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on May 15, 2013
I'm someone who really enjoys watches and tends to be anal about details and quality. Owning several luxury watches, this one is obviously far from it, but for it's value and what it contains, the ratio is pretty well balanced. I typically don't do reviews on cheap items, but I was pleasantly surprised at what I got for $10.

I bought this watch for when I'm working in rough situations. I've scratched my fair share of luxury watches and it can get pretty irritating. So I thought I try and go for something that looks decent and that I wouldn't mind getting it damaged.

From what I can tell, the body seems to be made out of steel (hopefully stainless steel at the least). It's covered in a clear protective coat that feels like a thin layer of high quality rubber. This could be a part of the paint as well, which is what gives the watch it's "vintage" patina look. This is what also gives the watch its shine affect as noted in the picture. The body is very lightweight, which makes it feel cheap. The hinge's construction, at least on the one I received, is pretty sturdy. I performed several stress tests and it held up nicely. The mold in which the door and hand crown came from where cut neatly from the mold. Meaning that typically when two halves of the same mold come together to create the "full" item, there sometimes is run off that gets in between the two molds, essentially making an additional flat part that is connected to the desired part. This can give the item a really cheap look and feel. If you notice the intricate holes on the half-hunter door, the holes were neatly cut on the one I received.

The face is nothing special. Looking at it, the face is printed on white paper and glued in place. The hands are plastic. Confirming that it's a genuine quartz movement will require actually looking at the internal time keeping mechanism, but seeing that it's a $10 watch, I didn't bother. However, I will note that the watch is really accurate. I sync the watch to the time on my iPhone and used the watch for a day. Basically the watch experienced as what I would call a normal day for a user. Later that night I checked to see how far it was off, it wasn't. It still held the correct time. The window is plastic, as expected, but the real turn off was that it was not held in a stationary position. I could easily spin the plastic in its holder, sort of like a child's toy watch.

The chain is a standard length chain. It's made out of the same material as the body, except it does not have the rubber finish to give it its shine effect. The chain and clock look oddly paired because of this, but again for $10, I can't complain. Keep in mind, the chain's form and connection is different from typical pocket watches. Usually pocket watches will have a single chain that connects to the watch crown handle and a clip. This is just a chain that connects to the watch and loops, similar to that of wearing a necklace. It has a hook at the opposite end so that the loop can be opened.

Overall, not bad for a cheap watch.
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on December 2, 2012
I was very pleased when this watch arrived. It was well packaged and arrived within a decent time. I like the vintage antique bronze, the fact that the numbers are easily read (and not Roman numerals). The front covering over the face allows you to see the numbers, so you do not have to open the case in order to tell the time. Also, the price was very reasonable. I bought this as a stocking gift for my husband. When he saw it, he liked it. He said that he will use it for every day.
We didn't dislike the fact that the casing is not as fancy as some. This is why my husband will use it as an everyday watch. If you want something very fancy and ornate, this would not be the watch. However, it is lovely, practical and does look antiquey. It looks to be well made..and doesn't look junky.
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on November 8, 2012
I don't like to wear a watch so I ordered this pocket watch. It is easy to read and keeps good time
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on April 23, 2013
That watch itself is what it appears to be and feels solid, not cheap. Actually, there is nothing cheap about the customer service that comes with the watch. I have not been treated better from sellers of items that cost ten times as much. But first the watch.

The filigree on the cover seems well-done. It looks classy. The view-hole in the middle enables you (once you get the hang of it) to pretty much tell what time it is without opening the watch. That is kind of neat. The hands are intricately made, one more extra touch for such an inexpensive item. It keeps time well so far. The gold-colored chain that comes with it is plenty long and seems delicate compared to other chains I own, That is not a bad thing, just a style thing.

Ah, but the customer service! There was a mix-up with my delivery (which I believe was Amazon's fault) with several items ordered the same day. I sent an inquiry and the company issued me a refund immediately. However, somehow, the watch got shipped a couple of days later anyway. The company contacted me and we exchanged emails. I still wanted the watch, but was leaving on a trip. I told them to go ahead and send it and I would pay for it when it arrived. They were cool.

The watch arrived. It turned out that I had already paid for it so everyone was happy. They wrote to make sure everything was okay and I mentioned that I love the watch but the clasp on the chain was broken. They offered to send me a new one if I would just take a picture of the broken part. I love it. No shipping back something broken. A company that trusts its customers! I told them not to worry, it was a small issue and I did not want them to lose money. Then they wrote me to ask if I still wanted the extra battery (which apparently had missed getting included in the order). I did and took a pic of the clasp and asked for the chain too, since they were sending something anyway. I sent all that off today.

