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on July 5, 2015
I may have been a little effusive in the title leading you to wonder what does an aerator have to do with economic systems? Well, if the best of capitalism represents an enterprising individual finding a solution to a problem and bringing it to market in such a way that it offers value to consumers, then the Vinturi Aerator is a shining example of it.

We all know that wines, particularly red wines, taste better when in contact with the air after the bottle is opened. This is why the second or the third glass always taste better than the first out of a bottle. This is the reason why it is recommend to decant good wines many hours before serving. The air helps with oxidation and opens up the bouquet and taste of wine. Decanters therefore have been used for centuries; and for all these years people have wondered what to do with the wine that is left in them or how to clean them after use.

Here comes a product that seeks to turn centuries old conventional wisdom of decanting on its head. The promise of getting the benefits of decanting within seconds in one glass seemed too good to be true. I was skeptical of this product as one is of late night TV commercials of product that tout to accomplish the impossible. But I could not ignore the good reviews this product was garnering and finally decided to give it a try.

The Vinturi is beautifully packed. My wife does not share my ardent enthusiasm for wine. Usually I need to urge her to share a bottle with me. But seeing how smart the Vinturi looked and the promise it held, it was she who kept egging me to open a bottle and give this product a try. Finally the weekend arrived and we decided to set up a blind test. I opened a bottle of pinot noir (it is summer after all) and immediately poured into the first glass through the Vinturi and then straight from the bottle into the second glass without the Vinturi. I swirled the wine in the second glass as I generally would to a glass of red wine and let the first glass untouched.

I called my wife from the other room to come and taste the two glasses. She tasted the wine and instantly identified the first glass as the one poured through the Vinturi. I was surprised. I smelled and tasted both glasses. The first one clearly had a more open bouquet and fuller taste. The difference between the two glasses was so stark that I could not believe it. The contrast between two glasses was like the polished and tarnished version of the same silver. Well, I am now a convert! This is an excellent product that uses ingenuity and science to aerate wine quicker and in small batches. It is also very smart to look at and you are going to love the sound it makes as you pour wine though it. My wife certainly did. Where all my past coaxing failed, this little device may have turned my wife on to wine and earned me a wine buddy. This is a must-have accessory for anyone who drinks wine! Two thumbs up!
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on January 2, 2018
The item works great, but there is some confusion on what appear to be cracks in the product. I emailed the manufacturer to get some clarification.

Here is their response: The manufacturing process creates a fold line above each air hole that are often mistaken for cracks. A picture of these fold lines is attached.

If you go to their website you will see the lines in their promo video.

You would think they would state this somewhere in the marketing on Amazon.
review image
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on February 5, 2018
I use this aerator all the time! I cannot afford the high priced wines, but this turns the 7.99 - 12.99 bottle into a $20 bottle in taste!! If you have ever heard of 2 or 3 buck chuck, this makes it a $10 bottle! It also enhances all wines to the next level, helps them breath quicker. I bought my first unit 3 years ago, another a year later for the summer house and more to send to my friends and relatives.. Definitely would recommend.
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon January 4, 2014
We are lovers of red wine with a large personal cellar and we've been using the Vinturi for years. Does it work? Well, yes, it does. It works to rapidly aerate your wine, much as a decanter would, only faster and without need of a separate container.

Is it a miracle device that will make Three Buck Chuck taste like Petrus? Not even close. It also won't age way too young wine or do any of the other things that some nonsense wine gadgets claim they can. (And they can't either.)

Dishwasher safe, our first one lasted for about five years before a drop on our hard, slate floors shattered it. This is the replacement and it works just as well and it's identical to the original, except that it includes a small filter on the top. Not really an upgrade

Yes, it can drip, and be sure and hold it down into the glass to prevent a spill, but within a use or two, it's easy to get the hang of it. It can also be used in conjunction with a decanter for extra quick aeration if desired.

Is it essential? Not at all. A decanter or leaving a bottle open overnight will achieve the same, or even greater, effect. But it is one of the few wine gadgets and gizmos that is worth owning at all. (And, trust me, as wine lovers, we've tried, or more often, been gifted with them all ... Or so it seems, at least.)
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on September 9, 2015
I just recently started drinking wine. I decided that I should since I am approaching 30 and that's what 30 years olds do, right? I always figured I'd prefer a sweet wine over a dry one, but boy was I wrong! I really enjoy the drier varieties to the syrupy ones as it turns out, but I was still very weary of reds because of how robust they tend to be.

