Customer Reviews: VideoSecu LCD/DLP Projector Ceiling Mount Bracket White Fits both flat or Vaulted ceiling PJ2W 1CA
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on January 8, 2011
This is a good ceiling projector mount especially for the price. It took me two hours to find a way to make it work for the HD66 but after I messed around with it a bit it fit perfectly and securely. If you have the HD66 look at the picture I added and it will make your life a lot easier when it comes to attaching the mount onto the projector. You will definitely not use all of the parts in the package. After I attached it to the projector the rest was simple.
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on January 20, 2012
Got this mount due to many reviews and mostly 5 stars. although negative reviews kinda scared me. I am technically inclined so wasnt too worried about it. I have an Optoma HD33, which by the way is totally awesome to say the least. Mount bracket took about 1/2 hr to put together. Did not need the extension arm. Just look at directions, which were a little hard to follow the diagram, but figured it out. I placed all screws and bolts in piles as picture showed what was supplied. Kept each item in their separate pile to make finding item real easy. Now to mount the legs to the bottom of the hd33 took some trial and error and had to find center of gravity. Did various combinations and finally nailed it. Perfect fit. It is possible for those HD33 owner. Need help, will provide a picture. Just Email me.

Took bracket separately, found stud in ceiling and mounted it. Then took legs and quick release, and slid it onto the bracket with ease. Slightly tightened left, right and up and down swings movements . When projector hit the sweet spot, tightened it down. Very sturdy mount. Only complaint, no panning left to right to fix offset, so just unbolted back screw to ceiling mounting bracket and slide back left or right. Then secured to ceiling, but new hole in ceiling made, but I secured a 1X4 to ceiling first to studs and then bracket to 1x4. So i could make adjustment easily.

For those with negative reviews, just play with it and don't give up. Can be done on HD33, not sure about all projectors though. All in all good, although buying optoma mount may have been easier but could not find one in white to match my ceiling. Hope this review helps
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on September 18, 2011
This universal projector mount is sadly not quite universal (Unless you ghetto rig it. See bott. It does not have a large enough mounting plate (mounting arms) to fit my projector, an Epson 8700 UB. I did not figure this out until AFTER I put the damn thing together, so do yourself a favor and make sure you try the mounting plate on your projector before you go through the hassle. If you don't, and you follow the order of the instruction manual, you may end up in my position. :(

I will say, that after I put the thing together, it was extremely sturdy. I mean, you could kill zombies with it. That said, I did make a minor tweak to its design. On the bottom side of the outer part of the extension piece, I slid a washer between where the inner and outer sections touched on the side with the back plate. It gives you way more washers than you need, and I did this to make one of the three screws stretching the inside portion of the extension more effective at keeping the device sturdy while not poking through the back of the inside back plate. I know that sounds confusing, but if you're looking at the product and trying to put it together, it won't be.

Also, the parts that were included did not coincide with what was in the manual in terms of quantity, but that's because the manual has incorrect numbers. All of the parts necessary to install this thing are there. It's really easy to do too.

Anyway, I would recommend this if you don't have a gigantic projector. Being that this projector is my first, I didn't really think it was that large. I guess I was wrong.

****I DID NOT RETURN THE PRODUCT. I DECIDED TO GHETTO RIG IT BECAUSE IT'S ONE OF THE CHEAPEST MOUNTS ON AMAZON. Because I've seen people hang the Epson 8350 with only 3 screws, I knew this one could be done like that as well. That said, I looked at what pieces it came with, and I decided on doing a 4 hole mount. I was able to achieve this by adding a few additional screws and bolts of my own to connect two of the long legs each to a short leg and then screwing in to the mounting hole on the projector. I'm admittedly not using one of the ideal holes on the projector because a screw broke while trying to reverse it. After trying for way too long with a stripped screw removal tool, I finally gave up on that hole.****

***see pictures of the product for pics uploaded by me for how to make this work***
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on December 21, 2015
Works well, very adaptable with the arms and sliders. I bought this mount for a 3-hole Epson 2040 and it works very well with a 3-arm config. This product comes with a lot of hardware, but assembles pretty quickly. I was able to put it together in about 20 minutes. The extra hardware is mostly to adapt to the different projector mounting threads, so most of it is not needed. Using the 5th hole to make a 3-arm configuration made it very easy to place the mounting bracket closer to the projector's centre of gravity. The trick is to reverse one of the feet (the one for the rear hole) in order to better center the bracket. The image shows the result. Overall very pleased with this mount! Cannot beat it for this price.
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on March 9, 2009
I bought this mount after reading the reviews and was a little edgy about it because of the "one star" review i read that said it might just drop from the ceiling...Well before i hung my projector from it I ACTUALLY GRABBED ONTO IT AND HUNG WITH THE FULL 140LBS OF MY BODY WEIGHT AND IT SLIPPED ABOUT 1/4" AND THEN CAUGHT. I noticed that if you turn the sliding height adjustment bar upside down it will slip off SO MAKE SURE YOU PUT THAT BAR ON THE RIGHT WAY (try it both ways, the right one will be obvious) If you install it correctly you REALLY CANT BEAT THIS FOR THE MONEY. It is a must that you be somewhat mechanically inclined..if your unsure, have a friend on hand for second opinions and to help you hold everything steady. Once its up its easy to make adjustments and it looks sweet!
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on April 19, 2015
I was a little doubtful of getting this bracket because noone on the other reviews or questions answered the question with a definite answer. A lot of people we're asking if this works with the Epson 2030, everyone's answer was "it should, it's a universal bracket and it should work." That is not the answer I wanted to see. The definite answer to question is "YES", it fits the Epson 2030. As you can see in the picture, only 3 arms will attach to the projector. That's a fault on the projector, not the bracket, but it still works though.
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VINE VOICEon March 20, 2014
I bought this to mount an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2000 Projector to my basement ceiling. For the most part, it worked fine, but it did not have enough height adjustment for me to be able to get a geometrically correct screen image without having to use keystone. And when you use keystone, you lose screen resolution (which is bad). Ideally, you want to mount any projector so that it creates a rectangular, squared off image without any digital keystone. This assures that all of your pixels are being used to create an image, instead of shifting some of your available resolution outside the active picture area. But I digress...

