Customer Reviews: VideoSecu Mounts Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 23"- 75" LCD LED Plasma TV with VESA 200x100 400x400 to 600x400mm, 15 Degree Tilt up or down - Bonus HDMI Cable and Bubble Level MF608B BBM
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on January 2, 2015
Bought this mount for my 65" Samsung Smart TV and can't complain. It's perfect. Easy to install, made from quality materials and very light. At first I was afraid of mounting such a big TV on a thin light mount but it's working great! I highly recommend this.
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on March 19, 2012
this is a cheap priced mount and i am happy with it i posted pics mine are the one with 40 philips led and xbox it fit well and was not hard to put just have the tools before like the proper socket and socket wrench plus a stud finder like 10 bucks at homedepot the only thing that was wrong was the built in level it was not accurate at all it was way off the other people that said there tv was tilted to the left that is the reason why they used both the built in level and supplied one
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on September 27, 2010
Wow, I bought three flat screens for my business and didn't want to spend a fortune mounting them. This wall mount was inexpensive, well built and included all the hardware needed to mount numerous different TVs. This, my friends, is the way to go.
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on November 8, 2011
My girlfriend was shopping for a wall mount for her newly purchased LG 50" Plasma screen. We both saw this one on Amazon and purchased it due to being exactly what we wanted at an even better price ($24.99 at It also comes with a 7 foot HDMI cord! I first opened the box and got the tools that it listed as being required. Found the studs, screwed 4 holes slightly smaller than the bolts, and put the frame up. People have said the built-in level is not accurate and I also found that true. But they also include a smaller level which, when compared to my level, is much more accurate so you do not need to buy a level if you do not have one. I also believe someone mentioned the screws would not fit his and/or her screen but it comes with like 4 to 6 different sizes for almost any television. The mount is extremely sturdy. Make sure that the screws which hold the "angle" bars (which you attach to the TV and then hang onto the wall frame) are not too tight and the angles move prior to lifting up to the wall mount. I would also go to the last step which states to tighten the 2 screws on the bottom so your television cannot move up on the frame. I did not do this so after I got the angle I wanted, one screw was actually screwed into the angle bar more than the other so was against the wall mount rather than being under the lip. So when I loosened it up, the television had to be readjusted for the angle. Finally, someone complained that it is too close to the wall and you cannot add any additional cables, etc. Yes but that is what most people want; a wall mount that is close to the wall. I meant to add another HDMI cable so that I would have one available if I should want to hook up my laptop, etc. to the television. I have big hands and could not quite get it. But I then just took the end of the HDMI cable using a pair of channel locks and got it plugged in with very little effort. This is just a great deal at a great price for a wall mount; just buy it from Amazon!!!
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on March 28, 2016
I've been wall mounting flat screen TVs for close to 15 years now. I still remember the first one - a 42 inch Pioneer plasma set that weighed 120 pounds! Nowadays TVs are much lighter weight, so the wall mount doesn't have to be nearly as sturdy. This VideoSecu mount is - not nearly as sturdy. It's "rated" at 165 pounds, but I would not consider hanging a set any more than half that weight from it. The good news is, hardly any of today's TV sets weigh that much.

On the plus side, this mount can be used with 24" spaced studs. A rare feature on today's market!

But on the minus side, it's flimsy. OK, not flimsy, let us politely say "light duty". And, the tension adjustment for the tilt feature has to be turned with a socket wrench, not by hand.

If you want to spend just a few dollars more for a really sturdy wall mount with proper tension adjusters, check out the Dayton Shadow Mounts from Parts Xpress. But if your set is 60 pounds or less (most are), and you don't intend to adjust the tilt once you have it set up, go for this one and save a few bucks. Not many! Just a few.
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on August 20, 2014
At twenty five dollars, this is a medium duty mount (for heavier gauge steel, consider the Sanus "Classic" series - - that line is what I call sturdy). These mounts are for lighter weight (newer) LCD/CCFL and LCD/LED lit TV's. Screen size is not the determining factor, but weight is.

(1) The wall plate is about 24" wide so you can mount it with about 8" offset from a 16" OC stud; if you need more than 8" offset, consider the 30-32" wall plate mounts @ about $35.

