Customer Reviews: ViewSonic VA2249S 22-Inch SuperClear IPS LED-Lit LCD Monitor, Full HD 1080p, 20M:1 DCR, DVI/VGA
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on March 20, 2014
The ViewSonic VA2249S 22" IPS monitor looks great and if you are used to Apple products get this instead of other screens on the market. I have this paired with two of the Dell S2340M 293M3-IPS-LED 23-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitors and they look very nice together. I do like the Dell frame/bezel a little better because they are basically frameless, the ViewSonic monitor has a shiny bezel that attracts a lot of glare, that is my reason to give this 4 stars. I think they should have made a brushed bezel or at least dull so it does not reflect so much but besides that it is a beautiful piece of technology.

The factory settings were pretty much perfect for the room I use it in, remember though to always play with the color and contrast because depending on how bright or dark your room is you will probably have to change them. Many poor reviews have been made by people just because they never took the time to adjust factory settings.

The monitor has a very slim design, I am not using the base I have it mounted via the VESA mount on the back which works great and my dell monitors do not have that option so another plus for this IPS.

It contains a VGA and DVI only on the back, so don't think this is like other LED or LCD monitors that have audio and HDMI inputs. IPS monitors usually only have those inputs so don't confuse this with other monitors.

The picture quality is like no other, I use this for work so Im not watching movies or playing games but this would be perfect for both of those things displaying in full HD 1080p. The colors are very vibrant and very similar to my macbook pro retina.

Overall this is an amazing monitor and for the price its totally worth it, many IPS monitors are in the 600-900 range so its hard to find an IPS like this for a great price. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great monitor that has a massive viewing angle.
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on April 29, 2014
Size: 23-Inch|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a serious photo-hobbyist, I look for monitors with qualities advantageous for photo editing. A properly color calibrated monitor with the right qualities can provide an image which closely mirrors the color tones found on the printed image. Poor quality monitors can hinder the photo editing process, resulting in image printing frustration.

The ViewSonic VA2349S 23 inch/58 cm full HD 1080p widescreen SuperClear IPS LED-lit LCD monitor, made in China, is part of the VA Value series. This frugal series provides a good monitor without the upgraded features found in the VX Entertainment series, VP Professional series, or VG Graphics series. For instance, the stand on my ViewSonic VP2365 widescreen e-IPS LED monitor allows me to view the monitor in portrait or landscape mode plus tilt, turn, raise and lower the screen where the ViewSonic VA2349S LCD monitor is simply stationary. Additionally the frame on the ViewSonic VA2349S LCD monitor is wider on the bottom and the monitor sits much lower than the ViewSonic VP2365 widescreen LED monitor. However the visual representation on the screen between both monitors is comparable. The ViewSonic VA2349S LCD monitor’s features include 1080p Full HD, SuperClear™ IPS LED, mega dynamic contrast ratios, Eco mode, energy star compliant certified, Windows 8 certified, and VESA wall mount compliant.

For digital photographers, the SuperClear™ IPS LED and mega dynamic contrast ratios are a big plus. Some LCD monitors will change in appearance when looked at from different angles, while the SuperClear™ IPS LED technology provides fairly consistent images from a viewing angle up to 178 degrees. The SuperClear™ IPS LED isn’t perfect, although unquestionably it’s a major improvement over monitors without this feature. Additionally, the mega dynamic contrast ratios add sharpness and crispness to images. Both are qualities of a good monitor used for photo editing.

Setup was simple and problem free. To begin setting up the ViewSonic VA2349S full HD widescreen LED-lit LCD monitor, I needed to locate the right set of books to rest the ViewSonic VA2349S LCD monitor on. Otherwise, both monitors would be side by side set too low or on differing height levels. Using the quick start guide for instructions I then connected the included VGA video and power cables, ensured the drivers where installed and adjusted the display appearance settings. Lastly, I calibrated both monitors for consistency.

The ViewSonic VA2349S full HD widescreen LED-lit LCD monitor visually compares well to the Viewsonic VP2365 widescreen e-IPS LED monitor. When looking at both monitors with a repetitive image split between the two at the center, the image tones are slightly different, however looking at the same image duplicated on each monitor, I can’t tell the difference. With the visual settings calibrated, the ViewSonic VA2349S full HD widescreen LED-lit LCD monitor does an excellent job of rendering an image.

