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It cores, peels, and slices. Not only does it save tons of time, but it's MUCH safer than using a paring knife to peel apples or potatoes. The suction cup sucker works well and the entire unit is easy to clean.

It takes about 40 seconds to core, peel, and slice an apple.
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on October 20, 2012
This is the first year my little orchard has produced large quantities of apples, so I hauled out a vintage mechanical peeler that had been sitting in the attic for 25 years. I spent an hour trying to fine tune it and not have it destroy every apple I tried. I thought I was stuck with hand peeling, but decided to check and see if there was anything available that wasn't more trouble than it was worth. After reading the reviews for various peelers here, and watching a bunch of YouTube videos, I decided to give this one a try. It worked perfectly right out of the box, and required only about 30 seconds to screw on the handle and the tines.

Here is what I liked best:

-Solid construction, nicely machined, and well-finished
-Suction base sticks fiercely to my granite counter and doesn't come loose; if you have a smooth, non-porous surface to mount it on, this is so much better than the ones that clamp to the underside of the counter with a screw (and invariably wobble)
-Very clearly written instruction book (not some bad translation into English from another language)
-Reasonable price (I know there is another one on this site that looks about the same, and costs a few bucks less, but I thought this one had better overall reviews)
-Works with a wide variety of apple sizes, even ones that are pretty large; also adapts well to lopsided apples without messing up
-The hoop that does the coring does a really good job of keeping the apple centered, despite the shape of the apple. You just need to do your best to align the apple when mounting it on the tines, but the peeler is pretty forgiving even if the apple has a fair amount of wobble
-Once it starts cutting it doesn't miss any part of the peel on the bulk of the apple; it leaves only about 1/8" at the top and bottom where the apple is "flat"...and I just eat that
-The spiral cut slices are a great thickness for dehydrating, for freezing, and for making pies

I was concerned that the loop-shaped blade would "waste" more apple flesh than a straight blade, but the waste is trivial. In fact, in my experience with a straight-bladed model, the gouging on all the apples that weren't perfectly shaped did lead to a lot of waste. For my first batch, I processed about 50-60 apples of 5 different species, which ranged widely in size, symmetry, and firmness. The only one I had trouble with was one that wasn't a firm apple to start with and had been sitting out for a couple of weeks; it was so soft that the tines started to turn freely in the core before the whole apple was finished being peeled. If I would have processed it when it was fresh this wouldn't have been a problem.

I set mine up on the edge of the granite counter right next to the sink, and all the waste went right in: no more peels and apple juice making my floor sticky.

This is one of those kitchen gadgets that works well consistently, as opposed to those that work well 90% of the time, but are annoying and time consuming the other 10% of the time. In fact, this is actually fun to use and fast...and that's important when you are looking at dealing with bushels of apples.
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on September 26, 2012
I only know about this gadget because my grandma got a much older version of one at an estate sale and gave it to me, and I recently upgraded to this new one. After I used it once, I didn't know why anyone would do it any other way. If you're an apples or potatoe eater, BUY THIS PRODUCT.

The suction cup works PERFECTLY and holds it right in place with no movement at all. Even better: I have little kitchen storage space, and the suction cup allows me to store it ON THE BOTTOM OF MY CABINET! (or any other flat surface!)

And the peeling/coring/slicing doesn't have to be all done together. Depending on your apple needs, you can just peel, or just core and slice, or do nothing to it (if you just want to watch the apple spin. Dance, apple, dance!)

Cleanup is incredibly easy.

I eat all my apples now after sending them through this thing, because it minimizes waste by cutting close to the core! Also, the slices are thin enough, that I feel like I'm getting a lot more food, and it's a longer lasting snack. (My snack used to be ONE apple, but now it's TWENTY apple slices! Whoa!

And you can use the peeler to peel of thin strings of potatoes for hash browns. Neat, huh?

Overall, the 10 seconds it takes to put an apple on here and send it through is WAY more convenient than the time it takes to do it all by hand, and less wasteful. Seriously, get this product, it's amazing.
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on December 8, 2009
This item peels apples amazingly fast, as fast as you can turn the handle.
It makes the job of peeling and slicing the apples the shortest part of the job when preparing apple desserts.
Really worth the money spent, in saved time and frustration.
It will peel, core and slice an apple as fast as you can turn the handle, about 30 seconds per apple.
You'll probably peel more apples then you need, just because it's neat to watch it work.

Minus: You have to hold the cutter back until it gets started on BIG apples (or LARGE potatoes).
You need a smooth non porious surface to attach it too or it requires two hands to use it.
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on September 6, 2016
I bought this to replace an antique I purchased at a yard sale. The old one cut a core with a diameter of 1", and the peeler cut off another 1/2". Consequently, on a small apple I was left with a thin ribbon of product. I wasn't sure if time had healed all the ills of the old one, but I am totally satisfied with this peeler. My husband checked the adjustments before we started. I bought the clamp model instead of the suction cup model. Those never stick securely enough for me to do the job. I clamped it to a large cutting board, using pliers to tighten it firmly. I then used woodworking clamps to secure the board to the counter top. There was enough room my board still to do the paring necessary for the blemish removal work.

