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on August 16, 2015
After a long rearch for a budget projector i decided to go with this one instead of benq 1070 as this was on sale on amazon for 520. After using it for a month, i can say that i am very happy with my decision.. just cant find any flaw at all. The picture is bright and colors are fantastic though i am projecting directly on the wall (dont see any need for a screen). I have not seen any rainbow effect at all. It is very compact and easy to use. I have plugged it to Onkyo 7.1 receiver via hdmi and using hdmi splitter to run TV in parallel. I am able to play chromecast, firestick, blueray via receiver without any issues. This is plug and play so setup was quick and easy. We've been watching movies almost every night (using Kodi on firestick) and with my definitive tech speakers it just feels like being in a theater and even better. Check the photos for picture clarity.
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on September 19, 2016
Used this extensively for 5 weeks and was amazed by the quality. Im giving this 4 stars only on the basis of value. It has its issues, but for what youre paying, its worth it.

-great value
-no/little distortion when scaled out.
-bright enough to work in rooms with blinds open
-plenty of adustable legs/lenses for optimal screen qualitt

-fans are SUPER loud.
-gets hot reaaaaalllly quick
-colors are off even after adjusting settings
-white/black balance and exposure is off
-not ideal for a proper cinematic setting.

Overall, for what it costs, and with all its issues, I still think it's worth getting. But if you want something perfect out of the box. Dig deeper and do some more research.
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on May 7, 2017
I had initially purchased ViewSonic's lower-resolution projector (1024 x 768) in this same line of projectors and felt that was a great projector but I wanted the higher resolution, so I ordered this unit instead and will be returning the other one after comparing them side-by-side.

This is a great projector. Here's what I like:
1) Bright, bright image. If you are thinking outdoor movies like I am, this one is a winner due to the brightness.
2) Great picture. I went straight for the good stuff and queued up some 1080P NFL videos. I wanted to see how fine the details looked when projected large, and I was certainly impressed. The ability of this projector to process motion is not as good as my plasma TV, but it performs well enough that I would not be the least bit embarrassed to host a super bowl party with this unit. The colors are outstanding. Good whites and blacks, and contrast is very good.
3) Right now, it is about the price point. At this same price point (currently $549) you can get the Optoma HD142X, which is a very popular 1080P projector. After reading reviews, I opted to stick with the ViewSonic brand. I don't think there exists any projector at this price point that is clearly a better choice. You could spend double or triple the money, but I'm not sure what that would really do for you. This unit is already great.
4) You can hear the speakers pretty well indoors, but don't expect too much.

Things not to like:
1) Kind of nitpicky, but there could be a cover for the lens.
2) You can definitely hear the fan while the unit is on.
3) Not a lot of inputs. The other ViewSonic at 1024 x 768 had more inputs and was therefore better-suited to giving presentations, since you could hook up just about anything. At 1080P, you should be thinking of this as more of a video projector than for presentations, although ViewSonic markets this unit as a cross-over projector that is good for both.
4) This is a DLP unit, so there is a chance someone may see the rainbow artifact. I personally have not seen it.

Other thoughts: I actually loved the 1024 x 768 projector in this series as well. I purchased it for backyard movies. It just bothered me that we would not be able to enjoy full 1080P on that projector. There is a slight bonus with the 1080P projector that I had not expected. The image is brighter, and the reason is not necesarily intuitive. Due to the wider aspect ratio, the projector sits slightly closer to the screen to fill up the entire width of the screen with the a result of being slightly closer, the image is also slightly brighter. It is not by a huge amount, but it is noticeable. I had the two projectors side by side and the difference is real. The 1024 x 768 projector is still better than DVD quality and that is fine...but in the era of 4K TVs being the new standard, DVD-quality is now two generations behind. 1080P movies will be good enough for our household for years to come.
On an 84" wide pull-down screen (96" diagonal for 1080P 16:9 content), this projector is plenty bright. I have the screen mounted under the eaves on the south side of the house, so it gets sun all day long....but there is no need to wait for the darkest of the night to fire this up. Honestly, you could watch movies outside on a cloudy day. Inside the house, the brightness is never an issue.
I will update this review if the projector fails to provide good service.

Update 5/22/2017:
The only audio output is 3.5mm, so depending on what you want to do in terms of audio, that may be a factor for you. I recently upgraded to a Behringer B112W powered speaker so I have powerful portable sound to go with the projector, but it has no 3.5mm input. Most PA speakers do not. Not to fret, whoever, since there are adapters and converters aplenty to solve the problem of the mismatched projector output / speaker input. For my scenario, the 3.5mm stereo output has to be converted to 1/4" mono. Other option is to use aptx low-latency bluetooth transmitter in the 3.5mm projector audio output, since the speaker has built-in bluetooth receiver.
Main thrust of this update is this: You may want to pay attention to inputs/outputs available because your audio solution may be subject to change.

