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Categories Game
by Verto Lab
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Categories Game is a fast-paced word game. In this game, you will be presented with different categories and asked to come up with a word that begins with a certain letter in each category. Stimulate your grey matter in this engaging game! The more you play, the more categories you unlock. NEW: Premium content is now available for purchase! You can get the Extra Categories pack to extend the game's variety, or a Single Hint for a little help when it gets very challenging. Extra Categories includes: Musicians, Sports Activities, Music Bands, Books, Astronomy, Video Games, Mountains, Desserts, Colleges, and Music Festivals HOW TO PLAY: Alexa: "I rolled the letter A. First category is Animal..." You: "Animal, Ant" Alexa: "Ant is correct. Great. Next category is Country" You: "Country, Austria" Alexa: "Austria, nice answer. Next up is..." And so on... If you enjoyed playing Scrabble™ or Scattergories™, you will have tons of fun with Categories Game! ** Categories Game may sometimes have trouble getting the word correctly or let you say a word that doesn't belong in the category, but we are constantly expanding the lexicon and the game keeps improving with time. Thanks for your understanding. FEEDBACK: If you like the game, leaving a review will help us greatly. We are motivated by our satisfied players, so please send us any comments, ideas or issues you are having at Thank you! LEADERBOARD: Do your quickest and sharpest to get on the leaderboard. - See the scoring system below. - Find the leaderboard at SCORE: - If you could not answer on time, had a wrong answer or Alexa had trouble understanding you (we're sorry for that), you get 0 points for the category. - If your answer was accepted, you get 50 minus the number of seconds it took you to answer. - Your score is the sum of points you received in a round. TIPS: - You can skip a category by saying "Skip category" or "I don't know". If you don't say anything for longer than 6 seconds the game will quit (Alexa's interface limitation). - You can say "repeat category" if you've lost track or need to buy some time to think. - If Alexa rolled the same letter twice or you just want to change the letter for any reason, say "Change the letter". - Try maximizing your score by acing all categories without mistakes!
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