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on March 26, 2015
These are inexpensive, look way better in a room than huge and expensive stands, say they hold up to 10 lbs each which is at least double the capacity of most all speaker stands. Good deal and fine product.

Only help I can offer is my set came with strange looking T shaped drywall hangers that I personally have never used. The instructions talk about the standard common variety. I'll try to post a link to a 50 second video on YouTube so you can have it handy. If the link does not show (I've seen others in reviews refer to videos that are not their. Thinking Amazon might not allow external links?) I searched, "How to use a T shaped drywall anchor" and the top 50 second video in Google was great.
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on February 26, 2014
Good speakers mounts have held up well all these months. I have them holding a couple of satellite speakers from a Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1 stereo system and they're about 2 lbs each. One of them is being mounted on dry wall and is holding up very well. Its made out of hard durable plastic and comes with everything you need to start screwing them in and mounting the speakers, all you need is a screwdriver/drill. They have two types of configuration, short and regular. I have them in a short configuration and it sticks out just 3 inches from the wall while the regular configuration has them sticking out 5-5.5 inches from the wall. The normal configuration has more joints which means you have more axises to tilt and move the speaker.Would buy again.
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on December 21, 2016
Logitech decided to remove the key hole wall mounts from their basic surround sound speakers. I guess you could put the satellites on the floor in the middle of the room behind you and put them away (or not) when you're done. Or you could tie them up with string and hang them from a screw. Or you could buy these wall mounts and attach them to the speakers, no fancy electronic wielder required. All you need to do is drill a pilot hole in the back of the speakers, tap it with a 20mm drill tap, and screw the single screw / keyhole mounting bracket on using the 20mm screw you will find in the hardware bag. My installation was a bit different, but based on my experience this should work. If you want to be safe, just use a slightly longer screw than the provided one, and tap the pilot hole with the appropriate drill tap. If you don't have a drill tap, and want to keep this as low budget as possible, you could probably use self tapping screws. Just make sure they are long enough, but not too long. About 1/4 to 1/2 in longer than the provided machine screws should be fine. Since self tapping screws have less threads, you could put slow drying super glue on it to reinforce the hold.

Review Score Break Down
Staring Score: 3 Stars
(All my reviews start at 3 stars.)

Quality (+1 Star)
These speaker mounts are plastic. They are also under ten dollars. The plastic is actually sturdier than I was expecting, but I would probably go with something else if i was going to mount speakers weighing more than a couple of pounds. However for wall mounting cheap computer speakers, these are perfect.

Affixes the Infernal Z-506 Satellite Speakers to Wall (+1 Star)
They have been hanging from screws by string for a year, and I was sick of it.

Additional Notes
I actually took some additional steps in my installation: I filed down the back of the keyhole mounting bracket for a flusher fit. I used a wood shaping file, but you could probably grind it with a Dremel or use coarse sand paper if you're really really bored. When I went to install my second speaker, I attempted to do so without filing the back first as a bit of an experiment. This is how I discovered the included screws were too short, at the cost of stripping the hole. Still, it wasn't a problem. I filed down the second bracket as well, then put some super glue on the screw threads and key hole mounting bracket, as I don't ever intend to take it off.
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on July 21, 2016
Bought a set of 5 of these to ceiling-mount the Onkyo speakers that came bundled with my 5.1 system. My speakers are keyhole mount, so I followed the provided directions accordingly. The directions say "be sure the key hole nut is installed with the knurled (rough) edge toward the post." This is to allow tightening the screw while the nut grips the speaker from inside the keyhole. Unfortunately, the nuts provided did not have a knurl on them, and I had to individually work at them with a triangle file to roughen them up so I could sufficiently tighten the screws. This inadequate hardware cost this review a star.

The other problem I'm facing with this kit is that my center channel speaker has two keyholes roughly 9 inches apart. Either keyhole is too far off-center for me to comfortably use the single-screw bracket, and the two-hole bracket is not nearly wide enough to span the speaker holes. I'm going to have to fabricate an adapter plate to mount the center channel. I don't knock this product in that respect, as it can't possibly accommodate every speaker configuration, but I felt it was worth mentioning.
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on December 8, 2014
These are great speaker mounts for the money. I have mounted two home theatre systems with them, an older Sony and a new Vizio, each of which has a different mounting screw hole size, and this kit included every screw size/type in common usage, as well as some coarse thread self-tappers in case you need to bore right into the speaker body itself.

