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on September 30, 2011
Having upgraded to a 24" VA2431 (non-LED) ViewSonic at the office, was enough to embark on a 27"-monitor-for-home-quest that would better its performance. After enough research, the final contenders were narrowed down to the Samsung S27A550H (LED) and the ViewSonic VX2753mh-LED; however the Samsung was nixed due to reported light bleed and stand issues, the lack of forward tilt, as well as enough users citing poorly rendered text. Not having seen it in the flesh, the latter may be attributed to among other things: user inability to select Samsung's PC Mode. Nonetheless after receiving the ViewSonic, I:
A. Hooked it up to a desktop system (E4500 Core 2 CPU, XP Sp3, XFX ATI Radeon HD6670 1 GB DDR5 VGA/DVI/HDMI PCI-Express Video Card HD667XZAF3) via D-Sub.
B. Installed the software.
C. Used the interface buttons on the monitor to access the monitor's setup menu and changed it to "PC Mode".
D. Accessed ATI's Catalyst Control Center to change the overscan to 0% - to better fill the viewable space.
E. Went back into the monitor's setup menu and changed the:
* Horizontal Size until the image went corner-to-corner.
* Operation of the front bezel LED to turn off when the panel was in use (a nice feature).
* Brightness and contrast settings to yield a more pleasing image.
* LCD response time to Advanced.
F. Switched to the included HDMI Cable.
The results were well delineated text (without adjusting Microsoft's ClearType text), smooth motion, good contrast, very nice detail and an overall image that popped when source material was up to it (and I haven't adjusted Fine Tune and Sharpness yet)!

Though I have the front bezel LED turned off when the panel is in use, it does glow a brighter than needed amber when the monitor is in standby. So with a reasonable disdain for needless light pollution from equipment in my environment, I used a Sharpie along the bottom surface of the LED fascia which dimmed output by roughly 50%. That notwithstanding, a design team more on the ball would have made it dimmable in user-selectable steps.

It's interesting to note that when a Dell XPS15 Laptop was connected to the ViewSonic, the image was somewhat faded compared to the XPS' 1080P panel (or the XFX desktop video card for that matter); however a few adjustments took care of that in short order. Speaking of laptops and ViewSonic monitors: the home and the work laptops (both I7-2620M CPU Win7 64 machines from different manufacturers) use Intel's HD 3000 integrated video hardware and kick over to an Nvidia adapter when needed. On the work PC/VA2431 monitor combination I needed to make adjustments to ClearType text so characters appeared as anomaly free as possible. The VX2753' on the other hand needed no such adjustment from either the home desktop or laptop with text looking so far the best I've seen.

Also noteworthy is when I tested for video judder at home (desktop) and work (laptop) using VLC Media Player and The Incredibles, the number of occurrences was unfortunately way too high; and with the VLC too unstable in both locations: I uninstalled it. In both locations I installed the Essentials Codec Pack (free @ and (with that came) Media Player Classic - Home Cinema Player; and though judder through MPC-HC or Windows Media Player (which couldn't play a movie until I installed the codec pack) was greatly reduced, it still happened on the home desktop. Using either player on the work PC after the ECP install and the problem was gone almost entirely. It wasn't until I switched to an old standby of PowerDVD 7 at home that the movie looked as good (lack of judder-wise) as the work PC running either MPC-HC or WMP. Though I haven't tried testing movies on the Dell Laptop, I realized the judder problems were not attributable to the monitor at a 60Hz refresh rate.

What I'm getting at is this: any display problems attributed to a correctly operating VX2753' will boil down to: user error and/or upstream hardware/software issues - not the monitor.

