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on November 27, 2012

Features: 1 star * - (minimal features)
Quality & Durability: 2 stars ** - (mediocre/fragile)
Value for Money: 3 stars *** - (reasonable)
Price: 4 stars **** - (good price @ $42.00 paid)
Appearance: 5 stars ***** - (excellent appearance also nicely boxed with display stand.)

OVERALL RATING: 3 stars ***

This watch comes in a fairly decent & nice looking dark blue box with well made pull out adjustable display stand. Each watch also comes with a useful guitar pick with Vestel Logo, which is a nice unexpected touch.

This is a very nice looking inexpensive fashion watch, both on and off the arm. (best suited for people with slightly beefy wrists IMHO) ..... *The strap is not all that long so if you have extra wide wrists, it could be a tight fit.
The watch has a SURPRISINGLY THIN PROFILE and is also VERY LIGHT WEIGHT, making it a real pleasure to wear. (Best Uses: Casual & Smart/Casual.)

If you are looking for a watch that has many features with all the "bells & whistles", .... you best look elsewhere!

The Face and Outer Case of the watch is PLASTIC which certainly helps in keeping the watch very light and also very thin in profile, HOWEVER it can VERY EASILY be SCRATCHED and MARKED. The Band is made from a nice comfortable and decent looking polyurethane type material which looks and feels well made and well designed.

The back of the watch is made from stainless steel with an interesting design. Unfortunately the plastic casing makes the watch look somewhat inexpensive (which it admittedly is), yet it's STILL a very NICE LOOKING WATCH and one that can be worn proudly.
There are 2 buttons in front for TIME SETTING and DATE and 2 buttons on opposite side for illuminating the the digits in a beautiful Aqua Blue color. (one button would have made more sense IMHO)

Although the watch is rated to be waterproof, I would definitely NOT want to put it to the test, that's for sure! At best I would rate this watch as SPLASH PROOF Only .... and would NOT RECOMMENDED the watch be submersed in any depth of water, regardless what they may rate it as. (JMHO)

If your expectations are not too high, you should be very satisfied with this watch. You can't go wrong for the price!

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on January 15, 2018
I do like these watches but I feel quality control has become bad. I had one for many years and it worked fine but was looking a bit worn. So, I just bought a new one and it arrived showing the time but I pushed one button and the display went off never to return. I tried a new battery - no success. Since I was mainly looking for new case, I took the new watch apart, removed/replaced the non-working internals with the working internals from my watch. This worked but after a couple of weeks that watch display went away never to return, even with a new battery. By that time, but window to return the new watch expired so I gave up on it.
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on August 31, 2016
Good - This a cool looking watch and very slim and light weight. I have received many compliments on the watch. It is very comfortable to wear. Very good warranty response and service.

Bad - Soon after purchasing the watch (a month maybe) it began to loose time until eventually it was an hour off. I reset the time only to have the same thing happen. I contact the warranty service and sent the watch back, they determined it couldn't be fixed and replaced it. The replacement watch I received lasted a little longer before it started doing the same thing of loosing time. I again contacted warranty and told them what happened. This time they paid for shipping since this was the second time but this time I received the watch back with the service letter saying they replaced mechanism inside. Although AGAIN after not to long the watch starting loosing time. That is 3 in a row and I don't think I am going to bother asking for another which sucks because I really like the watch design. Oh and the buttons don't work very good.
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on September 22, 2014
UPDATE: Couple splashes of water when washing my hands and the watch battery died. They want 10 dollars for them to repair the watch. Any warranty described should be taken with a heavy grain of salt. WASTE OF MONEY!!!

Bought this watch for work because it was simple and very lightweight. The watch looks cool and tells the time. It can hurt my wrist after 8 hours of use. That is because of the rigid design and the fact that my job has me constantly moving my wrist around in the watch.

Since the new applewatch has been released I get comments about my watch on a daily basis. Everyone thinks it is a smart watch. I like this watch.
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on January 5, 2015
I like these watches, the design is very thin and light. Minimal information, just date and time and I usually know what the date is anyway. For inexpensive watch this is attractive, i have gotten more positive compliments on this watch than any other than I have owned. I recently purchased two more since my first one was showing wear and some discoloration (I wear a watch 24/7/365 until it quits) and my wife and I both like this design. Both unfortunately came with totally flat batteries and needed replacement batteries, but since we got the watches so inexpensively this was not a deal breaker.
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on January 25, 2013
I really like this watch and get compliments on it for how thin and sleek it is. It's pretty straightforward with no need to read instructions and is comfortable to wear.

Now the point of my headline is, when I go to put on a jacket or a hoodie (almost anything with sleeves) my watch gets caught and the outside function button is triggered and it flashes the hour at me till I look at my watch the next time. So it stops time in a way by accident. I wear it on my left arm, so I suppose if I adopt wearing watches on my right then it may not happen and would only trigger the light mechanism. Who knows, maybe I should wear one on each arm.

Oh well. I still wear it in rotation and find a way to forgive it when that happens.
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on November 21, 2014
The reason that I am bothering to write a review of this watch is because its aesthetics have produced a tangible social benefit in my life. I wear watches because I have ADHD and a busy schedule and it helps to have one for exams etc. I purchased it off a daily deal a year and a half ago for 30 dollars. As a watch it has rudimentary function, it tells time, seconds and the buttons are inconvenient for people who wear it on their left hands in that when I move my wrist it occasionally resets the time.
However, it is an amazing conversation piece or accessory. It seemingly goes with anything, from a suit or business casual to hip hop streetwear. People come up to me all the time and ask about it and see if does cool stuff. They assume it's some kind of smartwatch, but the aesthetic ideal of a smartwatch rather than the ugly, unwieldy reality. If they're more discerning, they can tell that it isn't a smartwatch but they'll still remark on its obviously well thought out and pleasing aesthetics. I've gotten these comments from all sorts of people. Now, I would sometimes be happy wearing a g shock watch because it has more features (stopwatches, world time etc), but people rarely seem to notice them.
Therefore, if you're awkward and introverted, people will come and ask you about this watch and it's a great way to start small talk (don't focus on it too much, though!).
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on August 22, 2017
This is my favorite watch I bought over 4 years ago on and it finally went dead after all these years. So happy to find this on Amazon at a significantly lower price, but the battery was DOA so I had to get a new one. Aside from that I love this watch. It's a basic ordinary watch but I always get comments on how cool it looks.
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on January 23, 2014
Take a step back in time and go back to the 80's .... Very Retro modern look ..... if your looking for attention this one will get it .... got it 2 days ago and only had it on my wrist today ... had at least 4 diffrent people comment on it !

seems to be a good quality watch .... but heck it was only $25 .... so as far as im conceren you cant go wrong.

my only dissapointment and why i didnt give it 5 stars .... the battery was dead .... very frustrating ! cost another $9 to get a new one in.
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on April 1, 2013
This is a great simple watch. It's stylish, very thin, and very light. The time is very easy to read in the the daylight and the light button makes it great for looking at the watch in the dark. The watch is so light I sometimes forget i'm wearing it. I also like the strap and it's design. The one downside to the watch is that it DOES scratch easily. You have to be careful bumping or scratching its face against other objects because it WILL scratch. If it weren't for the scratching, I'd give this watch 5 out of 5 stars.
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