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on April 29, 2014
I've known about Viewsonic for a number of years but never had the need for one. When ordering a new computer I suddenly had a need for a monitor and checked out all the reviews. This one looked to be good for my needs and the price was certainly right.

The monitor is a good one and it literally worked fine right out of the box. I never even used the set-up disc. Clear, crisp, fast, etc. I'm not a gamer or a graphic artist so it meets my needs just fine.

In the reviews I read that the monitor does not have an adjustable tilt and, since I found this hard to believe, I ordered it anyway. At first blush, when you assemble the monitor on its stand, it does not tilt. Further, the factory setting is absolutely unacceptable unless you were planning to sit it on a bunch of phone books. The factory setting for tilt is absolutely vertical. No tilt at all. for me to be comfortable, I'd have to raise it about 8 to 10 inches above the desk. Looking at the back, where the stand connector attaches to the back of the monitor It appeared to have some tilt capability. If you unscrew the plastic stand attachment from the back with the two screws that are deep in recesses and pull off the plastic attachment, there is a nut (I think it was 8mm) and if you loosen that, you will find that it does indeed swivel (tilt). I set it for the tilt I wanted, tightened it back up and it's just the way I want it. I suppose that if you left the nut slightly loose, you would be able to tilt it up and down for multiple users but I just tightened mine pretty snug and, since the tilt is fine for me, it doesn't need further adjustment. Took a couple of minutes for some trial and error and it's fine now.

This adjustment might not be for the user who isn't comfortable taking the covers off things and doesn't have the right tools - a small Phillips head screwdriver and some metric wrenches - but it's a quick fix and makes this monitor a great deal.

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Have used this monitor with a variety of older computers I had on hand, and it has worked wonderfully with each with simple plug and play adaptability and no need to use the included driver disc. Screen quality is above average, and the anti-glare feature is a great bonus feature. Very pleased and would definitely recommend.
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on July 22, 2014
Great picture but as others have said the stand is lacking. It is rather short and only tilts. A really big drawback as well is the lack of anything but a VGA connection. If you only have an HDMI out, this is not the monitor for you. HDMI to VGA adapters are a little expensive and have resolution limitations.

Worth the purchase for my company as I can use it in public kiosks, but it is not a great desktop personal monitor.
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on February 21, 2015
Recently I purchased two of these monitors to replace the two (very old) monitors I had been using for almost eight years. At this price point, how could I go wrong? And the reviews were nearly all positive, and I've historically had luck with ViewSonic (though admittedly it's been a while since I had a ViewSonic monitor).

Having been using these monitors for two weeks now, I can honestly say they are really good! I have been very pleased with the quality of the hardware itself, and of course the visual quality. Good stuff! My only complaint is something that I have no one to blame for but myself: The monitors have only VGA inputs. Like I said, this is my own fault for not reading the description more closely (or realizing that the next model up has DVI inputs for only about $5 more), so I had to buy a new cable since my laptop's port replicator only has HDMI and DVI outputs. No big deal, and the quality is still amazing. Just a heads up.
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on February 4, 2017
Didn't work with a Mac. The screen would not calibrate anywhere close to what Mac users expect. The color was terribly dim. I ended up trading mine to my employer to use as a simple server monitor in return for a Sony 20".
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on January 5, 2016
I bought this monitor without doing enough solid research into the other low end monitor offerings out there. This model is really lacking in features. The only input is the VGA, which in current times is really not that useful anymore. There are other monitors out there around the same price point that still have hdmi AND vga. Which is a vast improvement. Because it is limited to simply VGA it seriously falls behind in picture quality. Along with that there is some weird stuttering effects on the screen, especially when it is showing dark colors. Its okay as a back-up or second monitor, but not really for much else.
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on February 26, 2015
I bought this monitor assuming it would come with an HDMI hookup - but that is what I get for assuming. I bought a HDMI to VGA adapter cable for like $10.00 from Amazon, so that solved that problem. When I read the reviews, I saw there was an issue with the tilt movement however I didn't have any issues being able to tilt the monitor up and down. I was actually surprised at how much allowance I had to tilt. I use dual screens for book keeping and spreadsheets, so this was the perfect size for me to use as a second screen for my 17'' laptop. So far, no complaints other than it doesn't have an HDMI would think with the "newness" of the monitor it would come with one. Great product for the price.
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on July 16, 2014
The ViewSonic VA2037A 20" LCD monitor is the perfect monitor for the multitasking computer user on a budget. The only thing better would be having two of them hooked up simultaneously. Personally, I like being able to run two windows at 800x600 at the top and then have instant messaging windows set below them. It lets me enjoy video games, watch videos on Youtube, and keep up with people on the internet all at the same time, and without having to overlap windows or constantly ALT+TAB. My only complaint is that this monitor will nag you if you run a fullscreen application at a resolution smaller than the maximum resolution your video card will provide with this monitor, but with the press of a button that is easily mitigated.
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on December 30, 2013
I bought this on Black Friday sale at 2:30 AM, along with a computer. The computer and this monitor were delivered to my door in Hawaii at 7:30 PM on the following Tuesday -- really fine speed, for the distance. The monitor's color range and resolution are excellent for general usage. All my friends who heard about this purchase nodded their heads in approval at the ViewSonic brand name's reputation for high quality and durability. I already used it to watch an NFL game at High Definition on the internet that was not being carried by the major TV networks. Excellent resolution and definition. The only problem is the mount that was included and the mounting bracket on the back of the monitor. They fit together at only one possible viewing angle, which is a little low (forward tilt) for the computer cart that I have. This low tilt is making me slump down in my seat to view the screen from straight horizontally. I would like to have been able to tilt the screen back, to different angles.
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on July 26, 2014
Purchased as 2nd monitor for dual monitor setup. This "A" model has the one VGA input. If you need the DVI input as I did for one monitor, you'll need the V2037M-LED 20 inch LED-Lit LCD. That one also has built-in speakers I didn't need and it's slightly more expensive but necessary purchase! I've only had these ViewSonic monitors a short time but so far so good. The stands are not quite as solid as I would like but I don't move my monitor around so no biggie there. Monitor has a slight tilt to it... enough for my use. If you're looking for more mobility/stability I would recommend a separate arm which I'm debating currently for the dual-monitor setup to free up a bit more desk space.
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