1. If installed, the included software seems nothing more than wasted drive space as the "drivers" appear to be useless and a monitor configuration utility is not included.
2. Because of the above, one relies on the menu buttons which are harder to press than needed and provides little in the way of tactile differentiation.
3. Unfortunately those buttons are on the right side bezel, so those wanting two or more of the monitors side-by-side, will find menu access more inconvenient; therefore, they should've been placed on the bottom bezel.
4. Certain features (Horizontal Size, Fine Tune, etc.) are only available when using a D-Sub Cable.
5. From what little I saw of it, the dynamic contrast is detrimental...
6. The front LED is a bit bright though it's easily fixed.
7. The large and unnecessary HDMI lettering on the front bezel (fortunately becomes mostly innocuous when using the monitor).
8. The speakers are somewhere just above two cans and a string.
9. As a discerning product designer and user, it's easy to see that the lettering, LED, software, button placement and functionality are hits an otherwise outstanding product takes when less than talented product team members spill their lack of ability on it. Therefore there's a corresponding hit on pride of ownership.

1. Due to the screen size, it's easy to read two documents side-by-side.
2. No dead pixels.
3. Panel can be supported via stand or "kickstand".
4. The base connects securely to the "kickstand" via wing nut.
5. The stand is very supportive and stable.
6. No back-light bleed.
7. Evenly lit across the panel.
8. Imparts a great deal of graphics detail.
9. Text is extremely crisp and evenly rendered.
10. Selectable LCD Response Time (VS quotes the time it takes a pixel to go from black to white to black [in milliseconds], which is more stringent than the common G2G [gray-to-gray in milliseconds]).
11. At the "Advanced" (2ms?) LCD response setting, motion is very linear without artifacts that I can detect.
12. Front bezel LED can be configured to turn off when the panel is in use.
13. Due to LED backlighting and associated circuitry driving the panel, this model (according to the website) typically consumes 20 watts (presumably when in use as opposed to an average of in-use and standby times); however, the manual states 36 watts.
14. Uses less than 1 watt in Standby.
15. The panel can tilt forward 5 degrees (helpful in my setup).
16. 1200:1 contrast ratio is the best spec. I've seen for 27" panels.
17. One of the brighter panels at 300 cd/m2.
18. Very good color saturation.
19. Relatively light weight.
20. HDMI and D-Sub cables come with it.
21. Surprisingly the HDMI Cable fits snuggly at both ends.
22. Very good viewing angles for a TN panel.
23. 3 year warranty.
24. Generates very little heat.
25. Mac compatible.
26. Considering all of the above, it may be one of the best 27" 1080P monitors under $1,000.00. It is so good at rendering text, graphics and motion, that those considering spending much more may think twice about their prospective purchase after reading this and/or seeing one setup to their liking.

With the quest over and the novelty of having upgraded from a 19" Samsung to the 27" ViewSonic still intact, some very cool free software was put into service. First the desktop was cleared of any icons, and RocketDock was installed (RocketDock.Com) along with icons I chose from their site. Next I downloaded Wallpaper Cycler Lite (Download.CNET.Com), made a few categories, then sourced some excellent (and also free) HD wallpaper from HDwallpapers.In and Desktopnexus.Com. With RocketDock and the XP Taskbar set to auto-hide, the rest is unfettered HD eye candy - once a minute - until the PC is needed or put in standby.

Enjoy your monitor.
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on August 26, 2011
Now yes! Better better contrast:
If you use RGB format, black will be just dark gray. So use YCbCr444 mode. If you have a nvidia card, go to nvidia control panel - adjust desktop color settings - digital color format and choose YCbCr44. Then under the monitor's control menu go to manual image adjust - display mode and choose YUV mode.

key words hopping that some people can find this review: (Viewsonic VX2453MH-LED 24-Inch, washed out, image, better, contrast, black, backlight, leaking, bad, annoying)
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on April 6, 2011
This monitor has taken some flack for the way it sounds, so I will review this first. As far as sound goes, the built-in speakers are not very nice sounding from what I tried of them, although this was without the included software which is intended to improve their sound output. However, fitting amazing speakers in such a tight place as this really thin monitor is not possible due to the reality of sound production requiring a certain speaker size to produce various frequencies due to simple physics of vibration creation. If you want good sound though, all you have to do is buy a nice, inexpensive pair of computer speakers such as Logitech S220 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer and plug them into the sound output on the back of the monitor and it will route all of the sound input from the HDMI into them, which is quite nice.