Upon doing a little research, I learned a lot about wine from why glass choice is important to what decanting/breathing is. I came across this little device in my research and thought, why not? I am SUPER impressed! I opened a bottle of Shiraz, poured a glass, let it decant for 2 hours. Then I poured a glass straight from the bottle, and a glass that was aerated using the Vinturi. After tasting all three, I discovered, at least for my palatte, that the Vinturi glass was my favorite! The straight from the bottle was my fear of red wine in a glass, the decanted was decent, but the aerated was so tasty! The Shiraz was super smooth, full of flavor, and without that icky overly tannic taste that I always fear.

I fully suggest purchasing the Vinturi aerator! It is well worth it! Also, mine was not a knock off, but I specifically chose to pay a dollar or two more for the one sold by Amazon, not fulfilled by Amazon just to be sure ;D
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on January 21, 2015
My boyfriend and I love wine and usually have a glass of red in the evening. We tend to go for bottles under or around $10 from a local grocery store. I have a few favorites which I thought tasted great, but after using this aerator, it is like night and day. I was honestly not expecting to taste such a difference and I am so excited that we decided to give this aerator a try. It makes a $5-$10 bottle taste like a $25-$30 bottle. What an investment!
Now there is absolutely no point in buying wine that is above $10 a pop, unless you go into the $50 range, and then I am sure it will make those bottles taste even more amazing.
Honestly, if you enjoy wine but don't enjoy spending too much money on it, give this aerator a try - you'll be glad you did. Take your favorite bottle and see what a difference it makes. Such a small price to pay when you think about how many years this can be used for.
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on September 22, 2015
I have been known to indulge in a nice glass of red wine on occasion so I was excited to test out this wine aerator by Vinturi. I must say that I have been very happy with the flavor enhancement that I have noticed in my wine. To be honest I was skeptical at first about just how well this aerator would work and if it would improve the taste of the wine at all but I have noticed a great difference in my red wine. The aerator its self is very easy to use, you simply hold it above your glass and slowly poor your wine threw it. The aerator also comes with its very own stand to nicely display it when not in use so you dont have to worry about it rolling off the counter or tuck it away in a drawer never to be seen again. I will not drink a glass of wine with out pouring it threw my aerator now so it will be joining me to parties for now. If you enjoy drinking wine like I do then I highly suggest you order yourself a wine aerator of your very own.
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on May 10, 2017
I originally liked the multi-level aeration in this unit. When it arrived, I found the two side air vents leak like a sieve and spill wine everywhere. I was unable to receive a refund, so I replaced it with a "VinLuxe PRO wine aerator." And, yes, I mounted it on the Vinturi Red Tower (the combination works great) I have set the Vinturi Aerator aside. It is useless art. Too bad, cause I liked the sieve-screen. SUGGESTION: The two side vents should be angled upward so as to avoid leakage/spillage. (They are actually level and that's why they leak). Basically a good idea, but I'm awaiting Version 2.
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on August 26, 2017
I love this thing. I am hardly a wine connoisseur, but my wife and I do enjoy a bottle every couple weeks. I completely agree with another reviewers assessment of this device. This won't work miracles, but in my mind and to my taste, it elevates the bottle of wine you purchased one or two levels. It will turn a $5 bottle into a $10 bottle, a $10 bottle into a $15 or $20 bottle, etc.... It instantly smooths the wine and enhances the flavors. It's perfect for the occasional wine drinker who routinely buys the wines that are on sale at your local grocery.
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on June 22, 2013
We have had the Vinturi aerator for several years and have used it regularly. We are not wine snobs, and drink moderately priced red wines - in the $12-$30 price range, rarely higher except for special occasions. I think that the wines in this price range (which haven't been aged for a long period of time), can benefit the most from aeration. When I first purchased the aerator, we did a few simple blind taste tests and believed that there was a moderate improvement in taste.

The Vinturi is always sitting in its handy rubberized stand on our wet bar so that we can aerate a glass at a time, or even an entire bottle before decanting it (seems redundant to do so, but some of our decanters are tall and narrow and are designed more for fashion than function).

The fun part of the aerator is the sucking sound as the wine swirls through the vinturi valve. Guests are always impressed with our wine technology :)

I have downgraded my review by one star since the plastic picks up a stained appearance over time, and the device has a tendency to leak a bit. I always aerate near the wet bar sink so that any spills can be cleaned up easily to avoid staining a table cloth or napkin.
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