I’ve been using a ViewSonic VP2365 widescreen e-IPS LED monitor since March 2012, and have been considering purchasing a second monitor for increased productivity. I don’t need all the added features of the ViewSonic VP2365 LED monitor; however the stand is an issue when using both side by side. For those who want a basic stand or plan to wall mount, the ViewSonic VA2349S 23 inch/58 cm full HD 1080p widescreen SuperClear IPS LED-lit LCD monitor is a good value and worthy of consideration.

Wall mountable
Good option for photo-hobbyists
Industry leading Pixel Performance guarantee
SuperClear™ IPS LED and mega dynamic contrast ratios
3 year limited warranty

Basic nonadjustable monitor stand
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on November 12, 2014
Well, like the others this monitor blows me away with a Super Clear IPS screen IMO. I agree with other reviewers the HDMI input is missing so I just bought a HDMI to DVI cable at Fry's Electronics, brand is called HMD-6 ( 6' cable) HDMI-Male to DVI-D Male cost about $9.99 there were other brand cable costing $12.99-$29.99 but not needed for those expensive ones. I'm using that cable as I write this review. I am one the owners of the ViewSonic 23.5" LED 1080HD monitor which after I think 3 years is still working perfectly but after using this one also on my 2nd Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm, just mounted 2 days ago, I would recommend buying another if you have another computer like my spare 5+year old Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 2.4Mhz also running Windows 8.1. I have played some BluRay 1080HD movies on it and they look so clear almost like a 4K HD TV you see at Best Buy. By the way I was thinking of the Lenovo 23" IPS monitor but the screen isn't a non-glare like this one. I do love this has Vesa Mounts hens is why I bought it and it's less costly with a 3 year warranty and is a non glare screen. I'm currently custom building a behind the monitor speaker mount to my Bose Companion 2 Series II speakers to keep everything off the desk and to give my desk a clean look. Also dusting when it happens will be easy that way. P.S. This monitor compliments my new computer I bought parts to build via Amazon is a 17Watt, Gigabyte NM70 Chipset,Mini-ATX M.B. using a Intel Celeron 1.8Mhz, with 8GBpc1600 Ram, Samsumg 240S.S.D. 840EVO HD. it Boots-up Windows 8.1 in 10-11 seconds every time.
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on October 15, 2015
It is amazing how the quality of monitors has gone up, and how the price has fallen. I have been a fan of ViewSonic products for years, and this is the latest in a long string of very satisfactory purchases. Sharp, bright, accurate colors. A fine monitor for a low price.
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on January 15, 2016
We have purchased a lot of monitors & I seem to always fall back on the ViewSonic ones. They are usually very bright with a clear picture. This monitor is no exception.

- It is very bright & crisp
- The price is awesome for a 23" monitor
- It is 1080p
- It has a good VESA mount
- Unlike many other monitors, it uses a standard computer power cable, which is such a relief!

- It only uses VGA & DVI--most modern monitors also have HDMI or DisplayPort
- It's a bit thicker than many of the other monitors, but if you're putting it on a desk corner, you probably won't notice it

Overall, this is a great monitor to use for work. We have 20 or so of these & have not had any failures, dead pixels etc. Great job ViewSonic
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on August 30, 2015
I spend most of my day staring at a monitor so I figured it was well past time for an upgrade, and this monitor has most certainly been a huge improvement. Prior to this model, I had two Dell P2411H screens my employer supplied for me. That's a decent monitor, but for any work that demands color or value accuracy you're out of luck. The viewing angles especially made things difficult as the distance from the top of the screen to the bottom was enough to cause a severe distortion in brightness giving everything a gradated look. Thankfully, I don't have those issues to deal with anymore.