That said, keep in mind that first and foremost you are purchasing an LCD monitor. Its true purpose is to display your desktop, images, videos and etc from your computer (or your Xbox 360, PS3, Blu-Ray player and etc), not to play sound. In that realm, as far as 24" monitors go from what I have seen and used, this is simply the best I have seen when compared to displays from vendors such as ASUS and Apple. The colours are extremely vivid and the viewing angles are very nice (can see movies/games from the extreme sides). The back-lighting is perfectly balanced, non-bleeding and it is great for watching HD movies as well as playing games or doing standard web browsing. It is also extremely thin and light despite being 24".

In short, if you are considering buying this monitor; do.
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VINE VOICEon August 11, 2011
Last week I got seriously irritated with my 20" monitor because I just couldn't fit all the windows I needed to on the screen...and I'd casually been looking for a new monitor anyway because I wanted to explore LED.

The Viewsonic was my final choice, after reading tons of reviews both here and on the vendor website.

The monitor arrived shortly and within 10 minutes I had it up and running in full and gorgeous 1920x1080. The monitor is light and easy to setup - the base is packed separately and installs with a twist of the wing screw. It's a sturdy base, square shaped, and it fits nicely on my desk.

My current computer system has DVI plugs on the video card, so I did have to purchase a companion product (I chose the 15ft Premium HDMI to DVI Cable). The cable is PLENTY long to reach around my desk, and with a snap it was plugged in. Just because this monitor includes 2 HDMI inputs, and a VGA input but no DVI, I dropped a star. I didn't really want to buy yet another cable to connect things...I would have preferred full compatibility.

The monitor itself is gorgeous - the colours are represented very well, and after spending some time in my NVIDIA control panel I had the gamma and contrast (etc.) adjusted exactly where I wanted it. Then it was time to test it in a game!

I am a big Dragon Age I loaded up Dragon Age II and got started. Colours were gorgeous - very responsive to game play...and if you play the game you know that during a fight there is a LOT going on across the screen...especially with multiple mages and AOE. So that was my primary test.

In all other areas (office applications, general explorer use) it was snappy, crisp, and again the colour looked great. For the first time in about 5 years, I actually am using a background wallpaper now instead of black...just because it's so pretty!

Visually the monitor casing itself has a LOT of text on it. there's the viewsonic brand name, 1080p full hd, a big "HDMI" with the acronym spelled out below it (seriously??), and big blocky "LED" that actually looks cute because of the font....three toucans stamped into the upper left...and then of course the menu buttons on the right side.

Exploring the monitor's hardware menu is easy to do, and you can select different inputs very quickly, as well as adjust all your bright/con/colour/etc settings.

Overall - the monitor is really quite HUGE and fits all the windows I need it to fit. Cool LED technology and super-fast response time...great monitor for a great price. 4 stars.
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on August 20, 2011
I was on the verge of returning this monitor. The monitor was brilliant when connected with a VGA cable - vivid colors, text very sharp and in focus.

But with an HDMI cable, the picture was terrible - washed out, blurry text, black bars around the picture. This seemed to be the case with two different notebook computers - both of which had ATI Radeon video cards.

I made two calls to Viewsonic tech support and the second person actually recommended that I return the monitor for an exchange or refund!

Finally, thanks to lots of experimentation and reading through the user reviews and comments here, I was able to fix the problem:
1) On the monitor itself, press (1) for the menu > Input Select > and make sure that your HDMI input is set to PC and not to AV.
2) On your computer, open up the ATI Catalyst Control Center. Find your display in the menu. It may show up as DTV (HDMI). With a text window open on the monitor, adjust the Underscan / Overscan until the text suddenly pops into sharp focus. For me, this was all the way at an Overscan of 0%.

Now that I made this change, the quality is outstanding.
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VINE VOICEon February 1, 2012
The best $200.00 I have ever spent for my computer and my photography hobby. After many frustrating years using my 22" Acer monitor I am finally free of it. Now I have no trouble reading 6pt type in my email, faded looking characters on the net, my photographs are rendered without being stretched to accommodate the wide screen, and the colors match the colors printed with my Canon Pro 9000 Mark II printer. It's easy to make fine tuning adjustments for brightness and contrast, and the 1080 display is a WOW. It is truly a thing of beauty.

