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VINE VOICEon June 5, 2010
First of all the video doesn't even come close to showing the clarity this screen provides, but I hope it's slightly helpful in that you can see the size better in comparison to a desk and stuff.

Now about this beautiful monitor. I admit I've only been looking at it for about a week, but so far my eyes couldn't be happier. LED screens are clearly going to be the future. They look beautiful and save energy and space, and the screen is SO thin! Setup was a breeze - I just connected it to my desktop. The monitor comes with both DVI and VGA cables, but since my desktop had an HDMI output I bought a Premium High Resolution 10FT / 3m 24K GOLD HDMI TO DVI M/M CABLE FOR HDTV PLASMA DVD that uses the HDMI from my Desktop into the DVI in the monitor. I doubt I really needed to buy this, compared the cable with just the regular DVI to DVI and it still looked great, though it did seem a dash clearer (it could be my imagination).

Also, when shopping around and reading reviews of other monitors (especially LED) I noticed several customers complaining that it took a lot of setting switches to get the screen to look right.. with this monitor (at least for me) the picture looked perfect right from the start up. It does let you change the contrast and such, but I haven't dared to mess with them because I think it looks perfect as is.

About the sound.. I watch a lot of movies on my computer and listen to a lot of music, so imagining using a monitor's built in sound system horrifies me, but if you don't care about a high quality stereo system, I listened to the speakers and they'll do just fine.

So my overall review is an A+ thumbs up. I spent hours looking at monitors at Best Buy and on Amazon and anywhere else that sells them and I think I made a great choice with this ViewSonic. Granted, I've only had it a handful of days, but hopefully I won't have to revise this review for at least 3 years (that's how long the warranty is). If you have any other questions about the screen or would like to see a different video just leave a comment and I'll try to help you out!

**4 Month Update**
- Just thought I'd let you guys know it's been nearly 4 months now and my 5 star review still stands so far. Absolutely no dead pixels, and absolutely no problems. Unlike other LEDs I've seen in the store, the stand on this is very sturdy and has never even hinted at falling over. My comp doesn't have a blu ray player, but I watched some 1080p stuff online and it is noticably spectacular on this screen. And now I see Amazon is selling it even cheaper than what I paid for it ($189) so I can't recommend it enough!
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Bought this monitor to use with a 3-year old HP desktop and so far I'm very pleased with it. I've also used a much smaller Viewsonic monitor as a test monitor on other systems, and because it's been very reliable and this monitor has good reviews I thought I'd take a chance on this one for my workhorse desktop. It has both VGA and HDMI inputs but I use VGA only.

I like:
-The superb image quality. It's bright and sharply defined.
-Easy touch controls on the front of the monitor bezel- they bring up menu items on the screen.
-It has a secure stand that doesn't wobble and allows for easy changes in the viewing angle.
-The viewing angle from the side is broad.
-The built-in sound is much better than I've experienced with other similar monitors. It's NOT 5.1 Dolby, but it's perfectly acceptable for day-to-day use.

I don't like:
-Haven't yet found anything not to like.

Overall, this is an easy 5-star rating.
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on May 21, 2017
Purchased in 2012 and still working fine.
I did have a fright one day when it started dropping signal every five minutes.
I figured it was dying it but I spent some time searching for a possible solution and found an obscure reference involving unplugging the unit and holding the power button for a period of time.
I still do not understand the concept of removing all power but still having a reset function.
But I don't have to understand it if it works, and it did.
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on January 1, 2013
I am not a complete technical ignoramus. Pretty darn close to it, I admit, so I have no technical praise or criticism to offer other than I am delighted with this monitor. I was planning to get an ASUS 24 inch LED with no speakers but it was not being shipped from Amazon due to some problems they were having with it. I substituted this monitor which has the built in speakers which I do not use, so no advice on that score. I have owned ViewSonics in the past and they have always been good monitors.

I moved up from my old Dell 19 inch flat screen with some ungodly low number of resolution compared to this puppy. All the things I wanted to do with the old monitor but could not, like zooming in playing a pool game, this monitor does very well. In fact, it makes me wish I had not ordered a new desktop computer which has yet to arrive. I attributed many of my problems to my old Velocity desktop, but now it seems to run like a racehorse when paired with this ViewSonic. Is that possible?

The On Screen Display does take a few minutes to get the hang of. As I am not a complete Luddite It would seem the average user will figure it out quickly. Definitely cut back the brightness to 50% or thereabouts so as not to fry your retinas, with a setting of 6500 K for good color. I don't know what 6500 K means, but that is what the factory setting is and it works well.

And by the way, I don't notice any problems viewing from directly in front to 15 or 20 degrees to either side.
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VINE VOICEon February 10, 2011
Whereas others have written of the technical specs, I'll explain how I put together a 4-screen system with 4 of these monitors. This was not difficult to do and really made possible by the terrific value of these monitors.