There will be people who will grouse and raise their voices about a broken clasp or the battery. I figure 'stuff happens' and the company went out of their way to make sure I was happy.

The watch is good. The service is excellent. You get your money's worth.
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on April 20, 2013
A new addition to my small collection of inexpensive quality pocket watches available on amazon. This watch, like my other 3, keep almost perfect time. By that I mean mine all gain or lose 10 or 15 seconds a month, not too bad, after all it's not a rolex.

I love the design of the front cover. The opening in the center is set slightly less than 1/8 inch from the acrylic crystal so it won't be scratched slipping in and out of your pocket. Nice classic face with the Arabic style numerals and the filigree style hands.

The description states 'free replacement lithium battery'. Not correct, A lithium battery is not even made in this size. Mine came with a #377s silver oxide battery. Perfectly fine as almost all watch batteries are silver oxide. If and when you need a replacement battery, it is an Energizer #377/376 silver oxide. Cheaper on amazon in 2 & 5 packs, than in stores. Below are the links for the Energizer batteries.
I am very pleased with this watch and highly recommend it.

---> Energizer 377-376 1.5v #377/376 Watch/Calculator Battery (5 Pack)
---> Energizer Silver Oxide Blister Pack Watch/Electronic Batteries, 2 pack

***Only negative for me is it is called a pocket watch, but it comes with a 31 inch chain with a clasp, like to wear around your neck. What do you do with all of this chain when the watch is in your pocket?. Pocket watches have a 12 inch chain and a clip. And who would wear a watch almost 2 inches in diameter around their neck? I don't understand why they sell it this way. Aside from this, I'm pleased with it.

***Update- I e-mailed the seller Mighty Gadget re; the ridiculously long chain, and they sent me the proper 12 inch chain & clip. Happy customer!
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on June 29, 2014
I've loved my other pocket watches on necklaces I've bought, especially because of their smaller size(about the size of a quarter). The description doesn't say how big this one was so, I assumed it would be the same size as the other pocket watches on a necklace. The only way I'd wear this watch as a necklace would be to dress up on Halloween as Flavor Fav. It's the same size as a regular pocket watch. On top of that, the front of the case feels like plastic. The only positive I could give is that it got to me in 1 piece & in only 15 days. If you want something feminine to wear as a necklace watch, this isn't it.
After posting my review & contacting the company, they refunded my money. I still don't like the watch but, the company responded quickly & honestly seemed to care about me as a customer. I won't hesitate to do business with them again.
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This is large, beautifully crafted, and very easy to read. If I could change one thing, I'd add a ring between the top of the watch and the chain, to keep the locket from turning around while wearing it. This beautiful thing only cost $5.00, so at some point I'll have one little bronze loop added, and then it will be perfect.
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on February 2, 2014
Our son wanted a genuine real pocketwatch for Christmas. I purchased this around August and saved it for December. It came with an extra battery too. It keeps time perfectly, it's the real deal for a 7-year-old grownup kind of guy, a long enough chain, opens easily enough (especially for him, it was ME, the mom, who didn't get it, but it's easy) and it really just is NICE and I could NOT BELIEVE the fabulous price! Oh, I love being Santa when this is the stuff I find for him! Just what he wanted! Oh, and it came in a handy-dandy fabulous felt, very nice pouch that cinches closed with a sturdy thick thread. Our little guy wear suits and ties by choice, daily, and this tops it off for him. And great inspiration to really learn to tell time to the minute at a young age.
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on March 28, 2014
I Love this. I would wear it as an accessory (I do now!) even if the clock didn't work. However, the clock does work and it arrived with an extra battery! It is light, The paint is fading in a few areas, but I think that it adds to the look. The chain almost reaches to my bellybutton. It did break this morning (the chain), but I just used a pair of pliers to reattach the chinks. It is very light and does not hurt at all to wear around the neck; it is completely comfortable. Shipping was on time and watch arrived in a velveteen pouch, in a padded package. No damage, works wonderfully.
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on February 21, 2013
i finally got a pocket watch! it took me a moment to figure out how to change the time, (by pulling up the\at top screw piece), i must find more now and start a random crazy collection..
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