Customer Reviews: VideoStudio Ultimate X6 [OLD VERSION]
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on November 6, 2013
Every time I think I was too hard on this program, it gives me another reason to think that I wasn't. The more I use it, the more bad points come up.

Good things
--You can download a good PDF manual, which I did before I bought the product. It gave little warning of some of the things I would encounter.
-- Slo-mo works very nicely
--You can browse and view footage that is stored on your computer.
--When you find one you want to use, you can drag and drop to the program.
--You can preview and split a clip while it's in the "library" and not yet in the timeline.
--Screen capture bundled with the program allows for capture at 15, 25 or 30fps. Also allows for full screen or selected area. Is easy to set up and works well. You can save to program library and also to a folder of your choice.
--The program does a lot of things. So do a lot of other programs. So that really isn't too much to get excited about.
--There are some cool features like object tracking, which is very nice for NFL announcers to analyze plays, but somehow I don't think I'll ever find a use for. Especially since it is a very blunt instrument which easily strays from the intended object to be tracked (a surfer on a wave--high contrast, should be easy; fails to follow very well).

Things that made me give a low rating:
--The manual available is for the Pro version, not the Ultimate version, which supposedly has more features. So how do I use those features? Who knows?
--Resuming Play after Pause (or Pause after Play) in preview window creates a short blackout of the preview window. Irritating, distracting, and I hope it's not a sign of bad things to come.
--Settings>Preferences>UI Layout...
Not allowed to change anything. All options are grayed out except for Default which is permanently selected (Radio Button). So much for user preference.
--The preview window is very small, too small to see details. And you can't make it larger. In comparison, Adobe Premiere Elements 12 allows you to resize the window (drag the edge) as large as you want. Very useful, one might say essential, for editing details.
--Can't change viewing speed of video in preview window. This is an extremely basic concept and essential for editing--slow it down so you can stop where you want to stop without having the reflexes of a quick-draw target shooter. Searched the manual and online and found nothing, so it seems that it can't be done. For comparison, Adobe Premiere Elements allows this--all you do is use the L or R arrows on your computer keyboard to nudge or run backward or forward.
--Audio sample clips are just numbered, with no description. So to know what they are you have to open each one and listen to it.
--No way to reduce the video and audio sample clips to a simple list. Either they're hidden, or they take up the space.
--Video and image samples are stacked on top of any visuals I put in the "library" so that to do any work I first have to scroll down past all of them each time. They are so useless and such a hindrance that I ended up deleting all of them. Corel even made this hard by not allowing me to select more than one at a time, and delete one at a time.
--Trimming function is awkward and counter-intuitive.
--Video effects are great--but you can't hide them. If you are in Edit mode and make the mistake of clicking on Options>Attribute, you will find your screen loaded with bright, blinking samples--exactly the kind of visual distraction you don't want when you're trying to get some work done. This wouldn't be so bad, but you can't make them stop. You can click on Options (to close it), Video (to switch to another editing function); you can right and left click all you want on FX--nada. The only way, it seems, is to leave the Edit area all together (click Share, for example--which, by the way, is actually more of a Save function). When you come back, the obnoxious blinking samples are gone. But your work flow has been disrupted. Again.
--When you split a clip and save each portion, the first portion ends with a number of frames of severe jaggies. So you end up with less useable footage than you shot. This is a disaster if you are shooting long continuous scenes that need to be divided and saved. And sometimes in real life that's what you need to do. This problem doesn't occur with "primitive" free programs like Virtual Dub.
--Capture ("snapshot") of video frame from within the program destroys the IQ, making the captured image useless. It reduces an HD image of 1440x1080px all the way down to 853x480px. If you insert it into the video, it's of obviously inferior resolution. I can do better by running a video in MS Viewer, and using MWSnap to do a screen shot, which can be saved as TIFF or JPEG. I didn't want to go this route for a number of reasons, but I may have to. In comparison, Adobe Premiere Elements 12 does a very high quality, high resolution snapshot.
--Screen Capture bundled with the program does not give the option of stills or single frame capture--only wmv. Every time you close Screen Capture the entire VideoStudio window pops open. A minor distraction, but too many minor distractions disrupt the work flow.
--If you split a video while it's in the "library" the resulting clips have exactly the same name and number (if any) as the original--the program does not add anything to let you know which is which. So if you do one split, you end up with 3 clips all with identical names. Obviously this creates the possibility of confusion. There is no way to rename the clips so you can tell them apart without viewing each one to see what it is. This is really messes up the work flow.
--If you split a video clip, the portion before the split will end before the point where you located the split. So you will lose footage. Solution: guess how much more you have to include, and hope you're right. Trial and error is not a good way to have to edit.
--If you run a video in-program, stop it where you want to take a "snapshot" and then take the "snapshot," you can't resume showing the video. The scrubber line will move, but the image on the preview screen remains stationary. If you click on the Play arrow, you get a message "Play trimmed clip (hold SHIFT key to play whole clip)." But I didn't trim the clip, I only took a "snapshot" of a frame. This looks like a bug.
NOTE: I did figure out a workaround that allows for some of what I need: use Time Lapse and set it so that each frame in a selected portion of a clip (actually a new clip cut from the original) lasts for 3-4 seconds. The bad news is that there is no flexiblity in this, but sometimes you have to take what you can get.
--Moving clips on the timeline doesn't let you leave them where you want them; to have a blank space you have to create one.
--If you want an overlay clip with a transparent background, you have to use another program (recommended in the manual: Corel PaintShop Pro and CorelDRAW ) to do it. And of course if you don't have these programs, you'll have to buy them, download them, and install them. This feature should have been included.
--Audio: when you import audio files to the library, the topmost file is barely visible (only a tiny portion of the bottom of the icon can be seen) and there is no way to scroll so that you can see what it is. There is so little showing that it's even hard to drag and drop to the timeline.
-- Audio: if you have more than one audio file in the library, and you click "Insert to..." to get it to the Timeline, you have two choices: Voice Track, and Music Track #1. If you click a second audio file, you have the same two choices. Other Music Tracks remain grayed out, so you have to put one in the voice track. This is incredibly sloppy implementation. Since audio has only 10 pages of the 244-page manual, it appears to be considered irrelevant. The implementation certainly makes it look that way. The manual speaks of inserting onto "the music track" (not "one of the music tracks") which implies they have only enabled one, even though there are two more grayed out. Is this a beta version?
--There seems to be no way to set new default Save file locations. So each time you do a Save, you either have to accept whatever bizarre location Corel wants, or take the time to enter (or browse for) the one YOU want. I can manage my own files; why not let me do so?
--You have to download and install QuickTime. What kind of program is this, that it isn't self-contained?
--Obnoxious popup ads and urgent appeals to register. At least you can turn them off (although the only way to stop the "register" one is to register).
--Support is a farce; if you go to the website and search for anwers you get mainly product promotions ("10 reasons you should buy...") and a mishmash of topics unrelated to the specific parameters you entered; if you attempt to access user forums you are directed to something called "" which wants to make you register all over again to access the site (whatever it may be).
--Corel only allows you to use the program on one computer. Even Adobe allows you two computers. Earth to Corel: people travel, they use laptops, they also use desktops. And, of course, they paid for the software. Get real, allow them to use it.