The key component to the multiple monitor setup is the graphics card. It's also the most expensive single part of the system after the computer itself. Here's the graphics card I got, and it's excellent: Nvidia Quadro Nvs 450 PCIE16 512MB GDDR3 4PORT To Dvi Cable.

You'll probably want and actually need monitor stands if get more than one of this ViewSonic monitor. Fortunately, monitor stands came down in percentage terms even more than monitors. Here's a super high-quality monitor stand - I got two of these to hold my 4 ViewSonic monitors: Super Dual LCD Monitor Stand holds upto 26 inch Monitors.

Because, to be honest, this ViewSonic monitor has low quality sound, you might want to use external speakers. Well, here's what I got, a great set for a bargain considering the high quality: Logitech Z-2300 THX-Certified 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer.

When you use a multiple-monitor setup, you'll need some longer cables. I got some of these cables, which are longer (and much better quality than the cables that come with the ViewSonic monitor): Cables To Go 29527 DVI-D Male/Male Dual Link Digital Video Cable, Black (5 Meter/16.40 Feet).

I've described much of my system above, which was possible because these high-quality monitors didn't set me back that much. Also, the monitors are thin and lightweight while the monitor stands I got (above) are overkill-strong. I got tired of adjusting monitor stands that were challenged by heavier monitors and thus prefer a matchup like the one I now have. I think you can't go wrong with this ViewSonic monitor, especially in a multi-monitor setting, with the proviso that you'll want your sound to go through better speakers.
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on June 2, 2011
I recently purchased this monitor and I must say that I am really impressed by it.

The Monitor:

The packaging it came in was professionally packaged and when you open up the box you will find your monitor very neatly tucked inside foam so I don't think you have to worry about any dead on arrival monitors.

This is my first time buying such a large monitor and the image quality is excellent. I find myself just looking at my desktop wallpaper in 1080p and admiring how nice it looks. It is also very nice to have so much more space on my desktop to place icons and reading webpages is a lot easier on such a big and crisp monitor. I also have another monitor connected to my pc and when I compare how this monitor shows text compared to my smaller 17 inch 1280x1024 resolution monitor the difference really stands out.

For the gamers out there I've played several PC games with this monitor at 1920x1080 and the crispness and sharpness of the graphics are really impressive. Starcraft 2 especially looks amazing on this monitor running on ultra settings.

The buttons on the monitor are pressure sensitive and are not actual buttons which aesthetically looks very nice. The menu of the monitor is very organized and it is easy to access the options. Changing the volume is a little bit annoying since you have to go inside the menu but overall it isn't a big problem since windows has it's own volume controls.

The Speakers:

The quality of the speakers are not the greatest in the world. They get the job done if you want to hear a song and the quality is decent. I use it occasionally to play songs on YouTube and it does not sound muffled or anything.

For around $200 this is more of a bonus. I can certainly see my self enjoying the speakers from time to time.

For under $200 I can't find any REAL cons to this monitor. I am very happy with my purchase and plan to buy a second one along with a stand to mount both my monitors together.

-Big crisp screen 1920x1080 resolution
-Under $200
-Decent sounding speakers

Volume adjustment is a little annoying but not really a big problem since windows has volume controls.

Let me know if you guys have any questions about this monitor. I'll be happy to answer them.
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on September 14, 2010
I don't think you can get a better 22" monitor for the price (or even a lot more). After checking Consumer Reports and numerous other reviews, I bought the ViewSonic from Tiger Direct via Amazon to replace a 22" Samsung LCD monitor that was only six months old, but already showed fading brightness and contrast, and had developed large gray patches where black should be displayed. It arrived promptly, in perfect condition, and setting it up couldn't have been simpler on my XP computer -- totally Plug and Play, not "plug and pray."

The OSD (on-screen menu) is straightforward and very easy to access with buttons on the lower right front of the frame. No hidden OSD buttons on the side or bottom of the frame that are nearly impossible to find and use, which seems to be a style over function design "feature" of so many other monitors. On the negative side, and the only thing about the monitor that is pretty much worthless, are the speakers. The sound they emit is tinny and barely audible. If you want sound, use the real computer speakers that you probably already have.

Most important of all, the picture quality is absolutely top notch. The OSD lets you choose between five different display modes, each with different brightness, contrast and color rendering characteristics to match the environment where you're using the monitor and the kind of work you're doing. This is a terrific feature. I do a lot of serious photo editing, and there's an sRGB mode designed specifically for that. It displays my photos perfectly -- showing true, accurate colors throughout the spectrum, and complete, well-delineated fine gray scale gradations. You can fine tune the monitor's color temperature using the OSD calibration, but you probably won't need to.