I hope you found this review helpful.
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on December 14, 2015
Amazing projector. I purchased this almost 2 years ago. It has been used on a daily basis as the primary display of my home theater. I have my gaming pc, 360, and cable hooked up to it. This has been an overwhelmingly positive purchase. The elite screen that I use with it also makes a huge difference. As of today the original bulb is going on 6500 hours. Nothing beats playing fps games in life-size... yet.
review image
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VINE VOICEon April 6, 2016
Style: 1080p + HDMI MHL|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
I have now tried three projectors on my 106" screen in a darkened room. This one by ViewSonic, the LG PF1500 LED model, and the Epson 1040 Home Cinema LCD model. The ViewSonic delivered the best video performance of the three. Let me tell you why.


Black levels are truly excellent on this projector. Letterbox bars, space scenes, and the like, show a deep, convincing black. This lends itself to a very punchy image, rivaling a good, modern LCD television, but of course at 4 times the size. Detail is also superb, with things like film grain, dust motes, and facial wrinkles and hairs easily evident when watching a high quality Blu-Ray. Colors are a bit aggressive, but are still realistic and pleasing. Very dark scenes do still show some of the mosquito noise that seems common with DLP projectors - but this is not evident at normal viewing distances.

***Build Quality and Features***

The projector is about 13"x10"x4", WxLxH. It weighs about 6 or 7 pounds. This makes it pretty average for an entry-level DLP projector. It features large fans on the side and front of the unit, pulling air in from the side and pushing it out through the front corner. In Eco mode, the fans are reasonably quiet but not "silent," when this projector is placed a few feet away from the viewer (e.g. mounted above a couch), the fans are evident during quiet scenes in a movie. In the regular lamp mode, this projector can definitely compete with room lighting - but you would be foregoing its greatest performance strengths (the aforementioned punchy contrast) by doing so. There is no lens cap, which is a disappointment at this price point. There is, however, a 1.3:1 zoom ratio, which gives great flexibility in placement distance from the screen, typically between 2 and 3 feet of range, depending on screen size. This is a real boon for smaller theater rooms (like mine). There is no external power brick, just a regular 3-prong cord, further simplifying mounted installations.

Unique to ViewSonic's line are a few standout features. Hidden behind a panel on the side is an HDMI port for streaming sticks like Amazon Fire and Chromecast - with a built-in Micro-USB cable for power. There is also a lens shift dial that allows for a 20% adjustment of the image up or down. It also has a 6 segment color wheel, and I must say I basically never experienced rainbow effect during any programming. Even on test patterns, I experienced a slight fidgety look but never a full on rainbow. Typically I am sensitive to DLP rainbows, so this was a very pleasant surprise.There is a built in speaker that is about on a par with a good clock radio. Adequate in a pinch, but nowhere near the quality of even a cheap stereo soundbar.

The remote is tiny and rather lackluster, though it does have a laser pointer built in. The menu system is irritating, requiring constant exits and re-entries, because of the lack of a consistent "back" feature.

One problem I ran into, which is pretty serious in my book, had to do with displaying a 1080p signal from my Blu-Ray player, the Sony BDP-S3500. This is an extremely common disc player, and was Amazon's best seller for 2015. This seems to be a result of sensitivity to HDMI bandwidth - my LG PF1500 could easily accept a 1080p signal using the same cable over the same distance. I ordered a new Monoprice "active" cable to see if there was a difference, and indeed there was. But the previous cable was no cheapie, and the run wasn't terribly long. So I have to conclude that the PRO7827HD is just more sensitive to this that some other projectors.

Unfortunately, this is a UHP lamp-based projector. The lamp is rated for 6,500 hours in Eco mode, less in regular. This is probably optimistic, of course, since UHP lamps degrade on a pretty linear curve from first use to half brightness. But it should provide about 4 years of good viewing. ViewSonic lamps appear to be in the $200-$300 range, which is a significant recurring expense to consider, even if it's every 4 years.

There was no manual included in the box. Just a quick start guide, a CD-ROM, and a QR code to scan with one's phone. I would have preferred a paper manual, since many people no longer have a computer with a disc drive, and reading on one's phone is less than ideal. There is a downloadable manual now on ViewSonic's website, and it is relatively comprehensive, though it doesn't really explain the difference between the lamp modes on this projector.


I watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Ben-Hur (both on Blu-Ray disc) and House of Cards (streaming) during my testing of this projector. I was completely engrossed by each, drawn into the experience of the movie or show each time. The PRO7827HD really delivered a cinematic experience with stout black levels, vibrant color, and loads of detail. I would not hesitate to recommend this to someone in the market for a darkened-room home theater projector. The bug I experienced with 1080p from my disc player, the restrictive menu, and the high cost of lamp replacement are really the only caveats I have to offer. As such, I'm going with 4 stars rather than 5. But this is a whale of a machine. I am seriously considering swapping it in for my LG-PF1500.


