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on February 8, 2013
I bought this to take to the thrift store to listen to vinyl before I buy. I have used it to convert two albums to CD so far and the sound is very good- not audiophile quality for sure, but quite listenable and pleasant. I use "Spin it Again" software for recording to computer

PROS- Small and lightweight
Decent sound quality
Can hook up to amp via left and right RCA type cords-still need to have USB cord
connected- see comments below
Simple to use- pick up the tone arm and move it toward the record and the turntable
comes on
CONS- 45 records can only be played if you have an adapter, none included
45 records are played at 33 rpm speed, turntable has no speed adjustment- you
adjust playback speed in the software
No option for 78s and in fairness these need a special stylus to play properly
without damaging the record anyway
Others have noted speed variance, although I did not use a strobe to check my
speed it sounded quite close- there is a recessed screw in the bottom of the unit that
can be used to adjust speed if necessary
USB cord is the only power source option for the unit, there is no provision for
batteries or an external power adapter, so USB will need power at all times when in
No automatic tone arm return means you will need to pay attention and pick up the tonearm when at the end of the record, this is a manual turntable.
Others have written about a warped turntable mat. Mine has a slight lift at one end that could easily be either heated slightly and then have a weight put on it for a short time, or use some rubber cement to hold the matt down. It caused no problem in playback however.

Summation- does a good job, I am going to sell mine as I was given a portable turntable for my thrift shop treasure hunts, and I already have another setup for digital transfers. That said, this machine works fine for casual use and really cannot be beat for the price.
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on September 27, 2013
This compact little unit rocks! It's a great value. Easy hookup to the computer. Here's the deal on 45s (& 78s): the unit won't play them at that speed. However, this unit is not really meant for just playing vinyl. It's meant to digitize your vinyl. First go to Audacity's website & download the latest version of their software. I think it's currently 2.04. Record your 45 or 78. Then go into the menu of the software under effects. You'll find an "adjust speed" setting there. There is a present for both 45s and 78s. There's even a slide to manually adjust the speed, though I don't recommend that unless you have a really good ear for pitch. The presets work great. The software can be a little hinky sometimes, but considering it's free and the unit is so cheap, this is a really good deal. With just a little practice with the software, I've already digitized about 10 albums and am getting pretty quick with it.
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on January 19, 2014
This turntable does exactly what it's supposed to do, cheaply. What you get are digital copies of your vinyl recordings, but every single pop, skip, and scratch comes through. In all fairness, you can use their software to edit out the worst of it. By the way, mine came with no manual nor any software. However, both were easily dowmloaded from the manufacturer's website, and at least I got the newest versions. Oh, and they had software for my Mac, which made me glad!

I didn't bother using the turntable to preserve any recording I could purchase via download or on a CD. The sound I got using the turntable just wasn't as good.

ON the other hand- it was more than valuable in digitally preserving some recordings made on vinyl by my college band. Such things are simply not available, and this turntable made it possible for me to keep and share some music that was irreplaceable. Unfortunately, I doubt that I'll ever use it again. Maybe I should sell it cheap!
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on August 16, 2013
This is NOT a top-of-the-line turntable.
What it IS is a pretty groovy, no-frills way to get your vinyl into a digital state of mind.
Pretty simple to use.
Faithfully reproduces the sounds of your vinyl without breaking the bank.
Compact. Small. Takes up NO room. (OK, it takes up a little, but not even half as much room as the Marantz turntable I had in 1979.)
Plastic construction makes it pretty light-weight, which means low mass. It needs to be places on a pretty stable space when you use it.
No actual speed control. (Speed of recordings other than 33 1/3 is accomplished with Audacity software)
No dust cover.
No counterweight/anti-skate control.

Pros or cons ,,, No matter. If you want to get your tunes off of your vinyl, this thing is pretty well built, and it will get the job done. If you want to have your bros come over to listen to tunes and drink some brews, get yourself a regular turntable that won't wear your records out.
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on December 19, 2013
This little player is okay if you don't mind the smallness of the sound. I grew up with LPs and their analog sound, and this machine gives me some satisfaction to hear my old LPs in mp3 format. It is simple to use, but you have to place the needle on the record manually, and it does not automatically stop at the end. Plus, some records skip. There is no way to adjust the arm weight to prevent that.

If all you want is to put vinyl onto your mp3 player, and don't mind if the quality isn't perfect, this is your machine. I only paid $13 for this last year, and now I see the price is $350! If you're wanting to make high quality digital recordings of analog LPs, don't spend your money on this.
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on March 27, 2013
as just a 33 1/3 RPM player it works fine, once it is plugged in to a USB port and an external set of speakers. there is no way to change the platter speed for 45 RPMs so even with an adapter you can't play them. I thought that the USB would be more than a power cord, that it would allow the player to communicate with the recording program, but no. You have to have the external speakers on to record the record being played. I will be sending it back.
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on January 18, 2013
I was looking forward to converting a ton of vinyl, and this seemed to fit the bill. The fact that it had RCA outs was a huge plus (as I liked having the option to listen to via the stereo as well.

What I received was a turntable with a warped rubber top and a needle that is so bent out of whack that the recordings sound distorted, distant, and almost unrecognizable. Boo! Yes, I tried various records. Yes, I cleaned said records. Yes, I tried working on the needle...all to no avail.

At this point: I may not even go through the hassle of trying to fix or return it. Thanks a ton, Vibe.
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on April 16, 2013
I had recently got to try this product and with much surprise works well with any usb input....I had tried it on the t.v.! Within minutes I was playing great grandma's country records. Even my mom became defensive and claimed this item it was so liked. thank you blusens.
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on February 13, 2013
I have a stack of records that I have not listened to in years and never bothered getting them on DVD. This USB Turntable has been great at converting them to .WAV files which I can turn into MP3's using 3rd party software.
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on March 5, 2013
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