The frosting on this very ugly cake was when I tried to register for the user forum to ask a couple of simple questions, like "how do you change the User Preferences," and "can you change the playback speed in the preview window." To register, I had to answer a series of very detailed questions about my computer (looked like a data-gathering exercise by Corel) and download some third-party software, which in turn led to urgent suggestions to buy from the third party. I'm registered in a number of user forums for photographic and related tech products and have never been required to go through anything remotely resembling this lengthy and intrusive process. Folks, you already have my money, wasn't that good enough for you?

The primitive Windows MovieMaker actually made some of these actions a lot easier, and didn't junk up the workspace with cartoony video clips and unlabeled music clips. If it weren't so prone to crashes, I would almost be tempted to use it as an initial step in the editing process.

I've decided to bag this Corel program and use Adobe instead. It costs a few dollars more, does a lot more, does it better, and doesn't have the obstacles of the Corel program. I can hardly believe I'm saying this, because I have never been a fan of Adobe. But here we are.
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Format: CD-ROM|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Corel Video Studio offers a simple to use yet robust enough video editing program thats great for people that want to get to do some video editing but dont have time or money for the better video editing programs.

Simple to use
Has many features, effects and you can even make your own with other included software in the box.
Has many templates

Not as many formats to record your videos as other video editing software does.
No printed manual (you can download a free pdf, url included in the box)

I say that if you want a good and cheap video editing software, this program is very very good, ive used Pinnacle Video Studio and Sony Vegas and while those are superior, Corel Video studio is simpler to use and get the hang of using it.