The ViewSonic is also pretty smart. It determines the aspect ratio of the signal it's receiving (regular or wide screen) and formats the input accordingly. That's a really nice feature that avoids the annoying stretched text and graphics you get with some wide screen monitors when they display narrow-format applications. The viewing angle range is very good, too, better than most LCD monitors.

Frankly, I'm not a "Go Green" person, so that part of the ViewSonic sales pitch is lost on me. I couldn't care less about a couple of kilowatt hours a year among friends, and I'll leave it to somebody else to save the Earth. Regardless of what technology it uses (LCD, LED or whatever), what I want from an HD computer monitor is excellent sharpness, true-to-life color rendition, uniform brightness, and good contrast no matter what application I'm using or what website I'm visiting.

Doing some rather intricate photo editing over the last several days on this ViewSonic monitor reinforces the emphatic two thumbs up that I gave it from the time I began using it over a month ago. Excellent product, great price -- definitely a Best Buy.
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VINE VOICEon May 6, 2011
1. Some background info: I have two cpus (mac mini and macbook pro), but use the macbook pro 95% of the time and 100% of time for my foto related work (it's just that good and convenient). Nonetheless, it is useful to have a 2nd cpu and thus when my apple 21inch cinema display died, I knew I had to replace the monitor, but didn't really need a high end version.

2. With the above being said, this Viewsonic was an excellent choice for me for the following reasons: a) You can't be the price; a truly excellent value b) As others have said, it has a fair amount of plastics, but I don't necessarily view that as a negative; it's well built, slim and light. c) The set up is a no brainer; actually with the cables supplied, it's less clutter than my old apple cinema display.

3. In regards to quality, even though I purchased this monitor without any significant expectation in regards to quality, this monitor is really nice. Out of the box however, the results may look... off. However, with proper calibration (I have the xrite monitor calibrating device), the results are very good to excellent (as far as my nonscientific eyes can determine).

4. Thus, for most folks / purposes out there, you can't go wrong with the excellent monitor, especially for the price. Well done Viewsonic.
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on January 14, 2012
There are many positive reviews already. It is really a very nice monitor. Like many of you, I read many reviews looking for some key things that would help me make my decision in purchasing the right monitor for me. At the end, I did. Here are my two cents that I hope will help some people with their decision-making:
1. Moderately matte screen. Not reflective, yet bright, definitely not dull. Just right for me.
2. Piano-black bezel, yet somehow not reflective (unlike my Samsung) and not distracting, much to my relief.
3. The OSD is VERY easy to navigate, easiest among all the monitors I have used.
4. Switching between two inputs is a one-button operation by pressing one of the buttons (button #2, for those who have the monitor already). I read somewhere that you can only do so via OSD and takes few steps. That is not true.
5. Yes, you CAN display 1920x1080 via VGA. I read that someone had a problem with this. Me too at first (too lazy to install the driver, haha). Then I simply installed the driver and problem fixed. Don't just use the Windows driver.
6. At lower resolution (1366x768, 1600x900), it is still pretty clear. This was a very important consideration for me. Many / most LCD/LED monitors are not very clear at lower resolution even at the same aspect ratio, unlike the traditional CRT monitors. For my needs, due to some old software for my work that would not enlarge despite adjusting DPI via Window's Control Panel, I need to use the lower resolution setting (or risk severe eye strain). In my experience HP monitors are typically quite fuzzy/unclear fuzzy at lower resolution settings, even if the aspect ratio is maintained. Dell and Samsung are not bad, but not as good as Viewsonic. Older Acer LCD monitors were excellent in this regard, but somehow not the newer ones (even the same model, curiously).
7. As for the monitor wobbling when accessing the OSD buttons, it is not that big a problem for me. Fortunately, like most people, I do not need to utilize OSD much after initial purchase.
8. Great price/performance ratio.
I hope this helps some of you.
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on November 10, 2010
This is an awesome display. It's a steal for $160 or whatever the price is now. Beautiful to look at, and the monitor itself doesn't look too bad. I like the look.

If you need a new monitor and have $200 or so to spend, this is the way to go. I'm extremely glad I bought this instead of a $350 monitor with larger resolution. If anything, I may order another one of these LED screens.

The $200 I saved allowed me to buy a much nicer desktop than I expected: Gateway FX6840-55 Desktop (Black)

-- Update -- I used a DVI - HDMI connector ( 10FT / 3m HDMI TO DVI M/M CABLE ), and it looks about the same as the DVI. Both look great, anyway. I have been spotting problems with my own photos much more often now. This past weekend was spent working on some photos that I would never caught without this monitor. Bright, true color reproduction. Mine came set nicely, but a little too vivid.

Love it so far. I would recommend this monitor to anyone who likes good deals. Lots of return on your dollar here.


review image
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