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on May 3, 2017
I have these ceiling mounted with my Enclave Audio speakers. I mounted the front and surround speakers on these mounts.

- They work
- Lots of flexibility in terms of angle and direction
- The wall anchors they provide are appropriate for ceiling mounted applications

- With all that flexibility comes a bit of a challenge of tightening all the hex screws just right at each location while suspending the speaker in the air.
- Those hex screws don't feel very secure at each joint and seam. Tighten too much and it "jumps" back to a loose setting. I would rather they get tight and I can feel when to stop. For ceiling mounted speakers I want it to feel tight!

I'd recommend these for wall mounts, probably not for ceiling mounts.
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on April 2, 2017
These mounts worked perfectly for me. I used them to hang 2 small speakers that came with my Television Speaker Bar. Like the information says they are universal and come with everything you need except a drill and drill bit for your wall. My speakers used a keyhole attachment to the mounts. My speaker's keyholes were very small but they worked nevertheless. They do not feel like ordinary plastic, they feel much stronger. They have the ability to adjust to any angle you desire and if you follow their instructions I believe they can handle most bookshelf size speakers. I highly recommend them and would definitely buy them again.
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on October 23, 2017
In our new house there was nowhere to mount the shelves that I used for my rear surround speakers previously. I found these when on my phone when I was in best buy for half the price of the only option at my local store and the best buy version did not have nearly as many options for mounting. These were easily mounted and came with plenty of extra hardware and extra bolts for nearly any speaker. I was able to mount both speaker in less than 15 minutes; including the needed adjustments to the mounts. Very pleased with the clean display and overall value.
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on June 6, 2013
I recently bought these to use them with my Energy Take Classic 5.1 Speakers for my Home Theater Setup. The speakers are between 2-3 pounds each and since I live in an apartment I did not want to spend too much for mouting them on the dry wall. Most "great" quality mounts seem to be 6-10 times more expensive so I chose this based on other reviews of this product. And I have no regrets I can recommend it to anyone on a budget.

Though to begin with I was a little worried about how well these groveless plastic mounts will hold my speakers. But now after installation I find them pretty secure and solid I am confident that they will hold well. But I would keep an eye on them every now and then just in case. The reason I went ahead with these mounts is exactly due to the detailed feedback from the Amazon reviewers great job everyone. It is only fair that I do my share so here it is.

I though a bit about how many stars does this deserve and I think it should be 4 the reason for the missing star is as follows
1) Plastic Threads: The machine screws that need to be tightened to hold the joints together are running on plastic threads that could be damaged easily.
2) No Grooves: The could have easily provided some grooves in the joints such that the joints do not come off just by pulling hard at both the ends. Due to the lack of this weight carrying capacity is low especially in the ceiling mount posting. The 10LB weight might not be suitable for all mounting scenarios I would say be use caution when planning to use these mounts.
3) Slippage: No matter how tight you tighten them there is a certain amount of slippage around the joint in a circular fashion i.e you can turn the speaker (not pull) but turn it around the joint. This can be taken as a feature but if you are attaching the speaker to the mount using screws yourself(i.e not using the original key hole or threaded insert slot) and if you make a slight mistake as in to create imbalance then the speaker might turn around the joints to compensate for the imbalance. Well that is what I think as I used threated slots for my energy speakers.
4) Washer: The instruction say that it is critical to use the washer while mounting with M4 screw hole of the speaker but the washer just cannot be put on to the M4 screw.
5) Anchors: that where included don't have a lip so it is kind of tricky to get the Screw into the Achors without pushing it into the wall. I lost two anchors but I had 4 extra. Later I took care to screw on the anchor just a little bit before inserting it into the wall. They can easily remedy this and the washer issue.

However there are great advantages too
They are pretty Universal come with a bunch of options for mounting on wall side or speaker side.
Lot of Hardware: Screws and washers enable you to choose many of those options as allowed by the product.
Good (but not great) instructions. Some instructions are better than none.

The following is what I had to do to mount my Energy Speakers hope this helps people purchasing these mounts for these or other speakers.
It was easy to install the wall side of the speakers two of them on stud without the anchors. And three with anchors on drywall (just read my above note about anchors slipping into the wall) for which you will need a 5/16 drill bit not included in the kit.

On the speaker side it is a little more complicated because of the speaker design nothing to do with the VideoSecu mount. I wanted to use the center M4 threaded slot on the speaker because it made a cleaner install. The center speaker mounts fine without any problems using the center M4 threaded slot on to the VideoSecu center hole mounting stub.
But the satellite speaker has a problem in the way the center M4 threaded slot is nestled between the keyhole mounting slot and the speaker wire contact port. Since the distance between them is a 1 0r 2 mm shorter than the center hole mounting stub that came with the mounts I had two options
1) To remove the keyhole mount (pretty easy just remove the two screws) or
2) Grind the side of the VideoSecu center hole mounting stub.