Hope you like the video, I wish I could show alot more in the video but unfortunately there isn't enough time.
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VINE VOICEon April 10, 2013
Format: CD-ROM|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm a casual user, not a power user with big projects. From that perspective, Corel X6 is fairly intuitive to learn, but not prefect. My main problem is there are too many HIDDEN buttons and features. That was true with X4 and X5, and is worse with X6.

I wish computer programs came with literate, complete, paper manuals. Corel used to include paper manuals with X4 and X5. They were skimpy, but they were something. They stopped that with X6, but you can download a free PDF manual. Okay, but since they're now saving on paper, must it remain so skimpy? Almost useless, even.

Say you want to rotate and color correct a video. The manual says that these features are in the Options/Attributes section. And where are those? Here is what the manual says:

"The Options Panel in the Edit Step allows you to modify the media, transitions, titles, graphics, animation, and filters that you add to the Timeline The elements that you use in your project or effects that you apply to your clips can be modified or fine tuned in the Attribute tab."

But good luck finding any "Options Panel" or "Attribute tab." Some images in the manual and online tutorials suggest that these features are somewhere under the FX (filter) tab, but again, it's not that simple.

I've not found any online tutorial that answers the above question. I did find a YouTube tutorial that talks about color balancing for X5, but it was no help for X6. The tutorial locates these features by clicking "Browse" but when I click "Browse" I get Windows Explorer.

I suppose one could find these mystery features eventually, but what a waste of time! Why can't these features -- rotate, color correct -- be less hidden? -- and why can't the PDF manual be more complete?

Here's a HINT you won't find in the manuals or tutorials. You must HIGHLIGHT the video track by clicking it; only then will these features under the FX tab appear and work. Until then, they are hidden from view.

I learned this from having worked with X4 and X5, but the newbie might be totally lost. WHY doesn't any manual or tutorial SAY to FIRST click/highlight the video track? That should be a STEP in the instructions. But alas, the people who write these manuals are techies, who don't realize that what's obvious to them is a mystery to newbies.

Of course, I've bought many paper manuals for other programs over the years. I've yet to find one that's complete, literate, or well-indexed. Useful information is often buried under much vapid verbiage and happy talk (as though pointless chatter makes a manual "user friendly") and certain features are always left unexplained or un-indexed.

But onwards with the review... Here are some new things:

Corel's X6 has introduced "variable speed control," so now you can be specific in choosing the speed of your fast-forward and slow motion effects.

There's also "motion tracking" for title effects. This means that you can create a caption for a moving object (a speeding car, person. etc.) and the caption will follow that object as it moves. For instance, say you're doing a crime drama or neighborhood watch tape. You can caption a person "This man is about to pick a pocket" and the caption will follow that person wherever he goes on screen.

I haven't tried that feature yet, but I did find another online reviewer who found this feature confusing to locate and figure out. I suppose that, as Corel adds more and more stuff, its video editor will become more and more confusing.

Corel X6 claims to be able to work with the latest devices and formats. For instance, "enhanced" AVCHD 2.0 support, if you want AVCHD 3D/Progressive work. I've never worked in 3D -- don't care to -- so I that doesn't mean anything to me.

I do simpler stuff. Corel remains easy and intuitive in some ways. I downloaded a YouTube video in SD mp4 format to my Downloads folder. At first I didn't see how to open it through Corel. So I used Windows to move the video clip from the Downloads folder onto the Corel track, and Corel immediately recognized it as a video clip -- the format was no problem -- and began to play it. That was easy.

X6 takes longer to install than X4 or X5. Its Disk 1 took about a half hour to install.

Disk 2 had all sorts of additional programs -- such as Boris Graffiti, for animated titles. I initially had trouble installing from that disk. The install froze. So I rebooted my laptop. After that, I had no trouble installing from Disk 2.

I have an Intel Core i5 CPU and 8 Gig RAM, running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. Corel's runs quickly on it, no freezes or slowdowns.

X6 makes the screen capture a bit quicker, though not by much. There is now a desktop icon for Screen Capture, which loads the entire X6, set to screen capture. So you can load X6, or load X6 set to screen capture -- it saves two clicks if you want to screen capture right away. I don't see why this is such a big deal as to merit its own desktop icon.

