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on December 4, 2017
Yep - there's lots of venturi-induced aeration - achieved with a nice hissing/bubbling sound. The materials and build quality are excellent. Your wine is truly aerated. But three stars because using this can be a two-handed pain. Why not design something that supports itself on the glass rim? For a real challenge, try pouring box wine through this - one hand for the box, one hand for the tap but who's got a third hand for the aerator? The base could also be a little broader to better support the top-heavy device. Those flaws kinda discourage regular use .. so it spends too long forgotten, taking up space on the counter.
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on April 29, 2016
The Pro: The aeration process does work...tested on a Rum spirit known as Pyrat XO Reserve, which has a harsh ethanol taste with an orange linger. This Red Aerator smoothed out the taste beautifully.

The Con: If you don't hear the aeration suction sound, you're gonna have to redo it. Instead of pouring straight from the bottle, use a secondary glass or measuring cup. The two aeration holes on the side of the Vinturi will unfortunately leak/dribble out some of your wine or spirit during the pour.

Overall, it's a cool gadget to have around for drinking on the fly by yourself. If you're drinking with friends, you're better off looking for a decanter.
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on October 26, 2016
This product aerates the wine very well. There is a difference in the taste of the wine after using the aerator. Because you have to hold it above the wine, it does make it easier to spill wine over the sides though. Don't worry about the curved lines that are in the front and back of the aerator, it is part of the manufacturing. There isn't anything wrong with it. The curved lines don't add to the aesthetics of the product though. They make it look cracked. But the product works very well. I use it almost every time I drink red wine.
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on June 28, 2017
I love this so much! I've been wanting one for awhile and finally broke down and got one. I should have gotten in years ago! It makes the wines so much better!
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on July 20, 2015
This is one of the products that winds up being so far beyond expectations it's hard to imagine every wine drinker doesn't already own one! Not only is it sleek and conveniently small but it completely changes the taste of red wine immediately after using it. I'm not a person who likes gimmicky objects so I decided to try this for myself by pouring a glass of wine out of bottle I'd just opened and then poured another glass through the aerator to taste side-by-side. I was with a few people and all of us agreed that the aerated wine was noticeably more flavorful, enjoyable and far better than the non-aerated glass. I will never go without one of these again.
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on August 25, 2016
I bought this red wine aerator for a friend's birthday and she absolutely loves it! It came on time and perfectly packaged. I own a Vinturi traveling aerator so I know from experience that Vinturi has never let me down. Whether you want a traveling or a red wine aerator, Vinturi is the company I recommend. Their aerators are sleek and take up less space than a decanter. No complaints here!
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on January 1, 2015
There are plenty of review on wine aerators, but I had to get one for myself to see what all the fuss was about. Indeed they work, and definitely improve the taste and drinkability of some of those wine that until now were "used only for cooking"!

On a separate note, they physics of the aerator are fascinating and truly fun to use!

5 stars!
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on January 1, 2014
I've been drinking red wine for as long as I can remember. I've also been using a decanter and proper pouring techniques (getting lots of air into the wine) for anything from about $9.99 and higher since taking an impromptu lesson from a sommelier several year ago. When my niece gave me this aerator a couple years ago I thought, "Honey, nice gift, but I've got this handled already." Fortunately she stuck around for a bottle of wine and I HAD to try it. Wow, was I wrong. Whether pouring straight into a glass or into a decanter, the Vinturi aerator bring so much enjoyment to drinking wine that I never pour even a glass without it. It's designed to fit perfect in the top of any decanter or to be held snugly while pouring into a glass. I give them frequently as gifts, which is the reason for this recent purchase. So unless you really LIKE to have that last glass out of the bottle taste so much better than the first, or unless you really ENJOY waiting for your wine to open up over several hours in a decanter (and I'm guessing you also enjoy watching paint dry), you really should TRY this aerator. Really.
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on July 1, 2013
I was given this as a gift and thought it was a nifty toy. We did a blind test as the company recommends, pouring a wine glass with wine straight from the bottle and then one using the aerator. Amazing! The best feature of this for me is that you can pour single glasses for yourself, let's say, while preparing dinner:) and get a really nice smooth taste without needing to decant a whole lot. Plus, the rest of the wine remains "young" instead of oxidized by decanting, which means more wine remains fresher for longer. Use the Houdini Vacuum system wine stoppers and you are all set.

The holder is a convenient feature. It catches drips and is good to use when you're offering a variety of wines in self-serve fashion. When I use it solo or for the family, I tend to use it, rinse immediately in the sink and put in the dish drainer. Works fine that way for me.

I have given this aerator as a gift to my friends who enjoy wine. In each case after they've done the taste test they have fallen for it as well. The funniest is my young 23 year old son. I encouraged him to try it especially on his less than wonderful cheap wine and he was sold. He used it for parties he hosts and got laughed at by his hipster friends. Then they tried the aerator and now, no questions asked when it's on the serving table along with the wine.
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on February 9, 2016
Works great - very neat aerator. Convenient and easy to use and clean. Sometimes I notice a difference in the flavor versus not aerating and sometimes I don't notice a difference. Anyways, now I can't have wine without using this thing first. It's fun to use ;)
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