Customer Reviews: Victorinox Swiss Army Farmer Pocket Knife (Silver Alox Ribbed)
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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
Color: Silver Alox, Ribbed|Size: 3.58"L x 1"W x 0.5"H|Change
Price:$31.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on January 26, 2011
I love Victorinox knives. I replaced my old Victorinox Camper, which I used HEAVILY for over 10 years. I wasn't nice about it either. I got it when I was about 11, and it finally got lost when I was about 22. Me and my friends use to joke about how it wouldn't break, rust, or wear out. It was almost kind of creepy. Finally, the scales popped off, and I glued them back on. Here are the things I like about Vic knives:

a. Amazing polished steel. It helps in cutting and makes them resist rust better than any knife I've seen. Things seem to rust in those little crevices created by non-polished steel other brands employ.

b. Sharpen easily. It's weird. They sharpen easily but the blades don't really wear out. Go figure...

c. Carry comfortably.

d. Have MORE than just a blade. Especially this one. It has a TON of uses. Sometimes, just having a blade isn't enough. And we've all seen people use them for screwdrivers - a disaster and big NO NO. I didn't even do this when I was a kid. Don't do it! Vics have screwdrivers on them.

e. THE SAW. This thing is no joke. I've cut nice-sized branches and cedar trees with my camper, and I know this will work as well.

f. The alox scales. They provide a nice grip.

g. Beefed up tools on the alox knives. The tools are somewhat larger and sturdier, especially the blade.

I think this thing could probably clean a deer if it wanted to. I really think it could be done. It will be nice for small game, too. It can do almost anything you want within reason.

This is the last pocket knife I'll buy for a very very very long time...maybe forever. I've had Buck, Gerber, pretty much everything. They haven't quite measured up...they wear out. They rust. I even had a Leatherman SuperTool. The tools are totally inaccessible and the tool is bulky. The steel rusts like crazy...what a pain. It weighs like a pound!

This thing is nice and light and durable. LOVE IT!!!
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on June 29, 2011
Due to a childhood accident with a folding knife I became a 'fixed blade only' person since. I've never found much a small fixed blade couldn't do and I carried one up to the Army, in the Army, and every day since. In truth, a knife IS a multi-tool if you are willing to beat on it enough. :)

Thru a forum, I recently ended up with an early, red Alox farmer. I had no idea the Farmer was one of the best loved models - but I can agree it's a great one. The tiny SAK's appear like toys to me, and the ones with a gazillion widgets on it seem like they belong in a glovebox. I added a "clip draw" so I can clip it to my pocket, and started toting it around. My intention was to "give it a try"....I didn't expect a lot of it.

My surprise is that the saw is incredible, the knife blade is very easy to put a super sharp edge on, and the awl is an incredible firesteel striker.

In the past month or so I've been carrying it, I've yet to need the can opener, or either screwdriver, but the bottle opener does work well, I can attest to, lol.

Will I ever give up carrying a smallish fixed blade daily? No. I enjoy knowing I have a tough survival tool or SD tool close at hand...
but have my eyes been opened to the wonderful SAK Farmer? YES! they have. It's a journey...and for now...the SAK Farmer and I are traveling together.
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on January 4, 2014
i wanted a multiblade knife with a saw blade.
I think it is perfect for ultralight backpacking. The dimpled aluminum side handles have a great feel. not slippery like the red plastic ones you are familiar with. I have long valued Victorinox quality and this knife is no exception.
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on September 21, 2007
Out of all the Alox Victorinox knives, the Farmer has to be my favorite. Nice and razor sharp out of the box. Very "pocketable" with useful tools. Dismiss the idea that these are mere novelty items (Victorinox Knives), a true mini-workhorse. I used the wood saw to cut down a few small diameter trees in my backyard, and the bottle opener used mainly to open my favorite beers, has been used as a light pry tool. Very affordable, warranty, easy to re-sharpen, tough, and classy looking - go get it!
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on March 5, 2016
Beautiful, functional knife. Thicker blades and tools make it a good trail knife. Handymen would also find good use for this knife. Also, the awl being on the end, rather than center of the knife make it more practical. The absence of tools on the spine of the knife make it more comfortable for extended use as it produces no hot spots. I dont understand reveiwers who feel the need to be abusive to their knives to prove how tough or weak the knife is. Personally, Ive used knives all my life and can't remember destroying one. Learn to use your knife properly and you can hand it down to your grandchildren. This knife is a lifetime tool.
review image review image
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on July 24, 2014
The venerable Farmer is up to $30 now. That's a bit high, but the quality is still there. The Farmer is 3-5/8" long when closed and is 7/16" thick. It weighs 3.7 ounces. The liners are aluminum, as are the ribbed Alox (aluminum oxide) handle scales. The ribbed texture gives a better grip than the smooth Alox, and it hides scratches and wear better. On the back is a small (3/4" by 1/4") smooth rectangle so you can engrave something on it. The standard Victorinox split ring is attached, which is just a 3/8" diameter steel split ring. The Farmer is basic, but very capable. None of the blades or tools lock, just so you know. Here's the tool layout, sorted by the layers:
-The knife blade. It's a little larger than a standard Swiss Army Knife blade, at 2-3/4" long with a 2-5/8" cutting edge. It's 56 on the Rockwell scale, and is pretty easy to sharpen. It's your basic Victorinox blade: easy to take an edge, very stain-resistant, and low to medium edge retention. In truth, if you dull the blade before you can touch it up, you probably should have brought a more appropriate tool. The blade opens via nail nick.
-The reamer. It's 1-1/2" long and sharpened to poke holes in things. The arm of the reamer is sharpened on one side as well, enabling you to use it as a fire steel striker. A small lip allows you to open it. I wish this were the standard reamer on all Swiss Army Knives and not just the Alox models, but I see why the flat awl makes more sense on the others.
-The middle layer houses the wood saw. It's 2-7/8" long with some very aggressive teeth. They're kerfed, meaning the teeth are thicker than the spine so the saw doesn't get stuck in wood. They will cut on both the push and pull stroke. The saw is a little flexible, which you want in a saw. The spine is sharp, giving you one more option to strike a ferrocium rod if you have to. A few people don't like the keyring attachment's placement since it digs into the hand while using the saw, so they file it off. I've never experienced this problem, but if it bugs you, that's a quick fix.
-The last (or first, if you're looking at the Victorinox shield on the handle) layer has the bottle opener / wire stripper / large screwdriver. It's 1-1/4" long and just over 1/16" thick. The bottle opener works just fine. The large flathead screwdriver is 1/4" wide, so you can get some torque in larger screws. This tool also has a detent in the halfway position, allowing for even more torque. You can use this tool for light prying, although Victorinox doesn't warranty that.
-The other tool on this last layer is the small screwdriver / can opener. It's 1-1/4" long and will open cans of food quickly. The proper technique is to cut forward, but either way will work. That flathead screwdriver tip is just under 1/8" wide, and it will work with most #2 or #3 Phillips screws as well.