Securely anchored, I started the process. Immediately I noticed how smoothly the crank worked. How fast it was.
The peel was thin, the core of adequate size but not too wasteful. The apples were sliced cleanly and in a fun spiral that made cutting out blemishes easy. Usually there was a piece of skin remaining on the stem end and sometimes on the flower end, which was easily removed.
I was going to save the cores and peels to make jelly, but after processing 63 quarts of apples I would have been at that for weeks. As it was, we burned through 8 bucketfuls in a couple of partial days work.
One of the tricky, learning curve things was odd shaped apples. On the misshapen ones, I centered the stem on the prongs and then tried to align the stem end so right and left halves of the Apple were even, paying no attention to where I thought the stem would be. I didn't cut into the core, but the tool worked better with this alignment. I also learned that it likes to go fast. Tentative turning of the crank seemed to give rougher surfaces. Another note, the cutter is sharp, so take a care when putting your hands around the business (sharp) end of the tool.
I quickly fell into an apple processing maniac mode. You turn the crank, the apple is peeled, cored and sliced in front of your eyes, you back up the crank and the core pops off, you release the crank and position the prongs to receive another apple while throwing the core and thin peel into the waste bucket. I was working with pippin apples so very dense, I pushed the apples on maybe 1/3 of the length of the prong for good round even apples, but all the way on for weird shaped ones which created more drag and force to accommodate the uneven terrain.

There are lots of nooks and crannies where bits of apple like to cling and I rinsed off the board and tool every hour or so. At the end of our task, I cleaned it very well, with a toothpick in some spots, put it in warmish oven to drive off the water in the unreachable spots, and put a light coat of vegetable oil on it. It is metal, and I want this to last a long time.
Another heads up: this is a messy job. I put a damp towel underneath it, and still had to wipe up stickiness from the floor from time to time.
Overall I couldn't have everrrrrr done this job without this tool.. I haven't tried all the other peeler brands out there, but this one worked really well for me.
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on May 12, 2015
Sending out a big thank you to my precious daughter who bought me this for Mother's Day. I just made curly fries that are better than Arby's! And I used the cores from the potatoes to make little round potatoes. Kids will love these fries, I know my kids did! This really works and fastens very snug to the countertop, it does not budge! Very sturdy and works like a charm!
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on October 3, 2015
If I could give this product a 10/5 I would! Each Fall I like to make applesauce in the crock pot. It's one of my favorite Fall flavors, and makes my house smell amazing! In years past I have simply peeled, cored and diced apples by hand, which usually took several hours and created quite a mess. This year I decided to purchase a peeler, but didn't want to spend a lot of money since I only make applesauce in the Fall. This product was highly reviewed and was inexpensive, so I gave it a try - it did not disappoint!

The peeler took less than five minutes to assemble - screw on the fork and handle, and adjust the parts using the easy-to-follow instructions. Simply pop an apple on the fork and turn the handle. In a few seconds the apple was simultaneously peeled, cored, and sliced. I was able to fully prep about five dozen apples (some irregularly shaped) in about 45 minutes! I really liked the fact that the apples were sliced as it allowed for me to fit more into the crock pot. Cleanup was very easy (I decided to attach the peeler to a cookie sheet to catch the drippings and any little pieces, which worked really well), and it was easy to put away for the next use.

Overall - solid construction, easy to assemble and adjust, inexpensive, super easy to use!

I originally found this video which made it very easy to understand this product -
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on January 7, 2016
I guess you get what you pay for. No, it is not a lot of money but somehow with all the positive reviews, I had hoped for more. Do not think you will peel potatoes unless they are medium and round and even then I find the peeler too aggressive and a real pain to use. The overall quality is disappointing. I buy the best for my kitchen and this clearly has no place in it. The prong that holds the apple or potato did not even screw down on the shaft so that it would align with any sort of precision. The alignment was probably good enough to have worked but was one indication that this tool is mass produced junk. And there appears to be no practical way to adjust the spring strength on the peeling arm. I would pay good money to have someone design and build a quality peeler. At this point I will gladly hand peel potatoes and return this peeler. Maybe it would work for apples, I can't say but even so it is too crude for my taste.
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on October 10, 2012
One of my friends had recently picked up a cheaper imitation (quality not cost) of this product and I fell in love with it. I almost made the mistake of buying the same thing she did but I took my time and read reviews for about 10 different brands selling almost identical apple peeler/corers. One of the reviews I read made mention of the difference between the CAST-IRON vs. the ALUMINIUM peelers. You definitely want the cast-iron ones and I found the heaviest one I could and went with this one. I am very happy I did.

The first difference I noticed between the cheap one I used before and this one was the weight, this one weighs almost double what the other did. It just looks and feels much more substantial and of superior quality. Then I noticed that the handle doesn't fall off every time I used the device (seriously, I had to have a screw driver around every time I tried to use the old one). Then I found that the suction base ACTUALLY worked and worked well, I'm not sure I'd be able to force this thing off of my counter-top if I tried.
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on October 26, 2015
The unit is excellent, for what it does but it does have limitations. If you want to:
1) peel, core and spiral slice fruit, simultaneously,
2) core and spiral slice, simultaneously, without peeling or
3) just peel, without coring or spiral slicing,
it’s perfect.

Unfortunately, it also has some limitations. What you cannot do is:
1) core, without spiral slicing,
2) peel and core, without spiral slicing or
3) spiral slice, without coring.

There are many times, when one wants to spiral slice items, such as white or sweet potatoes or tomatoes, while there is no need to core them. This machine does not allow you to do that, because the coring element and the spiral slicer are integral and can’t be used separately.

It seems, to me, that it would have been simple to separate these two elements. A separate coring element, in the form of a hollow, circular tube, attached to an L-shaped bracket, could be attached, at the same point at which the combined coring/spiral slicer is attached, as an alternative to the combination unit, when one wants to core, without spiral slicing. A separate blade unit, for just spiral slicing, could be an alternative to the combination unit, when one wants to spiral slice, without coring.

Even if these alternative items were offered as aftermarket accessories, it would make this tool a much better and more versatile product.
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