Customer Reviews: Viniyoga Therapy Complete Back Care 2-DVD Set
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on March 19, 2013
I'm a 38-year-old very active woman who has recently been having a lot of hip/back problems. I have sciatica, a pulled groin and bursitis in my hip. I've been to the doctor who told me there was nothing wrong and prescribed pain pills, anti-inflammatory meds, and muscle relaxants. I've been in physical therapy for six months and that helps but doesn't seem to last (and isn't cheap!). During a recent flare-up, in desperation, I ordered these DVDs. I haven't done the one for the upper back yet because that's not where my issues are, but have been doing the one for the lower back every day and I feel like a new person. This is the first time in 6 months that I haven't been in pain. The numbness in my leg and foot are gone and my hip feels about 85%. It's allowed me to get back to all the activities I enjoy, Zumba, running, weight-lifting, and boot camp. The video isn't fancy and it doesn't have any background music. You don't really feel like you're doing anything (maybe because none of the poses are super challenging) but I have seen such a difference. Highly recommended!
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on April 25, 2013
I have mild lower back scoliosis and it has been giving me so much pain over the last year. I'm going to a chiropractor for it and he recommended Yoga. I got this DVD set because it was specifically created for back issues. It really has helped me a lot. I was worried that I would get too bored with his gentle voice and the slow movements and even breathing ... I'm not normally much of a "namaste" gal ... but the exercise routines are really relaxing and refreshing, and gentle enough that you can't really hurt yourself accidentally. If I set my concentration on it, even the exercises that seem "too easy" for me still provide strengthening and stretching. I'm used to high intensity workouts, so I have to adapt my expectations in order to feel the benefits of this DVD set. I do highly recommend for someone like me. Give it a try! You'll probably find yourself taking a lot less ibuprofin and using the hot pad less frequently almost right away.
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on December 17, 2011
I am an advanced Yoga teacher who suffers with chronic degenerative spine disorder. Gary Kraftsow has served well with the development of his safe Yoga postures that build strength and flexibility. I highly recommend Viniyoga Therapy.
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on January 3, 2014
I bought this set for my husband mostly, but I have long standing moderate back pain from an injury I sustained early in my nursing career. My husband has severe back pain. We both are over weight, he by about 50 pounds and myself by 80 pounds. I have done other yoga videos which helped a little and seemed to prevent reinjury, but I only finally got him to agree to try yoga last week. As soon as he said he would try, I bought this set.

We did the lower back set last night. It is around 30 minutes (the lower back video has 3 sets, all around 30 minutes, one is the lower back, one is the hips, and one is a strengthening set) and was pretty easy, even for two fat, pretty out of shape people. My husband had a lot of pain yesterday, more than usual, so there were some exercises he could not do. I was having some mild spasms, but I was able to complete all the exercises. After the video, I immediately felt more relaxed and my pain and spasms were gone. My back also popped several times during the workout and continued to pop as I moved around after the workout- it was like everything was just loosening up. I slept great and woke up this morning to no back pain. I usual have some tenderness in my lower back, even just with touching it, but this morning I had none of that. I am very excited to do the rest of the videos over the next few days.

My husband still had pain last night, but he said his back also felt looser and was cracking. He will probably take a few more workouts before he has no pain, but this video seems to be money well spent. Compared to a massage therapist and a chiropracter, the videos are far, far cheaper.
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on April 25, 2013
I've been dealing with chronic lower back pain for several years. I have tried every form of conservative care as well as surgery and have found that yoga is the best medicine for me. It won't cure my back injury but it makes the rest of my body feel good and keeps the area around my injury strong and stretched. Stiffness in your back and hamstrings will cause the severity of pain in the injured areas of your back to be much worse and uncomfortable, doing yoga, even at a beginner's level will help greatly. These dvd's are great a gateway into yoga and pain relief for yoga novices. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who feels they aren't limber enough for yoga.
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on September 29, 2013
I has a back injury that was disrupting my work and life. I was seeing a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and massage therapist for 6 months and was seeing only slight improvement. Then I found the Viniyoga low back therapy on Netflix and borrowed it. Within the first week I saw a drastic improvement. I stopped all other therapies, purchased the DVD online and found complete relief of my pain in 4 weeks. Once in a while my low back starts to nag at me again and I bring out the DVD for a week or so. I gave the Neck and Shoulders DVD to a friends who had been suffering with neck pain and head aches for months and who had also been throwing money at various expensive therapies. Again, the Viniyoga restored her. I don't know that this will work for everyone but it is one of the best things I've ever done for myself.
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on September 7, 2014
My doctor suggested this program for me because I have Lupus, and some cervical spine disc degeneration. I found the video extremely informative, however for an absolute yoga beginner like me, I thought it wasn't easy to follow. I did just the intro poses for a solid week the best I could and I still couldn't get through them. It was too strenuous and too complicated.
Also the menu and navigation was really difficult to use.
I think if this author did a series that was geared towards people like me who are started from ground zero (and REALLY not mobile) it would be awesome. Baby steps really, is what I needed, and to me this felt like hitting the ground running, something I am sure most people who are in my condition couldn't do either.
For example, the kneeling poses; I can't rest on my knees. Also, with arthritis in my joints, putting my arms behind my back makes my should joints "clunk". My neck won't turn in the direction required for 80% of the poses. If the author (whom I felt was great) would work with people in my condition to develop a regimen for the severe cases like me, it would be fantastic, because I feel strongly I would benefit from being able to do these poses, however I just can't get there. I felt like there was a missing step. For someone with a chronic, debilitating illness, I would consider this program as a "moderate" workout, and I wish it was "mild". One could move up to this one, if they had another stepping stone first.
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on December 10, 2015
If you are in pain and really want to heal... try this.... if you are in pain and want to heal and don't try this ... then I don't want to hear you whine. (this was written as an endorsement ... love the Therapy ... but also as a "push" for a couple of friends... with back problems but will not do anything to help themselves ... not asking anyone to succeed... just try ... pain is horrible) ... and if you work on your feet or use your back or sit too long ... you should be doing at least one of these therapies regularly.... health is everything ... ask me... I've had over 2/3 rds of my spine replaced... before that I was an athlete with 15 years of yoga under my belt ... I believe I would be in a wheel chair without this ... but everyone should consider keeping their spine strong and healthy ... age sneaks up on you ... quality of life matters ... that is all I'm saying.... You will either give it a try and work for it or not ... but if you choose to do the work... this is a great way to do it and a safe one. The most important thing to know ... and the least emphasized in many yoga or exercise dvd's is posture / form and HOW to do each exercise correctly and why ... though this instructor is dry ... the information you get is so important.. and the relief of real pain ... can happen. Be well.
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on December 6, 2013
I purchased for my husband, who has chronic back pain in the hopes of getting him to use it! So far, I have gotten him in the beginning stages of it. The video is very easy to follow & very basic. Definitely not something for a more experienced yoga person, but perfect for those guys on your list that think yoga is "sissy"! It keeps things simple, without the sometimes strange positions of yoga.
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on November 5, 2013
This really is the best yoga dvd out there, especially for those who are not hard core yoga people or are not very flexible or have injury that restricts their yoga. I tried other yoga back care DVDs and I usually have to stop half way through and exclaim, "You've got to be kidding."I would prefer to have bought them digitally, but only the DVDs are available.
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