First of all, my mount came with all of the necessary hardware (screws, washers, etc.) and the instructions were pretty clear. The only extra tool I needed was a drill for the ceiling mount holes and a Philips head screwdriver. The mount comes with two Allen wrenches to adjust the rest. The VideoSecu mount comes with an adjustable extension arm. If you want your projector right up against the ceiling, you can mount it without using the extension arm at all, and this will put the top of your projector 5.5" from the ceiling. For me this was just slightly too high to get a squared off image on my 92-inch screen which is permanently mounted to the wall.

So I tried the extension arm, which drops the projector down significantly lower, with a range of around 16.9" to 25.6" and this was slightly too low (I feel like Goldilocks!). At the least amount of extension (16.9" from ceiling), I was able to square off my projection image using about +7 on the vertical Keystone scale. This isn't terrible, and did create a nice-looking image for most content, but putting up a 1080p test pattern showed that the view-able image was no longer getting the full 1920x1080 pixel resolution. In actual viewing, this becomes noticeable mostly with text as in movie credits, and a subtle loss of detail on some movie content.

The only other issue I had with the mount was due to my projector having three instead of four mounting holes. The mounting interface has four adjustable feet that screw into holes on the bottom of the projector. Most projectors have four holes but the Epson Home Cinema 2000 and 2030 have three holes. The manual that came with the mount suggests that you remove two of the feet and place one of them in a fifth hole that is located between two of the others on the mounting plate. The problem is that the mount I received has no fifth hole - it's simply not there. It is pictured on the VideoSecu web site with a fifth hole, so I'm guessing they may have added this hole to a later version of the mount and I may have gotten old stock. I ended up leaving all four legs on the mount and just used three. Using two of the long feet and one short foot reversed (for the projector's center hole), I was able to get a nice tight mount, pretty close to the projector's center of gravity so it was not pulling in any one direction.

It's important to note that this requirement to use Keystone may or may not affect you if you use this or any other projector with the VideoSecu mount. My issue is due to a couple of things: the screen is already mounted in a fixed location (I can't move it up or down) and the Epson Home Cinema 2000 and 2030 projectors have a fairly unique throw angle. These projectors have 92% of the image above, and 8% of the image below the lens center line. You reverse these numbers when mounting the projector upside down from a ceiling. On a 92-inch screen, this means the lens must be about 3.5 to 4 inches below the top of the screen in order to get a square image without keystone. If your projector has a different throw angle, or if it has lens shift, or if you have higher ceilings (mine are about 8 feet) or more flexible screen mounting options, then this VideoSecu mount may be a perfect fit.

Other than the need to use Keystone in my specific case, the VideoSecu PF12W offers decent adjustability and performance for an excellent price. I was able to adjust the tilt in all directions to hit the screen properly and the projector locks in place pretty well so even the occasional light bump (from my head) does not misalign the image. If it weren't for the need to use keystone to square the image, I would be extremely satisfied with this mount. As it is, I'm going to try out Epson's own Universal Projector Mount with its optional Adjustable Extension Column to see if that gets me the exact height I need. Based on the specs, I think it will.
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on January 24, 2013
This ceiling projector mount is pretty good for the price. There really isn't the need to spend more money on other brands. But although I was looking for a wall mount for my projector, I grabbed this one since I figured I can adopt it for my application. With only minimal alteration of the original product, I managed to hang it on the wall. This is how I rigged it.

I drilled two holes into the removable section of the narrower extension arm. The holes were drilled at the furthest end from the wall bracket, each hole on either side of the already pre-drilled hole in this removable section. The holes were spaced so the bolts from the hardware that normally attaches into this narrower arm at the normal end when mounted from the ceiling would fit and then were tightened from within the interior of the narrower arm. But before I could attach the hardware together, I had to disassemble another piece of the assembly by temporarily removing two removable rivets (with needle-nose pliers) so I could insert the aforementioned hardware into this second part and then reassemble the rivets with the smaller part inside the larger one. Next I lined up the bolts into the three holes (one pre-drilled in the factory and the other two I drilled myself) and tightened them. I managed to get the thing to work with very minimal modification, and I'm a bit surprised the manufacturer could not have provided this or a similar solution when manufacturing this mount. Regardless, I've posted a couple of photos of my contraption to aid in visualizing how my modification ended up.
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on September 19, 2010
I used this for an Optoma HD20 projector. The mount has 4 arms and 3 pieces that insert into the arms and that screw into the projector itself. I did not use the extension piece.

I used this to mount my projector into the ceiling. I didn't have any studs, and just used 2 of those metal mushrooming sheetrock wall-anchors (each rated at 20 lbs). Installation of the mounting plate using those was a breeze.

Compared to other mount systems (which often sell the ceiling mounting plate separately from the plate that attaches to the projector), this is an extremely good deal. Everything you need comes in one box for a very low price, and installation is pretty painless.
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on January 16, 2016
Installation can be a bit of a challenge like others pointed out, but it's worth the effort. I installed it for my Optoma HD26 and it played well with it. Please see the pictures attached to find out 1. How to connect the projector to the mount (you will have to remove one of the prongs from the mount as HD26 only has 3). 2. The screws you need to attach the HD26 to the mount (the ones that came with the mount are not long enough).
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