As for the internal sound system: it is not a joke like one other reviewer wrote. It is quite good and it increases your choices. Buyers can use other sound systems they may already own and cut out the Viewsonic's. When needed then, they can use the Viewsonic internal sound as adequate for taking the computer system to use at a conference or whatever. The internal sound system will do just fine for this purpose, and there will be no need to burden oneself carrying external speakers.

I 'm plugged into the monitor with the HGA cable (included) and that leaves me with an extra VGA cable (also included in the box). I suppose that means I could plug-in my old monitor and have both running at the same time, each on separate pages. I don't know about this for sure, and I don't expect to ever have a need for such a feature.

I don't use the included stand. I prefer the fold-out back panel. It tilts the monitor backwards and sets it lower on my desk by a couple inches. This is just enough to let me look slightly downward at the screen. I have an old neck injury and this lowered screen position reduces my fatigue, pain, and stiffness when I spend too much time on the computer.

With the Viewsonic using LED's instead of florescent background lighting, it uses something like 40% less electricity and should last much longer.

UPDATE: 4 February 2012

Working with the Viewsonic's internal sound system, I plugged my Creative INSPIRE 3030 speakers into the Viewsonic headphone jack. I placed the theme music from the movie Titanic into the CD/DVD player in the computer. Naturally the little internal Viewsonic speakers turned off and the Creative speakers took over. The RealOne Player started and I viewed a random showing of my own photographs as the music played. WOW! There is a clear improvement of the sound, not just with the monitor's built-in speakers, but also compared to the sound card that came with the Creative speakers. (This improvement is mentioned in the scant instructions that came with the monitor.) Besides improving the sound, the Creative sound card has been made obsolete and can be removed, thus freeing another slot for expansion inside my computer.

I can't get over how great the resolution and colors are. The flesh tones. The detail in the shadows. The deep black where it is black in the scene photographed. Both image and sound are surprisingly superior to any computer system I have ever owned, and it's equal to the best I have ever seen.

UPDATE 6 February 2012:

The more I work with this monitor the the more I love it. It's like having a new computer.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon March 29, 2013
THE GOOD: This is a truly beautiful monitor. The crisp, clear HD picture is a magnificient upgrade from lower resolutions. The kickstand feature makes the monitor look good on the desk. Viewsonic customer service is wonderful, even at 10 pm. The man said someone was there to help 24 hours! Done with the good.

1. May not be easy to set up properly. I had to call Viewsonic and was walked through several issues.

A. He helped me download an updated VIDEO driver for my laptop.

B. He guided me in changing settings on my laptop, the Viewsonic on screen menu, and the sound software.

2. The tiny buttons on the right edge of the monitor are frustrating to use, to say the least. The menu only stays on for a few SECONDS and as you are reading your choices, blinks off before you can proceed. Push the button again and hope you can get to your choice. (5 times and I was finally successful).

3. The "buttons" are very tiny rectangular 1/8th inch wide slivers and they are very close together. I had to keep looking to be sure I was presing the correct one. People with larger hands may have a problem with these. (The engineers can't put larger buttons on the front, bottom of the monitor?)

4. The sound, to put it politely, was terrible. The Viewsonic rep had me adjust things for almost a half hour and we still couldn't get anything better than a dull, muted, tinny sound. By the way, I was playing a video with VLC, a great free media player. The sound was great on my laptop, without the new monitor.

5. A few minutes into the video, the monitor went blank and shut off, then the laptop went down. I turned the laptop on again and was greeted with a message that I needed to run a complete "trouble shooting" scan. I did, and then was told it couldn't be fixed and recommended I restore my computer to an earlier time. I did, and reset the monitor. Again, after a few minutes, total shutdown. The rep did not know where or why the conflict was occuring, but agreed there was something wrong with this particular monitor, and suggested I return it.