Overall, the Farmer is a great tool. I think the price is getting a bit high, but it's still worth the cost. There are other colors available from time to time: red, blue, and even black. Those will cost a little more money, but the quality is just as good as the plain-Jane aluminum.
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on January 8, 2014
I love the aluminum scales on these. They are much nicer than the plastic ones. The plastic scales can be pulled away from the liner with your fingernail. Not so with the aluminum scales on the Farmer. Don't get me wrong because I still love my Victorinox knives with plastic handles and never had a problem with them breaking or anything. The saw is awesome and I noticed these Farmer knives (I ordered two) are about the same size as my Victorinox Officer model yet the blade, can opener, and bottle opener are thicker metal on the Farmer. This is by far my favorite Victorinox yet. Very sweet knife for the tools you get and the price you pay. Sure the stainless is a little softer than the expensive knives have but it still last a pretty good while before you have to re-sharpen and usually a few light swipes on a pocket diamond or ceramic rod fixes the edge right up. I highly recommend this knife with no hesitation especially if you're a camper or hiker because of the saw which is good for firewood or if hiking and need to make a splint. Anyone who wants the tools this model offers I think will find great satisfaction in the tougher aluminum scales which have a little better grip than the smooth plastic models.
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on June 21, 2013
Very well made knife. Blade and tools are beefier compared to the 91 mm victorinox knifes. Alox scales results in thinner profile and looks and feels good. I use this knife in my fire making kit. The awl is a great fire steel striker and the saw is great for making small uniform fuel for my little backpacking wood stove.
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on December 8, 2015
Love these Alox knives, especially the silver ones. In general, I love the farmer, but it does have a few issues, at least this copy that I received. The can opener has so much tension on it that I almost tore my thumbnail trying to open it the first time. (all the Alox knives are heavy duty, but this was ridiculous.) It is also a bit hard to get into the main blade, over the top of the saw, but that is more of a nit-pick, because you get used to it. The movement of the awl/reamer is a little rough, and it does not close with a strong "snap" like the other tools. The split ring is a pro and a con. I love the ability to hang it from a bungee or a quick release in my pocket, suspending it at a comfortable, easily accessible height. The downsides of the ring, are that it protrudes upward from the back of the knife and can dig into your hand while using the main blade, saw, or can opener. It also, arguably, detracts from clean lines of the models without the ring. Over time, my rating may change, but for now I have to give it only 3 stars.

Update: I carefully sanded the edges of the split ring retainer, and replaced the stock #8 ring with a slightly smaller #7 and it is much nicer to hold now. And part of the problem I was having with the stiff can opener was due to my nails being too long...I have weak nails and they bend I trimmed my nails way back, now it is not an issue as long as I pay attention as I open it. Some people have to do the opposite, and grow their nails long to make it easier to grasp the nail nicks...whatever works for each person.

I feel like Victorinox quality or at least quality control has slipped a bit. They are still one of the best around, and simply iconic, but I have received a couple of knives recently that I was not happy with.
At any rate, I'm a happy camper now.
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on January 23, 2009
I have many SAKS, But the one I always come back to is the Vic Farmer. Tha Alox scales look great after many years of service. The main blade is razor sharp from the factory and easy to maintain. The saw is the cat's meow in my book, The teeth stay sharp and are self cleaning. I have opened hundreds of cans with the opener. It's a cinch with a little practice. If you want a versatile SAK that will virtualy last a life time. The Victorinox Farmer is the one for you.
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