Yes, it is possible to strip the screw threads in a tightening sleeve, so you need to be careful. It happened to me, but it wasn't an issue, since they send you so much extra hardware that I was able to swap it out with a sleeve from another unit.

Another nice feature is that you have 2 different size options (you can shorten it by removing an extension piece) and a few different orientation options (elbow closest to the wall, or elbow closest to the speaker), which means its very easy to mount the speaker and get it aimed just right, for both sound performance as well as visual aesthetic.

This was the first time I actually bought speaker mounts, since for years the good ones were so expensive and IMHO overbuilt that it just made more sense for me to make my own. When I saw these, I decided to give it a shot, since they looked like they would be more than adequate for the speakers I have, and wouldn't break the bank. I'm extremely happy I did.

Install tip: Take the mounts apart so that you are only messing with the wall plate portion when positioning it on the wall. Attach the other half of the mount to the speaker. Once the wall plate is in place, simply attach the two sections and tighten the allen screw. Make it easy on yourself and position the mount so that the allen screw you need to tighten is facing down at you, that way you can see what you are doing.
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on May 3, 2017
I have these ceiling mounted with my Enclave Audio speakers. I mounted the front and surround speakers on these mounts.

- They work
- Lots of flexibility in terms of angle and direction
- The wall anchors they provide are appropriate for ceiling mounted applications

- With all that flexibility comes a bit of a challenge of tightening all the hex screws just right at each location while suspending the speaker in the air.
- Those hex screws don't feel very secure at each joint and seam. Tighten too much and it "jumps" back to a loose setting. I would rather they get tight and I can feel when to stop. For ceiling mounted speakers I want it to feel tight!

I'd recommend these for wall mounts, probably not for ceiling mounts.
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on August 20, 2017
I ordered 4 of these for 2 pairs of klipsch r-14m speakers which we have in the garage.
The product looks nice enough, but the build quality just sucks.

The speakers weight 7.2lb each.

Of the 4 joints, only one actually has nut and bolt, the other 3 are just friction grips using a little set screw.
The problem is that the set screw is threaded in plastic, so in order to tighten it enough you risk stripping the plastic.

Had they built these with metal inserts for the set screws or a nut on the other side, it would be 4 starts.

As it, these might be good for 5lb speakers, or if they sit at just the right angle, the set screws will hold it.

I ended up taking them all apart and gluing them together.

While they in theory fit a keyhole or a 2 screw mounting, the two screw width isn't a universal size and didn't work for mine.
I had to come up w some spare parts to get it to work.

I would not buy again.
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on April 2, 2017
These mounts worked perfectly for me. I used them to hang 2 small speakers that came with my Television Speaker Bar. Like the information says they are universal and come with everything you need except a drill and drill bit for your wall. My speakers used a keyhole attachment to the mounts. My speaker's keyholes were very small but they worked nevertheless. They do not feel like ordinary plastic, they feel much stronger. They have the ability to adjust to any angle you desire and if you follow their instructions I believe they can handle most bookshelf size speakers. I highly recommend them and would definitely buy them again.
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on June 4, 2017
Please do not buy these speaker mounts. I bought one set of two to mount two speakers. I got one mounted, though I was not confident in the strength of the mount. When I tried to mount the second, all of the screws that tighten down on this mount just stripped the plastic, rendering the item perfectly useless. I then bought a second set so that I could use the parts and see if I could get it to mount. Same problem occurred with both of the second pair. These things are getting shipped back to the manufacturer pronto.
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on April 1, 2017
Bought this item, ignoring many buyers advice (didn't understand the details till experienced it myself), because I needed the speaker mounts. Comes with several screws provides plenty of options. However for single threaded hole mount option, you are out of luck. The supplied 1/4 screw seem to be finer thread count and not the standard 20 thread count. It doesn't seem to be metric either. Learnt a good deal about screws and thread count in this process. Still didn't help find a suitable screw from all local hardware stores because the regular 1/4 screws has bigger head which doesn't fit inside the mount.
Can't comment on the quality / holding performance since haven't been able to mount it yet. It does seem the hinges will slip under the weight due to smooth surfaces of hinges. (I have seen security camera mounts that has similar hinges but with gear like teeth which mesh together creating robust hold with minimal tightening required).
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