I absolutely love. I ended up trying 7 different lights, and will post this comparison as a review for all of them. Hopefully others can benefit from my experience...

- Might Bright XtraFlex2: It is, indeed, mighty bright, but more in scope than in intensity. It casts light on a HUGE area, enough to disturb my partner in bed... On the kindle itself, it is only slightly brighter than other lights. Not enough to justify its size in my opinion. Which brings us to its other flaw - it is BIG. The clip is too large to clip straight onto the top of the kindle. I had to clip it diagonally. It seemed to work and be stable that way, but it is a big beast, and would not be convenient for travel, for me. Given that the illumination onto the kindle itself was only slightly brighter than other lights, I didn't think it was a good solution.

- Verso clip-on: Good travel size, very very blue light, not very bright, and it actually POPPED OFF my kindle when I tried to adjust the head of the light to shine in a slightly different direction. And while it's fairly small, it does not fold in any particular way, so it's not very compact.

- Verso Arc: Nice form factor, but I found the bright but somewhat uneven, and worst of all (which is why I returned it), if I held it in bed in a particular angle that I happen to like, the light reflected off the top of the screen in a really annoying way. Also, the light was VERY much on the blue end of the spectrum ("cold").

- Octovo: Also a compact light, but I found it very weak.

- Belkin Clip-On: As *light*, this was the best light of all. It is the only one that was truly "warm" (more like daylight), rather than blue. I loved the *light*. BUT, it is NOT adapted for the kindle touch!!! The adapter they send is for the kindle *keyboard* (as off Dec 2011). It just keeps falling off the kindle touch. With tried it with my partner's keyboard, and it fit perfectly. So watch out for that. Furthermore, it IS bulky. I could live with the bulk because I loved the light itself so much, but if it keeps falling off, that makes it useless. If they ever come out with a version for the touch, I might buy it just to have by the bed, and use another light for travel (see below).

- Kandle (regular): Form factor wise, it is the nicest and most elegant. Fits on the Kindle like a glove, and even fits into my Belkin sleeve for the kindle. Yes, the light on the screen is a bit uneven (weaker at the bottom or on the further side, depending on whether you have it mounted on the side or the top), but not terribly so. BUT it has two major flaws. (1) When you close the lid, the light does not shut down automatically. And once it's shut, you don't notice it's on. Easy to go through a set of batteries per day in this way... And (2), the on/off button is too easily pressed. I pulled it out of my purse to find the light on, when I know I shut it off. So if you'll have it anywhere where it might come in contact with other things, again, watch out for battery issues...

- Kandle Flex: This is the one I ended up with. Again, like the other kandle, fits on the kindle like a glove. It's very compact, easy to adjust the direction of the light without disturbing the base (unlike the mighty bright or the verso clip-on), very compact, small form factor, and decent light. Because the direction of the light is adjustable, it's easy to get relatively even light throughout. The only negative I have is that the light is not quite as warm as a the belkin (but I am not sure it's doable with "watch" batteries), and is a touch weaker than I'd like, again, I think because they use watch batteries. In exchange, you get a very nice, light, compact form factor. So, while not perfect, it is, in my opinion, the clear winner in this lot, and the one I ended up
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on March 14, 2014
I've ordered two different reading lights for the Kindle before, and I was disappointed with both. One, I couldn't get into the battery compartment to even try using it. The other, it'd be okay when I first flipped the switch but dimmed quickly (brand new, it shouldn't have had battery problems). I ordered this one used, because I didn't want to throw away more cash on products that wouldn't work. I also wanted to make it easier for me to not pass out with lights on, since it's a lot easier to push a button to turn off lights than it is to get up and switch them off when you're ready to pass out.

This thing is *bright*. It's brighter to read in the dark with it on than if I'd use a lamp/overhead lights in my apartment. There's a single, push to use button on top of the light to turn it on and off. It's also incredibly flexible, so I can pin it to the top of my Kindle and contort it to whatever position is best for how I'm laying reading (to minimize glare). I use it was an old Kindle Keyboard, and it's helped get rid of the desire to buy the Paperwhite. Why bother when this works so well?

A few things you may want to know - given how bright this is, it probably wouldn't work to read with while someone's trying to sleep next to you. If the person can't sleep with normal lighting on, this is definitely too much. Also, the flexibility of the light can mean it doesn't stay in the position you twist it to exactly. I'll get it just right, decide I need to turn to my other side to get comfy and read, and then notice that the angle's adjusted from me moving. I don't really mind it personally (otherwise I wouldn't give it 5 stars), but I guess it could be irritating to some.