I think it owes to the VA2349S' IPS panel, but the color accuracy and viewing angles in particular have been rock solid. I'm picky so I went through and calibrated as best I could, and now I'm really enamored with the picture. The whites it produces seem very pure (not too warm or cool) and the blacks show very minimal bleeding. I have to switch to a fully black screen with the intent of noticing something for it to register as anything but pure black. Colors are all very nice but I have no real way of testing how accurate they are, however, I would say they're close the what my MacBook Pro's screen produces if a little less saturated.

The screen has a matte finish which I much prefer to a glossy one. Glares and reflections aren't a possibility on this and I appreciate that. The bezel is a little thicker than other models out there and it is a bit glossy, but it hasn't distracted me and in a dual monitor setup I don't find the width a problem.

Another reason I went with this particular model (after a rather thorough bit of research) was that it has a VESA mount. I had a monitor stand that I didn't want to make obsolete so that was important for me. The stand that comes with it seems a bit cheap, but I can't really speak to that.

So far, after about a week or two of heavy use, I really can't come up with any major complaints which is saying something because I'm very particular. I was going to whine about having to come to grips with the ugly bird logo plastered on the frame, but Viewsonic was nice enough to make it a sticker that's easily peeled off. Really the only gripe I have is that I have to plunk down the cash for another one of these because having it next to my old monitor is making it look like junk.
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on January 3, 2016
I had to replace my 15+ year old Sony Trinitron CRT the other day when it finally quit on me... it was a sad day, it looked great right up until the end. Needing a quick replacement, I went to WalMart, where the only monitor they had was an Acer 24" LED Widescreen Monitor | S240HL Abid. This monitor, however, proved most unsatisfactory. So, I then spent hours on Amazon, looking for something that would be more acceptable, and after much searching, I came upon this model. The warning on the product page, saying that light leakage was normal, so live with it, gave me some hesitation. I have had ViewSonic monitors in the past, and though decent, they had never wowed me. This model, however, once I finally decided upon it, is something different. The Acer was ridiculous--move your head an inch off center, literally, and the picture went seriously bad--yellowing if you went left, darkening if you went down, blowing out if you went up... it was horrible. This monitor, though not flawless, has infinitely better viewing angles. You may get very minor shifts in tone, but on the whole, the picture stays clear and tonally intact, wherever you view it from. Mine shows no sign of "light bleed", so I'm not sure if I'd call that "entirely normal" and not complain about it if it showed up. While the Acer had a 24" screen, and this one is a 23", you really can't tell the difference. All I can say is, this is a worthy successor to my Sony Trinitron, and if it lasts even half as long as that old workhorse did, I will be thrilled. This is a great monitor, has a great picture, and is priced extremely well, especially considering the products it is going up against. I would not hesitate to get another, or to recommend it to anyone looking for a great wide viewing angle monitor with great color fidelity. Oh, and you can also turn off the annoying blue power light through the onscreen settings, which I would recommend, as it's a bit intrusive. Three thumbs up.
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on December 9, 2015
I'm using this as a second monitor and it has a very pretty screen. Out of the box the brightness is maxed and is too high, and colors render a bit differently than on my primary IPS monitor, a Dell S2340M, but not too starkly. Skin tones look slightly greenish in native mode, but that should be easy enough to tweak. Other than that I like the appearance of pictures and videos on this ViewSonic very much.

I would ding a half-star if possible for the finish on the bezel and stand. The screen is matte, but then the bezel is very shiny and somewhat distracting. (Of course one does adapt to such things in time...) Except for its center, the base is also glossy and is quite the dust magnet.

Note: The included power cord was only 5 feet long, and did not quite reach over my desk and down to the surge protector on the floor. Rather than drill a hole in the desk top, I took the 6 foot cord off my old monitor and used it instead. (Standard 3-pin design for computers and monitors.)
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on August 27, 2015
Ordered 4 of these at the same time for a multiple monitor solution -- 3 were perfect, 1 had ghosting. Amazon replaced it immediately. I ordered them all together to ensure consistent look on every monitor. The monitors are great, visible from nearly any angle. Excellent IPS monitor for the money.
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on October 12, 2015
Fabulous monitor. Viewing angle is superior to my past monitors and the colors are true. Even tiny test is crisp and easy to read. I plan to buy at least one more to upgrade some other PC in the home. Highly recommend!
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