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on October 30, 2010
First of all, if you are a wine drinker, get this. It works, or else I've been taken by the psychology of it. I first encountered it at the Sterling winery in California. Since we were joining the "club", we got quasi-VIP treatment, which included a demo of this device on a newly opened bottle of wine (yes, the Sterling wine store had them for sale for $45). Wine was poured into one glass from the bottle, and another through the Vinturi. It clearly made a difference in aroma and taste. We've since done a couple of blind tests, and picked the aerated wine every time.

Now, let me save you a couple bucks. The basic device includes a small rubber stand for storing the Vinturi. It is just fine. The upgraded 6-piece set includes a less-than-useful stand. It is not attractive enough to leave on display, so it's another bulky thing to store. Also, we found that our wine glasses were either too short--and we got spashing--or they were too tall and wouldn't fit. Plus, the stand holds the Vinturi perfectly vertical, which is contrary to the included instructions, which tell you to tip it slightly to the side.

So, fellow wine drinkers, get the $25.47 model, and you'll be quite pleased. Don't waste your money on the six-piece version with the stand.
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on January 8, 2017
When used correctly, the Vinturi Aerator makes a very unique sound.

Test & Practice:
Hold the Vinturi Aerator under a running tap/faucet. Not full blast, just enough so water isn't running out over the top. => LISTEN..
Tilt it slighty (in any direction) to get a feel for maximizing the aeration sound. That's the sound you want and need to hear when pouring wine through the device.
You'll hear a sucking sound, which means air is being pulled IN through the side holes (which also means stuff is not leaking OUT through the side holes).

Wine Pour Instructions:
Hold the Vinturi Aerator in one hand (don't cover the vent holes) and the wine bottle in the other hand.
Tilt the Vinturi Aerator slightly TOWARDS the bottle (don't tilt it away from the bottle). Just a tiny bit TOWARDS the bottle.
Then pour the wine so that it hits the opposing wall of the Aerator (the side of the Aerator furthest from the bottle).

Pour at a normal rate. It's necessary to keep the volume of wine and flow rate at a certain level. Just pour like you normally would.
Listen for THAT SOUND.

Follow these instructions and you'll become a Vinturi Master. You've achieved maximum aeration without any leaking or mess.

I pour my wine in the kitchen, so I rinse it with water after every use and keep it in the dish rack in the sink.
Super zippy, super aeration and no mess whatsoever.
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on November 12, 2016
I already have a Venturi, so I decided to order the two more for a good price for friends. I was out of the country and just realized four months later after returning home that there were not Venturi. They still work fine but I don't like false advertisement and under handed sales.
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on August 19, 2016
Came with cracks on 2 separate attempts. I started my return process on two of them. Give up :(
review image review image review image review image
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on October 22, 2016
Nice product but mine arrived with no stand and no screen .The packaging was such that these could not possibly fit in the box .Pity but without a screen it is only partially effective and with no stand you get dribbles of wine everywhere .I have used aerators before and gave them away to visiting friends .This if complete would have been a 5 star review but now I have the hassle, time and annoyance at returning a $20 item where the administration, collection paperworkk will be many times that figure
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on November 5, 2016
When I first received this item I tried to do some taste tests by myself and found my results inconclusive. Although I thought perhaps it was making the wine smoother I thought it was more due to a placebo effect. I was planning on sending the product back thinking it did not make much of a difference.

Come Saturday I had a few friends over for poker night. I showed them the Vinturi and one of the guys thought it was BS - he actually received one as a gift and never used it. So we all decided to do a blind taste test. We had one of the girls turn around while we poured two glasses of wine - one with the aerator and one without. We swirled each glass to make any bubbles disappear and had her turn around and taste each glass. She instantly knew which glass was the one with the Vinturi and I had to laugh because it was so instant. She was 100% sure which one was the aerated version because she said it was way smoother and smelled better.

My friend (the doubter) and myself were still doubting the results so we both tasted each glass. Although we both saw the pouring and knew which glass was which we could absolutely taste the difference. We were both shocked at how much of a difference there was. It was actually quite surprising. So my friend will now use his aerator that he received as a gift.

This being said I think it all depends on the quality of the wine. The wine that we were tasting was a 10 dollar bottle of wine but upon first opening it was a little harsh and alcoholic. The one that I was trying to test by myself was less harsh out of the bottle.

So my thoughts are it will definitely help on cheaper, harsher wines to help mellow out newly opened bottle. So bring out the cheap wines!
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on April 21, 2017
I am a professional wine consultant and had heard good reports from a few colleagues about this product. I am happy to report that it does aerate effectively and quickly. Saving time over letting it breathe, ease of cleaning, and its compact size are the real benefits. However, after a couple of weeks cracks in the clear plastic housing began to appear, initially from the venturi holes on the sides. (I am NOT referring to the molded seams). Now the cracks are numerous (see photo). There is no leakage so they do not penetrate completely through...yet. The unit has seen only light use with 12-15 glasses, was hand-rinsed and air-dried on a towel, and stored in a cabinet, never dropped. I had hopes of recommending the Vinturi to my clients, but cannot do so at this time. I hope that this is not a common problem.
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on February 1, 2013
I'll be perfectly honest. I'm typically skeptical about items of this nature. Also I'm fairly frugal, but am very much willing to pay for what I like. I also to this point have not written a review on amazon. THIS ITEM IS ACTUALLY WORTH USING! Please also note that I have had a Vinturi Red Wine Aerator sitting in my liquor cabinet for about a year without use... I find the use of that product... unnecessary.