(2) The cheap nature of this mount is 2 ways (besides the medium gauge steel); the wall plate is 2 halves (the plate can twist and overall is not as strong as a 1-piece plate), and the arm mounts are 2 pieces (another cost cutting move) - - for my VESA 400x400 installation, I didn't need the bottom arm sections but left them to provide back support to the TV and to "stored" them rather than sit in a closet as orphan pieces. Each arm has a single "shoulder" resting on the wall plate while more expensive or better mounts have 2 shoulders per arm.

Some posters say the 2-piece wall plate is an advantage & can be split if the studs are not 16" OC -- I don't understand as the horizontal spacing is still 400mm.

(3) The other cheap quality is the lag screw lengths - 50mm (2") compared with my Sanus mount which came with 62mm (2.5") screws. The 7/32" pilot holes make tightening the lag screws fairly easy -- some posters complained of broken screw heads because of turn resistance. To avoid this, lubricate the screws with a soap bar (twist the screws against the bar) -- I haven't tried wet silicon or plumber's teflon tape, but it should also lubricate if used judiciously. A nut driver rachet is the best tool, with a 2-3" shaft extension to avoid the skinning your knuckles against the wall plate.

(4) The arms extend the TV out about 2.5" from the wall so it can down or up tilt (rated 15 degrees) a 55-60" TV without using spacers. So while this is good for larger screen TVs, it may be 1-1.5" too much clearance for 47" or smaller TV's. Some low profile mounts do not have enough clearance to fully tilt (if mounted over a fireplace, you may need max down tilt for viewing from a sofa or chair) without using spacers.

For brick/masonry wall mounting, plastic anchors are provided (better mounts come with lead anchors).

The supplied VESA attachment bolts are OK - M8 & M6 @ 10mm, which is a bit short - 12mm and 16mm are better for the flat washers provided. If you need to use plastic spacers, 20mm long M8/M6 screws are provided. The kit includes a disposable small wrench for tightening the nuts to assemble the wall plate and to tighten tilt nuts (if needed). I used my own leveler so can't comment on the provided one.

Overall, this mount is adequate for newer, lighter weight LCD/LED lit TV's -- if you have a pre-2010 TV, it can be 25-50% heavier for the same screen size so you would want a more expensive, heavier gauge steel mount.

There are lots of mounts available at the $25 price range . . . I suggest "VonHaus by Designer Habitat PREMIUM TV Wall" because the wall plate & arms are all one peice (and arms each have 2 shoulders instead of 1, marginally better strength & saving you a few minutes in assembly. Presumably the metal gauge is also the same medium-duty size.
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on May 16, 2012
This TV mount was very easy to set up and only took about 30 minutes to get my TV hung from the wall. It is very well built and a good price. The reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is that with my TV (and I am guessing many other large TVs) it is physically impossible to screw the bottom screws into the mount. This is an issue when the TV is angled completely and the TV is too large to reach under to twist the screws. This makes the TV feel less solid on the mount and makes it able to be easily slid back and forth. The bolts I am referring too are the bolts in the brackets that are mounted to the TV and connect to the wall mount when the TV is hung. Normally these bolts prevent the TV from sliding around and from being lifted off the mount.If this description is unclear, please comment and I will attach a photo.
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on September 10, 2010
Easy to mount, works great. I like that it has a built in level, and has all the different mounting screws you might need. I have seen similar mounts sold in stores for 90 - 100 dollars. So this is a great deal.
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on October 13, 2010
This has to be the best buy I've had in years! This VideoSecu TV wall mount is sturdy and easy to put up. The hardest part, for me,was finding the wall studs. I looked at mounts in stores around here. The cheapest was $89. I paid $19 each ,for the two,I bought. I bought two,for less than half, of one,here. One mount holds my 50" Samsung. The second mount holds my 42" Vizio. I also like the tilting part of the mount. This is a first time buy,from Amazon,but won't be my last.
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on September 13, 2010
Gr8 product for the money. Easy to assemble. Had it up on the wall in less than 15 minutes
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