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on January 8, 2017
When used correctly, the Vinturi Aerator makes a very unique sound.

Test & Practice:
Hold the Vinturi Aerator under a running tap/faucet. Not full blast, just enough so water isn't running out over the top. => LISTEN..
Tilt it slighty (in any direction) to get a feel for maximizing the aeration sound. That's the sound you want and need to hear when pouring wine through the device.
You'll hear a sucking sound, which means air is being pulled IN through the side holes (which also means stuff is not leaking OUT through the side holes).

Wine Pour Instructions:
Hold the Vinturi Aerator in one hand (don't cover the vent holes) and the wine bottle in the other hand.
Tilt the Vinturi Aerator slightly TOWARDS the bottle (don't tilt it away from the bottle). Just a tiny bit TOWARDS the bottle.
Then pour the wine so that it hits the opposing wall of the Aerator (the side of the Aerator furthest from the bottle).

Pour at a normal rate. It's necessary to keep the volume of wine and flow rate at a certain level. Just pour like you normally would.
Listen for THAT SOUND.

Follow these instructions and you'll become a Vinturi Master. You've achieved maximum aeration without any leaking or mess.

I pour my wine in the kitchen, so I rinse it with water after every use and keep it in the dish rack in the sink.
Super zippy, super aeration and no mess whatsoever.
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on November 12, 2016
I already have a Venturi, so I decided to order the two more for a good price for friends. I was out of the country and just realized four months later after returning home that there were not Venturi. They still work fine but I don't like false advertisement and under handed sales.
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on January 2, 2018
The item works great, but there is some confusion on what appear to be cracks in the product. I emailed the manufacturer to get some clarification.

Here is their response: The manufacturing process creates a fold line above each air hole that are often mistaken for cracks. A picture of these fold lines is attached.

If you go to their website you will see the lines in their promo video.

You would think they would state this somewhere in the marketing on Amazon.
review image
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on February 5, 2018
I use this aerator all the time! I cannot afford the high priced wines, but this turns the 7.99 - 12.99 bottle into a $20 bottle in taste!! If you have ever heard of 2 or 3 buck chuck, this makes it a $10 bottle! It also enhances all wines to the next level, helps them breath quicker. I bought my first unit 3 years ago, another a year later for the summer house and more to send to my friends and relatives.. Definitely would recommend.
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on December 4, 2017
Yep - there's lots of venturi-induced aeration - achieved with a nice hissing/bubbling sound. The materials and build quality are excellent. Your wine is truly aerated. But three stars because using this can be a two-handed pain. Why not design something that supports itself on the glass rim? For a real challenge, try pouring box wine through this - one hand for the box, one hand for the tap but who's got a third hand for the aerator? The base could also be a little broader to better support the top-heavy device. Those flaws kinda discourage regular use .. so it spends too long forgotten, taking up space on the counter.
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on October 22, 2016
Nice product but mine arrived with no stand and no screen .The packaging was such that these could not possibly fit in the box .Pity but without a screen it is only partially effective and with no stand you get dribbles of wine everywhere .I have used aerators before and gave them away to visiting friends .This if complete would have been a 5 star review but now I have the hassle, time and annoyance at returning a $20 item where the administration, collection paperworkk will be many times that figure
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on June 14, 2017
We had a previous version of this - worked with a stand. Used for at least 9 years. It then started dripping. Unfortunately, we threw it away and ordered another. THe first one came, and it leaked/dripped worse than the one we threw away, could not use with the stand. We thought it was defective, returned and ordered a replacement - same problem. WE can no longer use the stand - we waste too much wine! Are using this holding over glass so at least drips go into glass. Had I not thrown our earlier version away, I would have returned this. Will eventually time out with this a look for a different brand. Would not recommend this product.
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on May 28, 2016
It works, pretty cool. Holder/stand a nice plus. Filter/screen nice plus as well, but I usually never find sediment in the wines I drink. Wine tastes like I paid 3x as much for the bottle. I have never used a decanter because of the planning required, I never plan on having a glass of a wine, sometimes I just feel like have one. Price is right for the essential red model, no clue why they have more expensive models for reserve and white wines??? Seems like a gimmick from that perspective... the device does make a difference in the taste of the wine. I would recommend it. Only down side, everyone in the house knows when someone is pouring a glass of win now :-)
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on April 16, 2018
Works as described and wine definitely tastes better. 4 stars because of the two distinct scratches coming up from the vent holes on each side. When I first opened the box and saw the scratches, I thought “great, yet another used product Amazon has sold or passed off as new.” Then before submitting a return, I read the instructions insert from the manufacturer that explains/justifies these scratches are (for whatever reason) intentional. I find that bizarre/amusing that they cannot manufacturer these plastic Venturi things without scratches; and have to go through the effort of including an insert to explain them. Once I was aware the scratches were “normal,” I was relieved this product was likely new when received.
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on April 17, 2018
This is really more of a novelty than useful. I bought it for my husband because he loves wine, but he's definitely not a connoisseur. Several times, we would play a game where I would fill up two glasses of wine, one aerated and the other not. He would have to try both and guess which one was aerated. He always had a hard time distinguishing the difference and he guessed incorrectly most of the time. Then, when my in-laws came, who do consider themselves wine connoisseurs, they had a hard time telling. They did seem to guess correctly more often, but they said the difference was significant. Now it just sits in our cabinet as a party trick.
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