Customer Reviews: Vinara Wine Bottle Opener Cork Remover Easy Air Pump Pressure
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UPDATE: 10/23/2014 - The seller has replaced my broken pressure opener with another. Taking it out of the box I immediately noticed that the needle was slightly bent. Nonetheless I have begun using the pressure opener. I will update my review again after using this for a while to see if it holds up better than the original one I got.


UPDATE: 9/30/2014 - Well the wine bottle opener bit the dust this evening. The handle pulled right off the bottom section as I was attempting to pump. I probably opened no more than 15 bottles of wine with this. It didn't feel like it would last long and I guess I was right. It worked well while it worked but unfortunately the seems to be lacking in this. I've had no choice but to downgrade my review significantly because of this. I'll leave my original review for posterity.


UPDATE: 4/13/2014 - Had my first bottle of wine that this had a difficult time getting the cork out of. The cork was in so solidly that it could not get enough pressure in the bottle to pop the cork out. I had to give it a little tug to assist. Probably not a good way to do it but...


I've seen a lot of ways to open a bottle of wine but this way is one of the coolest.

The Vinara Wine Bottle Opener uses a sharp, hollow needle to inject air into the unopened bottle of wine. The increased air pressure literally pushes the cork out of the bottle. It only takes about 3 or 4 pumps to get the cork out and it's so fast and easy to use, I think it might just be my favorite way to open wine now.

I think my video explains it better than words so just watch the video to see how it works. Basically you place the tip of the needle in the center of the cork and slowly press down and allow the plastic sleeve to go over the neck of the bottle as the needle is inserted. Once it's in you just pump a few times and the cork will magically pop right out of the bottle. You then slide the cork off the needle using the plastic disc that is attached to the bottle opener. Quite clever how this works.

It works best on real cork, but also works on synthetic corks. Not so well on solid plastic corks or corks with wax tops on them such as the cork used on Toasted Head Chardonnay.

But please be careful with this and keep it away from children. The needle is extremely sharp and could be quite dangerous in the wrong hands.

I was provided a sample for review.
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Compared to using a conventional corkscrew, using injected air pressure to pop a cork out of a bottle of wine is almost effortless. My wife used the opener while I videoed her, and it took six pumps to pop the cork, although I could see the cork loosening after the fourth pump. The total time required was noticeably less than a conventional corkscrew would have taken, and there was much less effort required. A rabbit-type cork remover is about as fast, but they cost a lot more than the Vinara air pump remover.

On a few occasions, I remember removing corks with corkscrews and making a mess of the cork, and there were little bits of cork in the wine. With the air pump pressure removal, there's almost no chance of that, since the cork pops out so cleanly.

It's definitely worth a try for any wine drinker.

A product sample was provided for review purposes.
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In a moment of synchronicity my review sample of this opener arrived the same day I wanted to share a bottle of Bordeaux with a friend. I have nearly a case of that particular wine and was dreading opening a bottle because the corks in them had dried and were difficult to cleanly open. This opener saved the day.

This is a relatively simple tool to operate. Remove the foil top, insert the 'needle', cover the top of the bottle and pump. The instructions claim five to ten strokes, but after only two the cork in my problematic bottle unseated and was easing up from the bottle. After five strokes of the pump it was out and completely intact. There was not a speck of cork in the wine itself.

I love the design, and especially the slightly knurled handle that allows a positive grip. The shape or the handle also helps to grip it well enough to perform the pumping operation in a stable manner.

Of course this is designed to work with cork and not the synthetic substitutes. It's also not designed for sparkling wines. In fact, while this works perfectly and saved my day, I will probably use it for wines with dried, genuine corks like the Bordeaux I mentioned, and use my trusty corkscrew for everything else. That is no reflection on the utility of function of this opener as much as I am just set in my ways. However, for those problematic corks, there is no better way to cleanly remove them than this opener in my opinion.
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on August 6, 2014
This is my favorite wine opener and with a cool factor. I was lucky enough to get in early and bought 4 at $5 each. Price has gone up since.
First, let me say that I tried many different types of openers, and my favorites are the Vinara, hinged cork screw, an ah-so, in that order. I will rate all of them from last to first.

3rd place: Ah- so is great and my go to for the higher end wines. Last thing I need is broken cork on old expensive wines. The thinner the tines the better. You can use it to save broken corks in the bottle most if the time. You generally get a clean cork for keepsake too. Although this has a great cool factor, problem is it takes longer to uncork a bottle, especially for a novice user. Also, care needs to be taken as there is a lot of pressure on the neck of the bottle which can shatter in your hands. It can be difficult if you do not know what you are doing.

