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Style: One Monitor|Size: 22-Inch|Change
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on October 4, 2013
The monitor itself is great- nice build and image/picture quality. As others have noted- there are two things that will be seen as a negative, if you are expecting something better:

First, the stand is flimsy plastic, and the monitor sits very low compared to others. I had written earlier that it didn't tilt, but have found out since that it does- it is just really hard to get it right where you want it, especially if you use two of these side-by-side, because the stand is so flexible. The monitor will jiggle with very little movement of the desk/table it is on- it might as well be a spring. The stand just snaps on with plastic clips- no screws. That said- these monitors are perfect if you want to mount them using an after-market articulated desk, multi-monitor, wall, or other mount. You will probably be disappointed if you use it with the included stand.

Second, the speakers are really only suitable for notification sounds/beeps. I have yet to actually buy a monitor that has speakers that are even remotely good, so in that respect- this doesn't surprise me. If you are trying to get rid of desktop speakers- this monitor is not going to help you.

Also- take note that this only ships with a VGA cable. I suspect most people have either graduated to DVI or already have a drawer or box full of old VGA cables. I'd almost rather see them drop the cable entirely and put some money into the stand, otherwise- ship it with a DVI cable if not both.

Buy this as a quality 24" monitor that is perfect for a multi-monitor desk mount. Don't count on good speakers in ANY monitor, and if you do want a better stand- pay $10-$20 more for a higher-up model from ViewSonic. they really do make good monitors, so the price difference is usually on the extras.
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on April 10, 2017
Good picture quality, poor stand, poor buttons to turn off on and adjust. This monitor is 60hz refresh only.
The buttons are not even button just tabs that push on sensors inside feels really cheap to turn off on or adjust.

The stand has no instructions so some might assemble backwards so base does not lock monitor in and it wobbles see other reviews as this might be what happened. I think I put the end together wrong but tabs only, so hard to take a part again be really careful before you assemble all the way to make sure. Product insert inst. would help so much from Viewsonic on how to do this.

I feel even if done right it would be very flimsy. I was able to adapt the base from my old dell monitor to this one by using the vesa mounting so I am happy now. It had tiny thin sounding speakers located on the back instead of the front so they are not the best but adequate for desktop sounds and basic stuff.
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on November 26, 2013
I now understand the nature of the design flaw of the stand which is not like the one in the picture as shown. It snaps in place by putting the ends of a bent bar made of the same plastic material as the housing into slots in the back of the unit. It is pushed down to lock it in place. The problem is that when you lean the unit back on the stand, it exerts force in the same direction as that needed to remove the stand. This makes the stand easy to come off and your TV falls back on its back or even onto the floor if you are not careful. If the engineers had designed it so that the force put onto the stand is the same as that to lock it firmly into place then it would have worked well. Whoever engineered its mechanical design wasn't thinking clearly. Because I am using this TV as an RGB monitor to view output from a broadcast system, I will be using the VESA mount to attach it to a floor stand where it can easily be moved around and placed as needed. The stand that came with the unit will either go into storage or in the trash.

UPDATE: After reading the manual (what a concept) I discovered the purpose of the contents of a very small zip-lock bag containing two philips screws and some rubber breakway pieces. If you secure the stand with these two screws you should not have the trouble I described above. The manual explains how to secure the screws but it doesn't tell you what to do with the rubber pieces. I presume the little squares are to fill the holes of where the screws secure the stand(?). I don't know why anyone would need or want them because they are so small that they seem to make no difference. No one is going to notice two little black rubber pieces plugging holes in a black enclosure especially since they must be viewed from the bottom.
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on November 15, 2015
Disclaimer: It's been 5 weeks.

First of all, use the CD and install everything it tells you to. Second, calibrate the monitor. Third, get a DVI cable if you want high quality visuals.

This monitor works well. It even tilts! You just have to keep pushing/pulling, but be gentle.
It comes in three easy-to-put-together pieces, but I have no clue how to properly dismantle it.

What I use it for: casual gaming (Divinity II, 3089, E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy, Legends of Aethereus, etc.), reading, photo editing (hobbyist), and videos/movies.

No problems so far, but I did forget to mention that the sound quality is great. The only thing I bother to use my Gigaware headphones for is watching movies and playing certain games. They're no surround sound, but they work surprisingly well.

To be more specific on the sound quality, I use Total Recorder to record memorable conversations and explanations on such podcasts as Double Toasted, JustKiddingNews, and Honey Badger Brigade. What I've noticed is that the quality is significantly better when I record from my Gigaware headphones instead of the monitor. So much so that I only record audio from the headphones and never the monitor. It's that noticeable.
That being said, I still listen to Honey Badger Brigade podcasts while playing 3089, which has a wonderful soundtrack, without bothering to use my headphones. The sound quality is good enough to enjoy, but not enough to record.
On another note, since this will matter to some, I simply cannot enjoy Karen Straughan's podcasts while doing laundry. The sound does not project to the opposite side of the 11'x17' room well. I must play her videos on my phone instead. That is, until those wireless headphones come in the mail. ;)

tl;dr: The sound quality is good enough to enjoy from up close, but incomparable to a Gigaware headset. I still haven't had a single problem with it other than the 5 seconds or so it takes for the screen to start up.
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on April 14, 2017
4/14/17. My bad for not testing it immediately. On my 2011 Windows 7 desktop where I replaced an existing usbvga-connected second monitor, it was *obviously* inferior, with an "astigmatic" effect, including shadowing of graphic features and broken-appearing small type. The screen it replaced had no such defects.

