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on January 25, 2013
Note: my review was for the ViewSonic VX2270SMH-LED 22" -
I see Amazon has grouped 3 different sizes together - including ViewSonic VX2370SMH-LED 23", and ViewSonic VX2770SMH-LED 27" -
although there are many common traits - be sure to check the screen size for any review.

I bought this after doing a lot of research, as I do a lot of photography and post processing.

sRGB preset (factory calibrated)
100% sRGB gamut
frameless design

This is a very important monitor (along with the slightly larger sibling VX2370Smh-LED) for photographers or anyone who does serious graphics/color work - as it has a factory calibrated preset for the sRGB colorspace @ 100% sRGB gamut - this is the industry standard color space for photos and display monitors.

To me this is HUGE.

The panels is also a AH-IPS - this is currently the latest technology used on the very high pixel density smartphone screens,
it has also been certified color accurate by Intertek.

The fact that it's frameless (except for a narrow internal border) makes it a very good looking screen too.

I am very pleased with my purchase - knowing I have a monitor that has a factory calibrated preset of 100% sRGB -
this is actually better for me than any other monitor that may be able to claim a larger/wider color gamut -
since those monitors would need calibration otherwise they could potentially be mis-adjusted -
whereas this monitor has 100% sRGB on a preset without the need to calibrate...
and at a price that's only just above the lowest budget monitor
- just a few months ago this kind of monitor would have cost $$hundreds more

Highly recommended for any accurate photographic and color/graphics work.
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on October 4, 2013
This is the nicest monitor, clear & sharp. I work graphics and photos all day, every day. I produce reports that take hours to develop, heavy with images and text. I have gone through my share of monitors, and this is the nicest one I've used. It's much easier on the eyes than others. The black text is crisp with no 'blue ghosting' around the letters. I am also careful about EMF and ELF. I have a professional tester that is very sensitive and accurate. This monitor's transformer is located in the power cord, so the monitor itself puts out zero EMF/ELF, which gives me quite a sense of security for my health. The screen is big enough that I can pull up 3 pages at once at 100% size, or I can enlarge a page to 250% and it still remains sharp and clear. I do recommend opening the color controls and sliding all the sliders to far left, which gives bright whites and black blacks with no color shift. That's my personal preference. The speaker system is not so great, but if you have external speakers, just stay with those. It has great connectivity, any cable you have will work just fine: (vga, vgi, hdmi). And, I don't have to strain my eyes, even when the sun shines in from behind, I can still work just fine. For the cost, you can't go wrong.
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on March 5, 2015
Let's get the con that no one cares about out of the way - the speakers are worthless. But we already know that, don't we? I've got real speakers pumping out the beautiful music, and only used the built-in speakers a couple times just to hear what they are about.

This display is absolutely gorgeous. I purchased a laptop with an IPS display a couple years ago, and since then, my desktop's TN display wasn't good enough anymore. The viewing angles are great (with the TN, if I was laying on my couch, I'd have to tilt it to the extreme), the color is great, and there's absolutely nothing about the image I can complain about, except In dark movies / the black screensaver, I do see what some describe as the "IPS glow," but it's better than having light bleed at the edges of the display.

Also, another semi-issue was the HDMI port - at first, I thought there was something wrong with it, as I couldn't get it to work, but I realized that the way it's positioned, with the plastic around it, the cable wasn't plugged all the way in. It's working perfectly now.

The only other complaint I'd have is the silly capacitive buttons that are hidden behind the display on the base. It took me a few minutes (and possibly looking at the manual) to find the power button. It can be frustrating, because while the on-screen menu is not often-used, shutting the display off or switching inputs (HDMI/DVI) is a challenge. A tip - I found out that tapping the "2" button will auto-switch active inputs (for example, if you're currently on DVI, and you've turned on a device connected to HDMI, tap "2" and it'll switch you to HDMI), so you won't have to do it via the OSD.