I literally went through all 8 of the single malts and blended Scotch Whiskys in my bar doing blind tastings of each. Of the 8 bottles, SEVEN of the bottles I was able to easily distinguish which glass contained the Aerated and which contained the straight poured liquor. And when I say easily, I mean of the 8 bottles, 6 of them I was able to tell 3 out of 3 times which glass was Aerated, one of them I was able to tell 2 out of 3 times, and the last it was very difficult to tell.

But much much more importantly... the difference was GOOD. The spirits were smoothed and the notes were much more pronounced in a non invasive and offensive way. It actually enhances the flavor and the ability to taste the scotch. Mind you, each bottle was tested straight up, with a 1oz to .5oz scotch to water dillution, and on the rocks chilled until approximately 33-35 degrees.

The only bottle that I wasn't convincingly able to differentiate between the aerated and the straight poured glasses also had is an extremely pronounced Lagavulin 16 which is an EXTREMELY strong flavor and bodied scotch. This bottle had also been sitting half open for approximately a month at room temperature allowing it to breath and mellow. The other bottles were all fairly new (within the last 2 weeks) and far more full (3/4 full or just opened).

I can't testify if it makes a difference on other liquors as of yet but to be perfectly honest I really do not drink many straight up in the same way as I do scotch. I feel that scotch is the gold standard of tests due to the extreme depth and complex nature coupled with the wide variety of distinctive flavors among brands and ages.

Will this make a Dewars White Label taste like a Glenlivet 18? Certainly not. It will however mellow the medicinal overbearing nature of the high alcohol content of spirits while allowing you to taste the more distinctive and subtle notes hidden within.

I will happily continue to test this device ;) I can't imagine it to make much of a difference in cocktails that are strongly shaken due to the shaking process's ability to mix air within the solution. I would imagine this to be most useful with more delicately treated mixtures however at this point that is 100% pure speculation.

In conclusion... for anyone who appreciates scotch, do not hesitate to purchase this item. Even if you decide that you prefer the more harsh and medicinal notes of a scotch prevented from breathing, the petty $30 is well worth the experiment in itself. For half the cost of any decent bottle of scotch at the very worst, you bought yourself an exciting and quite fun adventure in tasting and reassessing your appreciation of the liquor you try to justify paying such high costs for.
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on January 13, 2015
I bought my first Vinturi Aerator in 2008 and finally killed it off cleaning it with too much too hot water. The difference this thing makes in a red wine as mundane as Two Buck Chuck (Now $2.99 Chuck in Oregon) is amazing. I've created lots of interest for Vinturi by doing a simple taste test. Gave away several as Christmas presents. If you don't use super hot water in cleaning it, it should last a long time. Not that seven years isn't a long time but I think it would have gone 20 years if I hadn't killed it with the very hot water.

So get one and see for yourself; makes a real taste difference in red wines. In this wino's opinion you don't need one for whites: They aren't going to taste any better whether processed through a Vinturi unit or allowed to sit open for 2 hours, or drunk right out of the freshly opened bottle.

The aerator is half price now compared to when I bought it in 2008.
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on July 5, 2015
I may have been a little effusive in the title leading you to wonder what does an aerator have to do with economic systems? Well, if the best of capitalism represents an enterprising individual finding a solution to a problem and bringing it to market in such a way that it offers value to consumers, then the Vinturi Aerator is a shining example of it.

We all know that wines, particularly red wines, taste better when in contact with the air after the bottle is opened. This is why the second or the third glass always taste better than the first out of a bottle. This is the reason why it is recommend to decant good wines many hours before serving. The air helps with oxidation and opens up the bouquet and taste of wine. Decanters therefore have been used for centuries; and for all these years people have wondered what to do with the wine that is left in them or how to clean them after use.

Here comes a product that seeks to turn centuries old conventional wisdom of decanting on its head. The promise of getting the benefits of decanting within seconds in one glass seemed too good to be true. I was skeptical of this product as one is of late night TV commercials of product that tout to accomplish the impossible. But I could not ignore the good reviews this product was garnering and finally decided to give it a try.

The Vinturi is beautifully packed. My wife does not share my ardent enthusiasm for wine. Usually I need to urge her to share a bottle with me. But seeing how smart the Vinturi looked and the promise it held, it was she who kept egging me to open a bottle and give this product a try. Finally the weekend arrived and we decided to set up a blind test. I opened a bottle of pinot noir (it is summer after all) and immediately poured into the first glass through the Vinturi and then straight from the bottle into the second glass without the Vinturi. I swirled the wine in the second glass as I generally would to a glass of red wine and let the first glass untouched.

I called my wife from the other room to come and taste the two glasses. She tasted the wine and instantly identified the first glass as the one poured through the Vinturi. I was surprised. I smelled and tasted both glasses. The first one clearly had a more open bouquet and fuller taste. The difference between the two glasses was so stark that I could not believe it. The contrast between two glasses was like the polished and tarnished version of the same silver. Well, I am now a convert! This is an excellent product that uses ingenuity and science to aerate wine quicker and in small batches. It is also very smart to look at and you are going to love the sound it makes as you pour wine though it. My wife certainly did. Where all my past coaxing failed, this little device may have turned my wife on to wine and earned me a wine buddy. This is a must-have accessory for anyone who drinks wine! Two thumbs up!
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