You can run X6 without registering it. But you need to register to get free updates and free downloads -- additional fonts, templates, titles, music, tools, etc -- and to access their online forums and tutorials.

X6 remains relatively easy to learn and use -- but the learning curve would be quicker with fewer hidden features.
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on August 11, 2013
I really like the product and I had a multi track video produced in a couple hours (this includes learning time for a first time video editor). I would give 5 stars if the video preview wasn't so choppy. The final products look good once saved. I have a very fast modern computer custom built for photo and video editing as well as gaming so I know its the software.
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on August 25, 2013

It's about what you would expect for a fifty dollar video editing program. Is it better than absolutely EVERY free program I tried? Without a doubt. Is it a pro-level package? Not a chance.

To provide some context, I spent quite a bit of time in Adobe Premiere about 10 years ago, so I'm familiar with how a video editors generally work. As an actual editor, VideoStudio is fairly intuitive with some minor quirks. The user base appears to be large enough that a simple Googling will usually yield pretty good results. It has no problem digesting a variety of files and playing them back with ease. In that sense, it is MILES ahead of all of the F/OSS packages I tried. You can easily and intuitively slice a video in multiple points, without the video inexplicably disappearing (I'm looking at you, Windows Movie Maker). You can adjust the volume dynamically throughout your audio clips using the simple points-on-a-line method (I imagine there's probably a real name for that).

The bad part is the constant crashing. I know how often it crashes because it generates a dump file every time it does. Here's what I see when I look through the time stamps on the dump files for TODAY only:

5:49 PM
6:36 PM
7:35 PM
7:35 PM
7:43 PM

I also had two crashes yesterday:

2:22 PM
2:32 PM

Note that I just started using VideoStudio in earnest yesterday afternoon... Every time it crashes, it breaks my workflow and I get distracted. By the time Windows finally figures out that there is no solution for this problem (JUST STOP LOOKING!), I'm off in Facebook land or something. Then I go "Oh yeah, I was editing a video", and half an hour has gone by. Maybe I just have a short attention sp

Now, every time it crashes, it generates a helpful little message that tells you where it's putting the dump file, and lets you know that you should send the dump file to Support so they can do something useful. (The actual error message is: The program has encountered an unspecified error and has stopped functioning. Please contact Corel Technical Support and send the dump file for analysis.")

So after the 5th crash today, I headed off to Corel's website in an attempt to contact support, and this is what I find:

"For email inquiries directed to Technical Support that are outside the definition of basic installation or activation, customers will be asked to call in and pay for a One-time Priority Support ticket or a Training and Support Plan* as indicated above. Service level on email response ranges from 2-6 business hours, depending on the level of support the customer owns."

So wait - your software crashes and tells me to contact you, then you want me to CALL YOU AND PAY YOU MONEY?! What a racket.

The dump file is some enormous binary blob, so good luck figuring anything out from it on your own. I will say that VideoStudio does a fairly decent job of recovering the project you were working on, but not always with the latest changes. I personally think it would have been a lot better if they would have taken some of the time they used to build the crash recovery system and made the software less crashy to begin with.

Long story short, spending the money on this software will save you about two weeks of trying to club ten different free video editors into submission. If you want to do anything that is even remotely professional, and you value your sanity, this is a pretty good starting place. If they fix the bugs, it's a pretty solid contender.


If anybody from Corel support is reading this, please don't send me a bill for technical support. If you would like to try to reproduce this error, here are some basic system specs:

Windows 7 64 Bit (Pro, I think)
AMD Athlon II X2 245 2.90
PNY VCGGT2405G5XEB GeForce GT 240

I am able to reliably reproduce the crash with the following scenario:

My project has lots of pictures and whatnot, a title, several video clips, some songs, some speech, etc. Stuff you would expect to be in a video. One of the songs is on Audio Track 2 and is sliced into a few different sections. Select one of the sections of audio and click the "Play" button. Instant crash. If you scrub to that section without selecting a specific clip, it plays it with no problem.

After further investigation, it looks like this only occurs with one specific track I have in my project. It is in fact an MP3 file that I purchased off of Amazon yesterday for this very project. The select / playback functionality is fine with an M4A file off of iTunes, a WAV file off of my digital voice recorder, and the audio extracted from the video off my video camera.

This is the specific song that causes the crash (don't know if it makes a difference): A Thousand Years


UPDATE 09/09/2013

I had to come back to say that the DVD menu creation system is embarrassingly bad. Really bad. Like, worse than summer-intern-project bad.