So many people have connected this monitor successfully and are enjoying it. I understand there are occassional "bad apples" expecially with electronics. Don't let that stop you from getting this. It really is nice.
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on November 15, 2012
I bought this recently as a replacement for an HP glossy screen monitor that showed too many distracting reflections after I had to move my destop computer to a new location. This display is the same size as my old one and looks very good to my non-expert eye, although matte screens like this one never seem to have quite the sharpness or vivid colors of a glossy display.

The sound lacks bass and is very tinny even with the included software installed.

The best feature for my purposes is the bookstand mode which allows you to remove the regular stand (a somewhat difficult process) and sit the display frame directly on the desktop. The center of the screen on my old monitor was about 10.25 inches above the surface of the desk, while the center of the screen on this display in bookstand mode is about 6.25 inches above the desk.

This allows me to sit the monitor directly behind my keyboard and be able to view most of the display using the bottom portion of my progressive eyeglass lenses without having to tilt my head except to focus on the very top of the screen. I should qualify this by saying that I am about 5 foot 8 inches tall and I have an adjustable-height desk adjusted so that the keyboard is approximately at elbow height.

Not everyone would like this particular arrangement but I thought some older folks with progressive or bifocal eyeglasses might be interested.
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on April 18, 2011
Ordered the Viewsonic LED 1080p HD monitor from Amazon with the FREE super savings shipping and the monitor arrived 2 business days after shipping notification. Now that's GREAT service.

Now on to the monitor. Unlike the other reviews I plugged this monitor into my Mac Mini and it was setup and ready to run in less than two minutes. Resolution and clarity of the screen is amazing. Set it up in 1080p mode and I was extremely happy with the output and the fact that I didn't have to mess with any of the settings to make it work. Next system up is my Windows 7 machine (I run a 2 port KVM, personal Mac and work Win7 systems). The Windows 7 system did take a little intervention on my part as I did have to manually load the drivers from the CD that came with the monitor.

I highly recommend this monitor if you're looking for a high quality, ultra thin, LED backlit screen for your computer. Considering the Apple Cinema Display 24" is in the $600 range this monitor is VERY comparable.

5 star rating across the board. I like this screen so much I'm considering a second one for dual monitors on the desk. I can have two of these monitors for considerably less money than a single Apple display. Yea baby!!

Thank you Amazon for the fast shipping!
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on May 7, 2012
I bought this to give myself a larger window on the world for my older Macbook Pro. Initially, I was pretty unhappy. The resolution looked poor, text was pixelated and grainy. I was about 30 minutes from hitting the return button on Amazon.

I gave it one last effort and ended up quite happy. I'll share my solve along with other comments so others (especially Mac users) might have a better experience more quickly.

Large Viewable area
Brightness (It's too bright - lower the brightness levels!)
Deep blacks, nice contrast
Decent side-to-side color consistency for an inexpensive monitor.

Unintuitive menu controls
Too much silk screened stuff on the bezel
Lack of DVI-D input
Lack of cable management

Getting the best results from a Mac:
1. My Mac has DVI output. Use a DVI to VGA adapter. DVI to HDMI did not deliver good results. The Mac reverts to lower-resolution settings. Even by changing the input type to 'HDMI-PC' in the Viewsonic's settings did not help.

2. Set the Mac's resolution to 1920x1080 in your display settings. You'll also want to install the Viewsonic CD and do a full adjustment of your gamma settings if you plan on doing any amount of graphic design or video editing work.

3. Change the Font Anti-Aliasing settings. This is a miss with OSX. There is a setting for 'Use LCD font smoothing when available' under System Preference. This setting is inadequate to provide smooth-looking text with this (or any other LCD/LED monitor). You must set the font anti-aliasing from the terminal window. Open Terminal and enter the following at the command line:

defaults -currentHost write -globalDomain AppleFontSmoothing -int 2

You can change the -int option to 1 (light), 2(med), or 3(heavy). I found 2 to be the best. Note that you may need to quit an application or restart in order to see the full effects. While it's a fail on OSX's part to leave this setting only available at the command prompt, it is also a big fail on ViewSonic's part to not offer this tip in their documentation.

All that said, I'm now happy with the purchase and enjoying the 'big picture'!
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