I know I spent most of the review with my minor complaints, but that's because the display quality is so great, there's not words to describe it. Plus, it's got a color profile loaded for you photo pros, so you should be good out of the box.
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on October 24, 2016
This monitor produces very accurate colors, which was the main reason I purchased it. I've calibrated it with a Spyder device, and ordered many photographic prints and found that the color tones are very consistent. The monitor works great for watching video or playing games, with fast response times and no detectable blurring artifacts.

The biggest problem I have with this device is that all of the buttons and connections are on the base / leg of the device. The buttons are a couple of inches behind the front of the screen, and about level with the bottom of the panel. This is only a small nuisance when you're sitting at the computer, as you need to bend down to look under the monitor to see what you're touching. If you're walking by and notice that the monitor is on, it's very irritating. I find that I've double-tapped the touch buttons regularly, and as soon as I start to walk away the monitor pops back on.

So, Pros:
-Great color
-Fast response time, no motion artifacts

-Awkward controls
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on October 29, 2016
This monitor has an absolutely beautiful picture. I purchased it as an inexpensive monitor for my Mac Mini. A computer I only use for testing. I was surprised that the picture quality instantly. It matched the 2 monitors I have that are color balanced for photography. I now wish I had gotten a 27" version to match my other monitors. Oh and the internal speakers are pretty good too!
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on March 16, 2017
I purchased one of these about a year ago and it is still going strong. I need two more, but needed them to be able to mount on flexible stands. This one has a great picture... very excellent quality picture. I ordered this one by mistake, and had to send it back only because it cannot be mounted. Amazon was great in taking it back... I never even opened the box, and never even accepted the order from UPS. In fact, the two other ViewSonic 24" mountable screens showed up at the same time... so all three showed up, I rejected the one that could not be mounted and kept the other two... Great purchases. I am giving the one I ordered a year ago to my son to take to college. It will serve him well as a second screen.
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on January 4, 2016
I've had this monitor for 10 months now and it has been perfect. I am a professional photographer and moving to this monitor has helped a lot. Budget friendly, accurate and purty! The speaker is pretty weak and the button placement is a little weird but once you have it set up, you'll forget about it and probably wont even touch it. The description says frame-less but it's really not because of the black border, not a deal breaker though. The white balance is perfect, brightness set to max and contrast down to 70.
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on March 26, 2014
UPDATE 9/11/16: The monitor still works fine, but does have some burnt pixels. I painted the whole frame silver because I cannot stand the dusting scratches all over it. (I am that weird/obsessive). That stated, I'm not going to even try to get a replacement. I won't be buying another ViewSonic. I mean come on guys.. if you are going to cut corners on cheap plastic, at least make a panel that won't burn out like 20 pixels within the first year of moderate but not excessive use.

Original: The monitor is not bad. Actually one of the best and most feature filled I could find for the price. The 3 year warranty on a cheaper monitor where others are prone to fail was a must for me. I do non-professional photography and videography and needed a good performing monitor for this use, the monitor is great for that it seems. The colors are great.

After contacting the manufacturers here is what details I have confirmed or received feed back concerning.
It's is 7 ms. It MAY BE/LIKELY is an AH-IPS monitor. He didn't know for sure. It is 6 bit color + some internal processing that makes it perform like an 8 bit monitor.

The speakers aren't bad for use. Obviously I'm not going to run them as monitor speakers for pro-tools editing or something but they actually sound quite nice. They are not garbage or hard to hear. The other reviewer just needs to realize there is a volume control in the OS that allows you to turn up the volume.

As far as the port options (line in, headphone, video adapter options) this monitor has a great offering beyond what's in it's class. I really like the frameless screen. It has an edge but not a frame which is something I really like.

As far as build quality, the plastic is garbage. It's flimsy all around the screen and feels like a cheap dollar store caseing. If you are strongly bothered at scratches in new shiny plastic, prepare yourself to never take off the protective film or deal with an instantly scratch covered housing. This stuff scratches if you look at it funny it seems. I used a brand new microfiber cloth for camera lenses for heck sake and instantly scratches the heck out of it. It looks like I have had it for years after just a couple light swipes.