But, it's slightly better than Windows DVD Maker (I decided that either Microsoft Movie / DVD programs are terrible, or I'm just too stupid to use them). This is very disappointing, since I was counting on this software to be able to do the whole workflow.

All the buttons are ugly, the text editing capabilities are shamefully lacking (you get font, size and color), and you can't get rid of the default things that it thinks you should have. For instance, the ugly buttons - it wants to drop down a bunch of useless buttons, and you only have about 10 different styles to choose from. It's possible to go and make your own buttons, but I don't want to do that... I want the stupid buttons to go away! Sorry, you cannot delete default template items.

If you have a text menu (Play Video, View Slideshow, etc), instead of highlighting something intuitive (like, I dunno... the text!), it highlights this ugly swirl thing that is bound to your text. It thinks you should use the ugly squiggle swirly thing for all of your selections. There might be a way to change that, but you sure can't delete it. I ended up just moving it off the screen.

Other points of annoyance:

- You cannot resize the window to "zoom in" to see what the heck you're doing. This means that you end up grabbing the corner of things instead of the center, so when you try to drag the object it just distorts it instead of moving it... Like that's really what I wanted to do...

- At the top of the window, there are what appear to be three buttons to let you know where you are in the flow by highlighting it in Yellow: 1. Add Media, 2. Menu&Preview and 3. Output. You would think that clicking on any one of those would take you to that screen, but you have to use the dark gray "Next" and "Back" buttons at the bottom. Very annoying.

- When the DVD authoring window is open, it forces the program to be top focus so you can't minimize the stupid thing without closing the DVD window. I despise programs that try to take control of my machine. Use Windows Button + D to see your desktop, but then it pops back up whenever you click on anything else. Argh!

- Online discussion about the DVD menu creator is basically non-existent. I think it's terrible enough that most people either fight with it until it is beaten into submission, or use something else (I wish I knew what).


UPDATE 09/12/2013

Once you actually create a DVD, it seems to insert artifacts. I don't see any settings to optimize for quality, so you just kind of get what you get. For instance, the Pan / Zoom effects on stills leaves a lot to be desired - it appears jittery, especially over slow pans. You can also see interlace artifacts in certain scenes. This could just be a function of my DVD player (Xbox 360 playing over HDMI to a 1080p screen) but I've never had a problem with any other DVD. Another problem I had was a very audible glitch in the audio that is not in the original file. I have a limited number of specially printed DVDs for actual distribution, so I'm testing on blank DVD-Rs first. Hopefully I'll get enough good ones, because those printed DVDs are expensive!

I just experienced another crash as soon as I clicked "Burn". There is no intuitive way to save your DVD project, so I got to start from scratch. There also appears to be no "burn another" option. If you want to burn a batch of DVDs, be sure to increase the quantity from 1 to 10 or however many you want to burn. Otherwise, it will re-render your entire project again when you go to burn the next one (and this is without closing the interface).


UPDATE 09/14/2013

The DVD creation is officially a complete joke. This product is an absolute waste of money if you are interested in burning your video to a DVD. Once I burned all of my printed DVDs, I was going through them all on my computer to verify they all worked properly before I distributed them to people. I found that one of the objects that I tried to get rid of took me to this extremely chintzy looking menu with this circus music in the background. On a regular DVD player, it worked fine if you clicked the "Play" button on the remote, which is how I checked the original copy. I obviously missed something, because if I actually clicked the text, it took me to another menu. I did not add this menu to my project, nor did the DVD creation wizard indicate that there was any other menu that I needed to be concerned with. All told, this wasted about $60 worth of printed DVDs for me, and I was not able to surprise the bride and groom with their DVDs that they could distribute to their family.

I will be looking elsewhere for a DVD creation program, as well as ordering another $60 worth of custom printed DVDs.
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on September 18, 2013
After looking around for free and paid software, Corel Video Studio was recommended to me by a friend. I was able to find it on Amazon for even cheaper than the price on the developers website! I have been using it for a little while now, and it suits my needs just wonderfully, and from the tutorials I have seen online, it can do so much more than what I need it to. I am very happy with it, and think the price is just great. Some other video editing software was just too expensive, I don't have hundreds of dollar to spend on my you tube tutorials. Thanks Amazon!
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Format: CD-ROM|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I gave the previous version of VideoStudio "4 stars for the product, 2 stars for installation = 3 star product." I can happily revise my rating upward as the previous edition's installation issues have disappeared in this version. What's interesting is that this is the third consecutive version of Corel VideoStudio I have acquired and I've run all versions on the exact same system - this version runs the best. My box is getting long in the tooth, but X6 runs nicely. Kudos.