2nd Place: Tried and true corkscrew is the no nonsense opener. Inexpensive, quick, easy and reliable. Unfortunately no cool factor. Problem on these are the screw, which can be difficult to center and easily bent, which mean it becomes useless. At the price, throw it away and get a new one. It can also tear up a cork which can be a problem if you wish to keep it.

1st place: Vinara is easy, quick, effective. It feels well built and not cheap feeling despite the plastic. Insertion is easy, couple of pumps and pop, uncorked bottle. Cork is easily removed and results in a clean cork, with only a pin hole, every time (for those that like to keep the corks). Oh, and a super cool factor. My rating is 4.5 stars, so why not 5 stars? There are some corks that it does not work well on, but it is not a certain type of cork. I think it is how the bottle is pressurized. I am guessing that any air leak or air pockets left in the bottle can require more pumps, but it will uncork eventually. I never had one that did not come out. Some synthetic cork take 3 pumps some take 8. Most natural corks work fine. A couple of times some wine leaked out of the sides, but this is rare. Another negative for purists is it sounds like opening Champagne every time.

However with all that said this is my go to wine opener by far. The only time I use the hinged cork screw is to cut the foil.
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I am very impressed with pressure cork popper. It is just so much easier than the monstrosity I have been using.
All you do is cut the metal on the top of the bottle, insert the needle and give it a number of pumps. Voila, the cork is out of the bottle!

The ease of use and the low price make this a 5 star product for me. I don't think you can go wrong here.
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on May 25, 2014
Good product; works exactly as advertised. However, the instructions don't tell you how to get cork off of the needle. For cork ejection, slide the outer ring around the clear plastic cylinder towards the end of the needle. Note: there is a video included as part of the product reviews that shows this action.
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VINE VOICEon October 13, 2015
I open more bottles of wine than I would care to admit. Corks can be a problem. The best bottle of wine can have a cork that just won't cooperate and you end up with cork in your wine when the cork splits as you're trying to pull it. Better corkscrews do work better. I've had the rabbit type, but I find the best tool is the one you have with you and they're so big they don't fit in the drawer I'd like to keep them in, so they don't get used. I have other corkscrews that work well, but no matter how great the corkscrew, you still have that tricky cork every once in a while. And, let's face it, it takes a bit of effort to get the corkscrew to actually screw straight down into the cork.

I like this cork remover because it's compact. It's easy to use. And it eliminates any problems associated with an uncooperative cork. Simply push the needle down through the cork. The only problem I could foresee is the needle somehow got bent. Once it's through the cork, just pump a few times and the cork pops out like a champagne cork. Then, you push the cork off of the needle. It couldn't be simpler.

I considered these for quite a while and hesitated because the prices were higher. I got this on Amazon Prime for a price I just couldn't pass up. I'm glad I finally got one.
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on June 5, 2014
It takes so little effort to open most bottles of wine with this device. The needle goes in smoothly, then 4-5 pumps later and the cork starts rising out of the bottle on its own. It's especially helpful for older bottles of wine where the corks might have deteriorated a bit. Traditional corkscrew devices destroy those corks. Not this thing, they come out clean. Assuming it holds up well over time, I can't think of any ways to improve on it.
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on January 17, 2015
Was in the market for a new wine bottle opener since my old one broke. I stumbled upon the Vinara here on Amazon. I read the reviews and saw some videos to see it in action. It works as advertised. Line up needle in middle of cork. Push down all the way. Start pumping and cork should start popping out. Make sure you dont hold on to the plastic part of the Vinara that goes around the outside of the bottle too tight, as this has to move upwards as the cork starts moving out. I have used it on one bottle so far and it worked great. Longevity remains to be seen and will probably update this review if needed. Happy with this purchase so far.

***Update 2/7/15***

I had one bottle that the Vinara could not push the cork out completely no matter how many pumps I made. It could have been the cork itself or what it was made of? Or maybe a leak developed and there was not enough pressure within the bottle built up? I tried it on another bottle after that and worked like it supposed to. So 2 out of 3 bottles it's worked great.
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on September 16, 2015
I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this gizmo works! Haven't found a bottle it can't handle! Very easy to use and is well built. I was using one of those openers that require a gas cartridge. Over time, those cartridges add up plus, they run out at the most inopportune time! This guy carries it's own pump, so no worries there. Price is right and I would definitely buy another one if need be.
Recommend that the manufacturer install a blade on the plastic end to use as a foil cutter.
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