I removed the keyhole mount of one speaker and the VideoSecu mount fit well on the center threaded slot. However I did not want to keep track of extra hardware and the speakers looked better with the keyhole mount hence I decided to go with grinding.

Now I had to sand them on two side(again got this idea from another review on amazon) because cutting such a thin 1mm slice is not easy without proper tools. Since I did not have a sanding machine I figured that I could grind it on my concrete patio. I pushed it down firmly against the concrete between my fingers and grinded it by running back and forth a few times that worked well. It was a little tricky but now with the little bit of grinding it fits so well as if they were custom made for my speakers. I am satisfied with the whole setup it is a great.
My Speakers Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System (Set of Six, Black).
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on April 28, 2017
Even tough they did the job, it seems though as if these are cheaply made. Two completed sets were like this. The Alan screw didn't tighten down against the the connected shaft and it was as if it was stripped and the Alan screw would just keep turning. Figured I could drill a hole where the Alan Screw goes through and it hardly worked. I went ahead and used super glue to ensure a nice hold. They hold the weight off the wall, just afraid of them sliding off the shaft, but since I made sure they wouldn't, they do the job. They don't look fancy. So bear with them and be prepared to run into some flaws
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on December 12, 2017
I bought these to mount the surround speakers from the Energy Take Classic 5.1 system. As it states in the description, it is meant for speakers less than 10 pounds so if you are looking to mount a full size bookshelf speaker, I would go a different route, but these are really great for mid to small sized speakers. Even though mounts are made from a polymer compound, I have had no trouble with them stripping or slipping, just be sure that you do not over tighten the joint screws or the mounting screws and you should be able to keep these for a very long time. I bought these in 2011 and I still use them today. They will last a long time as long as you use common sense when tightening things down. If you feel like you really have to almost strip the plastic to get it to stay, then the speaker is too heavy for the mount, but staying within the weight guidelines, you should have no issues.

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on November 27, 2017
Good quality material at an affordable price. After looking for options to install a new set of speakers, I decided for this Videosecu option.

The quality of the product is good and the flexibility to adjust to different angles are features that characterize this item. Other mounts I used in the past would be too stiff to adjust and/or would require certain after market adjustments to work properly.

This product worked great out of the box. The installation was a breeze and its ability to adjust to lenghts angles and positions (ceiling/wall) are excellent. Would definetly recommend it.
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on September 25, 2017
These do the job and are great for the price. I've mounted my small satellite speakers in the living room and they hold up just fine, and the joints allow me to point them in just the right angle. Only 4 stars because they are plastic, so if you're not careful you can strip the threading, plus I had to purchase some additional plastic washers to make them fit my particular speakers. The kits also came with odd-looking large toggle anchors that did not match the hardware listed in the instructions, so I ended up purchasing additional anchors to better fit my needs. Otherwise, quite happy!
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on December 12, 2013
The mounts worked as I expected for this price. Not spectacular, but good enough for what I needed. As far as functionality goes, these are very easy to mount, very easy to adjust, and feel very secure when they are installed. However, on some of the set screws, they were easily stripped so that I could not quite tighten them to the degree that I would have liked. On one mount, I even had to use a different screw, as the set screw became completely useless. On one hand, this could have been my fault, as I am prone to overtightening screws and the like, but on the other hand, this is somewhat of a design flaw in that the set screws could be replaced with a more robust tightening method. This would give the user more confidence that the screws are fully tightened, and leave no concern that the rumblings of a speaker are going to eventually cause it to wiggle loose. Having said that, I am confident these are the best price/quality option on Amazon right now.
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on May 9, 2016
This doesn't really fit the speakers of the Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater set well. While it has an option to mount the speakers via keyhole or the screw hole in the back of the speak, neither mounting works well.

If done via the keyhole, the screw provided to do this is too long, so the speaker does not sit securely on the mounting. Even if you got a shorter screw on your own, the keyhole mounting washer is to big to fit through the keyhole mounting on the speaker. So you have to take the keyhole mounting off the speaker, slide the washer underneath, and then tighten the video secure mounting to the speaker mounting. But then you can't access the screw hole to put the keyhole speaker mounting back on the speaker. And EVEN if you found a way to magic this together, the video secure mounting will stick out above the speaker, which looks cheap and ugly

So method 2 using the screw hole in the back of the speak requires the removal of the keyhole mount on the speaker, otherwise the video secure mounting won't fit over the speaker screw hole. However, even if you take that off, there is an outer ridge around the screw hole on the speaker that keeps the video secure mounting from being flush with the speaker. While other reviews have listed this as a pro, this vexes me greatly because it feels cheap.

Anyways, I'm going to try to drill and file these so that the fit securely and flush, but if I had to do it all over again, I would have bought something else from the start. Maybe these are great for other speakers, but not the current iteration of the Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater set
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