I'll dispense with any technical mumbo-jumbo about what you need to run this program since Corel has downloadable fully functional FREE trials on their web site. PLEASE download and try it, THEN buy it if you like it. Too many variables in operating system, memory, CPU, etc. can cause you to have inferior video editing experiences. TRY IT FOR FREE. For me, Corel VideoStudio continues to be my "go to" product for quick and dirty video production. It's not professional grade, but then neither am I.

This is the best consumer oriented video editing product I've seen from Corel so far. It comes with lots of the same bells and whistles as the previous versions, and adds some VERY nice functionality. The two new things that jumped out for me were the variable speed control (speed up, slow down sections of your video) and the new subtitle editor. Both can be improved, but they're still very nice features added to the product.

Corel continues to support all sorts of importing and exporting formats, and I briefly tried out the HTML5 creation feature which is a third neat addition.

Speaking of improvement, the previously included screen capture (screen recording) feature gives spectacular results. Using this with two monitors (recommended) you can create almost professional grade screen recordings. I actually used the screen capture on the VideoStudio X6 software itself to compare what was installed on top of my existing VideoStudio X5 software. I used X6 to capture myself using X6 (recursion). Having your editing software tied directly to your screen capture software is a very, very good idea.

I'd like to give this 4.5 out of 5 stars because there still are some issues with the interface, and I'd also like to have a hardcopy of the manual in hand. But, installation issues didn't occur and the product is still top notch = 5 out of 5 stars.

UPDATE 29 MARCH 2013: Using the free download version on a different machine I used screen capture to create a very nice X6 tutorial on using templates. I THEN created an HTML5 video project with the results being totally unusable for a web video. The compression for HTML5 makes the text totally unreadable. So, HTML5 with X6 is probably best only for video that doesn't have fine elements like the small text in menus. Original screen capture video was great. HTML5 result, not so good.
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on August 25, 2013
Do not hit the instant project if you like all the updates. Every time I click on instant project, I have to get task manager to close out the program. The programs says updating the database and never does. I even tried to let it run over night, still nothing. Other than that, it is good. I downloaded every update available before I even attempted to use the software. Maybe that was wrong, but he next day, more cool titles and effects were available. It is better than Pinnacle Studio, which I used for years with the TV card. I watched one video and after a few tries, made my first slide show with my favorite music in the back ground. It was pretty fast even at high resolution. The show is about 8 minutes long. This is lightning fast compared to my old computer with Studio 9. I have a small mp3 player that also plays mpeg movies. I had been looking for more updated software. I don't like freeware or share ware. If anyone ever spent days trying to get your computer back running, you will know that it is not worth any amount of money to download all that stuff with adds and possibly spyware. Corel is reliable software that works well with Windows 7. I also have the Coreldraw X5 suite and took a class in Coreldraw X5 recently. This is more than a home user could ever possibly want. I like Amazon prime too, because the price was good and the shipping fast and free! I am using a comptuer like this one listed here on
AAC-X4 Desktop Computer - 3.6GHz Quad Core Processor (Bulldozer) - 8GB DDR3 RAM - 1,000GB (1TB) HDD - WiFi - USB 3.0 Windows 7 64-Bit
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on December 5, 2013
Corel offers no tech support for the buyer. Out of the box if you want some help from Correl these bozo's expect you to pay for the honor of discussing issues with their product. They will gladly talk you if you fork over the cash, I already had and the techs and management could not understand that when a consumer buys a product and they have issues. We want to talk to someone who can provide answers.
I have never edited video and no instructions or links to instructions were provided with the product.
Through emails to Correl I eventually received a link to the PDF instructions, then developed driver issues. At that point I realized that using this product was not worth the aggravation of dealing with Correl tech support.
If you are a beginner my advice is stay away from this product.
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on May 21, 2013
I tried all the free ones. And I tried Pinnacle, also from Oracle (hated that - couldn't get it to add music to vids - had trouble shortening vids with it). But VideoStudio was a dream, compared to the others. I've made my videos the size I want, and I've added music. It's much easier to use than Pinnacle of the freebees.
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