This was a rather odd beast to run through a DIY Disney WOW! calibration. In part this was because the settings were pretty accurate to start with. But this also was the case because many key settings were grayed out, even on different pre-set modes. For instance, the Color setting was grayed, so I could not adjust the chroma levels using the WOW! blue filter. The manual states that color and sharpness adjustments are unavailable when the signal is not YCbCr. Well, my player has three options that put out YCbCr, and none of them result in these options being unlocked for me. I have never dealt with a device that locks so much from the user, and find it troublesome. That said, the REC-709 preset mode did a pretty good job of rendering colors accurately, albeit a bit on the hot side. Over the last week, I've carefully adjusted things with the limited menus as far as I can towards "standard." This PJ seems to be rather sensitive to minute contrast and brightness adjustments, resulting in odd pixellation and banding if you're just slightly off. Here are the settings I arrived at:

Color Mode: Movie Rec. 709
Brightness: 50
Contrast: 0
Color Temp: Warm
Overscan: Off

Gamma: 2
Brilliant Color: 2

Color Management
R: Hue -10, Saturation 95, Gain 100
G: Hue 20, Sat. 100, Gain 100
B: Hue 24, Sat. 95, Gain 96
C: Hue 35, Sat. 100, Gain 100
M: Hue 0, Sat. 100, Gain 100
Y: Hue -40, Sat. 100, Gain 100
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on May 19, 2017
Nothing but problems with this projector. I was extremely satisfied with my previous ViewSonic projector (pjd5523w) and decided to upgrade, but this unit has been a nightmare. When I first received the projector the fan was rattling, but within about a month of unit stopped working completely. I do have to say ViewSonic did a great job of honoring their warranty because I had purchased the item over a year before the issue and just not installed it, which seems like a generous warranty for this type of electronics...but when I received the replacement after paying outgoing shipping costs the new projector had even louder fan rattling! I regret this purchase, especially considering the number of other competitive projectors available in this price range that I could have purchased.

-Fan makes TERRIBLE rattling noises
-My first unit failed after a month of use, repaired/replaced by VeiwSonic but with outgoing shipping costs
-Lacks features compared to competition available in this price range

-Brightness/Picture quality
-Long warranty period which was honored

Bottom Line: Buy a competitors product
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on March 1, 2016
This projector is just OK. It is good for a very dark room, basically pitch black or watching at night, but if there is any ambient light at all, it's very noticeable. Even a single 60w equivalent bulb 20 feet away completely ruins the picture. Only buy this if you will be able to use it in a pitch black room all the time.
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on December 15, 2016

Very effective even in brightly lit rooms. I was looking for a projector that met my criteria. After spending several weeks, researching all popular brands and review sites I developed my own criteria and here is how I think this faired on my criteria -

Brightness, Contrast, Color 9.5 out of 10
No issues using it in bright room even during day time.

Dark/Black - 9.5 out of 10
Haven't seen other projector doing this so well.

Audio - 2 out of 10
Poor audio but to be fair, I was not expecting this projector to sound great. I have used this audio at the lowest volume setting along with my sound bar and woofer to fill the room.

Fan Noise - 6 out of 10
I was expecting this to be much quieter.

Input connections - 10 out of 10
Very versatile connections. You can add 3 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 A/V

Lens Shift - Yes, 7 out of 10
Do not expect much from lens shift, but still, I am using it to make minor corrections.

Light source - LED/Bulb
I wanted a LED projector but did not want to compromise on brightness and other features. This is not a big concern.

Overall I am a pretty happy camper.

It's been less than a week for me trying this out but I am very happy with the purchase. Looking forward to share more updates after using it for few more weeks.

Update 12/26/2017
Just perfect for blu-ray 2d/3d watching.
The only negatives I experienced are -

1. The fan noise. Could be quieter.
2. Projector speakers are useless.
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on January 18, 2014
This Viewsonic projector offers a crisp, bright picture. We are very happy with it in our great room. We have it placed on a shelf 16 feet from the wall we project onto, and the picture is huge (approx. 12 ft. wide, 170" diagonal!) at its smallest possible size. It's what we wanted, but make sure you have the room for it. It is NOT very adjustable. You can estimate the screen size using the calculator on

The 3000 lumens give us a great picture even with some ambient light, and the 3D really pops!

The housing on this unit feels very cheaply made, so this is not a projector that I would purchase to take from place to place very often. However, it has an amazingly good warranty for a product like this, so I also wouldn't shy away from it. Check the Viewsonic website for special offers as well. We discovered that we can get two free pairs of 3D glasses because we purchased within their special offer window. (They are also offering a screen system, but we don't need that.)

Overall, we'd say this is a great deal for anyone who wants to turn their living room into a movie theater.
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on March 8, 2014
Good projector. Brightness and clarity are awesome. but light leaks in couple of places and after a while this leak is annoying. I should have paid attention to other reviews about these light leaks
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