But then, in an orgy of LCD swapping, I learned that a "bad" cable had a comparable effect on an existing terminal, or at least when I replaced a VGA cable with a fat thick VGA cable the astigmatic effect went away. So as usual I am ignorant. ... And the VA2446 worked OK on a new windows 10 system.

But it definitely was worse as a "drop-in" replacement compared to the previous unit.

4/19/17. And then I installed it as a 2nd USB screen on my new win10 desktop, and, with an AmazonBasics VGA cable, it looks almost like the antique viewsonic @ the main screen. But I still won't buy another....
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on August 6, 2014
Okay, I've been single for a while now (no not as in many years) but close to a year (yeah, I know that's not very long but just hear me out).
I really enjoy MY time with me and my 4 cats. Have you noticed any of my purchases on here? I pretty much LIVE for my cats. Yes. It's. True. I'm crazy cat lady (and no that is NOT why I'm single, I CHOOSE to be single). Anyway, this? This purchase? Was for ME. NOT for my dang cats! A friend had given me a monitor 2 years ago and it dies an untimely and tragic death one evening about 6 months ago. For 6 months, I kept it, tried to revive it, even had someone come in and check out the cable to it, try it on their laptop etc. nope, it was dead. I don't earn a lot, and what I earn, you guessed it, goes to the cats, so I really am VERY careful when it comes to what I buy for MOI.

Did you see the price on this baby? Um, HELLO? AMAZING!
Did i mention how EASY it is to start up? Instructions? Whatcha talkin' bout baby? I'm a girl, I don't "do" instructions. I just popped this baby out of the box (got it in 2 days via Amazon PRIME - thank you OH AMAZON, you are amazing!!!) and plugged in my cable, hit the on switch and wha la~! There was my screen piping in Pandora, Netflix, Amazon videos, etc.

I love this piece and I have no complaints. Here's hoping it last longer than me being single!
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on May 5, 2017
Bought two of these and they work well for the price paid. No dead pixels. the only down side is they have no forward or lateral tilting mobility settings with the stand provided, and I actually thought the screen would be a bit brighter (which is why I rated it 4 versus 5 stars), but overall I'm satisfied with them. I also think they could have better casting for the exterior, but ViewSonic probably purposely did this to cut down on the overall weight of the product; they are very light. Since they are compatible, I intend to purchase arm mounts which should help with the mobility settings and desk space.
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on January 17, 2016
This is a review of the "ViewSonic VA2446M-LED 24-Inch LED-Lit LCD Monitor, Full HD 1080p, DVI/VGA, Speakers, VESA."

I find that I have to identify the product I'm reviewing because sometimes my reviews for one item are compiled with other reviews for multiple items in a related product line.

ViewSonic makes great monitors. The colors are bright and the text is crisp. Setup is simple and it is a VESA mount so if you want to attach it to the wall or a multi-mount, the VESA bolt holes are there. It is plug and play so there is no need for additional drivers. This 24-inch monitor (VA2446M) was a very good purchase.

Overall, we really like it and use it daily.
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on July 19, 2016
UPDATE: 20 Nov 2016

It's now been four months since I purchased two of these 24 inch monitors, and I'm happy to report they both are still working great! In fact, I like these so much I purchased another for a triple monitor layout I use for video editing.

Now the bad news. The last monitor I purchased was delivered as scheduled, but only after I got everything hooked up and running did I notice there is a pixel that doesn't work correctly in the brand new one I just purchased. While I am disappointed at this defect, I am either too lazy to pack it all up and return it, or just okay with the single pixel that displays red instead of black. Most likely the latter of the two choices.

So I took away one star for the defect. I would still recommend this product for the price and quality of the first two I purchased though, as I am quite happy with how they perform.
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on September 19, 2016
The display is very sharp, and the controls to adjust image size, sharpness, brightness, etc. are straightforward (after reading the instructions on the included CD). I purchased the 27" monitor and there are no "little screws" to secure the base to the monitor - I hope this isn't an issue with this larger size (see other reviews).
I would have given this product one less star due to the absolutely dreadful sound quality of the built-in speakers (I had to put my external speaker back into service) however the price is so good on this monitor it garners a Star for dollar value. If you listen to music at all on your computer, or play video games, you will undoubtedly have to hook up external speakers. If all you need is mouse click noise and other system sounds it will probably be OK.
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