I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend this to my friends. And, should mine stop working and this still be available for purchase, I'll probably buy another one. At the very least, I'll stick with this company.
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on December 30, 2013
What I love about this light is that unlike the mighty bright (which I used for years), this one does not obscure the screen in any way. It fits the 6" basic kindle perfectly, clipping onto the top but not going beyond the edge. It stays in place, doesn't move and allows you to read the entire kindle screen, without having to attach it to a separate cover. As a comparison, the mighty bright had possibly (marginally) better light but if attached directly, the mighty bright would cover some of the screen which was a annoying, so I mostly used it with a cover. The mighty bright also had a nasty habit of snapping open/closed when removing it. This one doesn't need to be removed, it's a great fit.

I find the light itself to be more than adequate. Not sure if those complaints are about a larger kindle size.
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on December 29, 2013
I was so pleased with this light it just enabled me to read my basic e reader in a darker light, it is a good light source. It is neat and fits well onto the e-reader and you can move the arm to a position which suits you. Like other reviewers the simple button ton the top of the light is easily activated and if in a bag and pressed against anythng it will switch on. Best to secure it when packing it so nothing will contact it . I just rolled some bubble wrap around mine before slipping it into my handbag and it worked.
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on December 30, 2010
I was immediatley disappointed with this product. The light creates a bright round glare where the light falls and illuminates little else. I angled my light facing up as much as I could to reduce the glare (which further reduces functionality) and continued to use the light. When I unclipped the light one day, I noticed a large crack right along the top of the kindle where the light has been clipped. Although my Kindle is still functional, I don't appreciate the damage caused by simply clipping a light onto it, as directed in the Verso instructions. I do NOT recommend this product!!
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on November 1, 2011
I bought the Verso Clip-On Reading Light for Kindle to use with my M-Edge Kindle cover, based on reviews. One reviewer criticized the shortness of the M-Edge light, preferring the longer length of the gooseneck on the Verso. My experience with the Verso was: It was okay for angling the light for optimum reading, but the clip kept popping off the edge of my Kindle! This was annoying, at best! Then, the battery ran out within a week, and its having a CR2 battery really made this problematic! The Verso came with an extra set of batteries, so I replaced the original set. Not only did the Verso keep popping off my Kindle, there was no way to store it in the M-Edge cover, so I just left the Verso light at home whenever I took the Kindle with me anywhere. Meanwhile, as I watched the Verso's second set of batteries drain, I ordered the M-Edge light. Like night and day, to make a very weak pun! The M-Edge takes one AAA battery, the advantage of which is HUGE. Also, the length of the gooseneck has little or no bearing on aiming the light. The fact that the M-Edge light can be angled up or down parallel to the long edge of the Kindle lends much more variability to aiming the light. Also, I've had the M-Edge light for a week now, using it to the same degree as I did the Verso, and I've not noticed any dimming of the light. It's also helpful that the M-Edge light has an automatic timer: it shuts off after 60 minutes. I'm not worried about the battery draining, since I always have AAA batteries on hand. So, if you're debating which light is better for use with the M-Edge cover, the M-Edge light is far superior. I'm now just using the Verso light on puzzle books, but even that isn't too great since the light has become dim, and it's so heavy, it keeps making the pages where it's clipped flop down, even if it's almost the whole book. Then it becomes unclipped and falls off.
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on January 13, 2014
I ordered both at the same time and ended up loving this one so much, I don't understand the poor reviews that say the light isn't bring my opinion, it's too bright. I like the clip compared to the belkin. The belkin lamp attachment it just too large for my kindle without a cover (my preferred reading style) and they give you a second piece to adhere but then that's too small for my device, rendering the whole thing useless. If you're trying to decide between verso and belkin, totally go with verso. Zero hassle there.
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Color: Pink|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I LOVE this little light!

Several years ago, the light went out on my computerized sewing machine. It's not user replaceable, and sending it for service was both cost prohibitive and time consuming. I've tried everything, every type of light I could find and nothing was working. They would either be too bulky or not bright enough or the aim of the light wouldn't be useful. If you're a seamstress, you know how important a light is.

So when I saw this little light, I thought I'd give it a go. Even though it's marketed for ereaders, I saw no reason it wouldn't work for what I needed. And if not, no big deal, I'd just use it for reading books when I'm traveling, or late into the night so I don't disturb the hubster.

But, it works perfectly! It's very lightweight, but not cheap. The little arm bends in impossible directions and STAYS that way. The light is bright. Perfect. Now I can happily sew nice, straight seams again! I don't have a dedicated e-reader (with the pages that look realistically like paper), I just use the Kindle app on my tablet, so I can't say how well it works for that. But I can say that it works for real books with pages of real paper, so I imagine the same would be true of an e-reader.

This is a great "little but useful item" for gift exchanges, stockings, Hanukkah, etc.

(BTW, this uses CR2032 batteries when time comes for those to replace them.)
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