I really like the ability to tilt the monitor and has good range. My Mac Pro detects the refresh rate is 60hz and can be adjusted to 59 or 58 via the nvidia control panel for my GTX 670. The 7ms response time should be a complete non issue for gamers. I played Bioshock Infinite and it ran smoothly and beautifully. I would never consider buying anything (paying more) for a lower response time. It is a completely unnecessary and false purchase point, at least for moderate gamers like me. Maybe there are other reasons where that would be important but if it is only a selling point for gamers I would say disregard that all together.

Overall, best monitor you can get for $150 IMO. More money could be spent, but doubt it would be going towards a better panel. You would likely only be paying for a nicer frame/housing.
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on November 14, 2013
I researched many monitors in the 27" range until finally choosing this ViewSonic for my new Mac Mini. I chose it primarily based on reviews that praised the color performance. I take many photos and also have a 25k+ slide scanning project that requires color fidelity and the real estate of a 27" display for sorting, etc.. The negative reviews were generally dealing with details like button placement, or screen too bright (for an infinitetly adjustable display!!). On the positive side, reviews from some real techies as well as serious photographers convinced me that this monitor would not let me down, and it hasn't. As suggested, I set mine to the sRGB color profile and call it good. So far (2 months) this has been successful. Screen is bright and crisp, letters are well defined, edges sharp. photos pop. I like the HDMI, DVI inputs (but who would waste the HD and use VGA?). There have been complaints of the built-in speakers, but I use a separate, external speaker system (w/woofer) for superior sound anyway, so this is a moot point. I move around a lot in my office area and the wide angle view IPS works very well. Makes sharing the screen with others easy, even at off angles. And the frameless design is very atractive - Highly recommended!!
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on August 16, 2014
I bought two to pair with my mid-2009 17” MacBook Pro, for graphic and web design. Completely satisfied with these as a low-cost dual monitor system. I connect one via my miniDVD port, the other via USB, both with adapters* purchased on Amazon.

The color is pleasing. Web jobs look great, and I don't see a huge shift in print work. They're not billed to be color-critical, but they're more than adequate for my professional needs. I think you'd be hard pressed to find any better at this price point. These were a replacement for two Dell UltraSharps that didn't match. Dell wouldn't allow a swap, so they went back. These are just as clear. I use the built-in calibration setting for the monitors, and they're every bit as good as the UltraSharps. And each was $100 cheaper (the Dells were refurbs).

An interesting note — when using the USB port and required DisplayLink driver (free online download), the video is being "redrawn" for the display, It's not straight video. When a movie or screen saver kicks in, my CPU goes into overdrive, and I hear my fan straining to compensate. For that reason, I use the HDMI connection for my main monitor and use the USB as my secondary — primarily real estate for toolbars and reference materials.

The bezel and stand are plastic, but they look nice. The piano black finish shows dust quickly, and presents a daily challenge to my mild OCD, lol, but it's not a deal breaker. In contrast to the more expensive Dells, these are not adjustable. I find them a bit low for my preference (I come in right at 6ft), so right now I have each atop four CDs until I can find a more permanent stand solution. The base is roughly 8" x 7." Some folks complained about the button location on the stand — I would have put them on the bezel, but they don't present to me a huge hassle some have described.

Make no mistake, these aren't Cinema Displays, or as bright and crisp as my MacBook display. But for the price, they're an exceptional choice. I would recommend them to a friend.

*The adapters I'm using are the "AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to HMDI adapter" and the "Diamond Multimedia USB 3.0/2.0 to DVI/HDMI/VGA Adapter for Multiple Display Monitor (BVU3500)." I use the VGA adapter from this trio, because the HDMI adapter didn't work for me. I originally purchased the "Cable Matters SuperSpeed USB 3.0/2.0 to HDMI/DVI Adapter for Windows and Mac up to 2048x1152/1920x1200 in Black," and it sucked. It worked some but would constantly lose the connection and give me a ‘no input source’ error. I had kept it just past 30 days before I became fed up, so it couldn't return it. Don't waste your money. The Diamond Head USB/VGA connection looks just as good the HMDI.

P.S. A limitation of my older Mac is the inability to transmit audio, so I've never the heard speakers. I hook my MBP up to speakers through its audio jack.
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